The Best Summer Bedding for your much-loved Pets

Consider how your dog is coping in the summer heat
With the ever changing weather and hotter than usual summer nights, have you considered how your dog and best friend is coping and whether they have the most appropriate bedding? Changes in the weather effect dogs just as much as it affects us, especially when it becomes hot. Dogs cannot control the environment around them like we can and need our help to ensure they stay cool and comfortable. This is especially true when it relates to the place they sleep. All dogs need a place that they can go to that they consider as their own space or a recognised place lay down. This is an inherent behaviour in all breeds known as ‘denning’.

There is also the question of comfort and health. Just as we humans might suffer aches and pains in our joints from sleeping on hard surfaces, so is the same for our much loved dogs. Even our attitudes change when we haven’t had a good night sleep in a bed that we call our own. All dogs will usually sleep between 12-14hrs each day, and not just at night, so it is essential for their well being that they have the right bedding. So, what should you be looking for in the ideal bed for your dog in the summer heat? Consider the dog’s size and breed. All breeds will look to sleep somewhere they feel secure and comfortable. A bed that is either too large or too small will lead to sleepless nights and discomfort. Is the bed well with a durable high quality fabric and can it be easily cleaned. You want a durable and washable fabric that won’t trap dog hairs and is not to ‘thick and fluffy’ for those hot summer nights.

The perfect and affordable solution
Bedsure offers you two ideal products to ensure your dog stays secure, comfortable and cool this summer. The Bedsure Water-Resistant & Washable Oxford Fabric Dog Mattress: With all dog sizes in mind and the rough treatment they can expect, the beds are made from 100% scratch resistant Oxford fabric and contain pocketed microfiber filling. This provides both additional strength and comfort. Rectangular in shape they are 10cm thick and have a quilted cushioned design that does not allow any hairs to become trapped. And for the messiest puppy to a rain soaked dog, they are completely water resistant allowing for those unexpected accidents.

The Bedsure Microfiber Pet Cool Pad with Cooling Gel for Bed Mattress: All dogs will claw and circle around the area where they wish to lay down, so the mat is made with a 100% durable microfiber and they are filled with special non-toxic gel pads that absorb your dog’s body heat, which will activate as soon as the dog’s weight is sensed. Ultrasonic sewing craft helps keep the gel pad inner lining firmly in one place to increase the durability. No matter the size or breed of your dog the mat will support up to 40kg. The Mats are also PVC coated to make it easy to clean with just a cloth or under running water.

The right product for the perfect pet
We all adore our dogs just as if they are part of our family, so why not pamper yours and make them extra comfy with the Bedsure range of beds and bedding. Bedsure brand, provides practical solutions for today’s devoted pet owners, from plush to firm, small to extra-large, we have a wide assortment to suit your best fury friends needs

About Bedsure

Cosy up to snug, warm home linens from Bedsure. From the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep, we aim to make you and your family comfortable. That’s why we’re always dreaming up new products to help you sleep well, wake up refreshed, and have that extra bit of comfort throughout the day. And because cost shouldn’t stress you out, we bring everyday value to everything from household basics to a range of high-tech fabrics and sleep solutions. Our products suit every budget and are made for the way you live, all delivered directly to you with a smile.

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KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON: Pets are helping the nation de-stress during the lockdown

• Most pet owners (87%) find their pets keep them calm during stressful situations.
• However, over two thirds of pet owners (69%) also find their pets distract them when trying to focus on other tasks.
• Labrador Retriever dogs and British Shorthair cats named the most comforting pets.

Pets up and down the country are helping their owners deal with the current stressful situation, according to new research from National Accident Helpline.

The study, which polled 2,000, asked the public how much they rely on their furry friends to keep them calm, but also if their cuteness can become a distraction when they need to focus on other tasks, such as working from home.

The research shows that a pet can be the ideal companion during any period of stress, with 87% of pet-owners agreeing their presence helps them destress during difficult moments.

Only 2% of stated their pets were not a calming influence.

Their reassuring company may help to explain why, according to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, many households are now looking to add a new pet to their family.

