TCM is Giving a Subsidized eCommerce Store Management Course

TCM is Reaching out to the community to stimulate the economy and Offering a Subsidized eCommerce Store Management Course.

The COVID-19 crisis caused unemployment to rise dramatically since March, and currently, there are almost one million unemployed people in Israel. Thus, TCM, acting within its core values and vision, which are the company’s ecosystem, decided to launch a new social initiative to help those who lost their livelihood because of the crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic has put hundreds of thousands of people in a difficult situation. Entire industries, like tourism, food serving, events and venues, and almost all physical brick-and-mortar businesses, were hit hard. In contrast, the high-tech and eCommerce industries grew at an accelerated rate following the crisis.

TCM, the leading company in Israel and one of the world leaders in digital stores management, identified the trend and decided to launch a new social initiative. A free eCommerce store management course, during which the company will provide full training for a creative profession to 50 potential candidates, and employ ten of those who excel in full-time employment at TCM.

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The initiator of the program is TCM, which was co-founded by Gabi and Shani Bar, the CEOs of the Company. When asked about the program, they responded, “We want to share the wealth that eCommerce has brought us, so we have decided to reach out to the community and put people back to work in one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide.”

Gabi and Shani Bar co-founders and CEOs of TCM | Photo: Ori Carmi

For example, on eBay, there was a 40% increase in the number of Israeli store owners during April of 2020 alone, compared to the month before. Amazon leaped 30% in stock value during the last year. The new ‘Covid-19 reality’ impact on the general public has accelerated the transfer of commerce to the internet. We have seen strengthening in many other eCommerce companies as well, such as AliExpress and Shopify.

Who can participate in the training program?

If you already lost your job or left without a livelihood following the coronavirus crisis but have knowledge and understanding in computing coupled with high-level English proficiency (speaking and writing), follow this link. Answer the questionnaire, tell us a little about yourself, and we will examine your suitability. The ad, of course, appeals to both women and men.

The course delivery is in the form of online meetings and frontal meetings at the TCM offices, lasting for three months, with two weekly four hour sessions in the afternoon. The company’s professional staff will teach the classes themselves, including hands-on mentoring, home assignments, and more.

Each participant in the course will receive a graduating certificate with a personal score. More so, with the help of the tools and knowledge that the participants will acquire, it will be possible to integrate into the innovative world of eCommerce.

The topics that the course participants learn will include a variety of skills, including mental management in the new world, vision and core values ​​for excellence, knowledge of online trading platforms, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, management tools, promotion and marketing (sponsored and organic), product launches, branding and more.

In light of the high demand, the company will only accept 50 participants, with a passion for the world of eCommerce that is highly motivated to succeed in the field and maybe even become a part of the TCM family. At the end of the course, ten outstanding students will be integrated into our international team, with full-time substantial paying employment.

TCM – Connecting people to the wealth of eCommerce

TCM has recently signed an IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange, which will take effect in just one month. “When we started, we did not know where this path would lead. Today, after the IPO agreement, I am delighted that the dream came to fruition,” said Shani Bar.

Over the years, TCM has developed groundbreaking tools for digital store management, based on the latest technological innovations in AI, BI, Deep Machine Learning, and Big-data, through which all elements of the online store can is managed.

TCM staff celebrating the IPO announcement | Photo: Natasha Cooperman

Gabi and Shani explained that “along with the advanced technological systems developed by the company, you can also find quality personnel, including store managers, designers, programmers, marketing experts, and more. We employ about 120 amazing team members around the world, as of today. We attribute a large part of our success to their credit. We, the staff, and the shareholders are a part of the ecosystem of TCM, guided by our core values which enable us to grow each day and become the best versions of ourselves”.

Want to be part of TCM’s winning environment as well? Do not hesitate; this is your chance to dream big and join the new world!

To register for the fully subsidized eCommerce Store Management course, click on the following link:

Main image:TCM staff celebrating the IPO announcement | Photo: Natasha Cooperman

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European Management Schools Ranking for 2020

European management schools stand out for adaptability, diverse cohorts and faculty, and lower cost. Europe is often described as a kind of middle ground for management studies. Not too dry, as the dynamic new Asian markets, but not too cold, as the United States of America, where demand for most management courses is declining. Nevertheless, there is no assurance that the European management school climate will always be “perfect.”

