Dreaming of the van life: To buy or rent a campervan?

Self-catering holidays are at its all-time high, as camping and campervan travel is trending in the United Kingdom. The Caravan and Motorhome Club have reported more than 1000 new member sign-ups per week, and the campervan hire company Indie Campers has observed 164% growth in domestic travel bookings, compared to last year. As camping is more popular than ever, many are debating whether it’s more convenient to rent or buy a campervan.

The primary factor determining the buying versus renting dilemma depends on how often you use it. If you do plan going on road trips every few weeks in a year or are looking to live the van life for a couple of seasons through the year, you would probably be better off buying a motorhome as it’s more cost-effective and flexible in nature.

Buying a motorhome can cost between £15,000 to £40,000. In addition to the first purchase, buyers need to consider the associated cost of maintenance, storage/parking and insurance. If you want to use your vehicle every weekend/holiday or live permanently in a campervan, a purchase would definitely be worthwhile as it has high value for money compared to purchasing a holiday home. However, anyone who plans to buy the vehicle for a few nice road trips might experience the high expenses associated with the hobby.

Renting a campervan or motorhome does not tie you down to making large investments like these, or worrying running expenses such as insurance and maintenance costs. Renting, in fact, allows for more flexibility and convenience on the road. Travellers have access to services like roadside assistance, travel tips, as well as cleaning services. In addition, renting a campervan enables prospective motorhome buyers to evaluate their preferences and investment. Thousands of UK camping vehicles are bought annually, with a reported peak in domestic demand this summer.

A common issue is that many campervan buyers invest in vans and sell it soon, after realizing the high costs of maintaining a van that spends most of its time parked, rather than on the road. Several new campervan rental platforms now provide a solution to this through a peer-to-peer marketplace, where van owners can list their campervans for rental to utilize the lifespan of their investment, much like the “Airbnb” of campervans.

Buy and rent out. If you decide to buy, peer-to-peer rental can be a great way to get return on investments of owning a van. On average, owning campervan costs around £1,000 in annual running cost, excluding fuel. In comparison, Indie Campers estimate that campervan owners can earn up to £7984 by renting out the campervan for 15 weeks a year on their platform. Moreover, peer-to-peer platforms further boost a circular economy, promoting economic efficiencies that are closely interlinked with the ecological developments of reduction in total resources consumed. Thereby, it leads to waste minimization and promotes the recycling of commodities.

Renting out your own camper van for hire and reward

A camper van is a big investment and for most owners it is only used a few times a year. The rest of the time it sits idle in the garage or driveway. In the US and UK a few internet starts ups have created a market for peer to peer camper van and car rental, cutting out the rental company. If you decide to make some extra money by hiring out your van, make sure you have the correct type of van insurance in place. Social and domestic use is not appropriate when you are hiring out your van for a reward. This cover is known as van hire and reward insurance and will be more expensive than standard social and domestic use cover, but the risk to broker is higher. Get the low down from comparecourierinsurance on the latest options on the best hire and van insurance hire and reward options.

Media contact 
Melita Stella Dsouza
Indie Campers, Lisbon

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Life Lessons from a Circus Mum

Aerial artist Nina Bambrey is creating a new concept in the way we prepare for the arrival of a brand-new human. In her book “Spirited: a creative workbook to prepare you for the adventure of parenting” she draws on what she has learned as a circus acrobat and single mother to offer guidance which fits the lifestyle and expectations of an upcoming generation of millennial parents-to-be. “Spirited” is designed as a workbook offering emotional guidance and practical advice for new mums and dads.

“Becoming a parent for the first involves a shift in identity and the development of new skills and capacities. This can be a shock to those who think that their lives will carry on largely as before. I am excited about helping people find the emotional resilience and support they need to thrive in their new role. This is even more relevant during the current global crisis.” Nina Bambrey

We now know that we no longer have to sacrifice our needs in order to be good parents, in fact evidence suggests the contrary.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The Centre for Parenting Education states that there is a direct correlation between high stress and unmet needs. Needs become more acute in times of stress and needs that are insufficiently met may cause stress.

Nina explains, “We are more likely to be able to access our ability to be patient, loving parents when our needs are taken care of. Children also learn a great deal through imitation therefore demonstrating to them that everyone’s needs count helps them to develop an outlook which will serve them well for life.”

Tips from the Big Top

Many new parents have concerns about how having a baby will affect their career. The book looks at strategies for adapting your career to fit in with family life without compromising on precious moments spent with your little one.

