Saint Ajabel Reveals The Current Insurrection Of Saints Is An Ancient Prophecy Being Fulfilled!

All are kindred within all creation.-Saint Ajabel

According to Saint Ajabel A celestial being incarnated on April 17th 1 B.C. as Yeshua bar Jibriel. A mortal son of a woman, and an immortal sun of the supreme all spirit. He was a savior as the bringer of the mysteries from on high. He was a messiah by being appointed by initiation into the order of Melchizedek. Hebrew 6:20 He was a Krst child by reconnecting back to the spiritual family of the supreme all spirit. He was taught, and groomed in Ancient Kemet now called Egypt. He learned the old mysteries until adulthood at the age of 13.

He continued his education among the Magi of the Qumran. He became a representative of the hidden one. The Amen. Revelation chapter 3:14. The Ancient Kemetian unseen deity of Nun. He became unattached to the teachings of his mother, and his stepfather. Matthew 12:50 He became non-religious by surrendering himself totally to the will of the all father Atum.

John 10:30 His teachings was too righteous. So people rejected it. Just like people are doing presently. John 8:37 For example he said, “The kingdom of the highest deity dwell not in a place built by hands, but it is all around you. Brake a twig it is there. Lift a rock it is there.”

The first stage of reforming the teachings of Yeshua, Isa, Jesus were by Paul of Tarsus in 34 A.D. Then from 321 A.D. the emperor Constantine began his process of reforming the original teachings. The Sabbath day even was changed to Sunday for rest, and worship. But everyday the highest supreme deity should be worshipped. Everyday is Sunday. The sun does not rise or set.

Matthew 27:46 “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” Forsaken means abandoned or deserted. This was not Yeshua-Isa-Jesus. This statement contradicts his very teachings.

This was a plan to control your portion of the mind. His teachings was too pure. It had to be corrupted by men in order to control, and take power. The illuminati of divine serpents of the amber light. The Vatican. Revelation 22:18. “If any man shall add.” 22:19 “If any man shall take away.” The book of the Unveiling translated as Revelation was revealed in the year of 96 A.D. So Yeshua, Isa, Jesus knew that his teachings were being changed.

John 8:23 “I’m from Anu.” Like the term Anu was changed to God from Germanic- Gott meaning good from Gudan which is a Norse deity called Odin which is a deity of death, and war. Used as the term Guda from the Gothic Bible of the Goths. The all father Odin the Norse deity of death their lord or master. Or as many peoples’ programmed brain say “God”

His title was changed from Yeshua meaning to rescue into the Latin term Jesus. Hu-spirit beings’ justice is by being rescued from this hell world Hyades, and returned to the paradise worlds. Which many people call heaven. Rapture is Rescue.

Reality live on. Fantasy pass away.

Saint Ajabel states that even if people may say this person did not exist. Or what skin pigment he may or may not have been. His re-formed corrupted teachings have been affecting this world for over 2000 years.

Insurrection Act 1807. “Can this act be used to deploy military troops domestically.” This situation is being monitored by CNN news source.- Zachary B. Wolf CNN June 02 2020

Saint Ajabel reveals this present action is a prophecy being fulfilled.

Daniel Chapter 7 Verse 20-21
“And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.

I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them.”




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Design Pickle Reveals Custom Illustration Offering

Scottsdale, AZ (May 13, 2020) — Today Design Pickle announced the launch of Custom Illustrations, a standalone subscription joining the company’s flagship unlimited graphic design service. Custom Illustrations will allow businesses of all sizes and verticals to diversify their marketing and content through innovative, unique art, as a supplement to typical graphic design.

After months of beta testing with our current customers, we are thrilled to release Custom Illustrations to the public,” said Russ Perry, Founder and CEO of Design Pickle. “Whether through celebrity illustrations for social media or colorful, eye-catching ads, this service has already significantly leveled up the ways we’re able to engage with our audience, and we can’t wait for other businesses to see the same staggering impact on their own content and engagement.”

Unlike graphic design — where a designer manipulates pre-existing visual elements in a composition — illustrators create original, emotion-evoking art with all elements tailored to the request of the customer. Examples of custom illustrations include portraits, caricatures, custom typography, tattoo art, and coloring or children’s books.