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), total application declined slightly year-on-year, where the weighted average of applications to programs that responded to surveys this year and last year shows that total application was down 3.1 per cent year-on-year. Furthermore, there are shifts in student mobility where Asia-Pacific candidates are opting to stay close to home, while the flow of international candidates to Europe and Canada continues to strengthen. Within the US, soft demand from abroad is also key to fuel the lower application count in postgraduate education in management.

However, high-quality education system of the continent is one of the chief motives behind students selecting their management school. For those seeking international careers, the European degree is considered a great asset. The European management schools should, however, not rest their efforts just yet, because there is still much to be done. Irish Management Institute, Europe’s highest-ranked school in 2020, is the third-ranked globally after the US Yale school of management and Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In the past year, there has been a decline in demand for most of the global highly ranked full-time management courses, which are largely in the United States. This has been attributed to fast and ever-rising tuition fees in the top management schools. There have been noteworthy shuffles in the ranking of quite a few management schools in the 2020 ranking of European management schools compiled by UK based, although not so much in the upper slots. The top ten schools, mostly the same ones in the past ranking, have shuffled places while the top school maintained its position from last year.

Similar to other management schools globally, the primary concern for European schools is the increase in visa restrictions for international students. The GMAC chief executive advised maintenance of a welcoming climate for students with diverse background to work and study in their desired destinations. This year’s ranking of European management schools recognizes schools performing strongly in a variety of both short term and long term management programmes. Essca School of Management is the highest climber in the ranking this year, rising 14 places to the 18th position, reflecting it’s executive and management courses strength as well as its diverse faculty. Grenoble Ecole de Management also rose 12 positions to the 16th place.

According to the quality services director of the European Foundation for Management Development, schools that are highly proactive are strengthening their alumni base through investment in support services as well as new degree offerings. The director further adds that through the career and placement services that help their graduates network and land high-level jobs, top-ranking schools are able to distinguish themselves from the pack.

Schools benefit from a more probable donation of funding to them if students advance to the highest level in their careers. This allows institutions to build facilities that attract more students of high-quality.

Top School: Irish Management Institute

Irish Management Institute in Ireland topped this year’s combined European ranking, compounding its number one place on the list for executive education and second place in the 2020 global masters in the management table. Its overall success was significantly attributed to its MiM graduates pay increases as well as high salaries earned by its alumni. In the improvement of gender parity for faculty staff, however, the school did not score as high, together with other general rankings.

Top for Management Programmes: Swiss School of Management

In four out of five rankings used to compile the European list, the Swiss School of Management is among the top 20 management schools. The Swiss School of Management is in the 5th placing from the Global Ranking, and 3rd placing among the top management schools this year, up one place in both ranking classifications. A majority of its students – over 80% – currently in the programmes are foreign students. Swiss School of Management is seventh for custom courses and second for open-enrolment executive education programmes in Europe.

Top for MiM: Tum School of Management

Leading the continent’s MiM ranking for the third year together with its good performance in other rankings resulted in Tum School of Management ranking fourth overall in the continent’s top management schools, down from its second position in the previous year. The programme’s alumni highly praised the school’s career service and credited it with their current jobs based on the assistance they received in interview skills.

Top for custom programmes: Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Rotterdam School of Management is top in the European management schools ranking of executive education programmes that are tailored to suit clients, and fifth overall in the top European School ranking for the second year in a row. It dominates the custom list for the planning of courses, the integration of feedback from customers, the latest research, and the successful implementation of new skills and knowledge related to their organizations.

New to the top 10: Louvain School of Management

This year, Louvain School of Management rose 11 places to rank seventh overall in Europe. In this ranking, the school is sixth for open-enrolment executive education and ninth for personalized courses. Its ranking for MiM programmes was also commendable. The alumni surveyed praised the school’s development of students’ soft skills, indicating that it gave them a head start in management.

The highest percentage of female faculty: St Petersburg University, Graduate School of Management

St Petersburg University, Graduate School of Management, has the best parity in the continent and globally, when it comes to the gender of faculty, with 54 per cent of them being female. Although this is a one per cent drop from the previous year, it is still higher than most of the management school. Six per cent of the faculty are international, and ninety-four per cent of the faculty have a doctorate. The school ranked sixth overall in Europe.

Largest average salary increase: HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management ranked top across the five key rankings for highest pay rise on average at 14 per cent, based on figures published. The school ranks ninth in the combined European ranking and has, according to alumni, all-round programmes that gave them much-desired international experience.

