Cloud technology is being rapidly implemented to help UK care homes reopen for visits

OXFORD, UK; 23 July 2020 – Oxfordshire-based tech company Jezzam Ltd has been vigilantly working with care home groups in the UK to help them quickly implement an online booking system that will allow relatives to visit as the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions ease.

It’s no surprise that visitor slots are already being snapped up as relatives longing to see their family members get ready to make contact once more.

As Covid-19 restrictions have begun lifting, care homes have had to consider many factors when opening up for visits including:

  • Managing visitor numbers
  • Allowing time for cleaning between visits
  • Record keeping to help with track and trace
  • Providing innovative ways for residents and relatives to meet e.g. Zoom calls

Jezzam has made great strides in these areas by providing an easy to use online booking system for relatives with detailed electronic records of booking histories and fully customizable booking options to match individual care home needs.

This system has already resulted in time saving for busy receptionists and other staff and the rapid implementation means care homes can be up and running within minutes.

Commenting on the simplicity and efficiency of the booking process, Andrew Winstanley, CEO, The Berkley Care Group said, “As soon as we opened up for online booking, relatives were filling slots to see their loved ones. Before Covid-19, booking wasn’t something we needed but it’s now become an essential part of ensuring the safety of our residents, staff and visitors. Jezzam has provided us with an effortless way to make a big difference to our resident’s lives.”

When a Jezzam team member suggested online booking might help her see her aunt at Cumnor Hill House, one of The Berkley Care Group’s homes, the team set about making this a reality. Working closely with the Berkley Care Group team, Jezzam implemented online booking for all 6 of the group’s care homes in a matter of hours.

“The Jezzam team has been there for us all the way through the process. The flexibility of the software has allowed us to tailor it to our specific needs. The speed at which we got online booking up and running and the support we’ve received has been absolutely first class,” reiterated Winstanley.

Meanwhile traffic to has increased by over 800% compared to the same period last year as the company finds itself servicing entirely new sectors while the crisis continues to transform our working and personal lives. From retail to sports, companies including tennis clubs and bowls clubs, music shops and barbers are now looking to online booking and scheduling to help them resume business as life begins to return to some sense of normality.

About Jezzam Ltd:

Jezzam is a trusted provider of cloud-based booking and scheduling software, enabling their customers to save time and expand their online presence by providing sophisticated, mobile-ready online booking that is beautifully simple to use and fast to set up.

Jezzam supports a diverse customer base ranging from Jet ski experiences, flower arranging classes, taiko drumming workshops, sports clubs, to community hall hire and care homes. Jezzam was selected by the NHS Scotland to manage bookings for employee flu vaccination programs over the past two flu seasons. It is in the top 3 of highest rated appointment scheduling software on Gartner’s Capterra review site.

For further information or PR enquiries please contact
Martin Briggs-Watson, Co-founder, Jezzam Ltd
Oxford, United Kingdom
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Leading LTC Data and Service Organizations Partner to Deliver.

Brick Township, NJ, June 19, 2020: Five organizations that serve Long Term Care facilities have teamed up to create Tracking-19, a free resource that helps nursing homes to manage the exponential increase in the number of COVID-19 related requirements. SNF Metrics, SHOPP, PRIME SOURCE, Zimmet Healthcare, and People Powered Nursing created Tracking-19 and the associated app that fills a desperate need for reliable and efficient infection tracking and reporting for both residents and employees. The app also helps nursing homes meet continually changing reporting expectations by government bodies like the CDC, and State and County Health Officials. The benefits beyond COVID-19 will be the ability to track signs and symptoms for residents to get ahead of infection outbreaks.

“Long term care facilities have their hands full during the pandemic caring for residents and ensuring their employees are healthy and safe.” said Ken Berger, President & COO of SNF Metrics. “Add to this, the new reporting demands and employee testing requirements. This puts an impossible strain on LTC organizations already struggling to cope with the toll this virus has taken on the industry.”

The complimentary app offered on takes the guesswork out of employee and resident COVID-19 testing, tracking and reporting. Facilities can easily use the app to input line listing and employee testing data from any department or any facility. The app, updated daily, will always have the latest reporting requests and formatting so facilities can devote more time to resident care and employee safety and not struggle with version control, time-consuming duplication, manual tracking and careless errors as a result of unimaginable workloads.

