UK Phone Retailer Will Guarantee Your Phone For Life

New customer promise gives customers further peace of mind when buying their new mobile phone.

– Mobile Lifetime Guarantee now available at Chitter Chatter when you buy a new mobile phone.
– Includes pay monthly phones with a network contract or SIM Free.
– Part of a number of new services launching with the online retailer in 2020 to help customers with more than just a ‘great deal’.

Today UK mobile phone retailer Chitter Chatter have announced they have launched a Mobile Phone Lifetime Guarantee, meaning that if UK customers buy a new pay monthly or SIM Free phone at Chitter Chatter, it’s guaranteed for the entire life of the device against any manufacturer faults. That’s longer than any standard manufacturer warranty.

Chitter Chatter recognise how important our mobile phones are and are on a mission to help more people stay connected to what’s important. That’s why when you buy a new mobile phone at Chitter Chatter, they will cover the device against any manufacturer faults for the lifetime of the product.

Chitter Chatter have long understood that a new mobile phone can be quite a significant investment and in addition to their value deals and award-winning customer service (they are winners of the EE Best Customer Experience award), want to give our customers further peace of mind that their new mobile phone will continue to work as it should for as long as it’s needed or until you choose to upgrade.

Chitter Chatter’s Mobile Lifetime Guarantee applies to all new mobile phones purchased at Chitter Chatter, whether on a pay monthly mobile contract or SIM Free.

For clarity, the full terms and conditions of the Lifetime Guarantee are available on our website and detailed below.

Chitter Chatter Lifetime Guarantee:

Chitter Chatter covers your device against any manufacturer faults for the lifetime of your new device. That’s longer than any standard manufacturer warranty. Should a product fail due to manufacturing defects in workmanship and/or materials, or a genuine fault, we will repair the item free of charge or replace at our discretion.

The below are NOT covered with the guarantee:

• Our guarantee covers genuine manufacturing faults or defects only and does not cover normal wear and tear.
• Headphones, chargers and other accessories supplied with the device are not covered.
• Accidental damage and water damage . Whether it’s caused by you or someone else.
• Poor aftercare. Your product should be cared for and properly maintained. If, for example, your device was serviced or repaired by any company or person other than the manufacturers authorised agent the fault would be due to poor aftercare, rather than being a manufacturer’s fault.
• Damage caused by misuse or alteration of the product.
• Any consequential loss or damage resulting from a fault.
• Second hand items. Our guarantee covers only the original owner and is not transferable.
• The guarantee doesn’t apply to Refurbished Phones sold at Chitter Chatter but those products do include Chitter Chatter standard 12 month UK ‘no fuss’ warranty.

Details of the announcement are also available on our blog:

About Chitter Chatter

Chitter Chatter are one of the UK’s leading independent online mobile retailers, selling pay monthly mobile contracts from EE, Vodafone and Lebara, as well as a range of SIM Free phones and connected technology.

For over 25 years, Chitter Chatter have helped over 2 million UK customers find a better deal for their mobile phone, with the right price plan and features to stay connected to what’s important to them.  Whether you’re looking for the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, or one of the best-selling Huawei, Sony, Motorola, OnePlus, Google or Nokia phones, Chitter Chatter have a huge range of models suitable for everyone. So if you’re into mobile gaming, photography, music, running your business or just staying in touch with friends and family, Chitter Chatter will find the right phone for you.

Chitter Chatter started life in 1994 and was one of the first mobile phone retailers to hit the high street. Back then we had clear priorities, which we still hold today; making technology simple, providing the UK’s best customer service and offering great value deals.

We were there to help customers get their first phones when free local calls changed the industry. We were there to show customers how to send their first text and picture messages when mobile devices evolved and in 2012, we became a key launch partner for EE – the UK’s first and most advanced 4G network.

We have been part of an incredible journey, connecting over 2 million customers along the way. Our loyal and friendly team have played a key role in why customers choose to buy from us and recommend our services to their friends and family.

And our award-winning service doesn’t just stop once you’ve bought your phone. We’re proud to be rated ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot by our customers and aim to ensure you’d recommend us to your friends and family every time.