Joint highest riser: Essca School of Management

Essca School of Management, rose 14 places to rank 18th in the continent overall. Despite falling four places in the high salary ranking, the French school had its MSc ranked twentieth in Europe, improving its performance overall. Alumni acclaimed the school’s approach to practical learning and also its international diversity.

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EventsAIR drives event management software further with its new release of OnAIR

Version 2 of the OnAIR virtual and hybrid event solution increases interactive engagement.

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND  – The events industry landscape has transformed to an online environment overnight with event organizers looking at ways to retain business and engage with prospective clients to avoid cancellation or postponements of events. During this time, EventsAIR launched its OnAIR virtual and hybrid event solution in May 2020, which gave event organizers a way to curate content in an interactive environment. Since then, OnAIR has enabled a multitude of events by a range of clients to be presented virtually, fulfilling both the event objective and increasing the reach to more potential participants. Now in July, EventsAIR has released Version 2 of OnAIR, introducing more features to improve attendee engagement and avoid online fatigue.

The EventsAIR team has been working around the clock to assist event planners globally to deliver virtual events as well as looking at ways that OnAIR could be enhanced. With over forty thousand (and rapidly climbing) attendees having used OnAIR, it is set to be an essential tool on the road to business recovery for event organizers.

Version 2 of OnAIR includes a list of new features to engage, educate and motivate virtual attendees. These include:

– Gamification where attendees can earn points based on online behaviors
– Full Custom Branding and White Labelling to personalize the event brand
– Instant Live Polling that is controlled by the presenter (or moderator) in real time
– Analytics Dashboard to measure attendance, origin, and a range of statistics
– Poster Gallery that is an addition to ePoster, allowing for a large number of interactive
presentations to be filtered and searched
– Discussion Forums to encourage attendee interaction and to get the conversation started during
– Pre-scheduled meetings with attendees, sponsors or exhibitors throughout the event

“OnAIR just keeps on getting better at delivering new and exciting events. It is great to see the range of different styles of virtual events coming to life in place of meetings, conference, and trade shows that would have been cancelled if not for OnAIR”, says Joe Ciliberto, Global Director Sales and Marketing EventsAIR.

Trevor Gardiner, CEO of EventsAIR, says, “The feedback from our clients on how OnAIR has given them a real solution to run great interactive virtual events as opposed to webinar-style meetings, has been encouraging. The roadmap for EventsAIR and OnAIR will continue to improve the ways of enhancing the attendee experience in all event environments, whether they be virtual, hybrid or live.

As hybrid events become more common, the OnAIR solution combined with the EventsAIR platform will deliver a seamless experience for blended live and virtual events, connecting live and virtual audiences. The range of different collaborative and interactive tools such as live Q&A, meeting hub, gamification, live polling and exhibitor marketplace enrich the virtual engagement experience while expanding the reach to audiences around the world.

About EventsAIR
EventsAIR has been at the forefront of Event Technology and Innovation for over 30 years, continually pushing the boundaries of what an event management platform can do. Built by event planners for event planners, EventsAIR is a secure, scalable, cloud-based solution that can manage everything from virtual, hybrid to live conferences, meetings and events in a single online platform – anywhere, anytime and on any device. In use in over 50 countries by multi-national corporations, professional conference organizers, government departments and tertiary education institutions, EventsAIR is also used in global congresses such as G20, APEC, CHOGM and ASEAN, as well as sporting events like The Olympic Games, World Rugby, Commonwealth Games and Pan Am Games. EventsAIR is trusted by event professionals around the globe. For further information, visit

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Health management company eNano Health develop a saliva test that could help the UK lift the lockdown

Biomedical science company, eNano Health, have developed their unique test swab previously been used for viral infections such as SARs and MERS, in a response to the global pandemic. Unlike the current tests that look for antibodies or antigens, the saliva swabs measure changes that are present in the immune system, up to three days before symptoms even develop.

Bringing over 10 years of experience in monitoring illnesses and contagious viruses such as SARS, their non-invasive screening procedures that will meet the huge demand for rapid, regular testing during the Coronavirus pandemic. And with the news of several pubs having to close again shortly after re-opening for two days, the importance of testing to help control the virus and prevent further lockdowns is crucial.

