Spending up to $ 500,000: How much does a person need to invest to become an influencer?

Influencers have already spent the value of an apartment on resources to become a digital influencer.

Digital influencers are digital natives who were successful in sharing their content on social networks. They can be present on different channels and attract audiences from different segments. But to get the attention of followers, you need to spend money and invest a lot in photo equipment, as well as accessories and content to attract attention. The influencers who prefer to work with fashion are those who spend the most in this direction to show their audience a differential.

Israel Cassol, from London, is successful on social media as a fashionista. To draw attention, he has already spent around £ 101,000 on Hermès bags to display to his audience. “When I started posting more images with my unique designer pieces, I noticed that more people were interested and asked about my luxury items – how did I get them? Where did I find them? How much did they cost? ‘ he said. “It wasn’t easy at first, because I had to sell my car to invest in these things.” And that was how he managed to achieve his success. Today he presents a tv show in Brazil called Empire Style.

Lu Duarte, from the United Kingdom, is a model who has posed for men’s magazine covers and already enjoyed showing his lifestyle on social networks. Over time, he gained more followers  by showing a life of luxury with trips and designer looks. She has already spent around $ 500,000 on travel around the world just to show her followers and be an influencer. “I stopped asking for my own apartment at the beginning to invest in luxury accessories. I don’t care about the amount spent as long as it makes me happy. This is my job and today many brands pay me ”.

Suzy Cortez, from Barcelona, has already spent about R $ 1 million on beauty contests to become an influencer. Today she is one of the highest paid influencers in the world. “I invested heavily in competitions, I already sold my car for that. Today I enjoy my work ”.

Wanessa Moura, from India, also invested in the world of photography and became a model. In their looks displayed at Instagrans, they count pieces of 30 thousand dollars. “I took the money that I would invest in my college, I paid for doing my first photo shoots, I spent about 30 thousand dollars at the beginning, but I see that it was worth it”.

Switzerland’s Nathy Kihara has spent more than $ 1 million on plastic surgery to be an influencer. She wanted to be recognized as an official Kourtney Kardashian look-alike. “I don’t regret it.”

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It is basically sunny 360 days a year in coastal Spain. Other regions are not much colder; the temperature rarely drops lower than 15 degrees in winter. A lot of sunlight and sea air are excellent conditions for maintaining good health for years to come.

Cost of living
Costa Blanca real estate prices are pretty low compared to other parts of Europe and Spain too, at this time, the average price per square meter of properties in Spain is £1,490 and in Costa del Sol is £1,456. It creates excellent opportunities for investment, since, at this time, the price increase is 7% per year, even if you don’t plan to move to Spain permanently. The prices of food and clothes are also quite affordable. If you live paycheck to paycheck, moving to Spain can help you get more value for your money.

Fresh produce year-round
The warm climate allows Spaniards to grow organic fruits and vegetables all year round. Spain is famous for its Mediterranean diet that consists of fresh produce, seafood, and healthy fats. The unique combination of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants makes this diet one of the best in the world to promote good health and weight loss.

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