SpringBoard Recovery Appoints A New President

SpringBoard Recovery, a well-known alcohol and drug rehab facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, is happy to announce it has a new president, Steve Laats.

Mr. Laats not only brings leadership and operational experience from his previous role as Senior Director of Business Operations at SpringBoard Recovery but also epitomizes our company’s essence of accomplishments so far.

A spokesperson for SpringBoard Recovery stated, “Both Steve’s professional and personal values exactly mirror our core values here at SpringBoard Recovery – a truly compassionate voice for those who desperately need to hear one, a constant desire for excellence, and to act as a pathway for those struggling with substance use disorders.”

“We achieve this pathway by firstly providing the respite these individuals need from the spiral of their abuse and addiction, and any mental health disorders they may be suffering from, and secondly by guiding them, through therapy, counseling, and an ever-present human face, towards a different life – one of promise and hope – with a sustainable, long-term recovery at its very foundation.”

“Steve Laats meets these criteria and more as we look forward to building and growing even further from the work of our founders.”

About SpringBoard Recovery

SpringBoard Recovery first opened its doors in 2014 with a simple mission – to help people transform their lives while recovering from addiction and underlying mental health conditions. Since then, SpringBoard has been through many changes, and, as a growing company, are proud to publicly state that “We’ve learned from and grown with every individual who has given us the opportunity to help in their recovery. We’ve worked hard to develop an atmosphere of honesty and trust, wiping away all preconceptions, shame, judgment, and guilt.”

World authorities set to lead The Recovery Summit – 15 to 19 June

Three Nobel Laureates, Olympians and Paralympians, economists and activists among 75 speakers who will offer thought-leadership on how to survive and thrive.

JUNE 8 2020, LONDON: Nobel Laureates, Olympians and Paralympians, economists, activists and TV presenters are just some of the people who will take part in The Recovery Summit from Monday 15 to Friday 19 June, a virtual event where they will share their thinking on the global economy, leadership, managing change, innovation, disruption and resilience to help businesses and individuals plan for the post-pandemic future.

More than 75 of the world’s leading authorities will take part in talks and interviews at The Recovery Summit, which includes individual talks, interviews and panel discussions.  It is expected that over the five days, thousands of people around the world will hear inspiring messages of hope and on overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Presentations and interviews with experienced TV news presenters will cover the latest thinking on the future of business and the strategies needed to survive and thrive.  Some of the highlights include a one-of-a-kind exclusive discussion on the future of football with former-referee Pierluigi Collina and former CEO of the FA Martin Glenn, and a rare opportunity to hear Nobel Laureates Prof. Paul Romer and Prof. Joseph Stiglitz in discussion together in a debate called Speeding up the long, slow recovery.

Among those taking part include high profile names such as:

  • Joseph Stiglitz – Nobel Laureate, ex Chief Economist at World Bank
  • Paul Romer – Nobel Laureate, ex Chief Economist at World Bank
  • Prof. Andrés Velasco – Dean of London School of Economics, former G20 member
  • Muhammad Yunus – Nobel Peace Prize, Grameen Bank
  • Jacques Attali – economist and social theorist, advisor to French presidents
  • Ingrid Betancourt – anti-corruption activist who spent six years in captivity
  • Dr Moisés Naím – international columnist, expert on global politics
  • Pierluigi Collina – FIFA Referee’s Chairman, six times referee of the year
  • Jim Hagemann Snabe – co-author of Dreams and Details, ex CEO of SAP
  • Lord Sebastian Coe – President of World Athletics, Olympic Gold medallist
  • David Coulthard MBE – former British Formula 1 racing driver

The Recovery Summit covers 12 different themes including leadership – in and out of crisis, resilience and dealing with adversity, disruption and transformation, culture, communication in a crisis, the global economy, business growth and culture as well as how to adapt to the changes a new normal will pose.

It is aimed at those people who would like to discover the strategies, mindsets and practices to lead themselves, their teams or organisations through lockdown and recession to recovery and growth. Some of the highlights include The Speed To Change – Insights From Formula 1, Habit Hacks For The New Normal, Achieving The Impossible, Find Your COVID-19 Superpower, Responsible Business In A Time Of Crisis, Digital Body Language and Aftershocks and Opportunities – Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic World.

The Recovery Summit was conceived, curated and coordinated by Cosimo Turroturro, Esther Nelson and Patrick Nelson of Speakers Associates, a global speaker bureau serving some of the world’s most successful organisations.

Patrick Nelson said: “Since the beginning of 2020, the lives and routines of billions of people across the world have changed at breath taking speed and we’ve seen the global economy shut down almost completely.

“We created The Recovery Summit in response to this – an online event that will cut through the current flow of the news about the crisis, the shutdown and the problems, and instead provide businesses, corporations and governments with practical strategies, mindsets and tools to move forward.”

