“Persuasive Marketer’ and Entrepreneur shares his proven tactics to enable you to master marketing‘Persuasive Marketer’ shares his guide to mastering the art so you can sell anything to anyone

The Persuasive Marketer is the guide to marketing that focuses on how to understand your buyer and successfully cater to their needs. Entrepreneur, CEO and now author, Ioannis Antypas walks you through how essential elements of communication, storytelling and the psychological aspect to better understanding your audience helps you provide them with the best solution.

Antypas inherited his business genes from his father and grandfather with his feats of entrepreneurship starting from as early as age 8. Milestone birthdays had milestones in business follow, he bought his first restaurant at 18 and developed his first digital agency shortly after.

In 2018 Antypas began developing Hela Job. Hela Job is a digital platform that matches you to temporary and flexible work that’s available now and relevant to your skill set. It is now primed to sit at the front of the recently redefined UK gig economy as the number of people looking for work has increased immensely.

Google saw searches for temporary work spike last month. Due to everything coronavirus related combined with news that those on the government’s furlough scheme are now registering as unemployed. The need for the Hela Job platform and its easy process to find work and fill job vacancies has never been higher.

According to serial entrepreneur Antypas,

‘Part of the inspiration to write the book was that with the volume of businesses I’d seen turning digital, I would notice a majority of them simply lacking the persuasion needed to close sales. From one entrepreneur to another, this book showcases my earned experience in business and work with companies to encourage and educate those out there on how to get their business started.’

Part of the team that worked with Antypas to bring Hela Job to fruition also work within his digital web agency, Jukkie Digital Agency. The London agency has been operating for over 4 years with a dedicated team of staff offering aspects of digital marketing like SEO optimisation, branding and web design to clients.

All these enterprises are just a few feathers in Ioannis Antypas’ cap. ‘The Persuasive Marketer’ is drawn from his personal experience in business, readers can be assured that the techniques, strategies and tips included have been utilised, tried and tested by Antypas.

The Persuasive Marketer will be available on Amazon as Paperback, Kindle eBook and Audible Audiobook from Tuesday 14th August. You can pre-order your copy right now at:

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Caneaze Launches e-Platform to Provide UK Consumers With Scientifically Proven CBD Treatments has launched an e-commerce platform to bring CBD wellness brands that undertake extensive research into the effectiveness of their products to the UK market. Caneaze specialises in retailing high-end CBD products that contain effective quantities of the cannabis derived extract for use as a natural medicinal remedy. Caneaze started in February of 2019 in London.

WHAT DOES CANEAZE AIM TO DO? aims to become a leader in the growing UK CBD wellness market by providing customers with a variety of CBD products that have proven their effectiveness and passed the retailers stringent testing procedure, while also providing clear information backed by medical experts, such as scientific studies or clinical trials. The Platform houses many top US CBD brands such as Papa And Barkley and Medterra. The platform also provides information on areas that are proving confusing to consumers, like dosages and the CBD to THC ratio to guide customers through CBD treatments and products.


The products sold through specialise in; pain relief, sleep aid and maintaining general wellness. Further to this, the products sold by the retailer are all subject to a testing process to ensure the quantities of CBD stated on the label are correct for that batch and the product is completely free from pesticides and heavy metals. The retailer only works with suppliers that grow their own Hemp or have long standing relationships with the growers in order to ensure the consistent quality of the cannabis derived extract.


The retailer is also focused on creating user friendly content enabling UK consumers to learn about using CBD medicinally and covering the growth, development and innovation of products within the CBD wellness market. The retailer hosts expert guest bloggers and contributors who create content for specific niches like using CBD in personal care products for women in menopause, and using CBD to treat chronic pain conditions like Fibromyalgia.


The products sold through the platform vary in form, from tinctures to edible products and skin creams. Caneaze provides clear instructions to guide you through applying or consuming these products. Furthermore, on the platform there is an oppurtunity to become a member of the Caneaze family which includes receiving regular updates on new products along with content and wellness tips. Caneaze offers customers monthly reports and updates relating to using CBD effectively. Join at https://


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