launched Online auction platform launched

99home launches – a modern way of selling property via digital auction and secure sales method.

Digital Auction Platform Easy, Secure and Guaranteed way of buying and selling property online across the UK and Europe.

A B2B2C platform 99home, the UK’s 5th largest online estate agents has taken a big step forward by entering into digital property auction services. is the combination of technology and marketing exposure which gives the perfect balance to sell the property fast and at a genuine price. The co-founder of 99home Sachinkumar Gupta, member of National Association of Valuer and Auctioneer (NAVA) will ascertain that the process and transparency will be taken care during the entire practice and operation of

A few key features:
● 0% fee to sell your property, nothing hidden
● Free auction service for the Vendors and agents
● No catch and fully transparent
● Instant buy, reserve, sell via auction or secure method
● Bidding available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
● Swift and Secure
● Competitive bidding, no middle man hassle
● Estate Agents can use without sharing commission*
● FREE legal pack option for the vendor/agents

99home, One Stop Property Shop, deals in residential and commercial property sales, lettings, property management, mortgages and conveyancing will now have access to the in-house auction facilities. 99home has been recognized World top “30 Fabulous company of the year” by US-based magazine Silicon Review, “Online Estate Agent of the Year” by London wire, “Most Trusted Agent of The Year” by the Build magazine, “UK’s Most Innovative Online Real Estate Agency of the Year” by CV Magazine, and ‘’ Online Estate Agents of the Year’’ by the London Prestige Awards 2019/20.

Sachin Gupta (BSc., MNAVA, MARLA, MNAEA) – Co-founder and CEO of 99home believes that the modern method of selling properties will touch the 100K mark this year vs around 50K in 2019, especially, when agents and a vendor do not have to share the commission.

Vijay Vashistha – Co-founder and CTO of 99home designed and developed this solution in-house offering fixed fees option per transaction based on No Success No Fees. COVID-19 has changed the complete industry outlook, he strongly believes digital method will be the solution and the ideal method going forward.

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Seechum App-The Netflix of Social Connections launched today in 188 countries

London UK | 7th July 2020. Seechum, a new Social Connections Mobile App, officially launched globally on the App Store, after a short beta release in the UK. The launch comes off the back of a successful seed funding round which closed at the end of 2019.

Seechum is the world’s first on-demand, video-based Social Connection Mobile App, enabling entertaining social experiences between individuals from more than 180 countries.

In a social media-disrupted world, Seechum provides a timely platform for authentic human connection. Understanding that communication styles will become more personal, and the content will be tailored to more specific, relevant topics, Seechum has developed a first-of-its-kind, social science-based, AI-driven search engine algorithm which matches members who seek social connections with other people (Chums).

Through machine learning and driven by personality indicators within categories of information, common interests and experiences, the app identifies ‘personal chemistry’ and matches users based on “common ground’ – a vital ingredient for establishing long-term, sustainable social connections.

Seechum created a patent-pending scheduling and automated video-calling technology for connecting two parties simultaneously and privately. The platform initiates calls to both parties without the need to share phone numbers or emails, ensuring complete control of personal contact information and therefore eliminates users’ deception risks which are widely associated with traditional social media.

Seechum charges $10 (Or 10 pounds in the UK and 10 Euros in the EU) per 45 minutes of social connection call with a Chum, with a one free call trial to each/all new users.

Founder and CEO Moses Gotlieb explains why he has started Social Connection:
“Not knowing that a global pandemic could make Seechum’s global release historical, the ability to connect individuals in isolated communicates from all over the world has become more relevant than ever before. A basic human need is a connection and social distancing does not mean a social shutdown. Even before COVID -19, our society was experiencing a massive loneliness epidemic. Social isolation became common, and we are encountering social media fatigue from constant exposure to biased content, influencer hegemony as well as mental health issues related to the unrealistic pressures of fitting in. People wish for a boundless world where they feel they can belong, and be accepted, just as they are. Seechum’s social connections available – anytime, anywhere, is leading a new paradigm”.

Social Connection, Inc. is the holding company of Seechum Limited, the developer and operator of the Seechum App, the world’s first on-demand, video-based Social Connection Mobile App, enabling entertaining social experiences between individuals from more than 180 countries. Founded by serial entrepreneur Moses Gottlieb in 2019 – the company’s purpose is to enable authentic human connections through technology.