Cosimo Turroturro, CEO of Speakers Associates and curator of the summit speakers said: “The Recovery Summit is the largest and most ambitious event of its kind since the pandemic hit. Never before has a global audience been able to have live access to such esteemed speakers. We hope as many people as possible will join us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear this unique collection of the world’s most authoritative thinkers share their years of experience, strength and strategies.”

Tickets for live broadcasts and replays are free at The Recovery Summit website where an All Access Lifetime Pass can also be purchased at an early bird price of £197.

For a preview of what to expect on June 15 view here:

For further media information contact Sam Jones on +44 07531 625233/ or Paula Hunter on +44 07739 989915/



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Capital Allowances: The Best Way For Business To Recovery From Covid-19?

As we approach the re-opening of the UK and Western Economies following the Covid-19 Pandemic, and businesses plan for their recovery, cashflow management has become the key area of focus for all businesses.

UK Government Tax Incentives exist to promote investment and sustainability in real estate assets for Landlords, Tenants and Owner Occupiers.

These incentives are referred to as Capital Allowances and are obtained through savings in Corporation and Income Tax. Obtaining the relief is not an automatic process and the tax rules are complex and often misunderstood. As a result, many businesses miss out on the tax relief available to them.

A Capital Allowances review of your current and historic capital expenditure could potentially generate savings that will reduce not only your upcoming Corporation and Income Tax payments but potentially generate a Tax Repayment as a result of Tax Over payments in earlier years.

Capital allowances consultants support property transactions to optimise tax relief opportunities associated with real estate acquisitions, disposals, development and leases.

This can be an area that businesses can maximise claims against their historic tax payments and provide a much needed boost to their cashflow in these highly uncertain times.


• Improvement on investment returns
• Realise cash savings and the associated cash flow benefits
• Reduce direct and indirect business costs associated with managing your tax compliance
• Delivery by a professionally qualified team with industry leading expertise
• National coverage across all property and industry sectors

Capsure Tax is an industry leading Capital Allowances Advisory Firm which specialises in securing all the available tax incentives in relation to expenditure on the following Assets: –

• Commercial offices
• Retail
• Warehousing & Logistics
• Hotels

Our experience ranges from preparing capital allowances claims for standalone projects through to providing a total capital allowances outsourcing function for our clients.

We have developed a claim preparation methodology which not only ensures capital allowances claims are HMRC compliant but are consistent across all projects. We also ensure each project is risk managed in accordance with our Client’s tax risk profile.

Capital Allowances Consultants

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Salesforce to Retire Data Recovery Services: What’s Next? by Capstorm

Summary: Salesforce recently announced its plan to retire data recovery services effective
31-July-2020.  A Guide: how to sort through the 182 options listed on the Salesforce
AppExchange to find the best fit.

SalesforceⓇrecently announced its plan to retire data recovery services effective 31-July-2020.

“The data recovery process does not meet our high standards for customer experience due to
the length of time and reliability of the process. This process takes a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks to
complete and we cannot guarantee 100% data recovery. “

With the safety net removed, SalesforceⓇ customers must now look elsewhere to plan for
business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. SalesforceⓇ has referred customers to its
app marketplace, the Salesforce AppExchangeⓇ, to search for 3rd party backup & recovery

A search on the Salesforce AppExchangeⓇ on 20-February yielded 182 results! How is one to
sort through all of these options to determine which is the best fit? Some good news is that
SalesforceⓇ backup & recovery solutions generally fall into one of two categories:

● Hosted Solutions: This approach leverages vendor-hosted storage to extract
SalesforceⓇ data to the vendor’s databases. This requires very little infrastructure or
management on the part of the customer, but the downside is that backup access and
data security is in the hands of a 3rd party.

● Self-Hosted Solutions: This approach leverages a SalesforceⓇ customer’s own machine
or private cloud to extract and store SalesforceⓇ data. This allows each business to
control data access and wrap security around the backup database as needed. There is
also additional flexibility inherent to a self-hosted database such as unlimited retention of
archived records. The downside is that this approach requires more infrastructure and
database management expertise.

Need some help determining which approach is the best fit?

Read this “Guide for Selecting a SalesforceⓇ Backup & Restore Partner” for a no-nonsense list
of scenarios, questions, and requirements Salesforce customers must consider when planning
for a reliable backup & recovery plan:
This link goes to a PDF document – no requests to enter contact information in order to view the

If you do decide to go with the self-hosted approach, please consider Capstorm. Capstorm
provides software to perform self-hosted SalesforceⓇ backup and recovery. Backup
SalesforceⓇ on-premises or to a private cloud. Restore SalesforceⓇ records along with the
record relationships – without CSV’s or manual data patching. Capstorm’s solutions have been
listed on the Salesforce AppExchangeⓇ since 2011, and Capstorm operates with two core

1. A SalesforceⓇ backup should be fully accessible and easily verifiable
2. A SalesforceⓇ recovery solution should be useful for more than just disaster recovery
For additional information visit

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