ukland.com announces revolutionary new vision for modern housing developments

The leading land development company’s Vision22 delivers a roadmap for much needed housing development with minimal environmental impact. This sustainable future begins now with 600 acres already secured for progression of the initiative.

The UK needs more affordable housing for a growing population. Meanwhile, the need for new environmentally-aware economic models has become increasingly clear.

This has left most in the construction and development industries asking whether these two immutable truths can be reconciled. The experts at ukland.com are no exception and, in the development of Vision22, their conclusion is a resoundingly positive one.

Vision22 is all about changing the way housing developments are built and delivered by placing environmental protection at the centre of every part of the process.

Today we are encouraged to live eco-friendly, sustainable and low carbon lives. This is all part of taking both individual and collective responsibility for caring for our planet, something in which the housing development industry must now follow suit.

However, in 2020 the majority of housing developments are still being delivered using outdated processes, technology and materials. These developments produce housing with the same old issues around sustainability, longevity and quality of living for the occupants.

In response, Vision22 is a commitment from ukland.com to create the housing developments of the future, now. Low carbon, sustainable housing developments that incorporate cutting-edge technology and modern materials into their design.

Vision22 will deliver:

• lower density housing developments;
• sustainable communities integrated with existing settlements;
• open spaces and gardens incorporated into developments to promote healthy living;
• development plans that prioritise the preservation of ecology and landscape;
• affordable housing that offers families homes for life, built for longevity;
• infrastructure that supports sustainable travel and easy access to amenities.

ukland.com has already secured 600 acres in the UK specifically earmarked for Vision22 developments. This provides the capacity to deliver more than 2,500 homes (including nearly 1000 affordable homes) all built within the framework of the new initiative.

Over the next 10 years ukland.com intends to lead the way in delivering large eco-village projects that help to change the way that the UK builds its homes. Vision22 is how this ambitious objective will be achieved.

ukland.com is a land planning and development business that deal with the buying, selling and promotion of residential and commercial land in the UK.

As our name suggests, we’re experts in the UK land sector. We boast a team of unrivalled experience and close working relationships within the industry, both built over more than 30 years working in this area.

ukland.com are always happy to be contacted by those interested in what we do and welcome enquiries from media outlets who want to find out more.
For more information please visit: www.ukland.com or contact us via email using enquiries@ukland.com.

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The ideal ‘forever home’ is a four-bedroom, detached house in the country, worth £458,000

The ideal ‘forever home’ is a four-bedroom, detached house in the country, worth £458,000 – and just down the road from Mum, it has emerged.

A detailed study also found that we hanker after a property with a driveway, a play room – and somewhere to hang the washing.

Other must-haves include a large kitchen and breakfast room, an ample lounge, utility room and dining room.

A double garage and conservatory are also essential, as is a study, cloakroom and a location which is 10.5 miles from the office.

Good transport links and a pub within a mile and a half are also vital elements.

While an ambitious one in three even went as far as to suggest the property would include a swimming pool and sauna.

The detail emerged from a study of 2,000 homeowners carried out by Origin, manufacturer of bespoke aluminium bi-folding doors, residential doors and windows.

Ben Brocklesby, Director at Origin, said: “We wanted to find out more about the concept of the forever home and whether it still existed.

“Years ago it was not unusual for people to live in the same house for their entire lives, but we’ve certainly seen a shift in this trend as we now live in an average of seven homes throughout our lifetimes.

“Interestingly, more than three quarters of people still believe in the concept of a forever home, which shows that the clear majority of homeowners are constantly climbing the property ladder, striving to find a home to live in for the rest of their lives.”

Two bathrooms, two en-suites and two reception rooms are also key components of the perpetual residence.

Over half would like to have a view of the sea from their window, 44 per cent would choose rolling hills and a fifth would opt for a field of cows.

Fifty-six per cent said their forever home would have big windows, while 47 per cent said it would feature bi-folding or sliding doors leading out to the garden.

And almost everyone surveyed said it would have ‘plenty’ of natural light.

It also emerged we dream of spending our years in home with a 1,000sq ft garden, on a street where we are surrounded by four friendly neighbours – who we are on first name terms with.

When it comes to amenities, we require everything to be within a three mile radius, with a Post Office, corner shop, newsagents and off-licence the most important.

Of those polled, a third said they already reside in their forever home, while 34 per cent are actively putting savings aside for it.

The age at which we believe we’ll own our forever home emerged as 53, and four out of ten were convinced they would, at some point, purchase their dream pad.

Eighty-four per cent of UK adults are happy with their current home and around eight in ten think it’s likely they will try to improve or renovate the house they own now.

Ben Brocklesby added: “We carried out the research to find out exactly what people want from their forever homes, and if any of the features on their wish list could be added to their existing properties.

“Among the most sought after elements were a power shower, big windows, a bath and bi-fold or sliding doors – all of which can be incorporated into any home, without the need to move.

“With such a high proportion of homeowners planning to improve or renovate their current house, we have some great practical advice on our website from our experts, looking at everything from how to make the most of a conservatory to styling your front of house – getting homeowners one step closer to creating their forever home.”


  • Is worth £458,000.
  • Is 10.5 miles from work and has transport links.
  • Has four friendly neighbours – who we are on first name terms with.

Has the following rooms:

  • Playroom x1
  • Reception rooms x 2
  • En-suites x 2
  • Bathrooms x 2
  • Bedrooms x 4

And has the following features:

  • Front AND back gardens
  • Driveway
  • Off street parking
  • Patio
  • Double garage
  • Flowerbeds
  • Summer house
  • Somewhere to hang the washing out
  • Gates at the front
  • Veg patch
  • Open fields
  • Garden 1000sqft
  • View of sea view, rolling hills or field of cows

Is this far away from local amenities:

  • Post office – 1 mile away
  • Doctors – 1 mile away
  • Dentist – 2 miles away
  • Corner shop – 1 mile away
  • Supermarket – 2 miles away
  • Leisure centre – 3 miles away
  • Newsagent off licence – 1 mile away
  • Petrol station – 2 miles away
  • Park – 2 miles away
  • Playground – 2 miles away
  • Farm shop – 2 miles away
  • Pub – 1.5 miles away
  • School – 2 miles away
  • Clothes shop – 3 miles away
  • Library – 2.5 miles away
  • Cinema – 3 miles away
  • Restaurant – 2 miles away
  • Chemist 1.5
  • Vet – 2.5 miles away

And these are the most desired views:

  • Sea view – 54 per cent
  • Garden – 38 per cent
  • Mountains – 44 per cent
  • Field of cows – 21 per cent