To schedule meetings or interview with Social Connection’s founder and CEO Moses Gottlieb, as well as with anyone from the team for commentary and opinions on Social Isolation or Seechum, please contact our Avi at
+44 755 500 9623
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New Highways Mobile Workforce Management Software package launched

Re-flow Highways is a new software package that provides powerful digital, mobile workflow management, field data access, safety and compliance for companies working in the UK highways sector. To celebrate the launch of Re-flow Highways, we are pleased to announce that this package of our award-winning software also comes with no set-up fees.

See the new features, functions and forms HERE

Following significant development by UK software company Re-flow, this management system now enables companies to schedule, capture, track, invoice and report on all jobs in one place. Technical Director, Lee Wade, explained that the new tools offer all the exciting insight the Re-flow team has gained through creating custom systems for the highways sector over the past 4 years; “Every company has their own ways of working and through creating systems to fit these requirements, we’ve identified the optimum set-up for highways. In understanding how companies in this specialist sector work, we’ve been able to create the ultimate solution to offer them a full-service software for mobile job and workflow management.”

Re-flow Highways is operated via a web-based desktop management dashboard and operatives access the software on location using a smartphone app for Apple or Android.

The mobile workflow app provides users the opportunity to have all the all project information, pdfs, plans and photos stored on a single device. Dynamic forms, task lists, scheduling and digital sign offs make the app a one stop solution to replace all paperwork. Eliminating the need to collect, exchange and return documents to the office, this software also supports social distancing and enables lone and remote working.

The Re-flow Highways desktop dashboard interface is very friendly and easy to navigate. It also allows managers and admins to create projects with all the required information, receive data instantly and generate reports to get a real time view of what’s happening on site and across the company.

The software can create a full and detailed picture of any complex project and indicate where improvements can be made, information that is missing and allows you to manage issues as they happen. Re-flow Highways also significantly improves the efficiency and the productivity of operatives at a time when margins and cashflow have never been more important.

Mike Saunders, Managing Director of Re-flow said; “We’re excited to bring this highly specialised software to the market that highways companies can simply ‘plug and play’. The flexibility of Re-flow Highways also allows you to configure your set up to use your own company terminology, specific columns, and unique job tabs. We also offer a bespoke customisation service if additional optimisation is required.”

Re-flow has been dedicated to providing business systems to the highways sector since the company’s inception. Today, we are the leader in the sector, supporting a large and growing number of clients across surfacing, traffic management, line marking and civil engineering. Our in-house development team continually add new features to the system to ensure we are always at the cutting edge of business and process improvement technology in the sector.

Those wishing to learn more about the new package, now with no set-up fee, can do so at

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May 14th 2020, BitBahn Ltd, Bedford, UK, has spent the last 6 weeks looking at the impacts on various sectors of the UK due to Covid-19, to understand how and where we can add value by using technology. This week we have released our first fully managed cloud service, AcademyNow, to provide a full hybrid classroom environment that enables educators to continue to educate and engage students now and in the future wherever they reside. Our platform mixes the at school with the at home to deliver a fully engaging experience between educators and there students. Since the beginning of the crisis we have been reviewing the various industry platforms available and in use already in reaction to the Covid-19, choosing to learn from this and return to the basics of what a classroom really is today. AcademyNow delivers registration, control, and engagement. It allows the educator to teach as they normally would utilising their existing toolset while extending the classroom to the far reaches of the internet.

In the coming weeks the school system in the UK will be returning to a mixed mode of delivery based on the government’s latest guidance, this is where Academy now can step in and bridge the gap for education. Our system is uniquely tailored to each individual education organisation we work with, this allows us to provision and delivers service in line with the policy and guidelines required by each customer, breaking the one-size-fits-all approach that is causing constraint currently.

AcademyNow is delivered over standard broadband and can be accessed via, Laptops, Desktops, Ipad’s and most modern devices. The service is fully supported on a 24x7x365 basis, with our own in house engineers ready to fully support deployments and services.

Lee Quince, Director of BitBahn said:
“BitBahn is committed to delivering outstanding technology at this time. We are enabling services that are unique and solution providing.”
“We are specialists in the cloud. secure managed networks, hosting, and bespoke wireless solutions. We work very closely with our potential clients to fully understand their requirements and support them through the whole process and relationship.”

Charles Albinson-Currey, Director of BitBahn said:
“At BitBahn, we are proud that we are ready and able to help. Our robust and resilient solutions are allowing our client’s businesses to continue seamlessly and focus on what they do best.

Notes to Editors
1. For media inquiries please contact:
+44 7970 070860 +44 7538 884091

2. AcademyNow our service is presented on

2. BitBahn has a range of secure, bespoke, and off the shelf IT solutions to help businesses of all types to survive and thrive during this difficult period. We have specialists that can help reduce the stress and ensure your business can rise to the challenges.

