Introducing Artifit, the AI Personal Trainer that makes home fitness highly effective

New fitness training app with Artificial Intelligence can monitor your movements, provide feedback and give motivation just like a real personal trainer.

LONDON, UK; 28 April 2020 – Staying fit at home has become a priority for many people while confined in quarantine. While some people find exercising regularly at home a breeze, others crave the professional guidance of a personal trainer – and now accessing a personal trainer is as easy as turning on your smartphone.

AI Personal Trainer LTD has just launched the first version of an AI-enabled application called Artifit which turns your smartphone into a personal trainer that can monitor the accuracy and pace of your exercises, provide feedback and even motivation!

“Our aim is to make personal fitness training available for everyone, anywhere anytime thereby helping the world to be more active and healthy,” says Alexander Khludenev, CEO of AI Personal Trainer LTD, “We felt now was the ideal time to launch with so many people confined at home due to Covid-19 measures and struggling to stay fit. Without access to a personal trainer, home workouts can be less effective – often with a lack of individual programs, technique control, instructions or motivational assistance. Artifit uses computer vision and a neural network trained model to recognise your movements and identify any common mistakes in your exercises.”

Just like a real personal trainer, Artifit can instruct by voice and visual prompts on the smartphone screen providing guidance on how to improve and achieve your fitness goals quicker and more safely. It can count your repetitions, automatically set a stopwatch, control your resting time between sets, and encourage you to reach your targeted reps.

To start your session with Artifit, all you need to do is open the app and put your smartphone in front of you so that you see yourself on the front camera. The app will immediately start to interact with you by voice and visual prompts, letting you know what to do. Artifit doesn’t record and send your video to servers but operates locally, on your smartphone, with the help of the pre-trained neural network model.

“Together with fitness experts, our team have gathered a vast dataset of workout videos and trained a neural network to understand how exercises should look and to identify typical errors in movement. We plan to develop further models and to increase the accuracy of the measurements, including more points of the human body to control,” Alexander says.

Once your Artifit workout is complete, the app provides you with a score evaluating how well you performed the exercises and a report of any errors. You can then analyse information and try to improve in your next session. This content can also be sent to a real- life personal trainer for review or can be shared with your friends on social networks.

The Artifit fitness programme currently includes a range of squat exercises, but AI Personal Trainer Ltd  is working to deliver more workouts including planks, lunges and push-ups within the month, with the goal of developing a range of bodyweight exercises ideal for home workout use.

In time, AI Personal Trainer plans to offer a personalized AI-enabled workout program developed based on your targets, personal characteristics and results of an in-built camera-based fitness test.

Download the app here

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Coronavirus could lead to huge increases in personal debt

While most of us are now closely following the news for more information about the new coronavirus which is rapidly spreading across Europe, COVID-19, as the disease has been named, may have just as big of an effect on the nation’s finances as it will on our health; stock markets around the world are already taking a hit due to uncertainty around the virus, amid concerns that this is just the start of the impact we’ll eventually see.

The UK government has a difficult job attempting to balance the health and well-being of the country with our economic security, but as cases in the UK continue to stack up, stricter measures are inevitably going to be taken in order to tackle the virus. UK Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, has already announced that people across the UK suffering from mild cold symptoms or fever will soon be asked to self-isolate for seven days in a recent Cobra press briefing, and nearby countries like Italy are shutting down public places including bars and cinemas. It’s also thought that these measures may be in place for many months, as the virus runs its course throughout the UK.

Giles meadows from states “It doesn’t take a degree in economics to see some of the potential impacts that such changes will have on the UK’s financial situation. First and foremost, the closure of businesses on a large scale, even on a temporary basis, can have huge knock-on effects. Staff may find themselves off work with no pay, particularly in the case of workers still on zero-hour contracts, and revenue loss may even lead to a large number of businesses going bankrupt. This, in turn, could result in large numbers of the UK workforce becoming unemployed at once. Finding a new job at the same time as thousands of other recently laid-off workers is a tough market to be in.

We are well aware of the potential disruption the new coronavirus could cause for ordinary people across the UK, as both national finances and personal finances come under pressure from a common enemy. While people are unable to work if coronavirus spreads across the UK, this will cause financial issues for households across the country,” owner Giles Meadows has stated. Now is the time, unfortunately, to tighten the belt buckles and reduce spending in anticipation of much wider financial volatility over the coming months.

An increase in personal debt caused by job loss and potentially rising inflation can be life-changing for many people, but the key to debt, much like infectious disease epidemics, is getting it under control sooner rather than later. Consulting professional debt advisers and taking out a debt consolidation loan is one way to ensure that personal debts remain manageable even when the odds are stacked against you, particularly if you have trouble keeping on top of monthly payments for your current debts.

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Experience Dubai like a celebrity, with a personal concierge package from Dubai Key

Dubai, UAE; 12 December, 2019 – It was a bumper summer tourism season in Dubai with 12.08 million international overnight visitors in the first nine months of 2019, marking a 4.3 percent increase in volume growth compared to the same period last year. Dubai was also ranked fourth most visited city in the world for the fifth year in a row in the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index. But what kind of experience are people looking for when they visit the Emirati city?

According to a leading concierge service in Dubai, tourists want luxury, bespoke experiences, which is exactly what they can provide.

Dubai Key’s Unlimited Concierge Packages offer clients a truly unforgettable Dubai experience, featuring every luxury the city has to offer including, private yacht cruises, desert safaris, desert buggy trips, Rolls Royce chauffeur rides, hot air balloon rides, helicopter rides, designer shopping experiences, gourmet dining and more, all conveniently tailor-made to their unique taste by their very own personal concierge, available 24/7.

“We offer a truly bespoke service and are ready to take our clients on any adventure they desire in Dubai. We’re committed to making their dreams a reality, whether that may be a cruise round the Palm Jumeirah on board one of our luxury yachts, a hot air balloon experience or dune bashing in the dessert. Ours is a first-class service where we are available night and day to help in any way,” says Jay Smedley from Dubai Key.

The service is tailor-made to each individual or group’s requirements with a personal Dubai concierge proactively anticipating each clients’ needs; from sourcing the most desirable events and bespoke journeys to locating luxurious accommodation and transport to negotiating premium upgrades and savings and opening doors to unique and unforgettable experiences.

A popular experience for Dubai Key clients is the private yacht rental offering. Whether it’s a romantic cruise for two, a large corporate event, a birthday yacht party, a trip with a group of friends or family or another special occasion, Dubai Key will select the perfect yacht and create the ideal package.

“We had a delightful time on board a vessel arranged by Dubai Key. Could not fault the yacht, trip or arrangements made for our group by Charlotte. We will absolutely use Dubai Key for our next trip,” said one happy TripAdviser reviewer.

Another commented, “This is the second time we’ve been on a yacht and had the amazing services by Dubai Key! They are such an incredible concierge service, the best we’ve used. Always so helpful and accommodating! We had so much fun on the yacht!”

A Dubai Key luxury bespoke travel experience ultimately starts with luxury accommodation. From top-tier apartments in Dubai Marina, to breath-taking villas situated on Palm Jumeirah, five star luxury is all part of the package guaranteed when you choose Dubai Key as your personal concierge partners.

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