Dreamstime World’s Largest Stock Photo Community, Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

September 8th. Dreamstime, the world’s largest stock photo community, announced the start of a celebratory month to mark its 20th anniversary this September. was registered in 2000 and disrupted the stock photography market by lowering prices manifold and enabling many photographers to join the industry. In 2004, it gained a top 3 position and has continued to experience sustained and rapid growth, evolving from a handful of photos to featuring 145+ million files in its online library and employing its own proprietary AI, PhotoEye, for filtering the now steady 3 million monthly approvals in 2020.

Since its inception, Dreamstime has continually transformed the stock photo business, launching a series of products and features to help creatives find fairly-priced visual content quickly and easily. From unique-in-the-industry licenses and dedicated apps to in-depth search optimization with AI-produced data, Dreamstime uses various innovative features to market the high-quality stock content generated by its dynamic and diverse community of over half a million photographers, artists, and videographers worldwide. Through its affiliate program network, Dreamstime has also enabled partners to scale up, providing easy-to-use tools to sell stock photography in more than 45 countries since 2005.

With the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, Dreamstime announced in March 2020 a series of company initiatives to help its customers, from pause plan options to free or discounted plans for NGOs and educational platforms in need of relevant visual content. Additionally, Dreamstime’s referral program enabled all users to access extra revenue, while the agency ensured contributors earn ongoing, intact royalties as they continued working remotely and safely.

In a time when visual creation is no longer a hard-to-reach niche, and people can easily find and download images from the internet, Dreamstime’s 20-year long success story proves that quality, innovation and a customer-centric approach make a considerable difference in the industry. Since 2010, Dreamstime has launched additional online stock photo resources that offer refined media choices based on user-driven Big Data – – and images specifically formatted to use on social media platforms – . It also manages the world’s largest free collection of safe-to-use, model-released images –

Reflecting on the agency’s two-decade journey, Dreamstime’s CEO, Serban Enache, said that “the past 20 years have been exciting, occasionally challenging, but mostly uplifting because we all love the visual arts. We live in a colorful library of millions of ideas from all six continents. We will continue working to keep Dreamstime as the artists’ friendly home and the designers’ favorite marketplace. And that is a dream worth dreaming for at least another 20 years.”

Dreamstime’s celebratory customer treats include a limited edition anniversary plan, a special 20% discount, and a curated collection of handpicked commercial images to be licensed for free, all scheduled to launch throughout September. After initiating a COVID-19 Relief Stimulus and awarding 10% extra royalties earlier this year, Dreamstime’s contributors will now enjoy an exclusive$15/user affiliate bonusand a dedicated anniversary photo contest. To mark its 20th birthday, the agency has also expanded its branded apparel line, adding new popular clothing items and accessories.

About Dreamstime Dreamstime is the world’s largest stock photography community, with the most extensive customer base (over 31 million users to date) in the industry and more than 650,000 contributors worldwide. It is also home to 145+ million Royalty Free images and hosts a 2+ million Free image library. For more information about Dreamstime, please visit


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How One Photographer has Committed to the Fight Against Middle School Bullying, One Photo

Casey Scalf of Storybook Studios in Chesapeake, VA is helping build the self-esteem of young girls who have been bullied, through the power of photography.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. 10/22/19— “I created this program a couple of years ago when I started hearing parents tell me about how hard middle school is on their girls. The bullying in middle school is horrible and is detrimental to their self-confidence.” said Scalf.

“As preteens, kids develop their self-esteem during these very important years. We are hearing way too often that kids this age are getting bullied and it breaks my heart. We need to show them that they are worthy…worthy of self-confidence, worthy of loving who they are, worthy of being here to live their life.” said Scalf.

“Since our high school senior portraits have changed the self-confidence of so many seniors, I felt compelled to create the Fearless Spirit Model Crew. This program is designed to boost their self-esteem and self-worth through their own Fearless Spirit portrait session and six monthly model crew sessions.” said Scalf.

By giving Casey a few months of their time, she shows them the negative image they have of themselves is wrong.

“Throughout the process, I take photos of them and prove to them, ‘See this is how beautiful you are. There’s no denying that. It’s truly you.” said Scalf.

“I just cannot say enough about how Caroline’s time with you has transformed her. You have captured her beauty, confidence, sass, innocence and that precious stage of becoming – between little girl and young woman. Through your artistry, she has seen herself in a way that she never has before. When she saw her portraits, she saw a confident, beautiful girl and then believed that about herself. No matter how much we have tried to help her see that, she didn’t until she saw herself through the lens of your camera and it has had such a positive impact on her self-esteem. As a result, you have positively affected every aspect of her life. Her confidence has led to believing in herself, taking chances, setting goals, and reaching them. I am in awe.” Brooke Henderson (Mother of a Fearless Spirit Model)

Learn more about the Fearless Spirit Project here:

See 13 News Now Feature Story here:

Upcoming Event:
The First Annual Fearless Spirit Fashion Show and Charity Event at Storybook Studios in Chesapeake on October 26th at 6:00 p.m. This event will be the final photo session and graduation of the Fearless Spirit Model Crew. They will be modeling fearless fashions created by Casey Scalf, owner and photographer of Storybook Studios. This will be the culmination of a 6 month process of building the self-esteem of 9 middle school and high school teen girls who have been bullied and who have been struggling with their self-esteem. With this last photo session, they are challenged to be truly fearless and walk the runway! We want them to be proud and celebrate their unique quirks and all the little things that make them who they are. Ticket sales will go to help support the charity To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA), a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness for people who are struggling with mental health issues like depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

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