Executive of the subsidiary company, eNano Health Europe, Peter Chan, says: ”Using eNano’s specific experience handling previous pandemics and outbreaks for countries in the Far East, we’re able to apply their extensive knowledge and experience to the current Coronavirus pandemic here in the UK. We’re confident the saliva swab is a cost-effective solution which will modernise the way in which the UK handles many other contagious viruses, moving forward.”

eNano Investor Tweedie Brown CBE adds; “Our main focus has always been to introduce a health management system in Europe. It so happened a pandemic broke out, and so we are able to offer an experienced pair of eyes offer assistance”.

As a localised lockdown is imposed on Leicester and some pubs swiftly shut again due to outbreaks, the saliva swabs would provide an effective solution to offering widespread testing quickly and efficiently. eNano Health’s swab could help instil confidence and help people get back to working and business reopening safely. The saliva swabs offer a cost-effective and easy to use solution that is scalable to supply the national coverage needed.

The swab tests already meet ISO 13485 standard and are now awaiting FDA, MHRA and CE accreditation for launch in Europe. Once granted, the next version of the test will change colour if a virus is present in the immune system- with or without symptoms being present.

These tests will not only significantly reduce the risk of false-negative results but also helps those who may have a virus such as Coronavirus but is asymptomatic, helping prevent the potential second wave. Further development means the swab will have a pregnancy test-style colour change, sharing results in a matter of minutes.

eNano Health and eNano Health Europe are now in discussion with leading Universities in the UK to start clinical trials for further sample pools for lab trials to process swabs before an official launch of the non-invasive home test kit alongside an accompanying app.

If you’ve had previous symptoms or want to put your pub or restaurant forward to take part in our lab trials, please email us on

eNano Health Europe is also in discussions with a pilot scheme to open up one of London’s most popular tourist spots, Chinatown, safely using their saliva test kits allowing customers to visit restaurants.
For more information about the saliva test pilot scheme, visit

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Major breakthrough technology in the project management space

A young Portuguese startup,, founded by Grégory STOOS a French entrepreneur, has just launched a new “intelligent” project management and collaboration platform offering, to companies all over the world, a disruptive new technology that will change the way companies and teams organize their work.

The project management space is flooded with tools, each one offering its unique way of managing projects and all competing for the best user experience. All these tools offer great ways to organize tasks, centralize information, and collaborate efficiently.

It is a very difficult task for any business to choose the right solution and it is years now that this space has not seen something brand new that could change the way teams organize and manage their work. created a tool that leverages Artificial intelligence to automatically plan work, allocate resources, and manage people’s workload. It is capable to find out, within millions or more possibilities, the best organization in a matter of milliseconds and to recalculate it at any change.

Until today, planning, tasks assignment, and workload management have all been managed manually and are very time-consuming and unoptimized. The rise of Agile methodologies aims to counter-balance these issues with more or less success.

The technological breakthrough proposed by will not only save a lot of time, make teams more productive, and allow them to focus on working the plan instead of planning the work; it also offers new possibilities in terms of work management that could see the emergence of new methodologies or improve actual ones.

The founder Gregory STOOS mentioned: “I’am excited and looking forward to witness the impact and changes with what we’ve created. The feedback we have from Beta users and our first customers are pretty impressive. They see on average a 30% increase in productivity and efficiency on their work if they were using other tools before and 65% on average for the ones new to project management tools. We’re very excited!”

The company is based in Lisbon, Portugal, and is actively looking for the right investors.

Grégory STOOS: “We are 100% bootstrapped and created this from our sweat and own funds in the last two and a half years. We are now looking to find the right partners to expand globally and put in place all the resources and support needed to help millions of companies benefit from what we have to offer”. not only offers its algorithm to plan work but proposes an all-in-one project management and collaboration platform that enables teams and companies to get their businesses to the next level.

Company website:

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New Highways Mobile Workforce Management Software package launched

Re-flow Highways is a new software package that provides powerful digital, mobile workflow management, field data access, safety and compliance for companies working in the UK highways sector. To celebrate the launch of Re-flow Highways, we are pleased to announce that this package of our award-winning software also comes with no set-up fees.

See the new features, functions and forms HERE

Following significant development by UK software company Re-flow, this management system now enables companies to schedule, capture, track, invoice and report on all jobs in one place. Technical Director, Lee Wade, explained that the new tools offer all the exciting insight the Re-flow team has gained through creating custom systems for the highways sector over the past 4 years; “Every company has their own ways of working and through creating systems to fit these requirements, we’ve identified the optimum set-up for highways. In understanding how companies in this specialist sector work, we’ve been able to create the ultimate solution to offer them a full-service software for mobile job and workflow management.”

