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Randall Greene



Paul Simonson, CPA for Dwight Schar, and employed by Dwight Schar’s network, is involved in three different companies that were found guilty in court for deceptive consumer practices. According to the judgment, the companies “unfairly suppressed negative information.” The judgment against these three companies also mentioned that they “misrepresented that consumers had agreed to non-disparagement clauses in exchange for a substantial discount on the products.”

According to a judge, the defendants “unfairly suppressed negative information about the Defendants and their products, to the detriment of subsequent purchasers, by making threats to sue and filing of lawsuits against dissatisfied consumers for violating non-disparagement clauses in their online sales contracts.” 

Dwight Schar’s Companies Accused of Gagging Consumers 


It is not the first time that Dwight Schar has been involved in companies that gag customers. In November 2019, four U.S. Senators called for NVR to stop “using mandatory arbitration” in a letter sent to the business. The company does so to leverage construction defect repairs. 

“Forcing homebuyers into arbitration and nondisclosure agreements is unfair, unjust and abusive,” according to the letter, dated Nov. 6, 2019. “NVR’s reliance on mandatory arbitration provisions to evade accountability is unconscionable — and it may also be illegal.”

A USA Today Network investigation shows that Ryan Homes, and its larger conglomerate NVR Inc., cut corners during construction and left homeowners to deal with the defects. When concerns were raised, homeowners say the company would ignore its warranties, refuse to fix the problem, leverage any repairs into nondisclosure agreements, or force customers into lengthy fights, costing them thousands of dollars.

Complaints Against Ryan Homes

These issues stem from how Ryan Homes build its homes, owners said.

A resident who lives in a Ryan Homes built condo in Ocean City, Maryland, said all 11 condo buildings in his association suffer from extensive water damage in each of the stairwells. The damage —  once repaired by Ryan Homes but now has failed — could now cost homeowners tens of thousands to repair.

In addition, Ryan Homes face other problems in other states. In South Carolina, toilets weren’t connected properly, leading to waste flowing under a woman’s home. In Ohio, poor construction and botched repairs are forcing a family to live in a home that may not be structurally sound.

Complaints Against NVR, Inc.

Families who have purchased homes from NVHomes, the NVR Inc., homebuilder, have filed complaints against the company. The McCalleys, a family who lived in Maryland, say they quickly found numerous construction errors and code violations in their new house that the builder, NV Homes, has been unwilling to resolve after years of deliberation.

McCalley said he has found similar problems that exist widely across NV Homes and Ryan Homes products in Maryland and beyond. (NVR, Inc. is the parent company of both NV Homes and Ryan Homes.) He believes the city of Gaithersburg inspectors missed these problems during the construction of the home.

Complaints Against Must Cure Obesity

In the final judgment from the FTC, the company Must Cure Obesity was accused by the judge as “deceptively failed to disclose their financial relationship to testimonials who worked for them, and their control of a supposedly independent and objective information website that they used to promote their products.” 

Who is Responsible?

In neither one of the cases mentioned, Dwight Schar or Spencer Schar, manager of Bella Collina, (accused of punching two women) have never been directly mentioned but the controversies always find their way around their companies. Seems like Dwight Schar has a nose for how to do things in such a way that he lets others do the dirty work. Paul Simonson and Randall Greene, involved in trying to silence residents. 

Simonson is also on Dwight Schar’s payroll. A good boss knows what their employee is doing and accepts some responsibility for his employee. According to Don Juravin, Dwight Schar’s employees do not do anything without his approval. 

Dwight Schar, a millionaire who owns a minority stake in the Washington NFL Football Team, has apparent connections to a high-profile lawsuit in DC. Currently, Dan Snyder is suing a former employee who works for a company connected to Schar. Mary-Ellen Blair, named in the lawsuit, is accused of bribing current employees to release information about Snyder. She works for Comstock Holding Companies, which has Schar’s daughter on the board. 


Dan Snyder has had several fake stories released about him on foreign press sites. They say that he is a friend of Jeffery Epstein, and rode on his plane. They also bring up all the other scandals involving the NFL Washington Football Team. These sites are from out of the country. And even though they have taken the stories down, the headlines remain in Google searches about Snyder. 

