Rich Nana’s Debut Single ‘Papi Chulo’ Defies Expectations Going Viral on TikTok With 14 Million Views

Artist: Rich Nana
Single/Music Video: Papi Chulo
Release Date: Out Now

“An extravagant combination of Cher, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears…The shrill jet seer now wants to climb the rap Olympus’’- ilawjournals

Swiss-based Rap artist and songwriter Rich Nana releases her new summer anthem and is ready to take the world by storm with a glossy video filmed in Cuba and directed by well-acclaimed director Gils Green who has worked with the likes of Camilla Cabello, Nicky Minaj, Jason Derulo and Ne-Yo. Produced by 1212sauce and mastered by Randy Merrill (Lady Gaga, Adele, Taylor Swi, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles) at the well-known Sterling Studios, the track has already gained traction across TikTok, going viral with an accumulative 11million views, with over 1.5k individual videos using the track. With its slick production and sexy lano rhythm the track has inspired creators across the platform to use it for their content, bringing the soundtrack of Havana straight into your living room.

From a child in an orphanage to a pop singer, Rich Nana has had a moving life. She worked as a dancer, restaurateur and club
owner. Now, she is ready to conquer the stage breaking all the conventions in rap music. For mature Rich Nana, age is just a
number. She never gets old because she never stops trying new things. She is very stylish, sometimes explicit but at the same
me very honest with herself. Her goal to empower, inspire and motivate all the women. Her hope to take them out of their
comfort zone. Rich Nana states “ want to show to everyone that it is never too late to make your dreams come true. You must never be ashamed of being old. Start something new. It will make you happy. A new journey is like a new life’’.

Rich Nana is more than an artist. She is an icon. Influenced by the classic divas Cher and Diana Ross and the avant-garde style
of Lady Gaga, Rich Nana has the secret combination to stay fresh and up-to-date with all the latest trends. ‘Papi Chulo’ is the first offering worldwide and is ready to impress with its catchy hook, the sexy dance routines in the music video and her taste in fashion. For her, ‘‘Life is like a theater. Decoration and staging are important’’.

The rest of 2020 is going to be extremely busy for Rich Nana planning to release more new music and videos. Keep checking
her social media for the latest updates.
Links: Spotify: Spotify/therichnana

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Working Hard Won’t Make You Rich – 4 Simple Ways to Amass Wealth and be Free

There are numerous tips and tricks you can use to help you save more money. However, this often boils down to making sacrifices and working hard. Fortunately, working hard isn’t the only way you can become rich. In fact, self-made millionaires compare building wealth to other things in life, like mastering a second language. Attracting money is a learnable skill, but just like learning a second language, you cannot do it in a single day. Making wealth also takes time.

Tips on How to Amass Wealth Without Leaving Your Couch

While it may seem impossible to most people, you can easily start building wealth without having to get out of your home by making some simple tweaks to your life. Below are some of the ways you can start getting more money without working extra hard.

Ditch that steady paycheck

If you take your time to study some of the wealthiest people in the world, you’ll find out that most of them are self-employed. On the other hand, most ordinary people often settle for steady paychecks. Although this doesn’t mean that there are no wealthy people who rely on a paycheck, this is often the slowest path to becoming rich.

But this doesn’t mean that you should quit your job today. In fact, Daymond John, a self-made millionaire, says that the idea to quit from your current work-place “is garbage.” Instead, you should first start something on the side.

Automate your savings

This simply means that you pay yourself first. You can do this by handling your savings like a bill that you have to pay. Therefore, you have to transfer a certain amount of money from your checking account to your savings account every month.

By automating your savings, you won’t forget to make a payment or be tempted to skimp on your savings because you won’t even be in control of transferring money into your savings account.

Try forex trading

Forex is one of the world’s leading markets, and you can earn more money and get rich as a forex trader. However, keep in mind that trading currencies have some risks, just like any other business. To start making money in foreign exchange, you need money to invest. You make money by buying cheap and selling for more – sounds easy? In practice, it’s not easy, but the potential profits are unlimited. To start trading, you need to link with a forex broker and join a currency platform.

Negotiate your income

Negotiating your monthly salary can be a tricky thing to do. However, if you’re not getting what you’re worth, it may make the difference between living an average life and a wealthy one. After all, one of the main things that will lead you to make more money is how much you’re getting paid today. But before you ask your employer for a raise, first do your homework. Spend some time learning more about negotiation mistakes to avoid and salary negotiation tips.

To Become Rich, You Have to Take Risks and be Prepared to Make Mistakes

Don’t be afraid to make important decisions regarding your financial goals. Always remember that having less is riskier than having more. While you may fail at some things, don’t shy away from taking risks. Instead, see it as an opportunity to learn a new skill.