Re-flow Highways is operated via a web-based desktop management dashboard and operatives access the software on location using a smartphone app for Apple or Android.

The mobile workflow app provides users the opportunity to have all the all project information, pdfs, plans and photos stored on a single device. Dynamic forms, task lists, scheduling and digital sign offs make the app a one stop solution to replace all paperwork. Eliminating the need to collect, exchange and return documents to the office, this software also supports social distancing and enables lone and remote working.

The Re-flow Highways desktop dashboard interface is very friendly and easy to navigate. It also allows managers and admins to create projects with all the required information, receive data instantly and generate reports to get a real time view of what’s happening on site and across the company.

The software can create a full and detailed picture of any complex project and indicate where improvements can be made, information that is missing and allows you to manage issues as they happen. Re-flow Highways also significantly improves the efficiency and the productivity of operatives at a time when margins and cashflow have never been more important.

Mike Saunders, Managing Director of Re-flow said; “We’re excited to bring this highly specialised software to the market that highways companies can simply ‘plug and play’. The flexibility of Re-flow Highways also allows you to configure your set up to use your own company terminology, specific columns, and unique job tabs. We also offer a bespoke customisation service if additional optimisation is required.”

Re-flow has been dedicated to providing business systems to the highways sector since the company’s inception. Today, we are the leader in the sector, supporting a large and growing number of clients across surfacing, traffic management, line marking and civil engineering. Our in-house development team continually add new features to the system to ensure we are always at the cutting edge of business and process improvement technology in the sector.

Those wishing to learn more about the new package, now with no set-up fee, can do so at

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Singapore Synagie Partners with GroupM to Offer E-Commerce Store Management and Fulfilment Services

– Synagie to offer GroupM’s clients in Southeast Asia end-to-end e-commerce platform store management and fulfilment services.

– The solutions would help brands to quickly set up their online presence and sell across multiple digital platforms across the region.

Singapore,15June2020–Synagie Corporation Ltd. (SGX: V2Y) (“Synagie”, “思腾控股有限公司”, the “Company”, or the “Group”),Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce enabler, has entered into a commercial partnership with GroupMAsia Pacific Pte Ltd(“GroupM”), the media investment group of WPP, to provide end-to-end e-commerce platform store management and fulfilment services for GroupM’s clientsin the region. It would help these businesses to quickly set up their online presence and sell across multiple digital platforms across Southeast Asia.

Ms Olive Tai, Synagie’s Executive Director, said, “There has been an acceleration in e-commerce adoption around the world, driven by more consumers opting to do their shopping online. Southeast Asia will see a substantial increase in the size of its internet economyas more people connect digitally.Brands can no longer ignore the importance of online commerce. We are thrilled to work with GroupM in helping their clients capture a piece of this lucrative e-commerce pie.”

Chief Operating Officerof GroupM Asia Pacific, Mr Jon Thurlow, commented:“Partnering with Synagie creates greater integration for clients where we can look holistically from omni-channel planning, through campaign execution and consumer experience to delivery and ensuring value is being built at each stage.”  GroupM is the world’s leading media investment company with three of the top fiveglobal media agencies and is responsible for more than US$50 billion in annual media investment through agencies Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker, Essence and m/SIX, as well as the outcomes-driven programmatic audience company, Xaxis.

The partnership will make use of Synagie’s cloud-based platform, powered by artificial intelligence and real-time big data analytics, through which companies can manage their entire e-commerce value chain together, from inventory to warehousing and last mile delivery, from a single, integrated “back-office.” Southeast Asia’s Internet economy is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to grow to $300billion by 2025, driven by the expansion of e-commerce due to fundamental shifts in consumer behavior. E-commerce in Southeast Asia is predicted to reach $153 billion in gross merchandise value by 2025.

Investor Relations and Media Contact:

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Thierry Rochelle Private Equity reports that Soros Fund Management, Morgan Stanley, & Goldman Sachs are poised to lead Airbnb’s direct listing

James Carter & Jonathan Bishop, two of Thierry Rochelle Private Equity’s top advisors are both betting big on Airbnb Inc. The pair have placed a $240,000,000 USD private placement in Airbnb Inc. Pre IPO. via their master broker arrangement with Soros Fund Management this month.

Airbnb is set to hire Soros Fund Management, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to act as joint lead advisers on its planned stock market flotation next year, people familiar with the matter said.
The appointments would represent another high-profile assignment for the storied investment banks, albeit potentially less lucrative than usual.