Dennis Relojo-Howell, founder of psychology website Psychreg, explains:

“Research have shown that pets, especially dogs and cats, can help us adapt to stressful events. Take for instance, the current crisis that we’re going through – if you have a pet, this can provide you with an opportunity to relax and calm your mind. Our interactions with our pets can soften the effects of adverse events and can decrease our stress.”

When it comes to choosing which animal would make the perfect pet to help keep the country calm during moments of stress, the research shows that the friendly and loyal Labrador Retriever topped the list of dogs we would most like to cuddle up to during the lock-down.

In second place were Cockapoos – not only are they extremely affectionate, they hardly shed, meaning less cleaning!

Coming in third was the Springer Spaniel, who love to socialise and have an abundance of energy.

The UK’s Most Comforting Dog Breeds
Dog BreedRank
Labrador Retriever1
Springer Spaniel3
Cocker Spaniel5
Staffordshire Bull Terrier6
Border Collie7
Golden Retriever8
German Shepherd9
Boston Terrier11
Jack Russell14


When it comes to feline friends, the placid British Shorthair was ranked as the number one cat to own, with the beautiful Bengal breed coming in at close second.

At number three was the Persian cat, known for its thick, glossy fur and kitten-like bursts of energy.

The UK’s Most Comforting Cat Breeds
Cat BreedRank
British Shorthair1
Russian Blue6
Scottish Fold7
Savannah Cat8
Burmese Cat9
British Longhair10
Sphynx Cat11


However, whilst living with a pet can help reduce overall stress levels, they can also sometimes be distracting when owners needs to focus on other things – especially for those currently required to work from home.

The survey showed that over two thirds of pet owners (69%) are finding their furry friends an ongoing distraction when trying to concentrate on other things. Only 13% stated they don’t ever find their pets a distraction and are able to concentrate on tasks such as working from home.

The results indicated that younger generations are a little better at staying focused despite the balls of energy that may be charging around their homes. Six in ten (59%) 18-24-year-olds found themselves consistently distracted by their pets, compared to more than eight in ten (82%) 45-54-year-olds.

Commenting on the research, Tom Fitzgerald, Managing Director of National Accident Helpline said: 

“Whilst we obviously love our pets, it is great to see the research indicate that they are also helping keep the country calm during this stressful time.

“Much like recovering from an accident at home, the country is being forced to try and continue their day to day lives without leaving the house. As the research shows, pets can be a big help during this time, helping cheer people up and offering a friendly face for those who live on their own.

“However, it is also important to ensure you are putting aside set time to complete certain tasks whilst you are unable to leave your home. Whether it’s working from home, doing housework or completing rehabilitation recovery exercises, some activities may require you to give full attention to the task at hand – however cute the distraction may be.

More information can be found here:

Accompanying graphics are available for download here:


The research was informed by a survey of 2,000 UK residents with data split by pet owner and non-pet owners.

About National Accident Helpline  

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Pets and partners – what happens in a break up?

With Love Your Pet Day taking place on 20 February, research has revealed that almost 49% of pet owners in the UK have as much love for their pet as they do for their human partner, with almost 15% of respondents loving their pet more than their significant other.

Men are more likely to be loyal to their partner, with 57 percent saying they love them more than their pet, compared to only 47 percent of women who love their partner more than their pet.

But with people so attached to their animals, many find themselves facing difficult decisions if their relationship falls apart. The research found a quarter would take legal action if they broke up with their partner because both would want to keep the pet.

Women are more likely to fight to keep their pet, with over a third (34 percent) saying they’d want to keep their pet more than anything else like the house or cars, with only 18 percent of men saying they would want to keep their pet over other belongings.

The risk of losing a beloved pet is causing some pet owners to take steps to make sure they get to keep their pet if they break up or divorce, according to the research commissioned by Maguire Family Law. One in ten has paid for all their pet’s equipment, food, toys, and vet bills and kept the receipts as evidence of their care of the pet, while 12 percent have registered the pet in their name only.

The research found one in 20 has a formal written agreement in place, outlining what will happen to any pets they have together if they separate in the future. Such agreements usually include who gets to keep and look after the pet.

