Hippie Speedball releases an anthem for fans struggling with toxic love

The head and heart don’t always agree. This is the struggle portrayed in the newest release by Tennessee-based band Hippie Speedball.

Titled “Don’t Think Twice,” this song crawls through your darkest thoughts and lets them dance to the psych-rock rhythm. It exposes the feeling of being in a toxic relationship and the war we all wage within to break free.

“Don’t Think Twice” comes hot and heavy on the tails of the band’s latest two protest singles, “FTP” and “People 2020,” and is the first of three new songs to be released. “Trouble” and “Acid Rain” are due to debut in the upcoming months along with new music videos for “FTP” and “Don’t Think Twice.”

Dylan Taylor’s, bandleader, lyrical storytelling, is elevated by the musical prowess of Daniel Demonica, Dennis Drumond, Jon Von Boehm, and Kirby Bland. The group’s unique blend of talent creates the sound that’s garnering them international attention.

“Don’t Think Twice” and check out Hippie Speedball now. Their new single comes out on the 15th!


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Love rats beware: Watkins Ward Group Investigations explains how you can tell if someone is cheating

Brian Sladden investigates infidelity and says there are certain red flags that should make a partner worry

Love rats had best beware – a private investigator is telling people how they can spot a cheat.

Brian Sladden Senior Detective at Watkins Ward boasts: “I’ve caught cheats, love rats, whatever you wish to call them. It’s my speciality.”

A recent client called ‘Gill’ suspected her husband was cheating on her and sought Brian’s firm Watkins Ward Group Investigation’s services to prove it.

“It didn’t take us long to catch him out,” Brian said. “When we did it was a simple case of presenting the evidence to her.

She explained to us what it was like when she discovered her husband had been having an affair behind her back.

“Finding out your spouse has betrayed you is and will be one of the darkest moments of your life.”

Gill said: “I didn’t want to believe it. It’s just a fog of total disbelief.”

“I put some guilt on myself. It’s so painful. I just wanted to believe nothing was happening, until I just had to.”

“It was life shattering for me, absolutely life shattering. I felt worthless and betrayed.”
It was eight years into their marriage that ‘Gill’ began to notice changes.

“He was so clearly distant, all of a sudden he just wasn’t there,” she said. “He became vacant.”

“There was very little conversation and he found many excuses to be away from me. He basically found lots of places to go during the day.”

“It can be a great thing to get rid of someone so toxic in your life that you’re living with.”

With her relationship dissolving, ‘Gill’ suspected that her partner had found someone else. But how?

Brian believes that “if your gut is telling you something is not right, 99% of the time it’s right”.

However, Brian also says that there are many red flags to watch out for when the possibility of infidelity is on the table.

First and foremost, the physical changes, he says, are often the most obvious.
“Caring all the time about the time they dress, the spouse is coming home late, they are taking their phone with them everywhere, the code is locked or different, face down or on silent – these are all major warning signs.”

Smartphones are often a key cornerstone in Watkins Ward Group’s Investigations.

Unfaithful individuals are renowned for becoming overly protective over them, sleeping with them underneath their pillows, making sure nobody else can see their phone to hide messages, Snapchats, WhatsApp or even dating apps.

All of these clues would suggest that they are intent on finding something else outside of their current marriage or relationship.

Detailing their process, Sladden said: “We look at things such as professional online forensic analysis and detailed background profiling, covert surveillance and intelligence gathering, OSINT and other investigative methods.

“There’s a lot of different ways that people can get caught. And they do get caught.”

Brian Sladden is a Senior Detective at Watkins Ward Group Investigations

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Jeffrey Daniel (Shalamar) Releases Anti-Hate Song – Make Love Great Again

Make Love Great Again is a track written to provide an antidote to the culture of hate that has been perpetuated by political leaders of recent times. The world is in flames, and now seems the opportune moment to release a song that has a positive message of hope. The catchy track is reminiscent of Pharrell’s “Happy”, but with added cutting political edge. Bringing people together is the theme, reuniting divided nations and focusing on love and compassion is the message.

Jeffrey has been moved by the traumatic events of the past few weeks, the slaying of Ahmaud Arbery, the murder of George Floyd and the many ongoing injustices around the planet. The world needs to change. Governments need to make positive moves to eliminate police brutality, social injustice and discrimination. People need to work together as one human family to make a better world.

