Spotler Group becomes the largest Email Services Provider in the Netherlands

The Spotler Group, a marketing software provider, has acquired two new SaaS companies, Measuremail and Tripolis. With these two Dutch Email Services Providers (ESP), the Spotler Group will become the largest ESP in the Netherlands. The product range is further expanded with the acquisition providing the additional options of advanced and tailormade solutions. The company thus strengthens its position in a consolidating market.

Measuremail and Tripolis continue together as Tripolis
The first step to achieve this is to merge Measuremail and Tripolis into one company – Tripolis. The merger will give the new Tripolis more power to grow its own email marketing automation platforms faster and to further improve the quality of the platform and services. The merger was completed at the end of May and the day-to-day management of the combination is in the hands of Bram Smits (former CEO of Tripolis Solutions) and Bart Vossen (formerly Managing Director of Measuremail).

Faster innovation in a consolidating market
The acquisition of Measuremail and Tripolis Solutions is an important step in the Spotler Group’s growth strategy. Together with the companies that are already part of Spotler Group (Spotler Netherlands , Spotler UK and Flowmailer), Tripolis will work on innovative solutions in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), data management, automation and transactional email mail communication.

Lee Chadwick, Spotler Group board member said, “We are incredibly happy to add the new Tripolis to the Spotler Group. We see that the market is consolidating and competition from international players is increasing. Through the Spotler Group we can offer a combination of high quality and innovative solutions, and the new addition gives us the opportunity to respond even better to market demands, to innovate faster and to achieve further growth.”

About Spotler Group
Spotler Group has over 50 years of combined experience in marketing technologies , helping marketers across Europe successfully and result-driven campaigns based on valuable insights. With more than 2,500 customers in 8 European countries sending more than 4 billion messages annually, Spotler Group is a European power house in email marketing and marketing automation.
Each company within the Spotler Group has developed its own technology over time, the value of which is reflected in the joint exchange, development and integration of technologies within the group. This offers customers and partners of the Spotler Group great advantages in terms of costs, innovative and future- proof software.

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Cannadips Europe a success at The National Health Fair in the Netherlands

Cannadip Europe, through its Dutch distribution partner MyCan, recently concluded 4 days of exhibition at The National Health Fair held in Utrecht, Netherlands. With an expected 45,000 visitors for the event, The National Health Fair took place at the Jaarbeurs where 100,000 sq meter of exhibition space allowed numerous brands to showcase their products and services. Various health and lifestyle authors, bloggers, and speakers were also invited to share their experiences and knowledge via presentations and workshops.

The Cannadips booth stood out with its clean and earthy design, keeping true to the original back-to-nature concept of the Humboldt, Californian based brand. Experienced staff from MyCan dedicated a total of almost 85 hours over the 4 days to actively engage booth visitors to provide all relevant product information and knowledge on the CBD infused pouches. As Cannadips CBD pouches utilizes a unique water-dispersible technology that allows water-soluble CBD to be quickly absorbed orally, it was vital staff helped consumers understand the differences compared to other formats such as CBD drops.

Samples of each flavour of the hemp-derived CBD pouches were generously given out to maximize user experience and to gather ample feedback. An impressive 53% that tried the CBD pouches bought all 3 flavours – Natural Mint, Tangy Citrus and American Spice, with Citrus being the most popular. In addition to winning over consumers who were often already conversant with CBD, MyCan was also able to open an account for Cannadips CBD pouches at, the largest online shop in the Netherlands. The event was overall a big success for MyCan and Cannadips Europe and the invaluable feedback received from both consumers and businesses will be paving the way for determining future strategies and channels in the Dutch market.

Cannadips CBD pouches are derived from broad spectrum hemp, THC-free, vegan and made with all-natural ingredients. By using a specially developed dried emulsion technology and incorporating it into “flakes,” these CBD pouches are fast-acting and can be enjoyed discreetly via its in-mouth pouch format. Each can of Cannadips CBD comes with 15 pouches, and each pouch with 10mg of CBD. Cannadips Europe is operated by SpectrumLeaf Limited and is also available online in selected regions via its online shop at

SpectrumLeaf is a company dedicated to selecting and sourcing premium CBD products according to customer’s collective needs. One of the first products the company has introduced is Cannadips – a pouch-in-mouth CBD product that is all natural, discreet and fast acting, made through a proprietary process that preserves the valuable terpene and flavonoid compounds.

