InfoBest Ltd Has Partnered with Trustpilot to Produce a Premium Business Directory

InfoBest, a company founded by Barry Walker, a digital marketing expert with 15 years’ experience advertising for tradesmen, was released in April 2020 giving professional services a way to advertise their business at low costs. The platform showcases their business reputation to a large local audience. UK businesses are given a 14-day free trial and can purchase an advert on a monthly subscription. There is no yearly contract like many other online UK directory services. InfoBest operates without sales staff, giving the company more ammunition to deliver a great return on investment for their clients.

Building a good reputation online helps increase conversions, builds good customer relations and gives you a focal point that many of your competitors may not have. Potential customers take notice of a company’s reputation and recent reviews. 9 out of 10 consumers in the UK say that positive reviews have influenced their buying decisions.

Trustpilot is the number one UK review platform for businesses wanting to increase visibility of brand and reputation. InfoBest have teamed up with Trustpilot as the review platform combats fake reviews using a combination of dedicated staff and smart technology to protect their platform.

The InfoBest directory includes hundreds of features to help clients and businesses connect, with plenty more planned in the near future. The Trustpilot score for your business and recent reviews will be imported automatically upon new business submissions.

You can visit  HERE to see the new digital platform.

Barry Walker
InfoBest Marketing Strategist
0333 772 1429

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Classic Fine Foods puts plans for a premium delivery service in place with PODFather

Classic Fine Foods puts plans for a premium delivery service in place with PODFather

Classic Fine Foods, the specialist fine food purveyor and distributor, has selected dynamic route planning, job tracking and electronic proof of delivery software from PODFather. With its fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles running a next day, six day a week delivery service to a network of over customers across the breadth of the country, Classic Fine Foods needed a premium planning solution that could ensure continuity, reliability and great service across its distribution operation. Having reviewed what systems the market had to offer PODFather’s proven results, ease of integration and wealth of experience in the foodservice and home delivery sectors made it the obvious choice for Classic Fine Foods.

“As a business, Classic Fine Foods is passionate about delivering both exceptional products and a first-class service, that’s why we needed a software supplier with the same company ethos as our own,” comments Philip Tucker, Operations Manager at Classic Fine Foods. “From our first meeting it was clear that PODFather could give us an easy to use solution to tackling the complex problem of getting our premium fresh produce to the right place, at the right time and in the most efficient manner.”

Classic Fine Foods deliver exceptional, unique gourmet products and seasonal offerings to restaurants, hotels, and customer homes across the UK. Prior to the introduction of PODFather, the business relied on a mix of software solutions and paper-based processes to organise and manage its distribution operation. Now with PODFather in place Classic Fine Foods can look forward to automating the paper-based processes of the past and reaping the proven benefits associated with the introduction of advanced, yet easy to use, route planning, delivery management and ePOD technology.

PODFather will deliver a range of functionality to the Classic Fine Foods operation, namely dynamic route optimisation, delivery tracking, customer ETA notifications and electronic proof of delivery. The PODFather driver app, which runs on even the most basic of Android or iOS smart phones, will enable Classic Fine Foods to collect vehicle check and defect information, provide directional details for drivers, capture real time delivery tracking and completion data including vehicle temperature information, and ultimately to have a real time electronic proof of delivery record, with photos, for every drop.

“There are huge customer service benefits to be had by introducing PODFather to our operation,” adds Tucker. “With PODFather our customers, and our customer service teams, will have real time visibility of exactly where each delivery is, and when it is scheduled to arrive. Also having electronic proof of delivery that’s captured and sent back to our transport team on order completion is going to have a hugely positive impact on how we run our business.”

“We are delighted to be working with the team at Classic Fine Foods, an organisation with the same passion for delivering quality products and exceptional service as we have here at PODFather,” adds Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather. “This implementation will see the roll out of our full suite of functionality which covers everything from job management and route planning, through to job tracking, driver communication and electronic proof of delivery, all delivered in one easy to use cloud-based system and driver app.”

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“Ferrari must be reset”, Flavio Briatore says

red car on street

Flavio Briatore is an icon of Formula 1, a former team manager who won 7 world championships with Benetton and Renault.
In an interview with “l’Insider” magazine, he talked about contemporary Formula 1, Mercedes domination, the Ferrari crisis, and the drivers, speaking bluntly as usual.