“I have lived a very extraordinary life on different continents, and I have learned that basically all people aspire for a common universal commodity …. love. If we make love great again, we will all be great.“ Jeffrey Daniel

All funds from download sales of Make Love Great Again will raise funds for groups fighting for racial equality and social Justice. The song is available at most online retailers from June 15th
Hate Divides – Love Unites
Heal The World
Make Love Great Again


Jeffrey Daniel – has sold over 25 million records with Shalamar. He is the man who taught Michael Jackson the moonwalk and introduced body-popping to Europe and the UK. Jeffrey co-choreographed and featured in the “Smooth Criminal” and “Bad” videos during a creative partnership with The King of Pop that spanned twenty years. They were dance brothers in the spotlight and cousins in real life. Jeffrey showcased the backslide on US TV in 1979 and did the same for UK audiences in 1982. The backslide was renamed by MJ to become an iconic move. JD gained recognition from a young age as one of the most popular dancers on the US TV program Soul Train before presenting the UK version of the show – the 6.20 Soul Train. He went on to star in the original West End production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Starlight Express, playing Electra. A legendary performer and style icon. Since 1999 JD &
Howard have been performing as Shalamar, with Carolyn Griffey joining them in 2001.

Written, performed, and produced by Jeffrey Daniel.


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In “Dear Future Ancestor,” Artist Daniel Beaty Uses Love as Catalyst to Overcome Racial Injustice

In “Dear Future Ancestor,” a poem that speaks to the country’s injustices and inhumanity against African-Americans, author/activist/playwright, Daniel Beatty, soothes, empowers, and challenges “future ancestors” in a firm, but hopeful, way to act now to right the racial injustices that have plagued our country since its start.

A writer of plays, poems and books, Beaty has been addressing issues of race and inequality in titles such as “Run Black Man Run,” “A Lost Black Boy Speaks,” “Dance Mama Dance,” “Love Always Wins,” “Transforming Pain to Power,” and “Knock Knock.” This year’s series of racial events culminating in last week’s death of George Floyd, prompted Beaty to write the poem, “Dear Future Ancestor,” to push future ancestors to act now, but to use love as a sword. Beaty is at once soothing:

“Your courage to love is your heart’s lubrication. And though you are afraid, now is the time to love more.”

hopeful and empowering:

“You are the promise now.”

“You are the architects of freedom.”

“You are the minds that strategize a clear, precise agenda for change now.”

while nevertheless challenging:

Future ancestor, earn your place amongst the legions of ancestors past.

Future ancestor….what are we going to do – now?

In a prior interview, Beaty expressed his philosophy as follows: “I want people to [understand] that we are more alike than we are unalike. I really believe that we are all connected. There are a variety of things that happen in the world that cause us to believe that we’re different from each other. I believe that a lot of the greatest problems that happen in the world come from that false belief that we’re disconnected; but, it is my belief that we’re all reflections of one another.”

“Dear Future Ancestor” is attached as well as a link to a video of Beaty’s presentation of the poem:

Dear Future Ancestor
Dear Future Ancestor,

If I could take all your pain
Wrap it in my arms
And toss it into the depth of the Middle Passage
Where countless tears have filled waters
Stretching from Africa to these Americas
I would

If I could take your rage
And ball it into a collective fist
And smash injustice into a thousand pieces of light
Carving a path for future generations
I would

If I could whisper into the soul of every black child
Confused, trembling in fear:
You are safe. You are protected
Your #blacklivesmatter
I would

If I could promise every black parent
That nothing can assassinate the promise
You birthed into creation
Your seed will flourish, it must
I would

If I could assure every lover that the body you hold
Is sacred, is the peace of God, is a miracle
Your courage to love is your heart’s lubrication
And though you are afraid, now is the time to love more
I would

If my spirit could inhabit everybody that fears you
Illuminate their hearts, their minds, their eyes
To the beauty of your Divinity
Shine light on the oneness of our shared humanity
I would

Because I cannot, please know these words…

You are the King, the Malcolm
The Tubman, the Truth,
The Robeson, The Simone
The direction and the promise

You are the feet that march,
The bodies hosed and arrested
The songs of freedom sung loud
The collective action

You are the architects of freedom
The late night camp meetings
The minds that strategize
A clear, precise, agenda for change

You are the rage and the pain
You are the hope and the vision
Even though your heart is breaking
You are the salve

Future Ancestor know yourself
It is when we are under attack that we must know
The unlimited power of black soul
It is time to mobilize and act

Future Ancestor earn your place
Amongst the legion of heroes past
Breathe deep, look inside: we are here
In your brother, sister’s eyes: we are here

Future Ancestor,
Who are you?
Do you truly know your power?
Then, what are you going to do?