Bella Collina has many plots and homes, but almost no homeowners. The ones that lived there or owned property there brought a class action lawsuit against Dwight Schar and his henchmen, Randall Greene, criminal Richard Arrighi, and Paul Simonson. They accused all four men of conspiracy, embezzling, and racketeering in the community. The lawsuit was dismissed on a technicality. 

Don Juravin, an American entrepreneur and a former Israeli soldier, took it upon himself to continue this fight against the greedy and unscrupulous men who run the community. After experiencing 9 months at Bella Collina, Mr. Juravin, his wife, and his daughters had enough of the promises that were not kept and the false advertising. The family had to pay extra to get their trash picked up every week, or they had to pay a fine for not disposing of their trash. It seemed most people in the neighborhood (what few lived there) also left their trash to be picked up, erroneously believing there was a service for that. There was not. 

After that review was posted, everything went downhill from there. The staff sent letters through Bella Collina’s extensive legal team, funded by Dwight Schar’s billions, threatening to sue Mr. Juravin unless he took down his bad review. Randall Greene texted Juravin, “We have a lot of money and credibility, and those are two things you don’t have, with anyone.”

Four families have gone public with tales of intimidation, bullying, nonstop harassment, unwarranted texts, lawsuits, and threats from Dwight Schar’s staff at Bella Collina. They are the Juravins, the Heckenbergs, the Sheltons, and the Sutherins. Only one family has stayed in Bella Collina thus far, the other three have fled to safety found in normal neighborhoods. 

In 2017, three of these families filed lawsuits with Bella Collina, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel

To be clear, the three companies were bought after the court ruling. Dwight Schar and Paul Simonson were fully aware of the companies’ deceptive standings and yet assume ownership via Wilmington Financial Services, LLC (Delaware). When a business buys another business, they assume the reputation and the responsibility attached to that company. 

Dwight Schar and Bella Collina Represented by Corrupt Attorney Marc Randazza

Attorney Marc Randazza, who was fired by InfoWars’ Alex Jones because a Connecticut judge accused him of “serious misconduct,” is Ryan Homes and NVR Inc., founder Dwight Schar’s attorney. Dwight Schar also chose a corrupt Marc Randazza to represent his Bella Collina in Florida. Randazza has been disciplined by the state bars in four out of the five states he is licensed to practice law. 

Randazza was issued a public reprimand by The Florida Bar on Sept. 3, 2020 DISCIPLINE CASE #201500718 against Marc Randazza. The reprimand was related to his ethical violations in Nevada, where Randazza, as a porn attorney, was sued by the State Bar of Nevada on nine charges of violations.

Dwight Schar Doing Business with Criminal Richard Arrighi

Was Schar aware of the murky circumstances that surrounded the man he elevated to (or claimed to be) head of the Property Owners Association? Families with children and mothers were moving into a community that housed a convicted felon and his partner. 

It was a crime that sent shockwaves throughout Massachusetts. State employees, in league with lobbyists and businessmen, committed the biggest cash theft in the state: running away with $9.4 million. At the center of it all was Richard Arrighi, a wealthy attorney who had weaseled his way into the center of the State treasury. 

Richard Arrighi was discovered, prosecuted, sent to prison for three years, disbarred on his release, and for all intents and purposes, never heard from again in Massachusetts. 

At the same time, Egle Skruodyte was a child in Lithuania. Arrighi already had a wife, one that he claimed to visit. Instead, he ran off to Las Vegas and gambled while on bail. This put him in contempt of court. 

In 2001, Arrighi was sentenced to jail. In 2004, he was released and immediately disbarred. 

Arrighi still owed the government over $400,000 in restitution. He alleged that he did not have the funds to pay for it, but maintained his vast possessions and cars. Two months later Arrighi paid for what he owed and vanished from the state of Massachusetts. 

In 2006, Arrighi moved down to Florida, to start a home development company he called Phoenix Homes. 

