Meaningful privacy Helen Nissenbaum

Meaningful privacy Helen Nissenbaum

Pursuing Meaningful Privacy: OpenMined: 60 Privacy Experts Convene at #PriCon2020 FREE: Sept 26/27

What is [Meaningful Privacy]*

Meaningful privacy and how it is applied in technology will be the focus of 60 privacy preserving leaders from around the globe during the OpenMined Privacy conference Sept 26 and 27 2020 with more than 2000 in attendance virtually. Join In.

OpenMined is leading the discussion, along with industry and academia leaders on how to solve the world’s biggest privacy concerns using various state-of-the art privacy preserving technologies, such as privacy preserving machine learning.

The Opening Keynote on Day 1; #PriCon2020 features Dr. Peter Eckersley, known for his work translating ethical concerns into mathematical constraints.

Kenneth Cukier, Sr Editor at The Economist and author of Big Data, and Closing Keynote speaker on Day 1, is also highly concerned about our digital privacy. Cukier states: “Privacy was the central challenge in a small data era. In the big data age, the challenge will be safeguarding free will, moral choice, human volition, human agency.” – (TED Conference – March 2014.) Providing solutions to those types of real-world problems and implementing “Meaningful Privacy” is exactly what #PriCon2020 is all about.

Let’s get to it.
Dr. Eckersley’s talk will review:
1) what we’ve learned: “Privacy is endangered, but humans are clearly unwilling to let it go extinct ” and
2) the potential for developments in Privacy Preserving Technologies will in effect be the “‘encrypt your cake and eat it too’ approach to privacy.”

Dr. Eckersley’s opening keynote will help set the stage for further topics on the #PriCon2020 Agenda. The underlying ethics of privacy help determine the “why” behind the “what we should build.”
“The way people think about and value privacy is not that they resist or resent or feel that privacy is being violated about any information flow . . . What people care about is inappropriate information flow.” says Helen Nissembaum – (Some Applications of Contextual Integrity, March 2019)

Covid-19 has certainly heightened the broader public’s concern with some of the invasive contact tracing methods proposed that threaten one’s freedom of mobility and privacy regarding their personal Covid-19 exposure status. (Note of special interest here: Kristin Lauter, of Microsoft Cryptography presents on Day 2 @ 5:30 PM UTC – see online agenda for local times.)

Helen Nissenbaum believes that “meaningful privacy” is appropriate information flow, meaning information flows that meet standard privacy norms: (the sender, the recipient, the information types and the transmission principles.) This is the main idea behind Nissenbaum’s “Contextual Integrity.” – Privacy in Context (2009) The development of privacy applications resulting in meaningful privacy are contingent on understanding “contextual integrity basics.”
Nisssenbaum states: “There is often a discrepancy between an individual’s expectations and their expressed preferences. To be successful, the individual’s expectations must be met – not their preferences as in the past.” Advances in technology are wonderful, but they have in some cases created serious privacy issues that need to be addressed. OpenMined and members of #PriCon2020 will present solutions to help.

OpenMined’s #PriCon2020 agenda includes demonstrations of state-of-the-art privacy preserving research and development. Andrew Trask, leader of OpenMined will present their current High-Level Roadmap that establishes the global community of OpenMined as leading the way on how to solve many of the world’s most difficult problems in a privacy-preserving way. This will set the stage for a world in which our privacy expectations are met – in every context of life.

So, come join us! Over 2 days more than 60 expert privacy leaders, (from industry, academia and OpenMined) will discuss, review and/or demonstrate many state-of-the-art privacy preserving AI techniques being developed to allow “appropriate flow” of information deemed categorically necessary, for the 2000+ conference attendees.

And… that brings us back to Eckersley’s:
“Encrypting your cake and eating it too”
approach to privacy!

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OpenMined – Since 2017, has been led by Andrew W. Trask, University of Oxford PhD student studying Privacy and AI. OpenMined is an open source community of over 8000+ researchers, engineers, mentors and enthusiasts dedicated to making the concepts and tools necessary for privacy preserving AI to reach mainstream adoption. Most recently, this year they were named a UN Digital Public Good.

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