“This gives all parties the confidence to win in this pandemic,” said Michael Greenfield, CEO of PRIME SOURCE. “Residents are getting the best care, employees know they are working in a safe environment with reduced risk of infection to themselves or the residents they care for, our government partners are getting the data they need, residents’ families feel relieved their loved ones are in good hands and the facility operators have the right data to know they are running their organizations in the best way possible under unimaginable circumstances.”

Country-wide, long term care facilities face steep financial penalties, and could face permanent closure of their facilities if they are not able to comply with the changing government reporting demands.

Tracking-19 is available now and is free to facility operators in the USA. Visit

Tracking-19 is the result of expert collaboration between five industry-leading private companies:
The Society for Healthcare Organization Procurement Professionals
People Powered Nursing
Prime Source
SNF Metrics
Zimmet Healthcare Services Group

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Kids literacy websites encourage reading for pleasure in more than 300,000 homes and a third of schools in the UK every month

Kids books are arguably more important now than ever. More than ever we have the time to read, and more than ever there’s an appetite for stories for us to escape into. A recent survey by LoveReading tells us that 61% of us are reading more, 10% loads more, with only 17% saying they’re reading less.

Children across the world are spending longer reading since lockdown, but the types of books they are engaging more with differs by market, according to market-leading intelligence agency Kids Insights.

In the UK, the number of children who have been reading paperback books has remained the same post lockdown, but engagement levels have increased, with the extra home time meaning they are spending longer reading for fun than they were before.

LoveReading4Kids has seen a 48% increase in traffic since lockdown began, evidence that parents are looking to books and searching for book recommendations as an escape from screen time. Across social channels, reach has increased by 1389%!

In addition the types of books being read across the last month shows children are using fiction to escape the realities of the current situation. Fantasy books are now more likely to be considered a favourite compared to before coronavirus. Fantasy being given as a favourite book type increasing in the UK by 23% during this period.

We all know that reading is fundamental to the development of children. Countless research studies show the links between good reading skills from an early age and future success in life. There is always lots of discussion about the reduction in children reading and in the current age more than ever it is difficult to get children really excited by books given screens and the many other exciting leisure activities fighting for their attention.

In response to COVID19, t​he Department of Education recently announced an initial list of resources to help children to learn at home. The websites chosen have been identified by some of the country’s leading educational experts and offer a wide range of support and resources for pupils of all ages.

These include LoveReading4Kids, a children’s book recommendation website which gives tools, advice and information to help kids find their next favourite book. ​As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a person who doesn’t like books, or reading. It’s just that the person hasn’t yet found the right book for them. And that’s where LoveReading comes in.

Take a look at and ​​, find lots of activities for children as endorsed by the Department of Education. Let’s get more kids reading.

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Contact: Deborah Maclaren, Managing Director LoveReading, LoveReading4Kids and LoveReading4Schools

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Declutter Your Home’s Garage in Style

UK company GaragePride has helped many thousands of British home owners organise and declutter their garages and they have now released a new range of premium quality garage cabinets called EVOline.

EVOline steel garage cabinets, made in Britain, have heavy duty soft-closing doors and adjustable feet that lift the cabinets off the floor and allow levelling of a longer run of cabinets. Garage clutter is hidden inside stylish and lockable cupboards and drawers that come with a 10 year guarantee.

GaragePride’s MD Ken Evans said “Garages tend to attract clutter with a mishmash of shelves or cast-off kitchen cabinets. But for anybody who takes real pride in their home, it doesn’t have to be this way. EVOline represents the latest in garage storage cabinets in the UK”.

“A well laid out garage interior can provide great storage possibilities and will complement your home and cars making it a pleasant place to work on DIY or hobbies”.

GaragePride offers a garage interior design service to help potential customers visualise the transformation that a layout of storage cabinets, new floor tiles, and wall storage panels can offer.

The new cabinets can be seen at

GaragePride’s garage furniture is delivered fully assembled in 3-5 working days.