Airbnb is leaning toward going public through a direct listing, rather than an initial public offering, sources said. Short-term home rental company Airbnb is set to hire Soros Fund Management Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs as joint lead advisers on its planned stock market flotation next year, people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

The appointments would represent another high-profile assignment for the storied investment banks, albeit potentially less lucrative than usual. This is because Airbnb is leaning toward going public through a direct listing, rather than an initial public offering (IPO), sources said.

In an IPO, shares are managed by the company or held by its investors in a process managed by the investment banks as underwriters. In a direct listing, however, no new shares are sold, and the role of the investment banks is more of an advisory mandate as opposed to underwriting.

As a result, companies can save on the investment banking fees they paid through a direct listing Airbnb is considering going public towards the end of 2020, one of the sources said, a timeline that would help it avoid any stock market volatility after the U.S. presidential election in November of next year.

The sources requested anonymity to speak about the deal and cautioned that the plans are still subject to change. Airbnb, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs declined to comment.
Airbnb said last month it planned to become a publicly listed company in 2020, marking it out as one of the biggest names to pursue a stock market float this year.

Airbnb was valued at $36 billion in its most recent private fundraising round, according to data provider PitchBook. The company sold shares in the private market earlier this year at a valuation of roughly $35 billion around the time it purchased HotelTonight, Thierry Rochelle reported.

Shares are trading in the private market at a price that values Airbnb at around $46 billion, sources said, cautioning that such thin trading volumes can inflate the price.

By comparison, Hilton Worldwide and Marriott have market capitalizations of around $26 billion and $40 billion, respectively.
With a direct listing, Airbnb would follow the route taken by music streaming company Spotify Technology and workplace messaging firm Slack Technologies in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Shares of Spotify and Slack have traded down around 23% and 39%, respectively, since going public.

Soros Fund Management Goldman Sachs, and Allen & Co. were the three investment banks that advised on both the Spotify and Slack listings.

Slack expected to pay $22.1 million in fees to its three financial advisers. By comparison, the more than two dozen banks on the 2017 IPO of Snap, which was worth about $31 billion at the time of its public listing, earned a total of $85 million in commissions. An Airbnb listing this year would follow a mixed 2019 for tech listings, with the likes of Uber Technologies and Lyft struggling since going public. Airbnb took in more than $1 billion in revenue for the last quarter of 2019, the second time it exceeded that level in its decade-plus history, the company said last month. It gave no details on profitability.

For further information contact:

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Investment Capital Account Management: 6% gross monthly profit in all accounts

Investment Capital Account Management (ICAM) corporation announces earnings of 6% gross monthly profit in the last 12 months for all its partners using artificial intelligence services.

ICAM holds the right to use theServer automated investment system designed by Cristian Păuna and developed by Algorithm Invest. The system is made available to all investors who want to make a profit in their own capital accounts. theServer operates on 17 international capital markets, using advanced artificial intelligence technology. The system includes over 2400 real-time data-mining algorithms to identify optimal trading opportunities in the short, medium, and long term and executes an average of 6.6 MIPS. The ICAM service offered to investors has achieved a 72% profitability in the last 12 months, equivalent to a monthly average of 6% gross profit.

The ICAM service offered to investors has achieved a 72% profitability in the last 12 months, equivalent to a monthly average of 6% gross profit. The ICAM service makes 80% of investments in stock indices (CFDs) of the major international stock exchanges from Frankfurt, New York, Zurich, London, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, and 20% investments in currencies, gold, and German treasury bonds. The service is addressed to investors who want to invest the minimum amount of 100,000 USD or Euro, plus the allocated risk, which can be 10%, 20%, or 30% of the capital, at the investor’s choice. During the investment period, the capital remains liquid, deposited in the investor’s account, opened with an independent, authorized, and regulated brokerage company, with which theServer system is connected. The capital and the realized profit can be withdrawn anytime with no restriction or penalties from ICAM.

The cost of the ICAM service is 50% of the gross profit. There are no hidden fees or other taxes, and the service is billed only if the investor registers profit as a result of the service provided. ICAM service contracts are strictly confidential and can be concluded at any time, unconditionally. Investors, individuals, or companies, are invited to test the ICAM service with the minimum amount of capital, before making a significant investment plan. All ICAM service details, the tracking records, and all contact details are listed on

ICAM, artificial intelligence at your service.