Nina’s experience as a home educator gives her a valuable perspective on how to live well with your child at home. The rigors of training as a circus acrobat have given her the emotional and physical strength necessary to parent solo. Life as an artist has given her a good deal of resourcefulness.

Changing Love

Nina also delves into the subject of relationships: Finding ways to strengthen your relationship with your partner as your child grows. This can be a challenge for many people, and it is helpful to learn what happy couples do differently such making time for each other and focusing on the positive in them.

Ultimately having a strong relationship with one’s self is the key to success in any kind of relationship whether it is parenting, friendship or romance. The book offers tools to help readers to understand themselves better and arrive at a place of self-love.

Nina Bambrey has an MA in Philosophy, is a qualified teacher and is about to embark on PhD. She is currently offering weekly free nurture sessions online to provide extra support during the global pandemic. Parents-to-be will have the opportunity to relax and talk about their hopes and fears for the future. The sessions will also provide them with information about how to care well for their baby, backed up by the latest neuroscientific discoveries. Visit

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Life insurance is now as important as home insurance to UK parents

In a recent study, Bournemouth based myTribe Insurance found that life insurance is now seen to be as important as home insurance to UK parents.

After seeing a surge in demand for life cover, myTribe surveyed a total of 3,472 members of the British public to find out which insurance products they consider to be the most important.

In their survey they found that:

– Car insurance and contents insurance remain the most popular types of cover
– Life insurance is now seen to be as important to UK parents as home insurance
– Despite the looming threat of longer NHS waiting lists, private health insurance is still seen as a luxury purchase

Reviewing the findings, it is perhaps not surprising that more of us want some protection should the worst happen. After all, for much of this year, we’ve been reminded on a nearly daily basis of just how fragile life can be.

However, the UK’s take-up for protection policies has been reducing over time with some 42% of those with mortgages still not having life insurance in place.

Chris Steele, Founder of myTribe Insurance said,

“Since the start of the Coronavirus crisis, we have seen an exponential rise in the quantity of life insurance quotes we process. While other types of protection, such as private medical insurance, have flatlined, the growth in life insurance policies has been quite astonishing.”

Article originally published at

*Respondents were asked between 25/05/2020 – 08/06/2020

Statistics taken from

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SpeedDater 2.0: returning to real life with unique social distancing singles events

The coronavirus epidemic rocked many areas of our lives. One of them is acquaintances and meetings with new people, which allowed us to find each other, meet love and build relationships. Now, in the age of stay-at-home meetings, social distancing and masks, singles are finding it even more challenging to find a soulmate, much less maintain one.

To help people fight loneliness and continue the search for love during the lockdown period, SpeedDater, one of the leaders in the UK singles events market, launched virtual speed dating events, where people could date with each other without leaving home.

However, nothing can replace face-to-face communication, so as soon as the government announced lockdown easing measures from July 4, the SpeedDater team launched a new formats of offline events where people can mingle, observing all the rules of social distancing. The first event format is Picnic Speed Dating, which will be held in London, Newcastle and Manchester.

“The launch of our picnic dating events was in Battersea Park in London, on the 18th of July, where you were greeted by a glass of prosecco. The event consisted of getting to know each other and some fun social distancing games, frisbee and scatch. If you’ve been in lockdown for three months, doesn’t this just sound so enjoyable?” – Speeddater Events Manager, Sarah Payne described the first event.

At the moment, the company is developing other events formats that promise to be exciting.
“Dating during quarantine can be very inspiring! There is no need to stop searching for your soulmate. We already have many ideas that we are ready to implement in the very near future. Picnic Speed Dating will be our first social distancing format, but besides it, our customers will have other opportunities not only to find love, but also to have an extremely interesting time” – shared details Sarah Payne.

It should be emphasized that Virtual Speed Dating events, which the company has been running for more than three months, will remain a separate format on an ongoing basis. During this time, SpeedDater held about 200 online events, which were visited by more than 3,000 people.

Many of our customers liked the virtual dating format. It gives more freedom in actions – the event can be visited from anywhere, without wasting time on the road, and you can even go on a date in another city, which is impossible to do in offline format” – said Sarah.

Coronavirus has forever changed our lives, the SpeedDater team is confident, so we will continue to live in two dimensions – real and virtual. Thus, the company will try to take into account the needs of each customer by providing a variety of online and offline formats, where everyone will have the opportunity to meet true love.