Wealthy builder Dwight Schar, fallen from his billionaire status, purchased Bella Collina in 2012. Aligned with Phoenix Homes, DCS Investments began the takeover of the gated community, including redesigning the property owners’ association. Arrighi called himself the head of the association but was appointed treasurer, according to documents drawn up at the time. 



Randall F Greene had controversially (some claim illegally) taken over the Bella Collina Property Owners Association (POA) for Dwight Schar. Mr. Schar is the owner of DCS Capital Investments and the founder of NVR Inc (NYSE: NVR). Dwight Schar’s businesses have been under congressional investigation as many homeowners feel scammed and ask to revoke Dwight Schar‘s company licenses.

Randall Greene took over Bella Collina, ran afoul of many of the residents in the Florida community. Residents have accused Randall Greene of stealing a house, of mismanaging the Bella Collina Community, and even of stalking their families. If all that isn’t enough, Randall Greene is accused by residents for harassment and intimidation.


According to Don Juravin, he holds Randall Greene as the responsible party for the well being of Bella Collina residents, directly and indirectly, as the POA president. Therefore, any harassment or intimidation, breaking, or violating privacy is Randall Greene’s responsibility.

Anna Juravin provides proof of the harassment and retaliation felt in Bella Collina Florida and by Randall Greene - the pool pipe found cut and the water drained
Anna Juravin shows the reporter why she feels unsafe in Bella Collina and the harassment and retaliation felt in Bella Collina Florida and by Randall Greene – the pool pipe found cut and the water drained

Don Juravin, an entrepreneur who tries to help people protect themselves against fraud and scams, became one of Randall Greene’s targets. Lately, Randall F Greene has been targeting women and kids as well. In a court injunction, Florida Case No:  35.2017-DR-001326-AXXX-XX, he requested that Randall Greene be ordered to stop stalking and harassing his family, wife, and three daughters, as well as himself.

In the injunction for protection against stalking, Don Juravin explained that Randall Greene (directly or indirectly) had “resorted to terrorizing Petitioner and his family.” The petition also detailed the “numerous harassing text messages to Petitioner,” as well as Greene’s “online, defamatory ‘smear campaign’ aimed at Petitioner.” In addition, Greene was accused of using “the security force of Petitioner’s subdivision to harass and intimidate him, and has either directly participated in, or ordered others to vandalize Petitioner’s property.”


Anna and Don Juravin fighting to protect homeowners against Randall Greene and Bella Collina https://youtu.be/ruVRJuaQqBs
Anna and Don Juravin fighting to protect homeowners against Randall Greene and Bella Collina https://youtu.be/ruVRJuaQqBs

The court petition also stated that Greene may possess several unregistered phones, known as burners. Greene was also accused of destroying physical property belonging to Don Juravin and his family in the injunction.

ABC News and investigative journalist Steve Barrett investigated harassment and intimidation claimed against Bella Collina and its POA chairman Randall Greene. A video interview with Don Juravin revealed that wires had been cut and vandalism had been done to the family’s home in retaliation for the complaints made about how the community was run.

“We have a lot of money and credibility, and those are two things you don’t have, with anyone,” said Randall Greene to Don Juravin over a text message implying that Don Juravin should give up since the billionaire Dwight Schar has “lots of money” regardless of justice. Mr. Juravin served in the Israeli army and assisted the US troops stationed in Europe and he doesn’t seem like he’s going to give up to “Goliath” Dwight Schar.

No comment was received from Dwight Schar, NVR, Inc (NYSE: NVR), or Ryan Homes. Dwight Schar’s companies already face a congressional hearing and a petition to revoke its license called: “PLEASE HELP REVOKE NVR MORTGAGE AND RYAN HOMES LICENSE

Intimidating residents have not paid off - Bella Collina
Intimidating residents have not paid off – Bella Collina

Meanwhile, other residents formed a class action lawsuit and accused Randall Greene, Dwight Schar, and their associate ex-con Richard Arrighi of embezzling conspiracy, and racketeering. In that lawsuit, attorney Tim McCullough mentioned that more than 400 lawsuits had been filed in Bella Collina against residents by the POA. Tim McCullough was accused of falsifying a client’s signature and losing the case for his clients and consequently, attorney Tim McCullough has a terrible web reputation and a Florida Bar complaint.

