Alix Cope of Bazar Discusses “The New Normal” – an Opportunity to Create Positive Change for the UK

Currently, much of the world is in lockdown, but the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be much longer than what we see knew. Many observers are now calling modern-day life with the arrival of COVID-19 “The New Normal”.

We video-conferenced with Alix Cope and Finley Cope the Co-Founders of Bazar – The Ethical Life Marketplace App to discuss “The New Normal”. We asked, “What does the New Normal mean to you and the wider public?” Alix replied, “For us all the Coronavirus has come as a great shock and will be a tragic milestone in all of our lives. Young or old, everyone has been affected, like nothing else we have collectively experienced – “we are all in this together”.

With a positive frame of mind though the pandemic creates an opportunity to embrace environmental challenges and create positive change for the UK and around the world”.

We asked Alix “In what ways do you feel that COVID-19 can benefit the environment moving forward?” Alix replied, “It’s not of course the virus itself, it’s about how the mindset of people changes. I’ve been really encouraged by the environmental gains in air quality we are experiencing due to the lockdown, we can experience this in the long-term if we embrace an ethical lifestyle and make the right choices. For example, we need to see an end to “fast fashion”, through responsible buying and choosing fashion brands, which are eco-friendly, like those we promote on Bazar.”

Finley went on to discuss how “The New Normal” can benefit the UK. Finley said “At this time the UK economy is in turmoil, but we have a chance to make long-term improvements for the benefit of society and the environment. In many ways UK brands already lead global environmental and social impact schemes. We now have a great chance to change our ways, ditch plastic, buy responsibly and change our lifestyles.

Bazar is passionate about supporting UK ethical brands and Artisans. We advocate “buying locally”, it reduces transport pollution and supports local economies, on Bazar, buyers can connect with local sellers. Many UK businesses and Artisans selling through retail shops, visit trade fairs and craft shows have lost their income.

These businesses can use Bazar app technology to create a new income stream (provided they pass our ethical trading checks). All products can be uploaded in minutes through bulk uploading functionality. When you buy through Bazar you know that you support ethical British businesses.”

In finishing, Alix also mentioned the Bazar Eco-Programmes – “Buyers should know that  Bazar pledges 1% of sales commission revenue, which is shared between our Bees, Trees and Seas partners. Currently we are partnered with Bees Abroad and One Tree Planted. A number of our sellers also have their own “give back” schemes too.”

Downloading Bazar
The Bazar app is available for download from the Apple Store (iOS version) or from Google Play (Android version). Links for download are:
• Apple Store – https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/bazar-ethical-marketplace/id1419940679?l=en
• Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bazarapp.android&hl=en

Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes.

About Bazar – The Ethical Life Marketplace App
Bazar is a new app launched to the market, which has a vision of #makingethicalthestandard through the buying and selling of sustainable, artisan, ethical, pre-loved and eco-friendly products by community members.

The concept of co-founders Finley and Alix Cope, Bazar is a “social marketplace”, which connects and promotes ethical brands, micro-sellers, artisans and the community together. Ethical values are clearly stated for all members to view before transacting.

Developed with members in mind Bazar has been developed from the “ground up”. Bazar is designed with simplicity in mind but offers rich functionality to members. The ability to openly communicate is valued between buyers and sellers alike, this is enabled through inbuilt discussion forums, instant chat, and numerous other methods.

Through Bazar’s “Make the Switch” campaign, emphasis is placed on buying locally and also buying British. Why not join Bazar by visiting some of the links provided below.”

Bazar marketplace contact details
Company website: https://www.bazarapp.co.uk/
Pro-seller registration: https://www.bazarapp.co.uk/pro-seller-registration/

Registered Office: Well Cottage, Upperton, Petworth, West Sussex, United Kingdom, GU28 9BQ
Email: enquiries@bazarapp.co.uk
Telephone: 020 8337 2175
Contact: Alix Cope, Co-Founder
Organisation: Bazar – The Ethical Life Marketplace

Social media links
Bazar also have social media channels, which are full of tips and hints to help users to embrace the “new normal”:
• Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/BazarEthicalLifeMarketplace/
• Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bazarethicalapp/
• Twitter – https://twitter.com/bazarethical
• YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPMMLETVEKLBDPM0Xrly8pQ

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Lockdown, opportunity and success – PR Fire


34 years-old Isabella, 35 years-old Paolo. They are a couple in life for 10 years and from a few months, they have also joined in Business. Isabella Vigna, expert in culinary art with a passion for pastry, has worked for many years in the food industry. Employed as a chef in a French chain, she found some time, thanks to the forced break caused by Covid 19 to gather her ideas. “I was tired of always eating elaborate dishes. Over the years we have lost the sense of taste, we have started to enrich the dishes more and more with animal fats, salt and industrial sauces”. These are the reasons that prompted the young chef to seek natural recipes that can restore the taste and pleasure of food, not forgetting our physical well-being. “The choice to respect the environment and our organism is for me a return to the past, to the passion handed down by my grandmother who worked the wheat harvested by my grandfather preparing healthy meals”.

A decision also made on the need for a busy world that consumes many resources. “The slow processing of the product must correspond to a more responsible consumption of resources, but it must be food delivered to consumers, easy to cook”. The goal that Isabella has set herself is to seek healthy and quick meals to cook. Objective to which she approached very quickly by offering on the market a product that recalls primitive nutrition, selling the products on her website my5minutes.co.uk

The first product stock was immediately sold out. “I didn’t expect so much success in the immediate term.” The choice of the product was fundamental. The operational management and implementation of the website, Isabella has delegated them to her husband Paolo Parisella, already an expert in automation and online sales.

The couple, originally from Italy, had migrated to the United Kingdom 5 years ago to expand the network of remotely managed hotels owned by Isabella’s husband.

The harmony of the couple in private life, is also bearing great fruit in working life. As I conclude the interview, Isabella is organizing the trip that will take her to Germany and Italy shortly, to visit the drink and food companies in order to perform the final analyzes on the new products that will soon enter the catalog, if they will convince the chef. Paolo is committed to managing all orders trying to consolidate the European market, while not hiding the enthusiasm of the interest of this project also from American consumers.

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