About SpeedDater, Ltd

At SpeedDater, we believe that chemistry happens only in person. You will never know if you’re truly compatible with someone until you meet face to face. This is what Speed Dating is all about. We offer busy professionals a great way to meet new people in a fun, safe and chilled environment.

SpeedDater was the first singles events site to launch in the UK, way back in 2002. We’ve run over 10,400 events and introduced over 306,000 singles. SpeedDater now runs up to 70 events every month in 24 UK cities.

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UK Phone Retailer Will Guarantee Your Phone For Life

New customer promise gives customers further peace of mind when buying their new mobile phone.

– Mobile Lifetime Guarantee now available at Chitter Chatter when you buy a new mobile phone.
– Includes pay monthly phones with a network contract or SIM Free.
– Part of a number of new services launching with the online retailer in 2020 to help customers with more than just a ‘great deal’.

Today UK mobile phone retailer Chitter Chatter have announced they have launched a Mobile Phone Lifetime Guarantee, meaning that if UK customers buy a new pay monthly or SIM Free phone at Chitter Chatter, it’s guaranteed for the entire life of the device against any manufacturer faults. That’s longer than any standard manufacturer warranty.

Chitter Chatter recognise how important our mobile phones are and are on a mission to help more people stay connected to what’s important. That’s why when you buy a new mobile phone at Chitter Chatter, they will cover the device against any manufacturer faults for the lifetime of the product.

Chitter Chatter have long understood that a new mobile phone can be quite a significant investment and in addition to their value deals and award-winning customer service (they are winners of the EE Best Customer Experience award), want to give our customers further peace of mind that their new mobile phone will continue to work as it should for as long as it’s needed or until you choose to upgrade.

Chitter Chatter’s Mobile Lifetime Guarantee applies to all new mobile phones purchased at Chitter Chatter, whether on a pay monthly mobile contract or SIM Free.

For clarity, the full terms and conditions of the Lifetime Guarantee are available on our website and detailed below.

Chitter Chatter Lifetime Guarantee:

Chitter Chatter covers your device against any manufacturer faults for the lifetime of your new device. That’s longer than any standard manufacturer warranty. Should a product fail due to manufacturing defects in workmanship and/or materials, or a genuine fault, we will repair the item free of charge or replace at our discretion.

The below are NOT covered with the guarantee:

• Our guarantee covers genuine manufacturing faults or defects only and does not cover normal wear and tear.
• Headphones, chargers and other accessories supplied with the device are not covered.
• Accidental damage and water damage . Whether it’s caused by you or someone else.
• Poor aftercare. Your product should be cared for and properly maintained. If, for example, your device was serviced or repaired by any company or person other than the manufacturers authorised agent the fault would be due to poor aftercare, rather than being a manufacturer’s fault.
• Damage caused by misuse or alteration of the product.
• Any consequential loss or damage resulting from a fault.
• Second hand items. Our guarantee covers only the original owner and is not transferable.
• The guarantee doesn’t apply to Refurbished Phones sold at Chitter Chatter but those products do include Chitter Chatter standard 12 month UK ‘no fuss’ warranty.

Details of the announcement are also available on our blog:

About Chitter Chatter

Chitter Chatter are one of the UK’s leading independent online mobile retailers, selling pay monthly mobile contracts from EE, Vodafone and Lebara, as well as a range of SIM Free phones and connected technology.

For over 25 years, Chitter Chatter have helped over 2 million UK customers find a better deal for their mobile phone, with the right price plan and features to stay connected to what’s important to them.  Whether you’re looking for the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, or one of the best-selling Huawei, Sony, Motorola, OnePlus, Google or Nokia phones, Chitter Chatter have a huge range of models suitable for everyone. So if you’re into mobile gaming, photography, music, running your business or just staying in touch with friends and family, Chitter Chatter will find the right phone for you.

Chitter Chatter started life in 1994 and was one of the first mobile phone retailers to hit the high street. Back then we had clear priorities, which we still hold today; making technology simple, providing the UK’s best customer service and offering great value deals.

We were there to help customers get their first phones when free local calls changed the industry. We were there to show customers how to send their first text and picture messages when mobile devices evolved and in 2012, we became a key launch partner for EE – the UK’s first and most advanced 4G network.

We have been part of an incredible journey, connecting over 2 million customers along the way. Our loyal and friendly team have played a key role in why customers choose to buy from us and recommend our services to their friends and family.

And our award-winning service doesn’t just stop once you’ve bought your phone. We’re proud to be rated ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot by our customers and aim to ensure you’d recommend us to your friends and family every time.

