In-depth Research on Agriculture Technology Ecosystems Has Been Released by Intellias

Intellias has released its recent whitepaper on the acute topic of “Sustainable Agriculture: From Tech Solutions to Ecosystem” in the light of the global challenges imposed to farmers and agricultural companies looking for a brand-new technological approach to digital farming.

Based on in-depth research, this whitepaper examines proven agricultural technologies and how to combine them into a unified ecosystem that enables farmers to move toward sustainable agricultural practices.

Intellias research provides valuable insights for agribusinesses and technology companies operating in the agricultural industry:

● A clear and explanatory timeline of agricultural technologies demonstrating what has led to the current digital transformation in agriculture
● A detailed and schematic overview of the global challenges farmers and agribusinesses will face in the near future and that are driving them to adopt digital technologies
● A comprehensive list of technology solutions by global AgriTech providers that enables farmers to improve their business operations and their work in the field
● A guide for agribusinesses and technology companies on how to unite separate digital solutions into a borderless ecosystem that provides a new path to sustainable and profitable agriculture
● Research backed by quotes from industry leaders, agricultural surveys, data-driven reports, and real-life use cases

This research addresses the importance of sustainability in light of global climate changes and a growing demand for food and highlights the vital role of digital technologies in solving complex challenges farmers and growers are facing today.

To support sustainable agricultural practices, independent solutions are not enough. Such solutions can solve particular needs farmers are experiencing today; but in the face of severe upcoming challenges, agribusinesses require complex solutions that can unite the benefits of all possible technologies.

As noted in the whitepaper, 41.3% of respondents lack knowledge about actions and measures that can be taken to make agriculture more sustainable. The aim of Intellias’ research is to bridge that gap and show how technology enables sustainability.

The first part of the whitepaper focuses on analyzing factors holding back farming operations and investigating ways that technologies can mitigate the most severe of those factors. In this part of the whitepaper, agribusinesses will get acquainted with customer personas of farmers, learn their needs, and recognize the current gaps in making technologies available at the scale necessary to support sustainable agricultural operations.

The second part of the whitepaper covers recent technological breakthroughs by world-known AgriTech providers. The focus is on combining these technologies in one ecosystem based on proven practices applied by other industries that are already adopting a collaborative approach to technologies.

The Sustainable Agriculture whitepaper is free to download by the following link.

About Intellias

Since 2002, Intellias has been a trusted software engineering partner and R&D services provider for established agribusinesses and AgriTech startups all over the world.

Intellias team of 1600 software engineers has accumulated knowledge within the agricultural industry that allowed the company to create unified farm management systems, horticultural lighting solutions for indoor farms, weather monitoring tools, and a wide range of precision farming solutions. Intellias has been recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in Europe.

For more information, reach out to Intellias at or stop by Intellias offices in Germany, Poland, and Ukraine.

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Newly released stats indicate Northampton is a sexworker hotspot

LONDON, UK; 28 July, 2020 – Northampton may only be the 24th largest town in the UK, but the small population of just over 200 000 people, clearly has a rather robust sexual appetite.

New statistics from the website, an advertising platform that helps escorts to advertise their services (free of charge) to potential clients, indicate that Northampton has the highest number of people regularly making use of sex worker’s services, outside of London.

Coming in third place is Birmingham with Bristol, Nottingham and Leeds not far behind. In seventh place is Liverpool, followed by Manchester, Glasgow and finally, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

It’s difficult to determine exactly what it is that makes these areas hot spots for sexwork, however one could guess that it may come down to things like lower rates of unemployment and more disposable income – at least in the case of Northampton.

In Scotland, Glasgow tops the ranks of those using sex workers perhaps due to the fact that it’s the third largest city in the UK. currently has a database of more than 500 registered sex workers from all over the UK with thousands of daily site visitors.

Frank Dethridge, CEO of says the website aims to bring an element of safety and openness to an industry that is too often forced underground, giving sex workers a safe space to operate.

“On, escorts can decide whether they want their contact details shown to Card verified customers, Photo verified customers or ID verified customers. We charge the potential clients a small monthly fee to use the platform and view the escorts, but all payments for time spent with escorts is paid directly to them by their clients.”

For further information or PR enquiries, please contact:

Andrea Ward, ThreePipers
Northampton, Northamptonshire
016 044 97560

Source: usage data

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Time Will Tell, A Father’s Day Single by the Songwriter Alon, Will Be Released This Friday June 19th

Alon will release the unpublished radio edition of Time Will Tell this Friday June 19th. This song, a tribute to Father’s Day, explores the challenges and fears of becoming a father. Time Will Tell will be released by Great Egg Music and made available on Spotify, Apple Music and many other streaming services.

Mixed by Grammy-Nominated engineer, David Ivory, Alon with his customized sonic rig “The Alonomorphic Control Station” creates a tapestry of sounds including 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars, the legendary Mellotron, EBows and special effects.

According to Mr. Otter Music, Time Will Tell has a “really amazing melody and great vocals!” Indiesound said, “I dig the psychedelic vibes and arrangement.”

Alon, aka Marc A. Gallo, reflects on the song’s inspiration. “Fatherhood was a life changing event. When I was single, I had the luxury of focusing on myself. But when my children arrived, I suddenly had to rearrange my priorities and face the challenges.”

Time Will Tell was originally released by Alon on the EP “The Artist Manifesto: Document 1” on Great Egg Music in 2005. The radio edition of Time Will Tell has never been released.