The Custom Illustrations subscription, which includes unlimited requests and revisions, will be available starting today, May 13th, at $499 per month. For more information on the service, visit


Design Pickle is the world’s #1 graphic design platform that provides unlimited, high-quality design work for thousands of businesses for a flat-rate.

Founded in Scottsdale, AZ in 2015 by Russ Perry, Design Pickle was born from the idea that everybody needs access to seamless, reliable, and professional graphic design on a consistent basis. Russ has successfully scaled Design Pickle from 2 employees to over 250, with thousands of global clients and over $10 million in annual recurring revenue.

For images and more information on Design Pickle, contact Jess Guffey at or visit

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The Holy Temple Of Knowledge Of Ra Reveals The Golden Age Of Leo Dawning With The Vernal Equinox Sun

Rasta-u izsu paa amentet shil Atum-Rwty.-Temple Of Knowledge Of Ra

Sphinx was associated in ancient texts with a god having the strange name “Rwty,” which it turns out is really “rw-ty,” meaning “two lions”.-Dale Huffman

According to the temple in the time of 10,800 B.C.E. the golden age of  Leo began. On December 21st, 2012 the planet Earth rose out of the age of Pisces, and entered the age of Leo.

On the spring equinox of 2018 the celestial lion, and the sphinx rose with the eastern horizon.

The temple revealed that the highest Egyptian feline creator Atum as a lion deity represents strength, courage, power, and rulership. He was the first of the blue beings of the deities of Nun.

The temple calls Atum the holy spirit lifeforce of the Nun, the essence of all light Re or Ra, and the manifester of all forms of matter Asar-Osiris.

The high priest proclaims Atum is the Lion Of huda, Yehuda, Yahudi, or Yahuda.

You have your bread-loaf, O Atum, and Double-Lion!-Pyramid Texts Unas

  •    The holy temple reveals that Nasa has logged a rare ring of fire eclipse, and galactic alignment over Egypt to usher in the new age of Leo on June 21st 2020.
  • Facebook-Atum Lion Of Yahuda

Kemetian Photos

Lion Of Yahuda Short Video Documentary

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EastNets reveals that 28 institutions are now benefiting from secure real-time watchlist updates over blockchain

Brussels (March 31, 2020) –– EastNets is pleased to announce that 28 financial institutions are now live users of a real-time watchlist feed, delivered securely over blockchain.

In partnership with Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, EastNets successfully commercialized a feed of sanction alerts over a private blockchain network. EastNets ChainFeed™ is now featured within EastNets’ watchlist screening solution, SafeWatch Filtering. Today, all financial institutions that are actively using EastNets SafeWatch have access to Dow Jones’s high-quality sanction alerts carried over a private blockchain network directly to the screening engine, EastNets SafetWatch Filtering.

Furthermore, the secure nature of the blockchain-enabled EastNets solution restricts the opportunity for malevolent actors to intercept and/or manipulate watchlist data.

Deya Innab, EastNets Chief Strategy and Product Officer, said: “We continuously look to new technology as an opportunity to enhance our customer experience. The question will always be: how and which technology should we use to bring greater value to our customers?

“We understand the challenges and risks associated with manual updates of watchlists. Our customers need a timely, secure courier to carry watchlist feeds from end-to-end. This innovative solution uses blockchain technology to overcome these challenges. Designing and testing a suitable solution was challenging, but we are delighted to lead the industry with a real-time, secure watchlist update solution that is actively used by leading institutions that now meet their compliance obligations every minute of the day.”

In October 2018, in partnership with Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, EastNets showcased the first proof of concept (POC) for a real-time, blockchain-based compliance watchlist.  At this time, EastNets ChainFeed™ Solution provides a continuously updated feed of Dow Jones’s sanction alerts.

About EastNets
For over 35 years EastNets has served as a leading global provider of compliance and payment solutions for the financial services sector. With regional offices in major cities, EastNets supports over 750 organisations including some of the biggest financial institutions in the world. Solutions including en.SafeWatch deliver automated, industry-leading AML and fraud protection that helps organisations stay ahead of a changing fraud, compliance and regulatory landscape.

About Dow Jones Risk & Compliance
Dow Jones Risk & Compliance is a global provider of third-party risk management and regulatory compliance solutions. Working with clients across the globe, it delivers research tools and outsourced services for on-boarding, vetting and investigation to help companies comply with anti-money laundering, anti-bribery, corruption and economic sanctions regulation in mitigating third party risk. The Dow Jones Risk & Compliance business expanded revenues by 21% in the second quarter of fiscal 2020 — its twelfth consecutive quarter of growth above 20%. Dow Jones is a division of News Corp (Nasdaq: NWS, NWSA; ASX: NWS, NWSLV).