Attorney Tim McCullough accused of forging a signature
Attorney Tim McCullough accused of forging a signature

Previously, before all of this happened, Randall Greene was accused by residents of stealing a house. Randall Greene had taken over a house that was purchased by someone hired to buy a house for Jordan and Maya Rupert. Judge Mark Hill ordered Randall Greene and Christina Greene to “vacate the premises” and clean up the house:

“The transfer of the Pendio Property from Alfresco to DCS is a fraudulent transfer in violation of Fla. Stat.§ 726.105.

The transfer of the Pendio Property from DCS to Randall Greene and Christina Greene is a fraudulent transfer in violation of Fla. Stat. § 726.105.”Judge Mark Hill

The judgment against Christina and Randall Greene.

According to Don Juravin, despite almost 18 years of aggressive sales attempts, Bella Collina continues to be a ghost town with less than 10% true family occupancy. Residents complain that Bella Collina in Florida is not a luxury and that many homeowners left unhappy only after a short period of time. That would not be terrible if the neighborhood was only beginning. But Bella Collina has been around for 18 years (the community was started in 2002). Similarly, we found an article showing Siena Bella Collina sales to be very slow.

We also found that Randall Greene also brags about his involvement in the now-defunct business Catalfumo Construction. The business was brought in court for stashing away $64 million illegally instead of paying its debts in 2012. Randall Greene was the Vice President of Finances and by his own testimony in court was in charge of handling the company’s finances and acquisitions.

Randall Greene was working for two decades for a boss was also accused in court of domestic assault and battery for choking his fiancee. Around the same time, Greene was also accused of domestic battery. Later, when Randall Greene went to work for Dwight Schar, Spencer Schar was arrested for assaulting three students.

Is there a pattern of violence around Randall Greene or is it coincidental?
If so, to what degree is Dwight Schar should be held responsible allowing Randall Greene to act like this?

In Randall Greene’s Twitter bio, he claims that he works for Disney and Marriott and one may be led to believe that he is a well-known manager in Disney or Marriott companies. However, we contacted both of these companies and received no response.

The article is based on information collected on the web including opinions and personal experience of Don Juravin and other Bella Collina residents as well as the court injunction filed against Randall F Greene (motion which was denied leaving the residents with the same feeling of fear.)

Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina Florida Continues To Scare Residents And Lose, Says Don Juravin

Whether you live in a gated community or in a normal neighborhood district, one thing can be certain. The Homeowner’s Association you are forced to work with has a list of unnecessary rules and an even longer list of lawyers. In Bella Collina, resident Don Juravin and his family have been suffering “selective enforcement” as a form of retaliation from Dwight Schar’s controlled HOA after posting an honest online review exposing the truth about Bella Collina


Bella Collina, a community in central Florida, owned by Redskins minority owner and billionaire Dwight Schar (who acts through various DCS entities or Bella Collina Real Estate), is so poorly managed that it’s driving homeowners or potential residents away. The properties are losing money drastically. Too many people are deciding to jump out of the sinking ship. An estimated 300 to 500 families actually decided they didn’t think Bella Collina is worth any further investment and they prefer not to pay Club or HOA dues and lost all of their investment and fled Bella Collina

In order to live at Bella Collina, residents are forced to pay $40,000 to $80,000 in club fees (the fine print reveals that you can practically never see that money again), and $5,000 to $10,000 every year. Dwight Schar, or his employees, can decide at any time and for any reason that your family and kids are banned from the Club at Bella Collina and still force you to pay the fees forever. Does it sound like an illegal or retaliatory act? 