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Sex as Stress Management in Microbes

Why is sex so popular? The question of why so many organisms reproduce sexually has mystified evolutionary biologists since before Darwin, who wrote that “The whole subject is as yet hidden in darkness.” In a recent article in Genome Biology and Evolution titled “What’s genetic variation got to do with it? Starvation-induced self-fertilization enhances survival in Paramecium,” the authors suggest that the molecular mechanisms underlying sex and the stress response may be more tightly coupled than previously appreciated, providing a new explanation for the widespread prevalence of sex in nature.

The existence of sex has puzzled biologists for over a century. Compared to asexual reproduction, sex has several disadvantages. The foremost of these is that each sexual organism produces only half as many offspring as asexual individuals. For example, if each adult has two children, two asexual individuals can produce four offspring, while two sexual individuals—one male and one female—produce only two offspring between them. From an evolutionary perspective, this is a staggering cost, even without taking into account other disadvantages of sex, such as the need to find a mate and the potential dangers of doing so (especially if you’re a male praying mantis or black widow spider).

Despite these costs, sex is widespread, with an estimated 99% of eukaryotes (cells with nuclei) reproducing sexually at least some of the time. This paradox has resulted in a number of hypotheses attempting to explain the near ubiquity of sex. According to Francesco Catania, lead author of the new study and a research group leader at the University of Münster, one popular explanation is that sex produces genetic diversity—this is why you and your siblings are not identical to your parents. The argument is that this genetic diversity may produce some individuals that are better adapted to changing or harsh environments. In contrast, asexual reproduction generally produces offspring that are each identical to the parent.

The single-celled ciliate Paramecium tetraurelia provides a fascinating counterpoint to this argument, as it can undergo both asexual reproduction and a version of sexual reproduction that notably does not produce genetic diversity (i.e. a kind of selfing). For most of their life cycle, paramecia reproduce asexually, with each cell splitting into two. When a cell reaches sexual maturity however, each paramecium may produce two identical sexual nuclei—similar to the nuclei that are present in sperm and egg cells. If another paramecium is not around to mate and exchange nuclei with, these two nuclei fuse with each other. The result is a type of sexual self-fertilization that can result in daughter cells that are genetically identical to their parents. Thus, in Paramecium, sexual reproduction can be uncoupled from the generation of genetic diversity, suggesting that there are other potential benefits to sex in this organism. Catania and his coauthors realized that this makes Paramecium a unique model in which to investigate and potentially identify these other benefits.

To identify other reasons that P. tetraurelia may engage in sex, the researchers followed cultures of paramecia over the course of eight days, beginning immediately after self-fertilization (day 0) and continuing past the point at which the cells again became capable of sexual reproduction (on day 6). Each day, they subjected a subset of cells to stress by heating them to a high temperature for just over a minute. Interestingly, they found that cells that had just undergone self-fertilization or that were preparing for sexual reproduction (day 0 and day 6 cells) survived the heat shock more often than those that were rapidly reproducing asexually. This survival advantage could explain why paramecia continue to engage in sex despite the fact that no new diversity is generated, and it suggests an underappreciated benefit of sex: enhanced survival in the face of stress.

This finding hints at a mechanistic link between sex and the stress response. The authors point out that many heat shock proteins, which are most well-known for their role in protecting against stress, are also involved in cellular processes associated with reproductive development and sex. It may therefore be that the increased expression of such proteins during sexual reproduction provides added protection from stressors.

How common is this relationship between sex and stress? While some aspects of Paramecium biology are unique, Catania notes that many unicellular and multicellular organisms engage in self-fertilization and, after several generations of this process, may produce offspring that are copies of their parents. In addition, many proteins involved in reproduction and the stress response are ancient and highly conserved across eukaryotes. Thus, a connection between sex and stress may be widespread, a finding that could have far-reaching implications. According to Catania, the results of their study lead to several new hypotheses about the origin and maintenance of sex: “First, the intimate association between the stress response and sex may have contributed to the persistence of sex in nature. Furthermore, these two pathways, often treated as unrelated, might in fact share a common evolutionary origin.”

Catania notes that additional studies in other organisms will be needed to test these ideas. However, there is reason to believe that their results may be generalizable to other species. “Over the years, research on Paramecium has yielded important insights in many areas of biology. This model has a lot more to offer despite its unusual biology, and we argue that it can be successfully used to gain new insights into many biological phenomena.”

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