Scottish tech firm set to transform the post COVID workplace

Keystone, a leading workplace technology company, has created a unique Return-to-Work solution which addresses the global demand for safe and productive Post COVID workplaces.

STIRLING, SCOTLAND, June 2020. Keystone, a leading provider of workplace technology, announces the launch of its Return-to-Work technology solution and is already experiencing significant demand from organisations around the world.

The solution combines 24×7 real time monitoring of client workspaces using innovative IoT sensors with advanced data science powered by artificial neural networks. This unique capability enables, for the first time, managers to configure the solution to meet their post COVID workplace policies and guidelines, monitor over 74 data points in real time (including occupancy, social distancing, air quality and environmental quality) and receive real time ‘breach’ alerts and automated risk level updates.

By deploying the solution, companies can provide a safe and productive workplace for employees during the return to work, re-configure office layouts based on real time occupancy and utilisation data, monitor workplace compliance to guidance and standards 24×7 and in real time, receive breach alerts (e.g. if employees breach the social distance rule for more than a pre-set period), log incidents and manage preventative tasks and report on the Return to Work program effectiveness.

By working with world leading academics and data science teams, Keystone will shortly be adding predictive capabilities which will proactively alert office managers to future risks or potential breaches of policy or guidelines, with recommendations on avoidance strategies.

Keystone is the technology division of Key Facilities Management, one of the pioneers of the facility management sector. To respond to significant client demand for effective tools to help businesses return to the workplace after the coronavirus pandemic, the team at Keystone has rapidly re-configured its existing FM+ and Workplace+ technology products to provide a low cost, quick to implement and proven Return to Work solution that uniquely provides complete coverage of the entire workplace, 24×7 and in real time.

Gordon Mitchell, Keystone’s CIO commented: “For responsible employers, the COVID pandemic has accelerated the importance of providing safe, healthy, adaptive and productive workplaces. Our unique combination of advanced data science, best of breed sensing capabilities and world leading expertise in facility management is the reason our Keystone solution is in such demand”.

About Keystone
Keystone is the technology division of Key Facilities Management, pioneers of the £1.2tn facility management industry. Headquartered near Stirling in Central Scotland, Keystone’s cloud based technology enables organisations to gain real time visibility and centralised control of entire workplace. The technology powers smart buildings connected estates and smart cities using a combination of innovative sensing capabilities and advanced data science. Keystone partners with leading academic organisations, innovative IoT sensor providers and facility managers to continually deliver value to an international client base. As a recognised pioneer of workplace technology, Keystone’s founder Gordon Mitchell is involved in the development of international standards and adoption of technology in the workplace.

Gordon Mitchell, Founder & CIO, Keystone


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Scottish Gold Explorer is raising £600k to advance its Kerry Road Deposit

For the past year and a half GreenOre Gold plc (GreenOre) has undertaken work near Gairloch in North West Scotland to assess the economic potential of the known mineralisation along the Kerry Road. Just over 9000m of drilling was conducted at a site along the old Kerry Road in the late 70’s early 80’s where a horizon rich in gold, copper and zinc was discovered. This site was abandoned due to low metal prices. A reassessment of the deposit and immediate area by GreenOre has concluded that this deposit is now of economic interest and the surrounding area, ripe for further discoveries.

The Kerry Road Deposit is located within a carbonate rich unit in the Gairloch Schist Belt (GSB). The GSB extends 15km north to south. Along this trend newly obtained Aeromag data from the British Geological Survey (BGS) has identified 9 distinct magnetic highs along the GSB with the Kerry Road Deposit clearly visible.

Some of these other magnetic high areas were investigated in 2019 revealing massive sulphide beds within the GSB. These sulphide beds appear along the same stratigraphic level as the Kerry Road deposit. One such bed located 10km south revealed 0.2 and 0.17g/t gold in grab samples from a sulphide bearing unit which disappears under the sandstone cover. Historically boulders from the vicinity ran up to 4g/t gold. Research by the BGS in 1986 identified a similar geophysical anomaly as that at Kerry Road below the sandstone at this location. This has never been drill tested. It is believed the sandstone cover is about 40m. The fact that elevated gold grades can be found over 10km away along the same unit indicates that the gold system is far bigger than just the Kerry Road Deposit. This also demonstrates the size and scale of the mineralisation event.

In 2018 GreenOre drill tested the mineralised outcrop at Kerry Road and intercepted 17m at 1g/t Au, 0.9% Cu and 0.6% Zn (including 8m at 1.8g/t Au, 1.4% Cu and 0.7% Zn). Along with the high levels of gold, copper and zinc there also appears to be elevated levels of cobalt within the bed. Cobalt values in GreenOre’s drill hole were up to 370g/t over 1m. At surface a value of 410g/t was discovered and analysis of a historic drillhole (GBH15) revealed 450g/t at 25.95m. As cobalt was never tested historically and it is anticipated higher values may exist elsewhere.

Following consultation with many experts GreenOre is confident that, if proven accurate, the historic deposit at Kerry Road is now of economic interest. GreenOre is now seeking funding to develop this deposit beginning with confirmatory drilling and a resource calculation. Metallurgical test work of the ore and prefeasibility studies will follow. During this period further investigations will continue to identify more mineralisation along trend.

If you’d like to learn more about GreenOre and its fundraise, please visit

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NR Private Market is targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand the risks and make their own investment decisions. Investing via the NR Private Market platform does not insulate you from any of the risks associated with traditional mining and exploration investments. The value of your investment can go down as well as up and past performance is not a guide to future capital growth or rates of returns. Your Capital is at risk.

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Dark Sense, Scottish thriller feature film online and DVD release

New Edinburgh feature film DARK SENSE is released online on Amazon Prime and on DVD on the 13th of September 2019.

It’s not just the Avengers and the Fast and Furious that are making the most of Scotland’s fantastic scenery and stunning locations. New independent thriller DARK SENSE is the ambitious debut feature film of Scottish director Magnus Wake. Wake says, “We wanted to make a film set in Scotland that was about telling a great story, that would entertain. Scotland has a well-deserved reputation in creating films around social justice, but we also need to show we can punch above our weight in creating thrilling entertainment.”

Dark Sense was shot around Edinburgh in 2017 and features notable talent such as Shane O’Meara of Waterloo Road, Jim Sturgeon of Casualty, James Robinson the young Wallace from Braveheart, as well as guest stars Siobhan Redmond, Gordon Kennedy and Sanjeev Kohli.

The film has met with worldwide critical success winning awards in the US including Best International Film at the SENE film festival. It recently was selected by FRIGHTFEST, the UK’s largest genre BAFTA festival which described the film as, “A knockout, cleverly plotted, heart-pounding thriller.”

Based on Amazon bestseller First and Only by Peter Flannery, Dark Sense tells the story of Simon, a young man with unique abilities. He can see into the future and is connected to a serial killer who he knows he must stop, even if it means being his final victim.

Dark Sense is available from Amazon Prime

The DVD features a 33 minute behind the scenes ‘making of’ documentary that covers the crowdfunding, development and shooting of the film. The DVD also features the directors and authors commentary.

Watching options and DVD purchase:

Twitter/Instagram: @thedarksense