Infoquest: A New Expert Network Firm Launches in London, UK with Operations in Beirut, Lebanon

With a cumulative ~4 years of experience founding the North American office of a global expert network firm, Founders Omar Yamak and Mahmoud Bazerbachi moved their expertise to the underserved Middle Eastern market.

Infoquest, a new expert network firm, announces today its launch in London, UK with operations in Beirut, Lebanon. The new firm has gathered a team of 10+ experienced research professionals to immediately begin serving the region.

Infoquest services include the custom sourcing and prescreening of niche experts for short-term consultations, contingency workforces, B2B surveying, panel discussions, and industry conferences. The company sets itself apart by providing competitive pricing, approximately 40% lower than the current market, and a local presence with expertise and know-how in the Middle Eastern market.

“We are on a mission to democratize access to information in the middle east, and eventually, globally. By leveraging the untapped talent of research professionals and client protection experts in Lebanon, we can provide a high-quality service in custom expert sourcing at a significantly lower price than the market,” says Omar Yamak, Co-Founder and CEO of Infoquest. “Expert Networks are highly under-leveraged in the region, thus, we plan to educate our clients on how they can empower their decision-making and receive worthy results.”

About Infoquest Network Ltd:

Infoquest is an expert network firm based in London, UK with operations in Beirut, Lebanon.

The company offers a wide range of services tailored to investment management, private equity, management consulting, corporations, and select non-profiles. Services include custom sourcing and prescreening of niche experts for short-term consultations, contingency workforces, B2B surveying, panel discussions, and industry conferences; Experts are connected with clients to help fill in knowledge gaps and empower decision-making.

Ideal Interface signs with traffic ® Backpacks as they launch Crosstown – for the New Commute

Ideal Interface signs with traffic ® backpacks as they launch their new water-resistant and wipeable backpack product “Crosstown”.

The outdoor gear brand traffic has hired digital strategy and marketing consultancy Ideal Interface to create and implement a multi-channel digital acquisition plan this Autumn for its new “Crosstown” backpack. The initial aim is to focus on those customers gradually returning to their offices and learning establishments after many months of lockdown and home working. The backpack is perfect for the ‘new commute’ – whether it is by public transport, bike or hike to work – the comfortable and adaptable backpack will suit. Or for those travelling a little further, it is ideal as an overnight bag or hand-luggage.

Jack G, owner of traffic stated “we designed this new laptop backpack just as we went into the global pandemic lockdown. The result was a product that was both durable, water-resistant and wipeable, so it is the ideal option for keeping our customers and those around them as safe as possible before, during and after they travel. We now want to get the message out that our smart backpack is available to buy, just as folks are starting to get back on with their lives. Ideal Interface has a track-record of successful online marketing in this competitive sector, therefore they were a natural fit”

Hayden Sutherland, owner of Ideal Interface commented “we are really looking forward to working with traffic and helping them launch this new backpack product in the UK. Some products just have a knack of being in the right place at the right time”.

Whatever the journey. Whatever the route. Go – with traffic. @TrafficOutdoor

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RUFFLY dog gear live launch party

Introducing RUFFLY premier outdoor dog gear
Runway ready · Outdoor tough · Shares your values

[Los Angeles, CA and Panajachel, Guatemala]: On Sunday, August 2, at 9am PT, RUFFLY will be hosting a live Facebook streaming launch party to introduce the brand and share the new collection of dog products. RUFFLY works with Guatemalan artisans to produce outdoor dog gear that will inspire dog owners to get outside with their pups and live extraordinary together!

“When we adopted our German Shepherd Moxie, I searched all over for beautiful, outdoor dog products,” explains RUFFLY co-founder Jess Stone. “Like, imagine if Vera Wang and The North Face got together and had a litter. Well, they didn’t, so we decided to create it.”

RUFFLY outdoor dog gear is artistically designed; built from top quality, vegan materials; and artisan-made in small, home workshops in the Guatemalan Highlands.

The artisan-made collection includes:

Knotted, reflective collars, leashes, and harnesses
Woven travel beds, poop bag holders, and bandanas
Personalized mugs created from custom artwork of your dog

RUFFLY custom manufactures the K9 Moto Cockpit motorcycle dog carrier that allows motorcyclists to ride and travel with their medium or large dog.

