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The Growth in Popularity of Personalised Number Plates

There was a time when you would rarely see a personalised number plate on Britain’s roads. When you did see one, it would often be on an ultra-expensive car in an exclusive location. Now, personalised registrations are everywhere.

Some sell for huge amounts of money, including those that have price tags counted in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. However, the majority of the personalised registrations you see on your commute to work or during your weekend drives were probably bought for a lot less – hundreds of pounds instead of thousands.

Before exploring some of the reasons why personalised number plates are so popular, let’s first look at the sales numbers to get an understanding of just how significant the growth rate really is.

Annual Sales of Personalised Number Plates

Over recent years, the growth in popularity of personalised number plates has been consistent. When you look at the figures, that’s not even the most interesting part. The more interesting element is how much more popular they have become.

For example, the amount of money raised by the DVLA through the sale of personalised number plates more than doubled over three years, reaching over £162 million in the 2017/18 financial year.

This only accounts for sales by the DVLA, which only sells new personalised number plates (those that have never been issued before). There are sales of personalised number plates on the private market to add to the figures reported by the DVLA. While we don’t know the exact figure this amounts to, the total sales in 2017/18 of personalised registrations was considerably more than £162 million.

What about growth rate? To see the rate of growth of personalised registrations, you only have to look at the DVLA’s figures:

• 2014/15 financial year – sales worth £80 million
• 2015/16 financial year – sales worth £97 million
• 2016/17 financial year – sales worth £110 million
• 2017/18 financial year – sales worth £162 million

So, not only are sales of personalised number plates higher than they have ever been, but the rate of growth is high too – 47 percent in 2017/18 compared to 21 percent in 2015/16.

Why Personalised Number Plates Are So Popular

So, why are personalised number plates so popular? What are the reasons for car owners deciding to buy a personalised number plate? Why is the rate of sales growth increasing? Here are some of the answers.

Buying a Personalised Number Plate is an Investment

One of the main motivations for people to buy a personalised number plate is to get something unique. The value of many personalised number plates increases over time.
This leads to many people viewing the purchase of a personalised number plate as being an investment similar to investing in a watch or a case of wine. In addition, depending on the registration, that investment could last a lifetime.

The DVLA started selling personalised registrations in the late 1980s, with many private dealers at the time fearing the increase in registrations available on the market would lead to a general devaluing of all registrations. The opposite has happened, with the prices of personalised number plates increasing steadily over time.

Personalised Registrations Are Not Just for the Super Rich

Another reason that personalised number plates are increasingly popular is they are not just for rich people to put on very expensive cars. The reality is there are excellent registrations available for a couple of hundred pounds.

Of course, there are some that sell for thousands of pounds, but according to the DVLA, 90 percent of the personalised number plates available on its website are for sale for less than £1,000.

The situation is similar for private sellers even though they often offer more exclusive registrations. In other words, you don’t need to be super rich to have a personalised number plate, wherever you make the purchase from. This makes them accessible to more people.

More Personalised Number Plates on the Road Leads to More Personalised Number Plates Being Sold

The market for personalised number plates feeds itself.

There is unlikely to ever be a time when the number of personalised registrations comes close to the number of standard registrations on the road. This maintains the exclusivity of owning a personalised plate.

That said, the more that are available, the more that sell. This is probably because we now see personalised registrations more often when out and about on the road, reminding us how good they look and making us want one even more.

Personalised Registration Are an Innovative Marketing Tool

There is also a niche use for personalised registrations that is contributing to their growth in popularity. Over recent years, we have seen an increase in businesses investing in personalised number plates to use on their vehicles. These registrations often carry the name of the business or another marketing message.

This makes personalised number plates a very cost effective yet eye catching advertising and marketing tool.

What the Future Holds

There is no indication anywhere in the market that there is a slow down in the popularity of personalised plates. The most exclusive options continue to sell for significant sums of money. In addition, the DVLA and private sellers continue to report strong growth in sales, and we see personalised registrations more and more on Britain’s roads.

The fact is, our attractions to cars in the UK goes deeper than simply having a mode of transport to get us from point A to B. Instead, the car we have in the driveway is an extension of our personality, and we care about how it looks.

For those who invest in a personalised number plate, getting a unique and meaningful registration is an essential finishing touch.

Number Plate Dealer Acquires Car Marks of Hull

2019 sees an acquisition of long-established number plate dealer Car marks of Hull by Hessle based

Car Marks are long established pioneers in this unique industry of personalised number plates. The brainchild of the great autonumerologist Car Marks was established in 1969 by Russell Marks, the company continues its hands-on approach to the business providing a personal and knowledgeable service. Russell Marks who founded Car Marks back in 1969, sadly Russell passed away in 2008 after a very long & successful career in personalised registrations. All who had the pleasure of meeting him or dealing with him knew his knowledge of the industry was second to none. was founded in 1991 by Jon Cherry when he decided to turn his love and obsession for private number plates into a business. Since then they have grown steadily over the years to become a leading light in the private number plate industry holding their own stock of high quality number plates and many thousands of registrations they are selling for trade and private clients including many celebrities and sports personalities.

They pride themselves on their excellent reputation for customer service and competitive prices and have many letters of recommendation from their customers over the years. They will always go the extra mile to ensure their customers receive the highest levels of service.

