Positive ONE receives Japan Patent for Improved regarding next-generation edge computing, IoT, and AI technologies for 5G and 6G mobile technology

Tokyo, Japan, June 1, 2020 — Positive ONE, today announced that the Japan Patent Office(JPO) has issued a formal notice allowing Positive ONE’s patent application directed to its regarding next-generation edge computing, IoT, and AI technologies for 5G and 6G mobile technology.

JPO Patent (Patent No. 6703236): It is suitable for processing big data by 5G and 6G mobile services. Especially for images obtained from multiple cameras, it performs overloaded processing such as image classification, object detection, and gesture recognition. Under that situation, it is an architecture that can realize load distribution to the right place.

“The sgnificant increase in power consumption due to 5G and 6G is a bottleneck. This latest patent solves that problem. It can be applied to the architecture of next-generation edge computers and IoT terminals for 5G and 6G. Furthermore, the key is the power-saving design that makes full use of the high density and miniaturization technology, which is an advantage of PositiveONE. Then, we are currently applying for additional patents to strengthen our rights.” said Shoichi Kudo, CEO & COO, Positive ONE.

“July 2019, Positive ONE applied the Tokyo Metropolitan Government management innovation plan, approved as an innovation business for small IoT terminals. As part of that extension, a patent was granted to implement a distributed system for 5G and 6G technologies. In particular, server systems on the cloud process a lot of data, so the load is already distributed. In most data processing, processing by function distribution and load distribution is performed. Also, with mobile services that connect with 5G and 6G, even in edge computers and IoT terminals, there is a need to handle large amounts of data such as 4K / 8K video. Therefore, if you are not connected to 5G or 6G, in situations such as infrastructure failures, In order to prevent processing stop and delay on edge computers and IoT terminals, It is necessary to have the same or a minimum processing function as the cloud server. In other words, in small edge computers and IoT terminals, the processing capacity is improved, in order to realize low consumption and miniaturization, It is necessary to realize distributed technology that combines small SoCs.”

“By the way, in particular, the server system on the cloud performs a lot of data processing, so the load is already distributed, in most data processing, processing by function distribution and load distribution is performed,” he added.

About Positive One

Positive One has been involved in the development of high-performance products for wireless to wired communication in industrial equipment, network equipment, medical equipment, automotive equipment, etc. Experience of system integration development of high-performance equipment such as next-generation edge computers and next-generation IoT terminals was the driving force, It was decided to create an architecture with this latest patent.

In addition, while focusing on consulting and system integration services such as edge computers related to 5G and 6G mobile services and technologies related to small IoT terminal design, we aim for PoC (Proof of Concept) and product development in cooperation with co-creation partners and CVC (Corporate Venture Capital).

Fields where patents relating to IoT and AI technology can be used

Automotive, surveillance cameras, drones, robots, VR, social infrastructure, digital signage, etc. As a system surrounding a wide variety of image processing, artificial intelligence, many sensors, etc, this makes it possible to realize an availability system that ensures high-speed processing, low power consumption, and reliability.

Also, on many platforms, it is the basis of important architecture. In addition, our technological capabilities enable us to build optimized distributed systems.

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Varo 300 released: improved SAP eform capability and powerful support for Fiori App migration.

LONDON – 08 February 2020 – SAP partner Arch announced today the latest release of their Varo solution.

About Arch
Arch is a market-leading provider of SAP usability software, and has been delivering solutions to enhance the SAP user experience since 1996.

Arch specialises in delivering SAP Fiori and HTML solutions to provide our customers with the best SAP UX.
Find out more about our current Roadmap:

About Varo
Varo is a multi-channel SAP e-forms system built using 100% SAP technology and SAP Certified for S/4 HANA. It enables process automation, drive significant cost efficiencies and deliver better data quality.

Varo provides the framework for the development and management of custom form-based processes, using HTML forms as the default user interface. Varo also supports PDF forms and Excel forms, enabling multi-channel and off-line processes as well as SAP Fiori based front-ends using the Arch Stelo Add-On which extends Varo allowing existing user to leverage SAP’s new UX.

About Varo 300
Varo 300 includes over 50 updates and enhancements including:
• The Varo Form Manager portal is now the recommend portal for end-users. Based on the SAP UI5 framework it provides a rich user experience as a standalone portal or when integrated with the SAP Enterprise Portal.

• With over a decade in productive use and millions of forms processes seamlessly with SAP Varo has been comprehensively optimized and this has continued in the latest release with a number of performance improvements including:

o Changes to static table buffering settings that will further loweroverhead and database queries.
o The removal of unnecessary ADS renders for PDF forms in the Wizard at design time and in the Forms Posting Engine backend during posting of data to the target SAP environment.
o Significant improvements to various reports that affect end-user performance in the Portal Inbox as well as backend maintenance done via batch job.

• New features and integration with Arch’s Stelo Fiori Solution Accelerator to improve the development and maintenance process of Fiori apps.
• Technical enhancements included a range of improvements to log reporting for runtime reporting, spooling and posting.
• Find the full Varo 300 release notes on our support wiki:

Head of Innovation Mohammed Jafferali, Head of Innovation at Arch commented: “Varo 300 is a heavily used, industrial strength e-forms capability for all SAP customers and we are always looking to enhance its functionality, even though it is a mature offering. This new release reinforces my belief that evolving customer needs will still drive innovation in Varo and I look forward to seeing it continue to develop in the coming years”.

Varo 300 is available to clients and new customers immediately.
Contact Arch
Henry Blythe
p:+44 (0)20 8987 0440

Find out more
Our products: https://www.arch-global/products/
Our roadmap:
Varo, FLM and Stelo are trademarks of Arch.

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