  • Free, secure next day delivery via DPD
  • Winner of Best EE Customer Experience
  • Lifetime guarantee on all new phones
  • Price plans to suit every budget
  • Over 2 million happy customers
  • Helping mobile customers for over 25 years

Follow us on…

Facebook at

Twitter at

LinkedIn at

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New York Director Casts A Magic Spell With New Take On The Life Of M.K.Gandhi

Ram Alladi, Director of the award winning film ‘Chiseled’, is set to release his ambitious and mesmerising ‘’Ra’s Metanoia’’; a re-imaging of the life of the legendary Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Shot entirely in New York and New Jersey, ‘Ra’s Metanoia’ combines vintage film styling with state of the art computer generated sets to create this spellbinding non-linear telling of Gandhi’s life based on Gandhi’s writings – most significantly, his memoir, ‘Magic Spell Of A Book’.

A periodic drama with historically accurate fictional elements, ‘Ra’s Metanoia’ takes the audience through the key moments in Gandhi’s life; from childhood to his untimely death in 1948 in New Delhi. Although Ram Alladi has taken care to avoid religious and cultural references, the more spiritual elements of the father of the nation’s life and philosophies are beautifully illustrated with clever symbolism and a sublime script.

The Story
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist and political ethicist who changed the world as we know it through non-violent resistance and successful civil rights campaigning, including freeing India from British rule.

‘Ra’s Metanoia’ chronicles Gandhi’s extraordinary life with a combination of fact and fiction whilst encapsulating scientific concepts such as quantum mechanics, Einstein Rosenberg bridge and rare space elements. The film seamlessly weaves a tapestry of a richly narrated story with Gandhi principles.

Ram Alladi achieves this with his usual flair by tapping into stunning imagery and symbolism.

Based on the director’s childhood fascination with Gandhi, ‘Ra’s Metanoia’ has been derived largely through the words of Gandhi himself and, Gandhism is the central theme of the film, despite its occasional fictional elements. Ram Alladi originally intended to craft a screenplay from Gandhi’s memoir, ‘Magic Spell Of A Book’ but, it soon became clear that this multifaceted tale deserved something a little different. Having grown up paying tribute to Gandhi on national holidays, ‘Gandhi amar rahe’ (long live Gandhi) was such a central theme in Ram’s life that he spent much of his childhood believing that his hero was still alive. Ram remembers visiting the Gandhi Museum in New Delhi and wondering how he could remove the blood stains from Gandhi’s showcased shawl.

The music
Music was very much a love of Gandhi’s life and Ram Alladi has been fastidious in ensuring that ‘Ra’s Metanoia’’s soundtrack reflects that.

Most notably, the re-composed and re-imagined soundtrack features one of Gandhi’s favorite songs, ‘Ekla Chalo’ which was written by the Nobel prize winner Rabindranath Tagore.

All of the music in ‘Ra’s Metanoia’ is performed with authentic, acoustic Indian instruments in order to recreate the sounds that Gandhi loved so much. The film’s background score composer is the celebrated Bharadwaj V Komaragiri who composed ‘Ra’s Metanoia’’s sound effect design including the distinctive ticking sound of Gandhi’s Ingersoll watch.

Cast & Crew:
Srinivas Rao Sanapathi, Rajesh Rajagopal, Tej Kondeti and Deepak Bhimarasettyplayed Mohanddas Karamchand Gandhi role, Patrick J Lloyd, Lorenzo Paladino, Mamadau Cisse, Saritha Navali, Kamya Rayasam played Kasturba Gandhi, Abhiram Naluvala, Rajaprasad, Rajiv Visupte, Satish.P, S.S.V.Prasad, Dasharathi Gattu, Varsha Rayasam, Shriya Singh, Shiva Kondeti, Dr. Khushboo Singh (Putlibai), Lakshmi Rao, Adhya Alladi, Sanjana Kondeti

Edited By Rakesh Challa, Director of Lighting by Sathish Rontala, Music By Bharadwaj V Komaragiri, Costumes by Poornima Alladi, VFX by Rudra Alladi, Adam Crawford, Krishna Guntupally

Produced by Ar ItWorks, LLC

‘Ra’s Metanoia’ will be screened at major film festivals and within prestigious film institutions beginning October 2nd 2020.

NY, United States

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Turning life insurance on its head

A unique insurance policy aimed at allowing people to fulfil their dreams in the unfortunate event that they are diagnosed with a terminal illness or a life-changing injury/illness has been launched by Resurety Ltd. The policy is called the Bucket List Plan.