Supremacy, the Mercedes one, imposed by a technological overwhelming power that makes the drivers secondary to the importance of the car. Mercedes’ dominance is so strong that nobody in the online betting world would wager on other drivers rather than Hamilton.
“A driver makes a difference if he has a good car”, Briatore says, speaking on his protégé, Fernando Alonso, who is about to return to the big circus.

Ferrari needs a new organizational set-up

The ex-team leader is straight to the point about Ferrari: the team has to be totally reset. Binotto is a team principal but “he’s like an army without a commander”. This is why Ferrari needs a total restructuring because now it is following a difficult road, for an organizational point of view. There is no real leadership, and the team is unguided.
This led for example to the accident between Leclerc and Vettel in the last Grand Prix. Sainz’s early engagement was also wrong, disheartening for Vettel and burdening for Leclerc, who is dealing too many responsibilities now. But he’s still too young to bet on him for the final victory.
The attitude must be changed, not the men, who must work in a team and with a defined leadership. In fact, Ferrari has the budget and the technical means more than enough to win, but it is unable to do so precisely because of the team structure, confused, without a guide.
The sign of the crisis is Ferrari’s car behaviour on the wet. For Briatore, the wrong car goes badly on the dry and good on the wet, but Ferrari fails to be competitive in all weather conditions. Everything must, therefore, be reset, starting with the aerodynamics.

Alonso is coming back in Formula 1

Today, Briatore is out of the world of Formula 1 as a team manager and is only looking after Fernando Alonso, managing the agreement with Renault. He goes to see some races, but a return with a starring role is not even among the top ten things he would do today. He still has many friends in Formula 1, but opportunities are lacking. No second thoughts, no nostalgia, he says.
Speaking of Alonso and the two sabbatical years away, Briatore finds the Spanish driver very motivated.
Briatore knows Renault very well. With the team, he has won a lot, in eight years, with Alonso, and he knows that they know how to work.
Alonso has lost 5 kilos since leaving McLaren, full fit, and the goal is to be competitive for 2022. Technically good, Renault’s weak points are the Enstone part and the chassis part.
Renault is already working with Alonso to collaborate on the new project, with daily contacts, to go back to the times of the victories in which Briatore was the team manager.

Technology killed the show

Briatore talked about drivers also. About the 90s, Schumacher was a true champion who made the difference. A driver can make a difference of two or three-tenths of a second, but he must have a competitive car.
When you arrive in Formula 1 you are already a good driver, but the difference is in knowing how to react to pressure. The two drivers he managed and were able to make a difference are Schumi and Alonso, who were able to be faster and faster with rain or dry conditions.
These drivers know how to push the car to the limit and fully unveil its characteristics. When the car is at its limit it cannot lie.
Today the car is much more important than the driver, so much so that, according to Briatore, at least 4 or 5 drivers could win now if they drove the Mercedes. Hamilton is a very good driver, but as the former team manager points out, the only time the Englishman had a real opponent, Rosberg, he lost. This is because having a super competitive car, he drives without any pressure, except in the year when Rosberg won.

This is true in all sports, but even more so in Formula 1, wherewith a similar car you can see the real driver. The current Formula 1 is unspectacular due to technology and Mercedes domination, which nobody wants.
To solve the problem of the show, Briatore would like more similar cars, as in Gp2. The show is the struggle between pilots, and the technology must be balanced.
“People want to see gladiators, and the more technology there is, the less spectacular the sport is”, he says.

Slots that you must first read about before betting

Oh, online slots! Can you imagine a world without them? We certainly can’t, and the fact that they have only been around for under two decades is testimony to how quickly they have captured the public gambling imagination. The story all starts just over a century ago, when a man called Charles D. Fey invented the Liberty Bell slot machine, something that very quickly revolutionised the world of gambling. 

It wasn’t until the turn of the century that online slots were given a platform to exist, however, with developers such as Eyecon, NetEnt and Microgaming leading their development. These days the online slot formula is more or less the same, however there are still games at that break the mould slightly! Read on for some slots that you must first read about before betting. 


Inspired Gaming are a relatively new company to the online slot development world, and so people were understandably wary about their games when they first started up. That all changed with the release of Centurion, however, an incredibly complex slot game that ended up being met by complete and utter pandemonium on its release a few years ago. 