The HOA is meant to be run by the homeowners and the property owners. However, because Bella Collina is sort of a ghost town, with only about 70-90 real families live in the neighborhood year-round out of a possible 900 lots. This makes it possible for Dwight Schar to overrule the homeowners and use Bella Collina to do anything they want, even against the interests of the homeowners. According to a court deposition, it seems like Dwight Schar’s employee, Randall F Green, retaliated against a family, a mother and her kid by canceling a school bus that was driving in Bella Collina to pick up the children, so that they had to walk all the way out of the neighborhood to get to their bus. This exposed them to the danger of the road, Florida sun and heat. This was Dwight Schar’s HOA punishing, retaliating and harassing residents via their kids, as they have recently have done to the Juravin mother and 3 girls. 

Who has been running Bella Collina? For years, convicted criminal Richard Arrighi was convicted of fraud, and stole millions from the state of Massachusetts, according to legal records. Arrighi was sentenced to three years in prison, and then failed to pay the money he owed in restitution. This Bella Collina manager was caught lying about his ability to pay, as well as his assets available. 

Paul Simonson, Dwight Schar’s finance guy, runs now Bella Collina, after about 5 years that Richard Arrighi defacto managed the place. Paul Simonson himself was a defendant in a class action accusing of scam, fraud, embezzlement, and racketeering. 

Another Dwight Schar employee is Randall F. Greene, who was sued for a fraudulent real estate transaction. In essence, Randall F. Greene and wife Christina Greene were accused of “stealing a house” in Bella Collina. Greene was accused of engaging in “fraudulent acts in furtherance of a fraudulent scheme to prevent the Plaintiffs from taking possession of…” a Bella Collina property

According to Juravin, these offensive employees are bankrolled by billionaire Dwight Schar. One can only imagine that he knows or approves, at least in financial terms, of the actions of his employees. 

Residents Don Juravin and his family have experienced the unreasonable rulings first hand. Mr. Juravin moved into Bella Collina in December of 2015. After a few months of living in Bella Collina, he was tired of living in a community that claimed to be one thing on the advertising brochure but was, in fact, something else. For the amount of money invested in Bella Collina, the Club, and the amenities, the return was small. 

Mr. Juravin penned a review and placed it on Google. The retaliation he received through Bella Collina’s HOA bankrupted him.

Immediately, the Juravin family–including his wife Anna and their three daughters–were banned from Bella Collina’s Club. The letter Mr. Juravin received marked the family as “dangerous.” When a neighbor took the Juravin children to the community pool with her own children, the Juravin daughters were told they could not enter. 

According to Zillow, Juravin himself, like probably all homeowners in Bella Collina, lost money on their investment in Bella Collina. In just two-three months, his house dropped $229,000 in value–a total of 10.9%. That is a massive property loss. 

Despite being banned from the pool, the Juravin family was still forced to pay the massive fees associated with the Club. Meanwhile, Mr. Juravin was told by the local court that the fees were legal because he agreed to them. Moreover, the court reasoned that the fees were legal because Mr. Juravin was paying them. 

Mr. Juravin was not the only homeowner that tried to take on Bella Collina. Other families tried to actively fight the HOA at Bella Collina, only to be chased away. 

Three families, the Heckenbergs, the Sheltons, and the Sutherins, sued the Bella Collina Club, calling the massive Club fees they were forced to pay “unjust” and even “illegal.” However, even in these cases, while the homeowners were not paying the fees, their cases were dismissed. 

In retaliation, Bella Collina canceled the school bus that came to pick up the Sutherin children. The children were forced to leave the community to be picked up by the bus. Eventually, the Sutherins were forced to move to another neighborhood.

Dwight Schar’s HOA has made it clear: one can’t just leave their HOA past behind. It will catch up to you. The Sutherins were chased down Dwights Schar‘s henchman Randall Greene whom he placed to control the Board. Randall F Green, in what seems like a scary harassing way, sent a mug to the Sutherins with a note: We sent you a mug just to let you know that we have not forgotten that you still owe us money and we know where to send the copy of the judgment when we get it…I really don’t like white trash.” Is that what we should expect from Dwight Schar the “philanthropist”?

It should come as no surprise then that Dwight Schar’s son, Spencer Schar, was accused of assaulting or harassing two females. 

Such actions taken against these families may be seen as illegal, says Don Juravin and may have no corporate protection. 


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