The policy differs from critical illness and life policies as it pays out a benefit that allows recipients to fulfil their life’s dreams, known as a bucket list. This is all achieved through a personalised concierge service that assists beneficiaries to make the arrangements and pay for their bucket list adventures. The plan even covers the cost of a friend or partner to accompany them.

The purpose of the Bucket List Plan is to provide the funds and the means to enable the plan recipient to pursue and do all the things they want to do – at the time when it matters the most.

Official figures show that there are over 11 million people with a limiting long-term illness, impairment or disability. The majority of disabled people acquire their disability later in life and many of these might have qualified for the plan.

David Abingdon, Managing Director of Resurety Ltd.

The plan has been created by David Abingdon, Managing Director of Resurety Ltd.

David said: “The Bucket List Plan is a totally new and innovative insurance product that turns life insurance on its head. Instead of paying when people die, this policy is designed to pay while people are still alive.

“Statistics show that around 75% of people that die are aware that they are going to die within the next year or so.

“Our plan would enable people to experience some of the things that they had always wanted to do.

“The money from the claim pay-out is used to pay a lump sum to the insured and the balance to our contracted concierge. They will organise whatever arrangements are necessary to meet the bucket list dreams and aspirations of the insured.

“If at the time of claim the insured person can’t or no longer wishes to take the bucket list benefits then the entire policy pay-out is given to them.

“Furthermore, should the insured die before a claim is made then the policy reverts to a traditional life policy and is paid out.”

The Bucket List Plan pays out on one of three events:

1. If the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness and the prospect is that they will die within 12 months.

2. If the insured suffers a life changing serious illness or injury that prevents them from carrying certain day to day functions or from working in their own or similar occupation

3. If they die

The Bucket List Plan offers two levels of cover:

The Standard Plan

This is the lower cost option and provides a wide and varied bucket list of experiences. There are also several other essential benefits including the ability to take someone else who can share the bucket list experiences. Additionally, there is also a generous lump sum and daily cash allowance during travel.

The Elite Plan

This offers all of the benefits of the Standard Plan but provides a larger pot of money which can enable the insured to take business class flights and experience 5-star hotel accommodation. There is also a higher lump sum benefit.

According to Marie Curie – ‘Changing the conversation’ (April 2015), 571,700 people died in 2014. Most of them would have been living with a terminal illness. Latest figures show 616,014 people dying in 2018. This is increasing annually.

There are over 11 million people with a limiting long-term illness, impairment or disability.

The majority of disabled people acquire their disability later in life.

David Abingdon has been in the insurance industry since 1983 when he joined National Mutual in Melbourne Australia. Extending his skills into insurance and financial product development he created several new and innovative products in both the life and pensions/superannuation markets. Returning to the UK in 1992, he worked in medical insurance field sales before entering in a joint venture arrangement with a large health insurer to build a direct marketing division. In 1997 he founded Insurety PLC (recently known as April UK). Over the next five years he led the company, with its subsidiary, Capital Healthcare into new markets and success.

Over the last few years David has worked as a consultant working in a wide range of business sectors.

For further information and comment please contact:
David Abingdon
T: 07860 433328/02034758011

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Water of life? – PR Fire

An amazing health product for you. The O3 WAVE is a must have! This device is built on patented technology that safely destroys bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in the body by simply drinking the safe Ozonated water it produces, Ozone protects us from the sun’s radiation too and it is always above us smiling, that is the Ozone layer, Ozone has always protected us, it is Mother Nature’s breath of life and now it can be in your glass every day. Yes, all you need is a glass of clear water, pop the nod in a glass of water for five minutes and drink up nice fresh O3 WAVE water. The O3 WAVE should be in every home and yes your home too.

Get yours today at NOVATTIONE

It fortifies the immune system, Destroys viruses, bacteria, pathogens and more.

You receive two per order for the price of one.
Comes with 14 day money back guarantee and free delivery.
Enjoy life with our water of life!

Get your O3 WAVE TODAY!
Representative ,



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Save more than you pay for UK life insurance with Primas Life

A new UK life insurance company is promising to make buying cover easier and more rewarding than ever by offering instant online quotes and access to £1,000s in offers and discounts – which could see policyholders save more than they spend.

Primas Life was launched on Friday (22 May) with a pitch to revolutionise life insurance for under 60s by giving them total control over the cost of their policy. After answering five simple medical questions, customers can increase or decrease the total coverage amount and term length to generate a tailored fit monthly premium.