For more information, visit Currently branded Ruff on the Road, the entirely new RUFFLY website will go live on Sunday, August 2, 2020.

So join us on Sunday morning, August 2 at 9:00am Pacific / 12pm Eastern at the @goruffly Facebook page for our live launch party to share the new Knotted and Woven collections and to answer questions about the K9 Moto Cockpit.

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Wordvice Celebrates 7 Year Anniversary With Launch of New Website

Celebrating 7 years of online operations, Wordvice—an international proofreading and editing company—has revealed their new English-language website design and content in July 2020. The new website includes a revamped main page, new admissions and academic proofreading services, and a revised automatic price quotation tool, allowing customers to enter their document’s information and delivery time and receive an immediate price quote. The new design was implemented by the Wordvice international internal staff, with guidance from HawkSEM, an SEM digital marketing firm based in New York State, USA.

Since the launch of its online operations in 2013, Wordvice has served over 50,000 clients and revised over 80,000 admissions essays and academic papers. Clients include students applying for college and graduate programs, researchers and professors writing academic manuscripts for publication in journals, business professionals in need of resume editing services, and individual authors who need revision for their blogs and personal essays. Wordvice has also recently become one of the top 3 document editing companies in Asia in terms of order volume, and they were recently mentioned in a article as the best admissions essay editing service among top industry competitors.

With the launch of their new website, Wordvice hopes to attract not only potential clients, but also new freelance editors that wish to join their team of nearly 500 editors. All Wordvice editors have received master’s and/or doctoral degrees and have extensive subject expertise: from the natural and physical sciences, to medicine and business, to the arts and humanities. Experienced freelance editors are encouraged to apply by visiting Wordvice’s Jobs page.

Like most online editing companies, Wordvice editors operate from locations around the world. This allows for quicker revision and more consistent communication between authors and editors. Unlike other editing services, however, Wordvice uses an automated order allocation system that matches orders to the editor with the closest subject expertise in that area. This ensures that clients’ orders are assigned to competent editors, usually within an hour.

To celebrate the launch of its new website, Wordvice is offering special discounts to new academic customers. Discounts include 50% off new orders (up to $50 discount). These discounts won’t last long, so authors looking to receive editing for their documents are encouraged to visit the Wordvice website as soon as possible to take advantage of these discounts.

To learn more about the editing and proofreading services Wordvice provides, visit their website at

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Avgidea Announces Launch of Avgidea Data Platform to Improve Data Usability With Google Sheets

Avgidea, Inc., creator of end-to-end data management platform, announces launch of Avgidea Data Platform (ADP) to improve data usability with Google Sheets, G Suite.

Open data is provided in all markets worldwide and users need to search through the internet every time in order to find what they need. If you are able to find appropriate data, you download them in local environments, typically as text or CSV files, then use various
tools to modify and aggregate before analyzing them. It’s time-consuming and often blurs what you are trying to achieve in the first place.

ADP’s components, Avgidea Data Search and Avgidea Query Editor, prevent you switching multiple tools back and forth, and minimize tasks related to open data by implementing data search and query features as an add-on of Google Sheets, which is a very popular service as online table calculation.

Avgidea Data Search (ADS)
From Avgidea Data Search, you may search open data which is scattered on the internet and import it to Google Sheets directly with a single click.

ADS supports part of ckan and Dataverse API and you can easily import CSV data from various sites on the internet. ADS maintains the latest endpoints of ckan and Dataverse available globally, therefore you can simply select an instance from the list and immediately start searching data from the instance.

Avgidea Query Editor (AQE)
Avgidea Query Editor can let you submit a query directly to instances compliant to SPARQL specification and import query results into Google Sheets. There exists several SPARQL compliant data platforms such as Amazon Neptune or Virtuosso Universal Server. As long as endpoints are available on the internet, you may
import query results into Google Sheets via AQE.

Avgidea Data Search and Avgidea Query Editor are offered as an add-on of Google Sheets, therefore you may install from G Suite Marketplace using your existing Google account (G Suite or Gmail) and immediately start using both components under free plan.

