Air Queen UK launches nanofibre facemask, the AirBon, to provide maximum protection to children

London, 26 August 2020. With children in England back to school next week (and already back in other UK nations), and with government advice shifting towards encouraging more children to wear facemasks, Air Queen UK is today making available the new “AirBon” facemask, specially sized for children.

The World Health Organisation recommends that children aged twelve and over should wear a mask under the same conditions as adults, especially where they cannot guarantee at least a one metre social distance. This recommendation has now been adopted by the UK government with respect to schools, and in response Air Queen UK is now supplying the specially sized AirBon facemasks for children.

TopTec, the South Korean manufacturer of the AirBons, recognised the challenges faced by parents seeking to adequately protect their children, in particular that many children are using masks sized for adults, compromising the quality of the fit; or using 3-ply masks with vastly inferior comfort and filtration efficiency. TopTec took their FDA-approved surgical respirator with nano-filter technology (the “Air Queen”) and re-designed it to fit the smaller faces of children.

The new AirBon masks deploy the same uncompromising filter and manufacturing technology as in the popular adult-sized Air Queen masks. Air Queen masks are N95 equivalent (FDA 510k approved) surgical respirators designed and approved for use by operating room personnel during surgical procedures, protecting both the wearer and others.

While the AirBon masks are clearly not designed for use in operating theatres, they use identical filtration and ergonomic face-fit features as the larger Air Queen masks. Parents can therefore take some comfort that their children are using the same protective technology to help prevent their kids from contact with Covid-19 and other harmful contaminants.

As schools re-open children are beginning to interact on a more regular basis and to help parents navigate the potential risks of their children contracting or spreading Covid-19, the AirBon is now available from priced from £2 per mask.

More details about both the AirBon and Air Queen facemasks can be found at

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Consumer Protection Task Force Formed to Focus on Hemp/CBD

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Industrial Hemp Council (NIHC) hosted dozens of hemp industry leaders Monday for the inaugural session of the Consumer Protection Task Force. The purpose of the effort is to determine practical regulatory recommendations that will appropriately protect consumers and ensure their safety when using these products.

The meeting, held at the law offices of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, saw academic, business, and legal figures speak on the hemp industry’s need to find a unified approach to potential FDA regulation. “We were glad to have a terrific cross-section of industry and allied stakeholders involved in the discussion,” said Russell Laird, NIHC Vice President of Public Affairs.

The NIHC Board Chairman set the stage for a robust discussion by welcoming participants and speakers from industry and academia. Justin Singer, CEO of Caliper Foods, spoke on the economic risk to producers and safety risk to consumers associated with the absence of clear regulatory and safety standards. Dr.Susan Hewlings, Director of Scientific Affairs at Nutrasource, and Jay Noller, Director of the Oregon State University Global Hemp Innovation Center, presented on the safety and efficacy of CBD based on publicly-available research as well as current understanding of the endocannabinoid system and challenges around defining

Building on this foundation, Kristi Wolff from Kelley Drye led the group discussion around potential options for FDA engagement. Participants focused on safety as a priority and discussed the benefits and challenges created by current state regulatory standards.

Arby Barroso, Co-Founder of Florida-based Green Roads, noted that Florida’s regulatory model may provide a model pathway to certainty for manufacturers and producers. “In Florida, we’ve implemented a system that provides clear direction for manufacturers and transparency for consumers as to what is in CBD products. We need to have this kind of clarity at the national level in order to properly protect consumers and businesses,” he stated.

Collectively, the group identified several consumer protection priorities, which will be further developed before presentation to FDA. Laird noted “NIHC is building a consensus coalition and is excited to carry the momentum from our inaugural meeting into actionable paths forward.”

The National Industrial Hemp Council provides high quality networking and resources for its members, from farm to consumer. Its leadership is composed of leading international, federal, state, private industry, and government professionals throughout the sector. The organization is dedicated to furthering market development, assisting members in entering the industry, and educating consumers on industrial hemp and its applications.

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