Flowers & Plants Co. Launch New Collections

London, 07/09/2020 – Flowers & Plants Co. have announced the launch of their autumn collections. The new lines feature both horticultural and floral designs, with a range of gifts and exclusively imported products also available.

The company, based in Kensington, London, have emerged during the Covid-19 crisis as one of the floristry sector’s few success stories. Formed in 2020, the business has made inroads into traditional markets and completed significant gains under difficult conditions. The move towards home-delivery and online shopping has helped accelerate the pace of the success, as Freddie Bettles Lake, the Head of Commerce, said at a recent store-opening. ‘We’re very happy to be fairing as well as we are at the moment. The climate is extremely difficult for retailers of every kind and there are obvious problems with staffing, supply chain and Covid-19 regulations.’

The launch of the new collections is hoped to push sales on for the company and help tempt customers back onto the high street. ‘The new collections are packed with innovative designs and arrangements,’ J. Jones, Head of Development said, ‘and we’re really looking to provide a fresh and dynamic narrative for customers visiting our store. The season is all about bright colours and bold design choices, whether it’s floral arrangements or in our range of planted gifts.’

Consumers and businesses in the UK are facing a tough autumn and winter, with the run-up to Christmas already looking to be more crucial than ever for struggling companies. Flowers & Plants Co., for their part, are looking to move into the lucrative houseplant market in order to negate any loss in sales prompted by the Covid-19 downturn. Their new collection of exclusive plants features exotic varieties as well as all the household favourites. And the message from the company’s Head of Commerce is clear, ‘we’re looking to diversify as much as possible. Moving into the horticultural supply market is one way of covering for potential problems in the future. I think it’s extremely important for our company and I’m excited to be involved in the drive to bring customers quality plants and flowers at competitive prices.’

Flowers & Plants Co. are based in Kensington. Their store, part of a collaboration with Whole Foods Market, is now open and stocking plants and plants from the new collections.


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Freshen up your garden for the warm months

In the UK, we all enjoy home entertaining and therefore it’s important to maintain our gardens so it’s presentable to our guests. However, many of us aren’t gardening experts and fail to keep our garden maintained throughout the winter period which often results in them being spoiled from the harsh weather conditions. In fact, the British public wastes around £672 million on their gardens every year because we don’t know how to maintain them properly.

So, despite the summer still being months away, it’s time to plan out how you want your garden to look this year, because it’ll be here before you know it and you’ll want to enjoy the warmer months without thinking about your garden duties. So, with outdoor heater provider, Flogas, we’ll discuss in this article ways you can spruce your garden so it’s presentable for the warmer months.

Give your garden a tidy

First things first, would be to clean your garden which can be difficult. If your garden is out of control, begin with weed removal to help you get rid of unwanted intruders. Hold off on intricate plans to include a water feature or garden shed for now, because it’ll be wasted on a messy garden. Although it may seem to take forever, it will instantly look a whole lot better.

Do you have decking in your garden? In that case, it’s time to give it a a good sweep to clear away dirt, debris and fallen leaves. High-pressure cleaners can be particularly useful in removing tough, stubborn marks. You can also do this on concrete areas, examining for broken or chipped tiles that could be replaced for a more presentable look.

If you have a shed and fencing, consider given them a fresh lick of paint. There are high chances that the harsh weathers of the winter period would have left them looking beaten and run down.

Staying on sheds, it might be time to declutter yours. Although the inside of your shed is far from visible, a build-up of mess can make your garden maintenance that little bit tougher and demotivating. You can consider hiring a waste expert to take away your waste if there’s a load of it.

Consider adding colour to your garden

There’s a very high chance that the winter season would have decimated any plants and flowery in your garden, so you can consider nurturing them back to good health. Make sure you don’t start too late! Plan ahead and get started early on fixing up your garden. It’s always a good idea to incorporate some flowers into your garden, which look good all year round. If you plan on blossoming some beautiful flowers for the summer, start planting them in April, and be prepared to shield them from frost that could last into May. Calibrachoa and blue petunia flowers are ideal for baskets due to their weather resistant abilities. If you plan on planting other flowers, make sure you research optimum planting time so that your garden has full potential this summer.

Attract wildlife

If you add a water feature such as a bird bath or pond, they don’t just look great in your garden, but they also invite plenty of wildlife to your space. An essential consideration during the current climate, providing food and water for birds and other animals will help support them during tough times and cold months.

Water features also add a great ambience to your outdoor space, that can make your feel happy and improve your mood.

These are just a few simple tips that can guarantee your garden looking great for the summer, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden in no time and focus on the more important task of the summer and that is to enjoy it!