  • Free, secure next day delivery via DPD
  • Winner of Best EE Customer Experience
  • Lifetime guarantee on all new phones
  • Price plans to suit every budget
  • Over 2 million happy customers
  • Helping mobile customers for over 25 years

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Risk & Assurance Group Launches Free Global Blockchain Solution to Dial-Back Wangiri Phone Scams

Telecoms providers and leading suppliers of anti-fraud systems are working together to tackle a fraud that plagues phone users worldwide.

London, UK, 10 March 2020 – the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG), a not-for-profit association of telecoms risk managers, has launched the RAG Wangiri Blockchain, a system where consortium members use blockchain technology to share intelligence about ‘one-ring’ wangiri frauds in real time. Phone companies around the world have already agreed to collaborate, along with leading suppliers of anti-fraud products and services, by pooling their wangiri fraud data using the blockchain. As a consequence, telcos and vendors will be better anticipate attacks by fraudsters, refining algorithms so more wangiri calls are identified before consumers suffer any harm.

In recent years regulatory bodies have warned about a surge in ‘one-ring’ frauds, also known as wangiri, the Japanese for ‘one cut’. Phone users receive calls from mysterious numbers that end as soon as they begin ringing, luring victims into dialling back to an expensive destination. A new US law, the TRACED Act, requires the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to identify ways to tackle wangiri, and other governments have placed increasing emphasis on the need to protect phone users from this fraud.

Major telecoms providers like Vodafone Group have already joined the RAG Wangiri Blockchain Consortium. Morgan Ramsey, Group Fraud Manager at Vodafone, said:

“Wangiri is a global problem, impacting millions of customers every day. For far too long, telcos have tackled wangiri from a local perspective and in a reactive way. The continued growth of wangiri has clearly shown that this is not effective, and we need to change our approach, both as individual operators and as an industry. Collaboration between telcos, principally in the form of sharing best practice and intelligence, is a ‘no brainer’ in this environment and greatly increases our chances of frustrating the fraudsters and protecting our customers. For Vodafone this of course gives us a better chance of reducing the number of irritating calls received by our customers, but for us it goes beyond that and we want to work with other operators to tackle the problem on behalf of our industry. The RAG Wangiri Blockchain has the potential to play a big role in our continued fight against wangiri.”

35 businesses participated in a pilot of the wangiri blockchain in 2019, successfully sharing data about 21,000 fraud attacks covering 150 countries. The newly released production version of the wangiri blockchain is scaled to work on a global level, and will allow telcos and other relevant businesses to exchange data without needing to install any new hardware or software. Many telcos will have the option to connect seamlessly with the blockchain because their suppliers are integrating existing anti-fraud systems via an API to the blockchain. Any business that uploads their wangiri data to the blockchain will be allowed to access it without charge.

RAG hopes to persuade all phone companies worldwide to join the RAG Wangiri Blockchain Consortium. Goran Marić of HT Eronet, an operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, explained the appeal of the wangiri blockchain to telcos of all sizes:

“Blockchain technology can become a game-changer for fraud detection and mitigation because it ensures security, transparency, and decentralization. This should be a good trigger for telcos to join, share and use gathered data to tackle fraud in their organizations in a transparent way.”

Eric Priezkalns, Chief Executive of the Risk & Assurance Group, explained the key differences between the RAG Wangiri Blockchain and previous attempts to pool information about telecoms fraud.

“Fraudsters keep changing their methods, so the greatest barriers to exchanging intelligence are cost and speed. If the methods used are too slow, and too expensive, then the costs outweigh the benefits. RAG’s technical partners at Orillion Solutions have developed a blockchain ledger that is faster and more easily accessible than anything telcos have used to share fraud data before. Then we asked leading suppliers of fraud systems to link their products to the blockchain, harnessing data that telcos already collected but could not previously share efficiently. It is thrilling to see how positively telcos and vendors have reacted to this opportunity to collaborate on a problem that blights all phone users everywhere.”