If you are willing to use the products without any restriction, you may purchase subscription plan from Avgidea’s website. You are eligible to receive updates of new features and

For healthcare agencies / research institutions
For healthcare agencies or research institutions which are willing to access open data for COVID-19 related activities, we offer a free subscription license of ADS and AQE for 1 year.  Please contact us directly if you are willing to use our products for such purposes.
Also, if you already make research data available public through ckan or Dataverse instances, we can register them as endpoints in ADS.

About Avgidea Inc.
Avgidea brings various business ideas into practice using IT technologies and offers them to the world as service and application. We provide data platform service and also development and consulting business using G Suite and Google Cloud Platform.
Inquiry :

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Launch of the The Global Technology & Business Services Council

 The Global Technology & Business Services Council launches to globally collaborate, promote and represent the industry

Leading Associations around the world unite to applaud the success of the industry in addressing COVID-19 and set a clear vision for its future.

London, July 16, 2020
In an industry first, the twelve major independent regional organizations representing the technology and business services sector across the world have united to launch The Global Technology & Business Services Council (GT&BSC) to represent the industry globally. These organizations who represent members across their respective regions who are both buyers and providers of services, have united to deliver a global response to the challenges and changes brought about by COVID-19, and present a clear vision for the future of the sector.

GT&BSC, an alliance of twelve international associations representing the technology and business services sector across Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Latin America, Latvia, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States and Ukraine, collectively represent the interests of over 10,000 organisations, including multi-nationals, indigenous tech companies, SMEs, and start-ups.

The technology and business services sector was integral to supporting businesses across the world as they addressed the challenges of adapting to changes caused by COVID-19, demonstrating remarkable agility, commitment and resilience in responding to the crisis; ensuring business continuity for global clients and prioritizing safety of all employees. The sector was central to the rapid deployment of work from home models and digital transformations, providing critical support and “essential services” to various sectors including governments through highly skilled professionals around the world. This is all referenced in the report being published today entitled: “A unified global response for the technology and business services industry”.

The global technology and business services industry delivers strategic value through a global eco-system comprised of over 10 million highly skilled and talented workers around the world, operating flexibly, transparently and collaboratively and utilising best practices to deliver thought leadership, technology-led transformation and continuous business improvement. It is recognised as a significant positive contributor to the global economy, and will be a major contributor to re-energizing many economies worldwide.

Globally, technology and business services will play a key role in evolving nations to the next normal, driving the global economy out of an inevitable downturn and reducing the impact of future economic and social shocks, transforming businesses quickly and making them more resilient moving forward.

The Council members highlighted “We are all incredibly proud of how well our industry responded to the challenges presented by COVID-19. Partnerships and individuals around the world worked tirelessly to ensure key services were delivered in really adverse conditions, remodelling and reinventing business processes literally overnight.

It is the Council’s firm belief that technology, collaboration and access to a global talent pool will be key to driving business and Governments out of the inevitable downturn. Sharing best practices, thought leadership and collaborating on new operating models on a global stage will accelerate recovery around the world. We are delighted that our entire industry is collaborating in this global way for the first time and believe this will provide significant value to global governments, our members, their customers and their employees around the world”.

The role and objectives of the Council include:

• Promote the industry globally, capturing and sharing the value it adds and the innovations it drives
• Advance industry growth
• Provide a global network to develop and share best practice around the world
• Professionalise the industry, globally, and attract the best talent to work in it including cross border movement of highly skilled workforce
• Work collaboratively on global research programmes and thought leadership
• Represent the interests of the sector to stakeholders including Governments, the media and analysts
• Create a united global forum to develop and share new operating models and frameworks
• Come together as a global community to share experiences and drive change
• Promote the importance of impact sourcing and drive fairness throughout the global industry

Commencing today, the Global Technology & Business Services Council will launch a program of work, with immediate next steps including:

1. To conduct a global body of research to better understand the industry’s global state and prepare a report showing directions of further development
2. To initiate discussions with all potential stakeholders including buyers, providers, governments and analysts to create a voice and point of view that drives change in an era of digital disruption and how we could work together in partnership to create a win-win scenario
3. To continuously publish examples of technological acceleration enabling even stronger resilience to crisis situations and economic recovery
4. To strongly promote the sector, its role in the global economy and the future opportunities it represents