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TestingTime arrives in the Netherlands and seeks thousands of testers ready to earn money talking.

Amsterdam; Netherlands; 19 November, 2019 – The arrival of Swiss consumer testing expert, TestingTime in Netherlands will give up to 30 000 Dutch citizens the chance to earn cash providing feedback on brands and services over the next year.

The reality is that brands are very interested in consumer comments and feedback, which helps them to improve and build positive customer experiences in the future. TestingTime helps brands to connect directly to their target market and gives testers the chance to make extra money while having fun discovering a wide range of products and services.

Launched in Zurich in 2014, TestingTime was created to provide qualified testers to market well-designed products that are easy to use.

Reto Läemmler, co-founder of TestingTime, says,
Businesses all face the same problem. Because they are not themselves (or very rarely) users of their own products or services, they are often disconnected from consumer expectations.

This gap can have very costly consequences: flop launching a product, loss of customers in favour of competition, etc. To understand what works or doesn’t, they need qualitative feedback from humans, which can be time-consuming.

This is where TestingTime has established itself as a powerful tool for brands, thanks to its know-how and its wide European panel bringing together more than 370,000+ testers.
Currently, more than 700 companies in 22 countries trust TestingTime including;
Zalando, Mediamonks, Logitech, Mercedes and more.”

Since launching to the Dutch market this Autumn, TestingTime has already paid over 500 people to participate in studies and plans to multiply its user-base by 10 over the next few months, with a goal of reaching 30,000 testers by the end of next year.”

Becoming a tester
Being a paid tester is highly accessible and can be a fun and rewarding experience that can be done from the comfort of your own home or allow you to switch up your routine and visit new and exciting places for interviews.

TestingTime differs from competitors in several ways:
• They have the highest compensation on the market
• They organize dozens of tests every week,
• They propose an advantageous referral system between users, up to 25€ per person referred.
• Last, they pay in cash within 10 days direct to testers’ bank account.

There is no typical profile for a tester since TestingTime offers dozens of tests every week on everyday products and services from food to travel, video games, banking insurance, real estate, cars, fashion and beauty products. This means anyone, regardless of age, level of education or computer skills, everyone can participate.

Reto emphasizes:
80% of the tests are conducted face-to-face (mainly in Amsterdam) and are paid € 50 per hour or more (depending on the profiles requested by customers). But, to offer more flexibility, we also offer remote tests paid € 20 per half hour. As a bonus, a smart referral system allows testers to earn extra money each time they sponsor a friend (10€ per testers).”

To become a tester and start earning money, is as simple as registering on the TestingTime website and answering a quick questionnaire (less than 3 minutes) about your consumption habits. As soon as your profile corresponds to a study, you receive an invitation by email.
If your profile qualifies, you are invited by the recruiting team that will share the final details.

TestingTime offers testers the chance to influence the future of the products they use every day.


I helped make an insurance site more transparent, and I was able to share my real insurance needs
said part-time tester and office manager from Rotterdam, Marie (46)



Dan, (37), an Account Manager from Amsterdam said:

My opinion has simplified the booking of flights. I got some interesting feedback in the development process.”


Visit and Subscribe (Dutch page / English page) to register and open up a world of new and exciting opportunities and earning potential today.

For further information or PR enquiries contact:

Alexis Gerome, TestingTime
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ph: 0655500713
Facebook I Twitter

About TestingTime

TestingTime is an innovative start-up founded in Zurich in 2014 by Reto Läemmler and Olivier Ganz.

Reto comes from the world of HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and has worked for in Silicon Valley as an interaction designer and usability consultant for 58rocks Gmb and as VP / Product Management Innovation Manager at He came up with the idea of TestingTime from his own experience while working in Silicon Valley because he had a hard time easily and transparently finding qualified testers to test his hypotheses.

Partner, Olivier Ganz previously worked as a software engineer for and holds a master’s degree in computer science. As a Testing Time CTO, he is responsible for the development and operations of the platform as well as for the continued growth of the testing pool and has helped the company increase from 5 to 30 million unique visitors.

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