Europlaz Technologies Ltd secures contract to manufacture COVID-19 Test Kits

New antibody test kits for ongoing COVID-19 testing and immunity research are now being manufactured in Essex.

Europlaz Technologies Ltd, based in Southminster in Essex, have signed a contract to exclusively manufacture a COVID-19 antibody test kits.

While the existing COVID-19 swab test currently being used by the Government and health services can detect whether a person has the virus at that moment, it cannot tell whether a person has had the virus previously and since recovered. These swab tests also take some time to generate a result.

Antibody tests, on the other hand, can provide near-immediate results about whether or not a person potentially has or has ever had COVID-19. As well as being very useful for key health workers in ensuring a safe return or continuation of their work, knowing generally who is or is not at risk of catching or spreading the virus will provide a much greater understanding of COVID-19 immunity. It will also assist with vaccine research and potentially the easing of some lockdown restrictions in the future.

Europlaz was selected to manufacture these test kits for several reasons,including their fast response to the initial approach, their expertise in medical device manufacturing and a demonstrable track record of engineering highly technical devices. Europlaz also had clear capacity to manufacture the kits within their facilities, having just built two additional Class 7 Clean Rooms – the industry standard for manufacturing medical devices.

Eddie O’Keeffe, Chairman of Europlaz Technologies Ltd, commented: “Thanks to our state-of-the-art resources, Europlaz will be able to physically put the components of the test kits together in approximately 20-30 seconds during the manufacturing process, potentially allowing us to manufacture millions of devices.
Eddie concludes: “We are incredibly proud to be involved in such a significant project protecting the health of our nation through the COVID-19 testing process and we look forward to seeing health services and individuals reap the benefits of antibody test kits.”

To find out more information about Europlaz visit or call 01621 773792.

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Medi-Immune Ltd – ProtectivAir® Call to Manufacture

Medi-Immune, Ltd have today (31-04-2020) announced an urgent call for proposals to create global partnerships and alliances to facilitate the rapid manufacture and deployment of their ProtectivAir® compact, wearable, breathing (PPE) device which will protect front-line healthcare staff and those working in biologically compromised environments.

Medi-Immune is fully confident, based upon previous tests and established science that ProtectivAir® will prove effective in protecting users from the COVID-19 virus. This has triggered a global positive response that has confirmed an overwhelming demand to bring ProtectivAir® into production and deployment as soon as possible. Initial estimates, based upon responses to date, indicate an immediate demand for ProtectivAir® in excess of 2,000,000 units.

Medi-Immune believes that with the right global partnership ProtectivAir®, could be in production in weeks, providing protection and saving lives long before production and deployment of a vaccine. To indicate your organisation’s interest in assisting Medi-Immune realize this potential and help in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic please contact Medi-Immune by visiting for further details or contact directly at:

Medi-Immune believes the reasons behind the overwhelming market response to ProtectivAir® can be summarised as follows:
• Disables airborne pathogens before they are inhaled
• Immediately protects the user from infection
• Does not use a filter. This allied with an optional, small positive air pressure generated by the device and tailored to best suit each user type/application environment, provides far better protection from leakage than existing mask systems.
• It is mask manufacturer independent, standard masks can be attached and designed to best suit multiple user type/application environments
• Superior operator protection over N95/99 and FFP3 face masks as well as much improved breathability and ease of use for the wearer. There is no requirement for fit testing or fit test training. ProtectivAir® is completely reusable, internally self-sterilising (the outside can be surface decontaminated) and does not suffer from reduced efficacy over time (like conventional face masks).
• Public Health England – at their Porton Down laboratories, have validated test results – confirming protection.

Infectious diseases emerge at a frequency of one every 8 months of which a proportion are pathogens transmitted as aerosols. Emerging respiratory diseases do and will continue to cause havoc within the world’s population, as is happening now with the ever worsening COVID-19 pandemic. The technology utilized by ProtectivAir®’ is by design pathogen independent, this unique innovation along with a prolonged shelf-life, means it can be stockpiled for later use and represents an investment against future outbreaks in addition to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

ProtectivAir® is an all-British invention, patented internationally, and represents a paradigm shift in respiratory protection. UVc has long been known and used as a way to sterilise surfaces and instruments but this novel application harnesses this technology to sterilise breathing air to protect users/wearers of the device.

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