Founding members of GT&BSC (in alphabetical order)
ABSL, covering Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, The Balkans, The Baltics
AIBEST, Bulgaria
ALES, covering Latin America
ASTRA, covering Russia and Belarus
BPESA, South Africa
GSA, United Kingdom
IAOP, United States
ITIDA, Egypt

Notes to editors:
The Global Technology & Business Services Council is an alliance of the leading regional associations around the world, representing the interest of the global technology and business services industry. Its purpose is to promote the industry for growth by sharing best practices and thought leadership for the benefit of all its members and their clients and employees. The GT&BSC will lobby stakeholders to secure the best interests for its members. All members of the Council have signed up to the Industry code of conduct.

For more information contact:

Kerry Hallard, London:
Mobile: + 44 7774 690447

Pawel Panczyj, Warsaw:
Mobile: +48 600 904 877

Kim Maneeley, New York:
Phone: +1.845.452.0600 ext. 104


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Garantia Virtual Garden Festival & Summer of Bloomin’ Marvelous Competitions to Launch Awareness for #H2OSAFE

When the country is in lock-down and all gardening events are canceled, there’s only one thing for it… create one online!

As we slowly head out of lock-down, but with many summer gardening and outdoor events canceled or postponed, Garantia UK is bringing back the feel-good factor, by staging a virtual garden

festival on the August bank holiday weekend. With weekly competitions for everyday budding garden enthusiasts to show off their creations and a chance to be a winner in class, and to win fantastic prizes throughout – this turns our ‘canceled’ summer into a major opportunity to GROW AND WIN BIG!

5 Weekly Chances to Win

With entries eligible for consideration in 5 categories, plus weekly prizes for the best pics sent in and tagged by you, the nal set of category winners will be judged by a mystery guest judge from the gardening world. This is a wonderful opportunity for stay-at-home gardeners to get recognised like professional growers and bloomers throughout the UK. Plus this is a great opportunity to teach your children about the bene ts of water conservation:

We’re getting attention for #H2OSAFE

Garantia are launching this competition in association with Graf UK to bring attention to the rising issues in water conservation and the potential for a water crisis in the UK by:
1. Preventing ooding in increasingly extreme weather conditions, through storm-water management
2. Preventing sewage being discharged into watercourses

3. Putting the precious resource of rainwater to good use through rainwater harvesting

What are the prizes for the nalists?

Get involved today! Get your phone out, get in your garden and go and take some snaps of your prized plants and bloomin’ marvelous creations in the following categories: * Fruit and Veg / * BBQ area or Sanctuary / * Family-friendly / * Window box/container / * General oral * [Allotments are allowed to enter].

Upload your pics to your favourite social media platform from June 11th until the closing date of August 21st and tag @GarantiaUK – but be sure to mention #bloominmarvelous for your chance to win a £50 voucher to spend on your garden. All weekly prize winners will be entered into the August garden festival and the nal round of judging, with category prizes of £100 vouchers. The overall winner will also be able to choose any item from the Garantia UK Website up to a value of £500!

About Garantia UK: Garantia is a manufacturer of garden composters, water butts, growing tunnels, raised beds and garden sundries, all made from recycled plastic. Garantia is dedicated to tackling global warming by using recycled plastic in all products (where possible). Throughout and beyond the lock-down, Garantia UK is providing a 3-5 day, direct to garden delivery service.

Go to: to find guidance on how to conserve water.

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Simplification Institute Announces Launch to Support Companies Overcome Recession

The complexity management firm specialises in removing complexity to create leaner portfolios with higher profit margins to help companies overcome the looming recession.

DUBLIN, June 2020. Simplification Institute today announces its launch as Europe’s first complexity management firm specialised in consumer good companies. The firm is built on the core belief that Simplicity drives value and its proprietary approach, the Simplification Roadmap™ has delivered major efficiencies and multi-million-euro savings.

