EDMOND, Oklahoma – The Whig Party is returning to American politics after 166 years and will be in play during the 2020 election. The party will only field a vice presidential candidate. Its preferred nominee, comedian Andrew Heaton, refused to run for president at the party’s remote convention this month, but agreed to run as its vice presidential nominee. The Whig Party will not run a presidential candidate this election.

Mr. Heaton told delegates via Zoom that “anyone who runs for president is a psychopath” and that “if by some fluke you win, it sure looks like a lot of work.” Heaton has therefore agreed to run only for vice president, saying in his acceptance speech, “I’d be pretty good at shaking hands at diners and funerals and stuff. I think I’d have to live in an observatory, but that’s fine.”

Mr. Heaton is following in the footsteps of Dave Barry, Bob Hope, and Steve Colbert, all of whom have previously run for president. He is filing with the FEC, and attempting to get the Whig Party on as many state ballots as possible before November. The Whig Party is confident it can appear on the Louisiana ballot, which has low filing fees and few needed signatures. Heaton has also indicated he will run in Guam, which has no electoral votes, and possibly Alberta, a Canadian province.

Starting late in the game and with virtually no ballot access, Heaton is aware that he will have to work outside of normal election strategies. “I’m going to focus on getting endorsements from former vice presidents,” he said. “I think we’ve got a pretty good shot with Dan Quayle. Then Cheney, Gore, and Mondale if he’s still alive. Biden isn’t running for VP this time so there’s no conflict, but getting Mike Pence’s endorsement will be pretty hard.” 

Heaton says he’s also open to running on multiple tickets, including as Joe Biden and Kanye West’s running mates, simultaneously.

Mr. Heaton is available for interviews via his campaign hotline at 844-768-3397 or by email at He is the host of two programs, the science fiction podcast “Alienating the Audience” and “The Political Orphanage,” a news and policy podcast.

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RUFFLY dog gear live launch party

Introducing RUFFLY premier outdoor dog gear
Runway ready · Outdoor tough · Shares your values

[Los Angeles, CA and Panajachel, Guatemala]: On Sunday, August 2, at 9am PT, RUFFLY will be hosting a live Facebook streaming launch party to introduce the brand and share the new collection of dog products. RUFFLY works with Guatemalan artisans to produce outdoor dog gear that will inspire dog owners to get outside with their pups and live extraordinary together!

“When we adopted our German Shepherd Moxie, I searched all over for beautiful, outdoor dog products,” explains RUFFLY co-founder Jess Stone. “Like, imagine if Vera Wang and The North Face got together and had a litter. Well, they didn’t, so we decided to create it.”

RUFFLY outdoor dog gear is artistically designed; built from top quality, vegan materials; and artisan-made in small, home workshops in the Guatemalan Highlands.

The artisan-made collection includes:

Knotted, reflective collars, leashes, and harnesses
Woven travel beds, poop bag holders, and bandanas
Personalized mugs created from custom artwork of your dog

RUFFLY custom manufactures the K9 Moto Cockpit motorcycle dog carrier that allows motorcyclists to ride and travel with their medium or large dog.

For more information, visit Currently branded Ruff on the Road, the entirely new RUFFLY website will go live on Sunday, August 2, 2020.

So join us on Sunday morning, August 2 at 9:00am Pacific / 12pm Eastern at the @goruffly Facebook page for our live launch party to share the new Knotted and Woven collections and to answer questions about the K9 Moto Cockpit.

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Meet Lyfetymes, the All-In-One Digital Party Planning Platform shaking up the $400B Events Market

LYFETYMES, a party planning platform which makes it easier for anyone to plan and host a party- from family gatherings to VIP parties – is here to disrupt the multi-billion dollar party planning industry and puts it on the cutting edge of the digital platform.

“Our goal is to make Millions of Memories. LYFETYMES is your All-In-One Digital Party and Celebration Planner; you can plan all your celebrations in one experience and end-to-end,” says Katie Cunningham, founder and CEO of LYFETYMES. “It’s great for Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Holiday’s, Graduation Parties, or Any Occasion. We take the stress out of planning, allowing you to spend more time celebrating and making memories. You can start planning a party or collaborating with Co-Hosts in 30 seconds from your couch in your pajamas.”

Deciding to step away from her career as Vice President in Mortgage Finance for several Fortune 100 Companies, Katie Cunningham was inspired to develop a business that empowers the people and families that she loves the most with a party planning platform.

After a decade of spending time in Mortgage Finance at Citi and a few other Fortune 100 Companies – Katie found it difficult to balance the responsibilities of the Corporate World and being a mother who could be there to celebrate all the memories and life events of her loved ones. The time she had at home when she wasn’t being whisked away from city to city, she was in charge of planning many life events for her family and friends, from Birthdays, Baby Showers to Funerals. Frustrated at the lack of tools and options to help her manage the chaos after trying service and app that was available – she decided to leave the Corporate World and build something she knew could change the lives of millions of people experiencing the same frustrations as her.

“Our users can create a sharable Party Website in a click via Text, Email, Facebook to share details with guests in a click, get instant RSVPs, verify who’s attending, venue mapping and even send a note back to the host and even personalize your URL We also are the only planning site where you can personalize your party website with photo AND video now.” says Katie.

Every pain point and frustration that she felt over the years being Planner-in-Chief of dozens of events, she’s built as a solution into LYFETYMES. Rather than being exclusive to any one type of party or celebration, LYFETYMES aims to be inclusive of all different types of events spreading across all cultures by building tools that empower planners to easily plan, invite, collaborate, and share memories.

“LYFETYMES takes the stress out of planning, allowing you to spend more time celebrating and making memories” – as Katie puts it.

LYFETYMES has experienced massive early traction and engagement. Thousands of people have signed up on their platform, and have invited tens of thousands of guests over the last 30 days, with an unheard of 60% engagement rate on the platform.

Clearly many people resonate with the message of LYFETYMES and what it aims to do to help people plan events more easily.

Katie announced that she is fundraising for LYFETYMES through Wefunder – an online fundraising and investment platform that crowdsources funding starting November 10, 2019. She intends on expanding the platform’s features and functionality and to skyrocket growth based on the early traction she’s received.

“LYFETYMES has been very successful on Pinterest, where people go to begin ideation of parties has 15MM impressions and 350K engagements in the last 90 days with no marketing spend,” says Katie. “Now that we’ve validated our business model and demand, we’re ready to scale to the next level”

People who are interested in learning more about LYFETYMES fundraising should visit Wefunder where you can invest as little as $100 to be a part of their journey.  This story was produced by Content Engine, the Content Marketing Automation Platform that
will craft clear, precise, and powerful Content for your business

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