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New Survey Reveals 22.5% of Brits Admit to Having A One-Night Stand Despite Coronavirus Outbreak

London, Mar 27 – COVID-19 may have been declared a severe public health risk but the coronavirus outbreak has not deterred Brits hooking up for a night of passion with a stranger

Hookup Dating website, Shagbook, surveyed 1,000 random UK citizens, and almost a quarter of the respondents surveyed admitted to arranging a sex hook-up since the breakout of Coronavirus in the UK.

The independently commissioned survey also gave an insight into the UK’s attitude towards sex with 24.3% of people admitting to having had casual sex with someone they have just met, and 29% of married partners admitted to having a one-night stand.

Shagbook is a sex hook up dating website that enables singles and married partners to meet up for casual, no-strings-attached sex. With UK pubs closing their doors and millions opting for self-isolation, sex and dating will become a tricky issue in the coming months. Social distancing proclamations should be considered when engaging in risky behaviour.

A representative from Shagbook said “We can’t stop the UK population arranging to meet for sexual encounters, but we do urge people to be responsible and think of the well-being of others. If you show any signs of coronavirus, even if it’s only a common cold, do not put others at risk. Over the course of the coming weeks, Shagbook will include website information to ensure that this message is understood. We will also be promoting our live cams for those looking for 100% safe, sexy fun.” is a popular British sex hook up dating site. The independent survey was commissioned prior to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordering a nationwide lockdown on Monday, March 23.

Media Inquiries Only: For more details about the latest survey, or to obtain a copy of the summary or raw survey data, please email

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New Biometric Research Reveals the Perfect Business Card Design

• Four in ten UK adults (40%) have had their perception of a business or company negatively impacted by the quality and/or design of a business card alone, new research reveals.
• Biometric analysis (using eye tracking, heart rate monitoring, and 1-100 dial rate scoring) reveals what overall designs, and fonts/colours are favoured most.
• One in three (31%) say a no-frills design with only essential information was always their preference
• Further information can be found here.

Four in ten UK adults (40%) have had their perception of a business or company negatively impacted by the quality and/or design of a business card alone, new research reveals.

The study with 2,000 people1, undertaken by online printing specialists, instantprint, showed just how impactful a bad design can be; sparking further investigation into what we consider to be a good design.

Following the initial nationwide poll, instantprint conducted in-depth biometric analysis2 with seven business card variations across ten industries (70 cards in total). Users had their eyes tracked (heatmapping and pupil dilation) and heart rates monitored as they looked over each business card; revealing what grabbed their attention first, what got their heart rates going, and which designs interested them the most overall.

So, what makes the perfect business card design?
1. Colour: Yellow and white are the most appealing colours for the background of a business card, according to the biometric analysis. Strong primary blues and green were also popular accent colour option across the board.
2. Text: All copy should be easy-to-read and evenly spaced, with black or white text colour most appealing. Classic fonts were consistently more popular than modern typefaces.
3. Logo: Users showed a preference for simple and representative logos that took up no more than 25% of the total business card space.

Overall, the findings outlined a tendency towards simplicity over more unique and statement designs.

This was again reinforced in instantprint’s poll, with traditional card layouts with logos/fonts/colours that accurately represent a business’ services favoured by nearly half (45%) of all respondents, and one in three (31%) saying a no-frills design with only essential information was always their preference.

Jon Constantine-Smith, Head of instantprint, commented on the findings:
“It is fascinating to see just how much impact the design of a business card can have on the perception of a business, but also how opinions do vary between industries, generations and genders.
“Driving new customers can be challenging for any business, so turning someone off when you hand a card over is of course something to avoid!
“When it comes to the design of your business stationery, it can be tricky to get it right, but considering your audience, and following the advice laid out by this research – keeping it simple and representative of your services – is a great starting point.”