For further information, please contact 01234 860 130 or go to our website at

3. For smaller firms, sole-traders, and households our sister company BitStreme as a range of connectivity solutions with the potential to transform your internet experience.

For further information, please contact us on 01234 860130 or go to our website at

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New Coronavirus COVID-19 Online Patient to Patient Support Group Launched

Coronavirus COVID-19 patients are relieving anxiety and sharing facts and strategies in a new and free online support group.

Malecare, the USA based patient advocacy nonprofit, announced a new, free coronavirus COVID-19 online support group at People diagnosed with COVID-19 and the worried well are welcome to join. Everyone from around the world can register for free and post and reply.

As lockdowns and quarantines grip people throughout the world, the Coronavirus Support Group will provide a safe and helpful place for people to share their stories, worries, and useful hints. The online group is monitored by experienced health care social workers to reduce rumor-mongering and fake news.

Malecare currently manages global patient support communities that serve over 57,000 people. Malecare is donating its time and tech resources, pro bono.

Good information and emotional support are essential inputs for protecting ourselves and each other during the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Malecare’s director, Darryl Mitteldorf.
“I’ve only been on the Coronavirus support group for a few days, but I feel calmer already,” said Daniel, a man from France who tested positive and is home-quarantined.

The Coronavirus Support Group is in English, but everyone can post in their native language.

“You can’t tell people to self-quarantine for 14 days and then leave them alone to suffer from fear. The online Coronavirus Support Group will be helpful to all and lifesaving to some,” said Mr. Mitteldorf.

About Malecare
Malecare is one of America’s leading cancer patient nonprofit advocacy organization.

Malecare is known for its pioneering work with online support communities and pioneering psycho-social support modalities for underserved populations. Learn more about Malecare at

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New InsureTech solution launched to ward off legal threat from digital accessibility non-compliance

A new technology solution has been launched to help organisations demonstrate reasonable adjustment towards digital accessibility compliance, and ward off the threat of increasingly prevalent legal action in the USA.  AAAtraq is an automated compliance identification management system that allows organisations to understand their existing level of accessibility non-compliance risk exposure, and then work towards full compliance through a managed process.

The number of digital accessibility lawsuits filed against companies of all sizes in the USA increased by 183% between 2017 and 2018 , and with increasing media scrutiny, those numbers are expected to have risen substantially in 2019. In one of the more high-profile cases, Domino’s Pizza was found guilty of not making its website app accessible for use by people with visual impairments, and was forced to make adjustments to improve its user experience.

AAAtraq is a new service that wants to reverse these trends, by giving website owners a low cost, fast track route to protecting their organisations from the risks of legal action with an easy to use managed service. As well as a personalised pathway to compliance, subscribers receive an AAAtraq ‘accessibility rating’ badge that can be displayed on websites warning those looking to take legal action that they are working towards digital compliance. Complementary insurance—currently for US-based organisations—with up to a US$50,000 benefit limit from global carrier BRIT adds further protection.

AAAtraq assesses current levels of risk, provides guidance to demonstrate reasonable adjustment and enables ongoing certification. A complementary ‘risk profile’ is accessible immediately online, helping any organization to quickly understand if their website is currently compliant and the precise level of risk they face.


A monthly subscription service provides access to AAAtraq’s full managed service, which offers an automated approach to achieving ongoing compliance. This includes: a guided methodology and full digital supplier management, AI based training and education for developers and content producers, to ensure they understand their responsibilities; benchmarking and KPIs to measure improvements.

An inherent part of the non-compliance problem, according to CEO Lawrence Shaw, is that that accessibility legislation has become overly complicated. “Organisations are not deliberately non-compliant, but the level of misinformation in circulation coupled with a succession of successful legal cases in the US, has created the perfect storm,” he says.

This is because of three factors: opportunistic lawyers seeking financial rewards, digital suppliers who are not being held accountable by their clients and end user organisations who are too reliant on third party suppliers and unsure of their responsibilities according to the accessibility legislation to demonstrate ‘reasonable adjustment’.

“Digital inaccessibility lawsuits are one of the fastest growing financial risks for organisations who are literally ‘burying their heads in the sand’ because they don’t understand the accessibility legislation and mistakenly believe it is difficult and expensive to comply,” concludes Shaw.

For more information visit
Or contact

James Simpson, Managing Director,
TMCC +44 (0)13 7272 4686
+44 (0)77 7192 0893

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