About the Risk & Assurance Group

The Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) is dedicated to improving the practice of risk management, business assurance, fraud management and security within the providers of electronic communications services. RAG is a not-for-profit corporation run by experts in the field of risk and assurance within telcos. We seek to facilitate the education and networking of professionals in order to improve standards of performance, reduce waste, and better serve customers. Practitioners may attend our events and access our online services free of charge; financial support is provided by specialist vendors with an interest in highlighting the importance of the work done in this field, and in expanding its remit.

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If you’re selling to Generation Z, pick up the phone

A recent survey of British shoppers has found that a majority of people prefer to talk on the phone rather than go online to get more information about complex purchases. Perhaps most surprising of all, more 16-24 year olds (32%) prefer to pick up the phone to discuss a purchase than 35-44 year olds (24%). This suggests a trend away from online communication and towards phone interaction, surprisingly led by Generation Z. Vanity phone numbers can help businesses establish a greater brand and image. Read more about TRUiC’s vanity phone number generator and how it can help business owners.

The survey, carried out by Mediahawk, asked 2,000 people of all ages across the UK about purchasing habits and preferred means of seeking information about intended purchases. One of the key findings was that 60% of respondents want the option to speak to someone on the phone if they need to discuss complex, personal or expensive purchases, with less than 10% disagreeing. Furthermore, 45% of respondents find it quicker to call a company to discuss something in more detail, with only 15% taking the opposite view.

The results are evenly split between genders, however, they do reveal regional differences. For instance, Northern Ireland came out as the top region to prefer using the phone to gather more information; in Newcastle, just over half of users (52%) prefer the Internet to answer their questions before purchase; whilst the Welsh proved themselves to be the most independent, as the majority (39%) would not use any contact methods at all to get more information before their purchasing.

Mediahawk, a leading provider of call tracking software and solutions, has recently launched an improved and refreshed interface that makes phone call tracking, reporting and analysing as easy and intuitive as tracking customers’ online movements. It’s an essential tool for marketers that struggle to join the dots between the adverts they place and resulting phone calls.

Michael Morrell, CEO of Mediahawk, said:

“This survey has found that while many people want to do as much self-service as they can online, there are just some things in life that are easier and quicker to find out in a discussion with a human being. Businesses that offer complex, expensive, or personal products and services often experience a high volume of phone calls from prospects prior to purchase. These businesses have extremely detailed reports to measure their online enquiries and sales, but often neglect applying the same technology to the phone and so any analysis is based on guesswork.

At Mediahawk, we ensure our partners can make data driven decisions to improve conversions, reduce costs, optimise investment and uncover new opportunities for business growth.”

For the full data and more information please contact:
0333 222 8333

Survey Information

Research was carried out by Censuswide in 2019 using a nationally representative sample of 2,016 adults aged 16+ across the UK. Further results include:

• 45% of respondents found their phone queries are resolved as quickly as their online queries (versus 15% that disagreed) 47% of women agreed vs 43% of men.
• The retail sector is the least likely to need the phone across all age sectors apart from the 55+ in which it is pipped by car hire.
• The restaurant and hospitality sector are the most likely to receive phone calls from the public (22%) followed by healthcare (22%) and thirdly legal services (21%).

About Mediahawk

Launched in 2002, Mediahawk pioneered call tracking technology and remains at the forefront of the industry. Our expertise spans a whole range of sectors, including publishing, media, automotive, healthcare, legal, finance, retail, travel and technology. We work very closely with our clients to understand the challenges they face to ensure that we continually develop features that fit the needs of every marketer.

Mediahawk’s call tracking software can measure the value of inbound calls, since you can determine which channels customers with high purchasing intent are using to call your business. Consumer behaviour can be highly complex, but the ability to understand it can help you take your company to the next level. Not only can you track where incoming calls are coming from, but you can also take advantage of speech analytics to automatically detect which type of service is needed and direct calls based on voice inputs – revolutionising phone-based customer service.

About Michael Morrell

Michael Morrell is CEO of Mediahawk and a specialist in marketing and telephone analytics. He has over 15 years’ experience advising businesses in the use of marketing analytics to increase revenue through better capture, tracking and attribution of marketing leads. Prior to starting Mediahawk, Michael worked in the media, industrial and defence sectors.

To find out more visit

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