People aged between 16 and 24 are most likely to have a written agreement, with 15 percent stating they have an agreement in place and 56 percent saying they’d consider getting one.

Only two percent of people in relationships aged 45 – 54 have such a contract, with 19 percent saying they’d consider one. The over 55s are the least likely to consider getting one with only two percent already having one and only 13 percent contemplating getting an agreement sorted.

Maguire Family Law has created its own version of a pet-nup, which is available here; but does not constitute legal advice and should only be used in accordance with specialist family law advice.

James Maguire, managing director of Maguire Family Law, said: “There have recently been a number of cases involving celebrities breaking up and falling out with their exes over who gets to keep their pet, and as more of these high profile fall outs make the media we expect to see an increase in enquiries from people looking to protect themselves and their pet in the unfortunate case of a break-up.

Although our research shows a third of pet owners in relationships think animals should be treated the same as children when it comes to breakups, unfortunately, the law doesn’t agree. Under current legislation in England and Wales, pets are treated as an item of personal property – the same as a piece of furniture, for example. Obviously, the emotional attachment to pets can be huge, which is why we see so much upset over who gets to keep them when a couple divorces. If you get an agreement in writing, there may be issues around its enforceability if there’s a dispute, but we find if a couple agrees on matters upfront, they usually stick to this.”

Over a third (36 per cent) of pet owners in a relationship think that in a break up the pet should go to the person who looks after it the most, 13 percent think the pet should decide, and one in ten thinks the person who has the most free time should look after the pet. A quarter thinks their ex should have to pay maintenance towards their pet if they broke up.

But it’s not all heartache. Although a fifth said they wouldn’t let their ex visit the pet after a breakup, 65 percent said they’d allow visits and a quarter would send their ex-regular updates via text, WhatsApp, email or social media.

Maguire added: “There are ways you can ensure breakups and divorces are as amicable as possible. Whilst getting a prenup isn’t always the most romantic way to start a marriage, it can save a lot of stress in the unfortunate event of a divorce – and if you have a beloved pet, consider getting a specific pet-nup drawn up at the same time. This can cover who will be the primary carer of the pet, any shared responsibilities and who will be responsible for paying costs such as vet bills. If you find yourself separating or divorcing, whether or not you’ve got a pet-nup in place, I’d always advise trying and resolve any issues through mediation rather than resorting to legal action, which can be expensive, time-consuming and, not to mention emotionally draining.”

Which pet owners are most likely to love their pet more than their partner?
• Guinea pig owners: 25 percent love their pet more than their partner
• Parrot owners: 25 percent love their pet more than their partner
• Horse owners: 24 percent love their pet more than their partner
• Rabbit owners: 23 percent love their pet more than their partner
• Hamster owners: 20 percent love their pet more than their partner
• Dog owners: 19 percent love their pet more than their partner
• Cat owners: 17 percent love their pet more than their partner
• Fish owners: 16 percent love their pet more than their partner
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About Maguire Family Law

The research surveyed 1254 adults across the UK who are in a relationship and have at least one pet.

Maguire Family Law is a specialist family law firm headquartered in Wilmslow, Cheshire with offices in Knutsford, Manchester, and London. Maguire Family Law boasts one of the largest teams of family law experts in the North, with expertise across the full range of family law matters, including divorce and related financial matters. The firm is also known for having handled a number of international child abduction matters.

James and his team represent a wide range of clients: people who simply want good quality, discreet and efficient legal advice and a solicitor who will represent their best interests at all times. The firm’s clients also include celebrities, ultra-high-net-worth and high-net-worth individuals.

Maguire Family is recommended by two independent guides to the Legal profession, The Legal 500, and Chambers and Partners. The Legal 500 says: has an ‘all-round strong team – there is no deadwood at all’. James Maguire is ‘extraordinarily clever on financial remedy divorce work, international financial divorce work, child law and international child law’.

Chambers and Partners describes Maguire Family Law as a well-reputed boutique.
James is a frequent media commentator on divorce and related family law matters, discussing international child abduction on BBC Breakfast, and ‘divorce day’ on BBC 5Live and BBC Radio Manchester. He is also a ‘go-to’ commentator across a range of broadsheet and tabloid publications.