For more findings from instantprint’s business card research, including a video showing the full biometric testing process, please visit:

1. Survey of 2,000 adults.

2. Biometric analysis using Gazepoint testing equipment, connected to a PC. This was conducted in November 2019. We set up an eye tracking camera, biometrics dial and heart rate monitor with a PC. The test itself involved using seven business card design variations across ten different industries (70 in total). Once the equipment was set up, it was time to start recording results. We invited a selection of people to undertake the test to ensure the insight was representative of a broad demographic. Each person had to sit directly in front of the GP3 eye tracking camera so the camera could focus on the individual’s pupils using infrared. Each user placed his or her index fingers in the heart rate monitor and placed their other hand on the 0-100% dial, to rate how they felt about each design. Before the test could begin, we calibrated the eye tracking camera for each user to ensure that their eyes were being accurately tracked. Once the calibration was complete, the user was then allowed to begin the test which took around 5 minutes. When all tests were complete, we exported the data and footage to analyse the results.

About instantprint

Founded in 2009, instantprint is an online printing company, made up of a friendly bunch of talented individuals with a hunger to help their customers reach their customers in the best way. With print that makes them look amazing. And helps their business to flourish. Making them so much more than a printing company.

instantprint are proud to offer sustainable print services, using the greenest possible paper options available, and on top of this they are FSC certified. The company are also ISO certified, and all of their packaging (even the plastic!) is recyclable. They pride themselves on their partnerships with several waste management companies, which means they recycle 97% of all their waste.

instantprint recently announced plans of their 2020 expansion. The printing firm will increase their total footprint by 45% to 145,000 sq. ft paving the way for its continual growth.

instantprint was named the national winner of the 2019 Customer and Market Engagement at the European Business Awards.

instantprint specialises in 24-hour flyer and leaflets, business cards, posters and stationery. Thanks to a recent 3.25m investment, the printing giant is now able to produce and deliver stapled booklets within two working days.

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Sovran Reveals New Brand Identity with Redesigned Logo and Website

Sovran formerly SpeechVillage reveals it all new website and service positioning

London UK, February 2020 – Sovran, a leading provider of revolutionary voicebots and chatbots using rapid NLP technology, announced today the launch of its new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo, and website. These changes come at a time when the company is evolving and is ready to present its proprietary and highly advanced enterprise AI solutions to a wider market.

Context“In the last year, Sovran – formerly SpeechVilage, has successfully diversified and scaled its service offerings while broadening our reach into customer experience & employee experience for Enterprise clients,” said Clive Elleforde, CRO of Sovran. “Our new website and brand identity better reflects our innovative technology and unique market strengths and clearly demonstrates the evolution of natural language in AI Voicebots that we are leading.”

The new logo represents a voice wave style curve, picking up the initials A and I. Demonstrating the focus on leadership in Voice AI.

“We have evolved and we needed a new name to better represent the company focus and direction. Now we aim to be a truly global company and no longer limited to a “village”. Sovran is an older spelling of sovereign and is based on our focus to be an acknowledged leader in our sphere. Our technology is advancing at a rapid rate and results are proving that.

The newly redesigned website features easy-to-navigate pages and updated service information while the layout is structured to provide a seamless user experience. The site also better highlights the full impact and potential of our advanced corporate solutions VPA (voice powered assistant) offers.

Our solutions are having a huge positive impact on businesses they are running in. With one client experiencing Net Promoter scores of more than 50% from customers interacting with the voicebot and automation above 81%. Those significant time-savings add up across millions of calls in an industry where time is money.

How do Sovran applications achieve this? The omni-channel, inbound or outbound voice-bots engage customers in a totally unique process. With their unique EAR (Enhanced Audio Recognition™) technology, it makes light work of pauses, filters out background noise and even side conversations and any tuning is deployed instantly. The result is an interaction that engages, eliminates “no matches”, provides accurate speech understanding and responds in natural language.

About Sovran: Sovran is the human voice in the voicebot space. With our proprietary dialogue engine, we develop voicebots that handle millions of inbound and outbound calls. Our solutions work in complex customer service dialogues with the accuracy and speed of prototyping unmatched in the industry. Our enhanced tools deliver unprecedented performances and automations that enhance customer satisfaction across all verticals.

Visit learn more
Media Contact
Clive Elleforde CRO
Tel: 020 7101 4224

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Survey by VMINTERACTIVE reveals current statistics of teenagers views on contraception ahead of 2020

Survey by VMINTERACTIVE reveals current statistics of teenagers views on contraception ahead of 2020

• 86% of 16-19 year olds are aware of the morning after pill.
• Only 69% would seek the morning after pill for an abortion.
• Only 42% teenagers would be embarrassed to buy condoms.
• 89% teenagers are unaware of the health risks not covered by the morning after pill.