Alon began as a singer-songwriter in 2001 and has evolved into an eclectic musical artist. He invented his customized sonic rig, The Alonomorphic Control Station, and produced two other EPs, Persian Butterfly and Alon (Self-Titled). He’s appeared in Performing Songwriter and Progression magazines and has been featured on the Gagliarchives Progressive Rock Radio Show.

Upcoming releases include Persian Butterfly (Remastered) on Friday July 31st and stories about the artist behind the music on Alon’s YouTube channel.










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Procurement Template Released in Response to Alarming Rate of GDPR Non-compliance

Privacy & Cookies CEO addresses the limited awareness of the art of the possible, the need to embrace 3rd generation services and to help organisations hold vendors to account.

UK (LONDON) Privacy & Cookies (P&C) announces the launch of a Request for Proposal (RFP) template to assist organisations with the procurement of a Cookie Consent Management Platform (CMP) in response to the damning research that 89% of UK websites are non-compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in respect of cookies. The RFP template is free to download from the P&C website at

Lawrence Shaw, P&C CEO, recently took part in a week-long ‘ask the expert’ Q&A session arranged for the clients of online effectiveness experts Bowen Craggs, which include some of the world’s leading global brands and 9 of the top 10 FTSE companies.

The Q&A session supported P&C’s own findings that 71% of organisations believe that they have the problem of cookie management in hand, and virtually all those interviewed were not aware of the capabilities and what to ask for when acquiring a CMP.

These conclusions were further amplified in a study by MIT, UCL and Aarhus University, which estimated that only 11.8% of the top 10,000 websites in the UK are currently compliant with GDPR, despite deploying one of the 5 leading CMP solutions (by market share) on their websites.

“As awareness grows and regulatory enforcement ramps up, organisations that value trust have to rethink privacy and focus on earning consent from their CMP service” says Shaw.

Organisations can make more informed purchasing decisions by understanding the art of the possible. Most websites have first or second generation CMPs deployed which are generally inadequate” continues Shaw, “Today’s third generation CMPs, utlilising the latest automation and machine intelligence technology, are key to earning consent and delivering GDPR compliance.”

More than 10 years of privacy experience and technology development of automated compliance software, in addition to managing one of the largest CMP global deployments, with thousands of websites across hundreds of countries, has enabled P&C to offer the RFP template.

Neelie Kroes, former Vice-President of the European Commission, commented “Whilst it’s not for me to endorse any particular tool or service, I applaud this overall development which is bringing some genuine innovation.”

Talking to our clients and partners, it became apparent that there was nothing readily available to help them evaluate CMP services and compare vendor offerings.” says Shaw, “That’s why we created the RFP template”. 

For further information please contact:

Rob Andrews
+44 (0) 7771 848294

About Privacy & Cookies | rethinking privacy.

We offer a proven, compliance-led Consent Management Platform (CMP) that is focused on gaining visitor trust and earning consent.

Key to our 3rd generation automation is efficiency, scalability and security – overseen by intelligent monitoring.

P&Cs clients include the world’s largest single deployment now in its 8th year, with thousands of websites across hundreds of countries.

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Varo 300 released: improved SAP eform capability and powerful support for Fiori App migration.

LONDON – 08 February 2020 – SAP partner Arch announced today the latest release of their Varo solution.

About Arch
Arch is a market-leading provider of SAP usability software, and has been delivering solutions to enhance the SAP user experience since 1996.

Arch specialises in delivering SAP Fiori and HTML solutions to provide our customers with the best SAP UX.
Find out more about our current Roadmap:

About Varo
Varo is a multi-channel SAP e-forms system built using 100% SAP technology and SAP Certified for S/4 HANA. It enables process automation, drive significant cost efficiencies and deliver better data quality.

Varo provides the framework for the development and management of custom form-based processes, using HTML forms as the default user interface. Varo also supports PDF forms and Excel forms, enabling multi-channel and off-line processes as well as SAP Fiori based front-ends using the Arch Stelo Add-On which extends Varo allowing existing user to leverage SAP’s new UX.

About Varo 300
Varo 300 includes over 50 updates and enhancements including:
• The Varo Form Manager portal is now the recommend portal for end-users. Based on the SAP UI5 framework it provides a rich user experience as a standalone portal or when integrated with the SAP Enterprise Portal.

• With over a decade in productive use and millions of forms processes seamlessly with SAP Varo has been comprehensively optimized and this has continued in the latest release with a number of performance improvements including:

o Changes to static table buffering settings that will further loweroverhead and database queries.
o The removal of unnecessary ADS renders for PDF forms in the Wizard at design time and in the Forms Posting Engine backend during posting of data to the target SAP environment.
o Significant improvements to various reports that affect end-user performance in the Portal Inbox as well as backend maintenance done via batch job.

• New features and integration with Arch’s Stelo Fiori Solution Accelerator to improve the development and maintenance process of Fiori apps.
• Technical enhancements included a range of improvements to log reporting for runtime reporting, spooling and posting.
• Find the full Varo 300 release notes on our support wiki:

Head of Innovation Mohammed Jafferali, Head of Innovation at Arch commented: “Varo 300 is a heavily used, industrial strength e-forms capability for all SAP customers and we are always looking to enhance its functionality, even though it is a mature offering. This new release reinforces my belief that evolving customer needs will still drive innovation in Varo and I look forward to seeing it continue to develop in the coming years”.

Varo 300 is available to clients and new customers immediately.
Contact Arch
Henry Blythe
p:+44 (0)20 8987 0440

Find out more
Our products: https://www.arch-global/products/
Our roadmap:
Varo, FLM and Stelo are trademarks of Arch.

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