Leveson Inquiry Part Two Dishonest Journalists

Leveson Inquiry Part Two Dishonest Journalists

Celebrity Hypnotist Appeals Fake Sheikh Convictions & Demands Official Inquiry into Mazher Mahmood

Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England

Celebrity Hypnotist Jonathan Royle who has, in the past been featured in the Media alongside The Spice Girls, Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Madonna, Princess Diana & many other Famous Names is on a quest to gain justice for all victims of Media Abuse, Lies & Illegal activities.

On Friday 24th May, Royle (born Alex William Smith & Formerly known as Alex-Leroy) aged 43 of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England will be submitting his Renewed Grounds of Appeal to the Royal Courts of Justice in London in relation to his two “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood related convictions for alleged delivery of Counterfeit Coins.

These two convictions, which he has been advised are unsafe and of which he has always protested his innocence, resulted following a March 1998 fabricated article in the now shut down and disgraced “News of the World” newspaper.

Following the collapse in July 2014 of the Drugs Trial against British Pop Star Tulisa Contostavlos, Royle along with many other victims of the Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood’s dishonesty & illegal activities was sent a disclosure pack by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Early 2015 and his appeal was submitted to the courts but unfortunately was rejected by the Single Judge in May 2016.

His Lawyers at the time then submitted the case to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, an application which the CCRC finally rejected in June 2018.

Since then Royle has been seeking legal advice and also obtaining further evidence including documents that now illustrate that vital evidence in his case was never forensically tested despite claims by the CPS to the contrary.

Indeed he has also obtained documents that illustrate errors and inaccuracies galore in the original proceedings against him, along with strong evidence that the CPS & Police failed to disclose vital evidence to him at the time of his arrest & court proceedings.

All of this is covered in the Renewed Grounds of Appeal sent today by signed for delivery to the Royal Courts of Justice which given the Bank Holiday will arrive with them on Tuesday 28th May 2019 and a copy of which (along with supporting evidence) can be seen on his website at www.circusofthemind.net

It is hoped that he can now get his conviction overturned and that doing such will then help other victims of Rupert Murdoch’s Fake Sheikh to get their cases back to Court and also overturned.

Further, Royle has sent letters to The MET Police, CPS, Attorney General, Minister for DCMS, Shadow Minister for DCMS and other relevant parties as explained in the video accompanying this News Release demanding that an Official Inquiry into the dishonesty, deception and illegal methods used by Mazher Mahmood be conducted as a matter of urgency and also urging that Leveson Inquiry Part Two should be reinstated.

A copy of the letter sent by Royle to these authorities can be seen at this link:

Celebrity Hypnotist Demands Official Scotland Yard & Government Inquiry into Rupert Murdoch’s Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Detailed background information on these events along with evidence are all available on www.circusofthemind.net

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