This year Click Pharmacy has had an 80% increase in the product sale of EllaOne also nicknamed ”The promiscuity pill” this would be linked to the efficiency of it being used up to 5 days after and economic value if your BMI is over 26, you take one rather than two of other brands of morning after pill. When you have a pill that can be taken up to 5 days after unprotected sex and so readily available in stores and online without a prescription, there is no doubt sales would rise. Controversy is wrapped around it, also being seen as ‘a form of abortion pill’ according to Norman Wells, director of the charity Family Education Trust.

VMINTERACTIVE has conducted a survey on 200 teenagers looking at the knowledge of different contraception, health risks not protected by contraception (apart from condoms) and also those who believe the morning after pill is a form of abortion. These findings prove that sexual education at school is not necessarily increasing awareness. Teenagers are more likely to have unprotected sex and order morning after pill as it’s more accessible rather than condoms.

‘EllaOne it’s the most effective pill on the market with 95% potency” states Jana Abelovska, pharmacy expert from Click Pharmacy, “however not something to be used regularly as it is a high dosage and is not great for the body.”

As a Health Tech company Click Pharmacy are a source of knowledge on these kinds of issues and want to offer the best advice of all the different options of contraception to people of all ages.

Top reasons for using contraception:

• Since 2014 – Chlamydia has been found in 1.8 million case that’s a 19% increase.
• Since 2014 – Gonorrhea has been found in 583,405 cases; which is 63% increase
• 15 to 24-year-olds accounted for 62% of those with Chlamydia, 52% with gonorrhoea

Survey of 200 respondents carried out by Click Pharmacy in December 2019.

VM Interactive was born with the sole intention of helping other businesses establish and grow their online presence. After pulling together talented professionals from the digital marketing industry, we have achieved excellence in providing engineered digital strategies that will super charge your business online presence.

Apart from our proven digital excellence, what makes us different to other digital marketing agencies is our understanding of the business owners’ goals and market conditions so that you can continue with your business while we work on bringing the traffic to your website. Our aim is to partner up with business owners by working closely with them so we can learn and then find innovative ideas that separate them from their competitors, building a larger and stronger audience for their business.

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People Insight Study Reveals the Key to Employee Retention

London, UK] [December 2019]— Employee survey and HR consultancy providers, People Insight, have carried out extensive research to answer the pressing question — what is the key to employee retention? Why do some employees stick with organisations while others jump ship?

Armed with data from their extensive employee survey database, People Insight carried out a statistical analysis and found that as well as career development and interesting work, the number one reason employees stay at companies relates to company purpose.

The research was prompted by the fact that employee retention is a pressing concern for most businesses, especially in light of record low unemployment rates and the war for talent raging.

Our employee research has long demonstrated the importance of a role that’s interesting and challenging, with opportunities for career development as critical to employee engagement. However, by looking at intention to stay as a statistical endpoint, we’ve found that company purpose nudges ahead as a key driver. This provides critical evidence for our colleagues as we drive for our organisations to become more purpose-led .”
— Carolyn Nevitte, Director, People Insight

People Insight have released a free online resource detailing the results of this study. The report also includes insights and quotes from a number of CEOs, MDs and business founders, along with a YouGov survey that explores how engaged and motivated today’s workforce are with their company purpose.

What Does the Employee Retention Report Explore?

The report explores the following:

● Why employees are so motivated by company purpose
● Strong examples of company purpose
● Case studies of how modern organisations are trying to retain employees
● A YouGov survey exploring how meaningful modern employees believe their company’s purpose to be (including generational and gender divides)
● How companies can get employees excited about company purpose

Read More about the Report’s Findings

To read the report in its entirety, please download a free copy at the People Insight website below:

Study reveals the secret to staff retention

About People Insight

At People Insight, our purpose is to make the world a more engaging place to work, one organisation at a time. Organisation leaders trust us to design and deliver tailored programmes that improve the experience, performance and retention of tens of thousands of employees across the public, private and not for profit sectors. The success of our programmes is powered by expert organisational psychologists, supportive project managers and sophisticated survey technology.


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