Their team of trained personalised number plate staff will professionally handle your transfer as swiftly as possible with all paperwork change over handled for you including the V5C, tax and MOT records and offer advice without technical ‘jargon’, and are always competitive on price.

The acquisition ensures the future of Car Marks as a landmark company in Hull and it will continue to provide the highest levels of service under the control of Director Jon Cherry told us “Russell was a personal friend and a mentor to me when I started the business. He offered me advice and guidance and I am honoured to keep the brand he founded in 1969 going forward. Car Marks is such a well-known company both in Hull and nationwide.”
All business will be conducted from site in Hessle.

How To Personalise Your Car With Private Number Plates

Looking to buy a new car? Sounds great! But don’t you think your car will be unrecognisable in the fleet of thousands when it will be on the road?

Well, you’re not alone. Every car owner does face this problem.

If you want your car to stand apart on the road, then private number plates can help you out.

Now the question arises; How can a personalised number plate help you?

Here’s how.

1. Your Name On Your Own Private Plate: When it comes to personalising your car, your own name is something that matters. Because it’s your name which will be shown to everyone.

What if your car also has your name imprinted on it?

To do so, you can use a combination of both, numbers and alphabets. For example, you can change the ‘A’ in your name to ‘4’ or an ‘E’ to ‘3’. Using the name will personalise your car’s number plate, making heads turn around.

2. Affix Date on the Number Plate: You can even affix your birth date or anniversary on the number plate. These are surely among the most important days of your life. Why not get then affixed on the vehicle?

For the date of birth, you can use the phrase like ‘DOB’. For the anniversary, you can use ‘ANV’. This will help you remember the event and keep it fresh for a lifetime.

3. Show Your Profession: Let the world know about it and you don’t need to shout out loud for that. All you need to get a car number plate that tells about your profession. For example, if you’re a chess player, you can get it affixed on the number plate as ‘CH355’ or something like that. This is considered as one of the best ways of personalising your car with the number plate.

When it comes to buying a new number plate, the first thing that strikes the doors of our mind is how to change number plates. It’s not just about the physical change of number plate of your vehicle. The paperwork also plays a major role in the process.

In this post, we’ll discuss everything that you need to know about changing number plates. Let’s talk about these two in detail.

Changing on Paperwork

Before you buy and display a physical set of number plates, consider doing paperwork first.

1. Sending the V5C Logbook: You’ll need to send the V5C logbook to the DVLA along with the correct correspondence to change the registration.

If you are changing number plates from one vehicle to another, make sure you send the second V5C along with a completed V317 form.

2. Having Tax & MOT: When you submit your V5C to them, they still need to change your current tax information to the new number plate you are changing.

It is mandatory for all vehicles to have tax and MOT if you are changing number plates.

3. Calling Insurance: When changing number plates, consider calling your insurance company so they can update their own records. Keep this in mind that there is no cost involved in doing so but it still depends on your provider.

Changing Plates Physically

Once you are done doing paperwork registration, its time to display number plates on your car.

1. Choose Plates: Buy a set of number plate from any registered supplier by showing your V5C logbook and personal ID. To make your plate look more appealing, opt for extras such as a colored border or a flag.

2. Tool Kit: To attach the number plates on to the vehicle you need to have adhesive pads and tamper-proof security screws.

You might consider the tamper-proof security screws if you’re attaching your plate using fastenings.

If you are screwing the plates, make sure you unscrew the previous ones, place them over your new set and drill through the same holes. You’re done.

3. Adhere to the Law: When changing plates, you adhere to the law regarding the display of number plates.

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How To Customize Your Car With A Personalised Number Plate

For us, cars are more than just a means of transportation, they are our lifeline. We choose a vehicle based on our needs, preference, and bank balance. However, the things get tangled a bit when it comes to customizing your beloved drive.

Customizing your car is a great way to revamp an older vehicle or add a few awesome accessories. And one of those accessories is a personalised number plate. There are multiple options in the market for every budget. Once you hear about adding a touch of uniqueness to your car, you might not get rid of that thought. In order to do an excellent car registration plate search, you have to focus on consulting a team of specialists. They will guide you and help you decide which option fits your budget and preferences.

But what kind of number plate should you need to fix on your car? Here’s the bottom line.

In this post, we’ve listed the types of number plates that you can choose to customize your car, making it a centre of attraction. Let’s take a look at them.

Dateless Number Plates: Want your car stand above the rest? Then, this is something you must consider. As the name suggests, these number plates have no ‘date’ or year mentioned. Because of this, they can go onto any age of vehicle without restriction. Within this category, combinations have between one and three letters and the number range 1 to 999.

Prefix Number Plates: These kinds of number plates are probably the type of private plate you most commonly see whilst driving down the street. The format is displayed like this; one letter, between one and three numbers followed by three letters (usually the driver’s initials). For example, S73 VEN, R4 NDY, etc.

Name Personalised Number Plates: A number depicting your name is great, and most importantly, an affordable way of giving it a little more personality. When you add a name personalised number plate on your car, people will notice you because your vehicle will look completely unique.

Exclusive Number Plates: Exclusive plates are seen as a status symbol and a declaration of wealth. A few examples of exclusive number plates are P 6, JM 2, AH 2, etc.

Custom Number Plates: With custom plates, you can give your car that special name by creating a plate of your choice. There are so many letters and number combinations available that you can create any word of your choice.

If you want make your car stand out, contact today.