Daniel Beaty Bio

Daniel Beaty is an award-winning actor, singer, writer, and community activist. His critically acclaimed plays Through the Night, Emergency, Mr. Joy, and The Tallest Tree in the Forest – Paul Robeson, have been performed at venues ranging from the Public and Lincoln Center to the White House and maximum security prisons. He has garnered numerous awards including an Obie award for writing and performance and three NAACP Theater Awards. A highly requested performer & keynote speaker, Beaty has worked throughout the U.S., Europe, and Africa. He is the co-writer/star of the critically acclaimed feature film Chapter & Verse. In fall 2011, Beaty launched a nationwide initiative called I DREAM using the tools of storytelling to help individuals and communities heal trauma. I DREAM currently serves thousands of young people in three cities across America. A graduate of Yale University (BA) & American Conservatory Theatre (MFA), Beaty has developed original scripted television shows with Imagine/Fox, Fox/Showtime, and UCP/USA. Beaty just completed a documentary about the impact of mass incarceration on children and families called Behind the Glass. A child of an incarcerated parent himself, Daniel’s poem Knock Knock has become an Internet sensation receiving over 30 million views and has been made into a children’s book, also titled Knock Knock, published by Little Brown Books. Penguin-Random House published his empowerment book Transforming Pain to Power in February 2014. Beaty is developing an original T.V. show based on his life executive produced by multi-Grammy Award-Winning Artist, Alicia Keys, and Vin Diesel. He is currently a writer/producer for HBO’s hit show A Million Little Things.






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Finding love while being confined? Once launches live-video

Confronted with the confinement measure applied since 17 March 2020, the Once app, inventor of the slow-dating movement, brings its own contribution. The feature is designed to help its users to continue making great encounters during this unprecedented period, while effectively combating the spread of COVID-19.

Paris, March  2020 – With the spread of Covid-19, the only real protection is to stay home in order to protect yourself, protect the most vulnerable, and avoid overwhelming health services. How do you handle this period if you’re single? How can life in confinement be as serene, gentle and positive as possible?

Early next week, Once will make available – to its 9 million users, and worldwide – a new free feature to meet your match via live-video. This option will be available after a few text messages have been exchanged on the application’s chat. Double consent is requested, meaning both parties have to agree to the video-call.

The integration of video-chat is new for Once, which until then had prioritised texts and photos. Without the possibility of meeting each other right away, video-chat is an option that aims to respond to the exceptional situation we’re experiencing while protecting users, who don’t have to share their personal number or email address to chat live via a third-party tool. No obligation and no unwanted content or calls, Once remains true to its commitment to quality online dating while remaining positive.

Our message is, first,  Stay home . Then, being confined and alone is a bit of a double punishment, so we try to bring some cheerfulness to this period. Between starring at your wallpaper or meeting your daily match, who might make you laugh in your confined day… there’s room for ideas in the dating space, and there is space to create a bit of positive in all of this. » comments Clémentine Lalande – Director of Once

The Slow dating proposes to take the time to meet and discover the match of the day. An approach that could have a positive effect and bring new stories forth, to be pursued once the confinement is behind us. “If he or she is THE one, then meeting in person can wait for a few weeks… and the confinement might just be an unexpected teasing period, now with video as a new tool.” Clementine adds.

Since the beginning of the confinement wave that touches many countries worldwide in response to the virus, Once’s activity has increased by 29% worldwide. A signal that dating users are willing to make a use of their time at home… to continue meeting new people online.

The new feature will be available both on iOS and Android phones on Tuesday next week.

About Once – Launched in October 2015, Once is the inventor of slow-dating. Because you need the right conditions to create great stories, Once offers only 1 match per day to its user : every day at noon, you can find out who has been specially chosen for you on that day. So far the application has just over 9 million worldwide. Once is available for free on Google Play and App Store

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