Sudden Shift to Remote Work Increases Demand for Sales Productivity Software

New York, NY – The effects of Coronavirus are hitting hard around the globe, with many companies telling their workforce to “stay home”. Yet, as more workers operate remotely, many large companies are finding it difficult to keep up morale and productivity.
We’re being forced into the world’s largest work-from-home experiment and, so far, it hasn’t been easy for a lot of organizations to implement,” said Saikat Chatterjee, Senior Director, Advisory at Gartner, in a recently published report.

Ignite Remote Team Performance
Following the recent shift to remote work for most companies, there has also been a significant uplift in demand for productivity management software. Looking for a way to keep remote teams motivated and productive, many enterprise companies are turning to SaaS platforms that can help build more pipeline and drive more revenue producing activity. SalesScreen has seen a 400% increase in

inbound leads just this week.
“The battle to balance the demands of maintaining workplace productivity remotely while simultaneously igniting teams to peak performance makes SalesScreen uniquely poised to help companies handle this current challenge,” said Frank Matticola, Chief Revenue Officer, SalesScreen. “We believe that technology which enables remote work models can empower companies to maintain momentum during this challenging time and leverage their skills to unlock innovation, engage customers and move their businesses forward.”

There’s a lot that companies can do these days to bring their workforce together, including running fun sales competitions, celebrating achievements openly and collaborating more efficiently throughout the sales process.

Results-Driven Performance
“Recently, a top 3 global software company looking for a way to dramatically improve productivity has turned to SalesScreen. They wanted to positively encourage more outreach, measured in terms of more meetings that would drive more revenue.” Mentioned Sindre Haaland, CEO of SaleSScreen. “After implementing the system, they saw a 76% increase in meeting activity, and as measured in a user survey also drove significant team engagements and culture improvements (Employee survey drove an average of 9.1 rating on a scale of 10 – 10 being best, in a 10 question survey). We believe that this type of performance uplift is essential to companies who may be questioning whether they can hit their revenue goals.”

As employees settle in to new remote working routines for the foreseeable future, it will be imperative that companies find solutions that allow them to increase the engagement and visibility of their teams to boost their productivity from anywhere. We see that SalesScreen is helping teams do exactly that.

About SalesScreen
SalesScreen is a sales performance software that uses visualization and gamification to help organizations build happier, more productive workplaces. SalesScreen brings your data into one place, integrates with your existing CRM and makes daily work-life collaborative and exciting through peer-to-peer recognition and competitions.

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Coronavirus could lead to huge increases in personal debt

While most of us are now closely following the news for more information about the new coronavirus which is rapidly spreading across Europe, COVID-19, as the disease has been named, may have just as big of an effect on the nation’s finances as it will on our health; stock markets around the world are already taking a hit due to uncertainty around the virus, amid concerns that this is just the start of the impact we’ll eventually see.

The UK government has a difficult job attempting to balance the health and well-being of the country with our economic security, but as cases in the UK continue to stack up, stricter measures are inevitably going to be taken in order to tackle the virus. UK Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, has already announced that people across the UK suffering from mild cold symptoms or fever will soon be asked to self-isolate for seven days in a recent Cobra press briefing, and nearby countries like Italy are shutting down public places including bars and cinemas. It’s also thought that these measures may be in place for many months, as the virus runs its course throughout the UK.

Giles meadows from states “It doesn’t take a degree in economics to see some of the potential impacts that such changes will have on the UK’s financial situation. First and foremost, the closure of businesses on a large scale, even on a temporary basis, can have huge knock-on effects. Staff may find themselves off work with no pay, particularly in the case of workers still on zero-hour contracts, and revenue loss may even lead to a large number of businesses going bankrupt. This, in turn, could result in large numbers of the UK workforce becoming unemployed at once. Finding a new job at the same time as thousands of other recently laid-off workers is a tough market to be in.

We are well aware of the potential disruption the new coronavirus could cause for ordinary people across the UK, as both national finances and personal finances come under pressure from a common enemy. While people are unable to work if coronavirus spreads across the UK, this will cause financial issues for households across the country,” owner Giles Meadows has stated. Now is the time, unfortunately, to tighten the belt buckles and reduce spending in anticipation of much wider financial volatility over the coming months.

An increase in personal debt caused by job loss and potentially rising inflation can be life-changing for many people, but the key to debt, much like infectious disease epidemics, is getting it under control sooner rather than later. Consulting professional debt advisers and taking out a debt consolidation loan is one way to ensure that personal debts remain manageable even when the odds are stacked against you, particularly if you have trouble keeping on top of monthly payments for your current debts.

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