This is an Ancient Roman themed slot, and the first thing to say is that the graphics are completely and utterly incredible. But the reason why we recommend you read about it first is that its bonus features are plenty and quite complex. Doing your bit of research before playing will ensure you make full use of their potential! 

Immortal Romance 

By today’s standards Immortal Romance is a pretty old online slot, however this Microgaming classic has certainly lived up to the test of time, as it is still played pretty extensively today. On the face of it this slot game is nothing special, operating on the classic 5 reel platform, but there is more to it than that… 

The reason why we would recommend reading about Immortal Romance before playing is because it will greatly increase your overall enjoyment of the plot if you know a little bit about the narrative first. Oh yes, this vampire themed slot is also a story, nice! 

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix 

Pretty much any online slot enthusiast will have at least heard of the monumentally successful Rainbow Riches franchise, something that helped to catapult slot machines into a new realm of popularity. Well, Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix combines all of the best bits from the previous Rainbow Riches games all into one whole, and you even have the chance to choose your selection of bonus features.

And in actuality this is why we would suggest reading up about Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix before you start playing, so you can choose the best combination of bonus features for you. 

Mega Joker 

Mega Joker is widely touted as the online slot with the best RTP, with a theoretical score of 99%. But beware! This is only true if you are betting in the largest increments.

The Implementation Of AI In Trading: How Has This Revolutionised Trading From Mobile Devices

As technology has progressed, so has the ability to use it to better your finances. However, it has also helped to bring trading on international markets to the masses. With a huge number of mobile applications allowing you to trade effectively, the future of trading is looking positive. In this article, we will be looking into how AI has affected trading in the long term.

Automated Trading Makes Trading Simpler

When looking at the implementation of artificial intelligence and its effect on marketing, there is no denying that it has helped to bring the process of investing to new audiences. With several platforms on desktops as well as mobiles and tablets, several trading platforms have implemented Ai and automated trading to benefit their users and provide an entirely new trading experience.

Trading On The Go

With the fast-paced lifestyle that many of us live these days, the idea of trading could seem impossible as the need to monitor the market is not possible when working your normal 9-5 job. However, with the implementation of mobile trading, this has been made possible. With the implementation of automated trading on mobile devices, all the difficulty is taken out of the trading. By using one of these mobile applications, you are then able to track these investments and ensure that you are on top of these trades and monitoring these investments as they are made when you have the free time.

Reduces The Risk Of Human Error

In addition to providing the ability to trade on the go, it is important to note that there is also a reduced risk of human error. With 33% of Britons owning shares at this time, it is important to ensure you are aware of the risks. This is important as this will benefit you in the long term and will ensure that you are making profitable investments. With the implementation of AI in mobile devices, you can monitor the market and ensure you are getting the best results as possible on each of your investments.

Automation can help to gain access to the most up to date trading information to make the best possible decisions when moving forward with your investment strategy. In addition to this, AI can provide insight into the next potential investment on the market. Whether this is by using social trading to your advantage, or taking suggestion from AI on the investment that would be the most profitable the next time, this is a great way of ensuring that you have the best possible outcome when investing, regardless of the amount of experience that you have when it comes to investing in stocks and shares.

Artificial intelligence Provides Ongoing Learning

When making investments, AI can be used to suggest new investments and make changes to your investment portfolio as it will track those that have been profitable for you. With tracking of investments using Ai, you are then able to pick and choose the investments that you are looking to make. You can then program this into the automated system and allow it to do the rest. This is a great way of taking the stress and emption out of investing as this will ensure that you are getting profitable investments in your portfolio at this time.

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can use Ai and automated systems to improve your investment and grow your portfolio in ways that are profitable for you not only in the short term, but the long term too.

Top picks for a great Canadian getaway

Finally making that dream trip to Canada? With an abundance of picturesque places to visit in the daytime, you’ll be exhausted in the evening, so settle down with a cocktail in hand and enjoy experiencing the best online casino Canada from the comfort of your hotel.

If you’re really stuck for choice on where to visit, here are our top picks for your vacation.


If you stick Canada attractions into Google, you’ll find reams of pictures of Banff National Park and Lake Louise – and for good reason.

Snug at the foot of the Canadian Rockies, this tiny mountain town in Alberta is home to three ski resorts, glacier-fed lakes, and incredible Canadian cuisine. This place MUST be on your hitlist.