The insurance policy, provided by Cignpost Life and underwritten by iptiQ, also gives customers access to Primas Rewards – an exclusive scheme that provides discounts on everyday brands. The offers can be redeemed on any day of the week, are claimable from the moment their policy starts, and can save families over £1,000 per year.

Current offers include:
• Up to 7% off supermarkets (Tesco, M&S, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and more)
• Up to 15% off department stores (Debenhams, John Lewis and more)
• Up to 40% off cinemas (Odeon, Vue, Cineworld and more)
• Up to 50% off travel (hotels, packages, upgrades and more)
• Plus thousands of local and cashback offers

Monty Sykes, Chief Operating Officer of Primas Life, said:
“We founded Primas Life out of a drive to do things differently. Other insurers force their customers to fill out endless forms, sometimes by hand, and dictate the terms and costs of the policy. They often require doctors reports and medical checks, and those that do offer rewards make life difficult by restricting the days on which they can be redeemed.

“We think it’s time for life insurance that puts the customer first. We offer completely policies that are easy to understand and deliver quotes within minutes. Our rewards scheme offers discounts which are redeemable seven days a week and can be accessed as soon as you start your policy.

“We’re all about giving people choice. Our customers choose what they want to pay, they choose the amount and length of cover they want and they choose how to use their rewards. It’s fast, simple and for those who take sufficient advantage of their rewards, could see families save more than they spend.”

Policies start from £8 per month and offer access to rewards until May 2023. Rewards can be accessed either through the website or the Primas Rewards app.
To get an instant quote, visit

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RNA Analytics successfully completes IFRS 17 Orange Life Insurance Project

Reigate, October UK – 2019

Most Korean insurers are already implementing IFRS 17 systems but many are struggling in a number of areas. The most difficult part of the IFRS 17 implementation for Korean insurers is the construction of the cash flow engine because performing complex calculations on a regular and timely basis is almost impossible with most existing actuarial solutions.

The complexity of the calculations combined with the desired granularity of results has meant many insurers with their existing actuarial solutions having to invest, at a huge cost, in high specification hardware in order to produce their IFRS 17 results in their required timeframe.

Already aware of the difficulties of deploying an enterprise level IFRS 17 solution, RNA Analytics’ software development and actuarial consulting teams have been working for several years analyzing all the requirements for IFRS 17 to spearhead large-scale developments in R³S, RNA Analytics’ actuarial modeling solution, that implement the new features required to meet client requirements.

Almost all the requirements needed by IFRS 17, from the calculation of new accounting concepts such as the risk adjustment and contractual service margin, to the most complex modeling of Korean insurance products as well as the linkage with reinsurance, various embedded option value calculations, new payment plans, dynamic decision-making, and large database processing functions were considered when designing the new features. The most recent developments in the R³S software have enabled insurers to optimize the structure of their models, thereby dramatically reducing the cost of hardware, while still meeting the new requirements.

In particular, the IFRS 17 implementation project at Orange Life, is considered to be the most successful project in the industry. Almost all of the requirements had already been implemented in the R³S solution as a result of previous IFRS 17 project implementations. The K-Insurance Capital Standard (K-ICS) and dynamic ALM models were also built in R³S to implement an enterprise-wide business model within Orange Life.

With the new functionality within the software, users have the ability to directly load large result sets into databases such as Oracle. This removes the requirement to purchase additional ETL software and reduces the storage space required as results do not need to be staged prior to being loaded into the reporting system. This results in the establishment of a highly efficient and automated system from a ROI perspective.

“Through this project, we were able to proactively respond to system changes such as IFRS 17, and establish a systematic basis for conducting an actuarial valuation and strategic analysisSeokho Woo, Managing Director – Orange Life.

“As a result of this project, Orange Life has built the industry-leading actuarial infrastructure system to provide timely settlement reports and various company reports. Thus providing a foundation for rapid response to the accounting and regulatory requirements of IFRS 17, in addition supporting management decisions and responding to changes in management processes required under the new accounting systemHarry Kim, CEO – RNA Analytics.

About RNA Analytics
RNA Analytics is a company formed around a product team that has been working together for over 20 years. RNA Analytics offers insurance firms a comprehensive actuarial modeling solution that provides essential risk and regulatory metrics to help meet the needs of an existing global client base. This solution supports the modeling of insurance portfolios across a spectrum of risk-based regulatory regimes such as Solvency II and IFRS. It helps meet the business needs of insurers for more realistic and complex modeling to enable critical risk-informed decision support for growth.

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