Owners Are Giving Dogs Human Meals

Sausage and mash, steak pie and beef roast dinner are among the evening meals – enjoyed by DOGS, according to a survey.

Researchers looking into the dietary habits of the nation’s canines have revealed the top 20 list of ‘dog’s dinners’ – ones which are meant to be enjoyed by humans but which regularly find their way into the dog’s bowl.

Meals such as shepherd’s pie, Spaghetti Bolognese and beans on toast are also frequently served up to dogs up and down the UK.

Other pooches have tried gammon with egg and chips, chicken stir fry and pizza in addition to their usual diet of dog food, the poll found.

The study of 1,500 dog owners shows just under three in 10 often give their pet human meals in place of their typical tucker, while 40 per cent top up their normal meal with the family leftovers.

Hannah Edwards, Senior Marketing Manager for Freshpet, which carried out the research via said: “We know there is a tendency for dog owners to humanise their pets, and this study certainly reinforces that trend.

“So central are dogs to a family’s life, they’re now being included in mealtimes and in some cases even sitting down to dinner with the family!

“However, while it is lovely to see owners care for their pets, they should always show cautions when sharing leftovers.

“It is thought around 40 per cent of the UK’s dogs and cats are obese and this is growing to out of control proportions and obese pets run the risk of having the same health concerns as obese humans.

“Also, there are so many human foods which can be harmful to dogs – for example gravy on a dog’s roast dinner has a high salt content and the tomatoes used in Spaghetti Bolognese are toxic to dogs”

The study shows 42 per cent of dogs eat at the same time as their owner, with 33 per cent even sitting next to the dinner table.

Almost half of dog owners would go as far to say their pet often eats better than they do – with 33 per cent cooking separate meals for their pets.

In addition to enjoying meals such as lasagne and chicken tikka masala, almost one in 10 dogs are lucky enough to have their food served up on a proper dinner plate.

A further four in 10 are even fortunate enough to have a splash of gravy to accompany their cottage pie or fish and chips.

Unfortunately the study shows on occasion, owners go one step too far – as one third admit to sometimes feeding their dog foods they know they shouldn’t.

Popular foods which AREN’T meant to be consumed by dogs include chocolate (41 per cent), cheese (56 per cent) and bacon (47 per cent).

Some dogs are also fed bread (36 per cent), milk (32 per cent) and nuts (10 per cent).

And 39 per cent of owners admit they rarely check the ingredients on the food they’re giving their dogs.

Researchers also looked into the eating habits of the nation’s CATS – polling 500 cat owners to find out if they also treat their feline friend well.

The study found that while cats are less likely to be humanised, a fifth have been fed some beef roast and 19 per cent have enjoyed a little bit of fish pie.

One in 10 cats have sampled cottage pie, while eight per cent of owners have given their cat a bit of chicken stir fry.

Hannah Edwards, Senior Marketing Manager for Freshpet meals, which provide pets with all their nutritional needs, continues: “More than half of cat owners and nearly four in 10 dog owners don’t check the ingredients on the foods they are giving their pet.

“Responsible pet owners should be buying properly prepared natural pet foods which are designed to provide a completely balanced meal high in protein and vegetables with no artificial ingredients, rather than supplementing their dog or cat’s diet with human meals.”


  1. Beef roast dinner – 38.87%
  2. Sausage and mash – 28.20%
  3. Steak pie – 26.73%
  4. Steak and chips – 25.47%
  5. Shepherd’s pie – 22.07%
  6. Cottage pie – 21%
  7. Fish and chips – 18%
  8. Spaghetti Bolognese – 17.33%
  9. Pasta – 16.87%
  10. Gammon, egg and chips – 14.93%
  11. Pizza – 14.13%
  12. Chicken stir fry – 12.67%
  13. Fish pie – 12.60%
  14. Beans on toast – 12.07%
  15. Lasagne – 12.07%
  16. Chicken tikka masala – 8.67%
  17. Spaghetti carbonara – 7.47%
  18. Lamb rogan josh – 6.73%
  19. Soup – 5.47%
  20. Risotto – 5.47%