With empty shelves and unprecedented demand shifts in supermarkets, manufacturers now more than ever recognise the need for range rationalisation, portfolio optimisation and business simplification. A bloated portfolio results in slower growth, erosion of profit and impeded productivity. By effectively tackling complexity, manufacturers will improve product availability and customer service whilst delivering cost savings and margin improvements. Research shows that about 25-35% of cost in consumer goods companies is driven by complexity¹. The pandemic also highlighted the importance of sustainability and portfolio simplification can be a major driver of carbon emission reduction.

The Simplification Institute helps across all three steps of the complexity management process and is specialised in eliminating the root cause of complexity -not just the symptoms- resulting in a lasting positive financial impact. The firm targets large and medium-sized consumer good companies in Europe.

“Almost all multinational companies struggle with complexity, the point is to identify, and make the most out of complexity that adds value to your business and to eliminate ‘bad’ or non-value added complexity, and that is our core business,” commented Jo De Pauw, Founder of the Simplification Institute.

“Manufacturers who effectively manage complexity will thrive in the next decade” says Peter Soer, an internationally recognised commercial leader who has served in global and regional leadership teams at Unilever and Kellogg’s and runs an executive coaching practice. Peter has advised the start-up firm since its inception and he concludes “unfortunately, most companies don’t know where to start to cut complexity and this is where Simplification Institute is uniquely placed to make a difference.”

(1) Source: Jagersma, Pieter. The hidden cost of doing business. Business Strategy Series. 9. Nyenrode University, The Netherlands.

About Simplification Institute
Simplification Institute™ is a complexity management firm specialised in Consumer Goods. The firm is built on the core belief that Simplicity drives value. Our proprietary approach, the Simplification Roadmap™ has delivered major efficiencies and multi-million-dollar savings. We are different from other firms because we eliminate the root cause of bad complexity, not just the symptoms, and we work across departments to deliver measurable results. From our headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, we help large and medium-sized companies across Europe. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn.

Press contact
To arrange an interview or get more information contact
Download press kit on our website
Phone 00353 1 558 72 87 web connect on LinkedIn

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A group of Italian mammas launch DIY meal kits

Following the successful soft launch of “Mamma’s Survival pack”, after the temporary closing of the restaurant back in March, the group of Italian mothers who usually run the kitchen in King’s Road restaurant La Mia Mamma, in Chelsea, decided to push themselves further and offer home cooked Mamma’s “DIY” and ready meals boxes all over the UK.

Mamma Anna, leader of the “Mammas Squad”, explains that, at the beginning, she wanted to make Londoners feel part of a big multicultural family during the lockdown being herself mother of four expats and knowing very well how it feels to have “piezz e core” (pieces of heart) not under the same roof, this was clearly her call.

The news spread along quickly and so the Mammas were showered with emails and requests from Manchester, Cornwall, Bristol, Nottingham, Leeds and even Ireland and France. People started
purchasing “Mamma’s pack” from the United States, New Zealand and Italy (of course) and the reasons weren’t just survival-related but mainly expressions of love to friends in lockdown, new born babies and birthdays, made a bit less lonely while celebrated on a video call rather than around a table.

“Being an active part of such an unexpected chain of love, was something we couldn’t even dream about on day one” says Mamma Anna and explains that what she’s been doing with Mamma Sara and Mamma Rosanna is nothing but sharing the Italian tradition of sending “ il pacco“ (the pack) filled with regional food. The “pacco” is sent to family and relatives who live far from home and it’s such an Italian way of bringing back people to their own roots and land.

Now that “Mamma’s Survival pack” ( £ 118 big and £ 70 small) has supported many people during the hard times of grocery shopping with a mix of basics for the pantry, fresh handmade cheeses, ready meals, charcuteries, arancini, DIY pasta, pizza and cannoli kit; this group of brave ladies have prepared different new packs to cover any kind of occasion and cooking skills!

Among the others, there are some highlight-worth packs, such as:

● The DIY “MAMMA’S CLASSICS”: for the fresh filled ravioli lover and for those who want to get a bit entertained while enjoying the taste of a slow cooked meal.