Deemed the ultimate Canadian holiday experience, you certainly won’t be short of things to do if you choose this spot for your travels.

You can sip on spirits from the world’s only distillery in Banff National Park, so whether it’s chilli vodka, dry gin or maple rye that takes your fancy, there’s a tipple for everyone.

Rent a canoe and glide through crystal-clear waters of Bow River or if you prefer to be in the chilly water, take the polar bear plunge in Two Jack Lake… all whilst enjoying some beautiful wildlife roaming free including moose, beavers, bears and mountain goats.

Niagara Falls

Surely a trip to Canada isn’t complete without a look at the iconic Niagara Falls… a group of three waterfalls spanning the border between Ontario in Canada and New York in the United States.

Witness more than 168,000 m3 of water going over the crest of the falls every minute! The best time to visit is between June and August but the views are unbelievable – especially by helicopter.

Thrilled passengers have enjoyed the world-famous scenery for years. Some trips can include a view over the Niagara Wineries, home to over 15,000 acres of grapes!

If flying’s not your thing, head down to Clifton Hill and take a rode on the SkyWheel, which towers 53 metres over Niagara Falls.


Adrenaline junkies, foodies and art connoisseurs will all find something to interest them in Whistler.

Not only does it boast the best ski and snowboard slopes in the world, but you can also admire some incredible scenery.

But if snow leaves you cold, there is plenty more to enjoy.

What’s a mountain retreat without some rest and relaxation anyway? Treatments are plentiful with loads of hotels offering their own spas as well as boutiques. Whether it’s a matcha facial for brightening skin or a Javanese Lular scrub, there’s something for all.

Arty types can browse the local galleries by picking up a Cultural Connector brochure from any visitor information centre. There’s the Crystal Lodge Art Gallery, Suzanne Johnston Art Gallery, and The Plaza Galleries to name a few.

One great find is the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, home to history and culture of local First Nations. A good family choice for interactive workshops and exhibitions.



For a more leisurely that white knuckle trip, check out this city with its 18th century buildings but 21st century skyline.

With funky cafes and fusion restaurants at every corner, you can even buy French pastries or try the sweet Montreal bagels.

Things to check out here include the short elevator ride takes you to a secret city below ground level.

There are world-class museums, amazing cathedrals, and plenty of shops to explore. And if it’s nightlife you’re after, Rue St-Denis is where you need to be.

Wherever you choose, you’ll take away some amazing memories and before you know it, you’ll be booking to go back.

roomsAthens Now Offers its Premium “On 24/7” Service to All Their Tenants in Athens, Greece

International Students Along With Other Budget Oriented Guests Can Now Enjoy This Once Exclusive High-End Service at No Extra Cost.

Athens, Greece: roomsAthens, a hospitality company that provides high quality furnished apartments for international students and young professionals in Athens, today announced the launch of “On 24/7” – new service now available for all tenants. “On 24/7” is on-going interactive support and offers a new way for budget-oriented tenants to enjoy hassle-free living by using the app for any house related matters.

“This service used to be available only to our high-end clients. But we understand that many of our tenants are students who just left their country for the first time! We believe it’s our mission to make them feel at ease and always be there to help them.
Now, after six months of testing, we are excited to offer this service to our budget-oriented tenants at no extra cost and as a standard feature!” says Alex Tselidis, CEO at Alionas Property Management Ltd, the owner of
“This service has been met with so much enthusiasm that most of our tenants now name it their favorite.”

The “On 24/7” service eliminates confusion and time waste by keeping all the maintenance requests and other house related communication in one simple app.

Tenants get 24/7 support at their fingertips, no more phone calls, and emails.

Tenants can upload a video or photo of any house-related issue, and the support team will get on it immediately.

Tenants can make any inquiry via their designated messenger, which keeps all messages in one place and is available at all times

The “On 24/7” will be available starting immediately, at no extra cost. For more information, visit

About roomsAthens : is the leading end- to- end hospitality company that provides fully furnished and serviced rooms and apartments to students and young professionals in Athens, Greece since 2010. Experts in student living, roomsAthens have been recognized as the first choice for many prominent student organizations that provide student rooms for rent, including ErasmusU and lauded as one of the most reliable housing providers in Athens.

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