Liverpool hairdresser scoops top salon award for second year in a row

Liverpool independent hairdresser Andrew Joseph Manion has scooped the award for Best Local Salon of the Year award at the English Hair & Beauty Awards for the second year in a row.

This is the 9th award for the international session stylist who photoshoots and weddings take him around the world. The  criteria for winning the award was a salon who provides outstanding service and Andrew sent in 400 5* reviews from their clients.

Andrew started his career in a salon in Woolton Village, Liverpool, where discovered his love of hair. Training as a head colourist within the salon he worked in, he spent 4 years mastering the art of colour before moving into styling and cutting

He then moved to France for three years. returning to the UK he set up a mobile hairdressing business on a scooter before he became so in demand he required permanent premises and so AJM Hair was developed. His salon is now based on Aigburth Road.

Andrew has been Creative Head Stylist at Liverpool Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week London Fashion Week 2019

He has had work published in Italian Vogue and on the front cover Trend Prive Global Magazine.

Upon winning his award Andrew said, “This is such a huge honour and I am absolutely thrilled to win. We were up against tough competition so it was a big shock to win. I am immensely proud and would like to thank my team and customers for all their support. I love hairdressing, it’s always been my passion.

The next big thing for me is focusing on entering more competitions as a salon and raising our profile even more, on a personal level I am focusing on raising my profile as a makeup artists as well as a hairstylist! “

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Beds Manufacturer Discovers That Liverpool and Spurs Fans Lose The Most Sleep

Football stress is a real thing, but do all football fans feel it in equal amounts? Well, according to an analysis by British bed manufacturer Happy Beds of over 30,000 tweets and posts, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur fans have lost the most sleep in the last 12 months, with the Merseyside outfit topping the list.

Of course, turning the TV off and choosing not to watch footie isn’t an option, so why did these two teams suffer from insomnia the most, and how can you prevent football-related insomnia?

What Kept Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur Fans Up at Night?

In an emotional season where Liverpool won the Champions League and narrowly missed out on their first-ever Premier League title, their fans suffered from more bad sleep than any other team. In fact, of all the hashtags associated with tweets about sleeplessness, only #StopBrexit and #Sleep were more common that Liverpool’s club slogan #YNWA.

Tottenham, on the other hand, came in a distant second in football-related mentions thanks to their run to the Champions League final, which saw the highest volume of competition-specific mentions.

Judging by the research, Liverpool and Tottenham topped football-related insomnia mentions thanks to their run to the Champions League which put both sets of fans through an emotional rollercoaster.

How Can You Temper Football-Related Insomnia?

23% of the reviewed tweets were sport-related, meaning many of us, across sports, tend to lose precious hours of rest worrying. Most passionate sports fans find it impossible to just switch off and rest, so what has Happy Beds suggested to deal with sport stress?

Whether it’s cutting down on alcohol or bizarre pre-match rituals, Happy Beds recommends a few changes to maximise sleep. The retailer suggests finding a suitable mattress for you, cutting down on blue light from late-night tweeting and ensuring your room is a perfect temperature.

Explaining the reasoning behind the data, Joy Richards, Sleep Expert at Happy Beds, said:

At Happy Beds, we believe everyone needs and deserves a good night’s sleep. So, in a bid to help our customers get a better kip, we delved into social data to see what really keeps people up at night.

“Whilst we cannot do much to ease the population’s anxiety over their team’s performance, Happy Beds can provide comfort and support to facilitate sleep.

“Maybe if Liverpool get their 19th league title this year their fans will finally get a good night’s kip.”

To find out more on the data, check out the Happy Beds social insomnia research directly.



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