This pack is for at least 2 people and contains:
● a batch of 600 gr fresh pasta dough,
● 2 piping bags with different pasta fillings,
● Fresh tomato sauce to pair and fresh sage,
● Bread
● aperitivo mix: aubergines in olive oil, sun dried tomatoes and olives
● 500 gr of mini arancini e croquette as starters,
● Chicken rolls stuffed with eggs, smoked mozzarella, parmesan & mortadella as a main
● Frittata di patate (Mamma‘s style potato omelette) as a side
● 2 Desserts
Price: £ 35

The “SUNDAY IN… ” collection: a gastronomic tour in some of the most beautiful cities in Italy.  Starting with Bologna, Napoli and Genova, each pack will immediately take you to a typical Sunday lunch!

This pack includes:
● a bottle of Italian wine,
● ready to bake lasagna or pasta kit (depending on the city you chose) as a first course,
● ready to eat main such as Italian style meatloaf
● “make your own” Mamma’s Pistachio Tiramisù kit dessert
Price: £ 35

with Negroni, Aperol spritz and cheeky bites coming soon!

The packages are not only made with love, but will also spread the love as 2% of the price will be donated
to our crowdfunding on GoFundMe aimed to support the NHS with food and protective gear.

As a way to say GRAZIE for the support, the Mammas decided to introduce a referral program where each first order made through a friend’s referral link will get a free pack and, on the referrer side,
every 3 friends on board will unlock a free pack as well!

All “Mamma’s packs” are available on:

More info about the fundraising campaign:

257 King’s Road, London, SW3 5EL

Instagram: @lamiamammalondon

Facebook: @lamiamammalondon

Twitter: Lamiamamma_

For press enquiries please contact Krisha

About La mia Mamma restaurant
A special restaurant in Chelsea where real Italian Mammas (mothers) are “imported” from Italy to run the kitchen preparing home cooked traditional regional recipes hard to find in “normal” restaurants.

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Award Winning HR Software Platform, Complygate, to Launch New Version 1.3 on May 14, 2020

The UK, May 14, 2020: Complygate, a UK-based award winning HR software and Tier 2 Sponsor compliance platform, known as the only Immigration Compliance tool commercially available to SMEs in the UK, this week announced on May 14, 2020, they will be launching a new version of their software tool, known as Version 1.3.
The newer HR software release will include improved UI, bug fixes, and a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Additionally, for employee self-service, Complygate is launching a new website with a dedicated help section, statutory holiday entitlement calculators, and plenty of freebies.

“We are always working to make the process of HR as seamless and intelligence as possible, embedding artificial intelligence into our software tools and solutions,” said Mr. Rajiv Ranjan, CEO of Complygate. “Our software helps clients reduce complexity in admin jobs through automation, reduce time spent on projects through user friendly workflows, and leverage the advantages of cutting edge technology, available at our fingertips. That’s why we are so excited to be announcing this update in the coming week.”

Following May 2020’s update, Complygate stated they are planning for an August 2020 update with AI-powered ID verification for passport and driver’s licenses for the EU, EEA, Canada, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Australia. This new system will be able to verify whether the document has been digitally altered or not.

Lastly, this new feature will be included in the subscription price.
Before the close of 2020, Complygate also stated they are preparing for a November 2020 update to the current system, enabling them to offer new payroll features that will be free for existing customers.

“We are encouraging those considering our software to jump on board at this time so they can benefit from our free, future updates,” said Ranjan. “Our agile team is always working to create the most beneficial HR software tool possible today, which is why we want as many SMEs as possible to consider the time, money, and frustration saved with this kind of automated solution.”

Complygate’s new website platform makes use of minimalist graphics, interactive features, and easy-to-follow page layouts, like the features section that covers recruitment, timesheets, leave, employee self-service, onboarding, expense, Tier 2 sponsor compliance, and analytics. The website will also include more information about Complygate’s services that assist infrastructure, email notifications, automation tools, simplistic dashboards, deadline reminders, and lastly, drag and drop functionalities for creating multiple folders at once.

Complygate clients have stated some of the biggest benefits of working with the software includes: the creation of positive work culture, easy decision making based on data, cost reduction through automation, agile usage of technology, simplification of often complex HR processes, and total digital transformation from the bottom up.
Complygate is on a mission to help SMEs everywhere, especially as they emerge from the COVID-19 shutdown.

For more information, or to see the new website today, please visit:

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