“Persuasive Marketer’ and Entrepreneur shares his proven tactics to enable you to master marketing‘Persuasive Marketer’ shares his guide to mastering the art so you can sell anything to anyone

The Persuasive Marketer is the guide to marketing that focuses on how to understand your buyer and successfully cater to their needs. Entrepreneur, CEO and now author, Ioannis Antypas walks you through how essential elements of communication, storytelling and the psychological aspect to better understanding your audience helps you provide them with the best solution.

Antypas inherited his business genes from his father and grandfather with his feats of entrepreneurship starting from as early as age 8. Milestone birthdays had milestones in business follow, he bought his first restaurant at 18 and developed his first digital agency shortly after.

In 2018 Antypas began developing Hela Job. Hela Job is a digital platform that matches you to temporary and flexible work that’s available now and relevant to your skill set. It is now primed to sit at the front of the recently redefined UK gig economy as the number of people looking for work has increased immensely.

Google saw searches for temporary work spike last month. Due to everything coronavirus related combined with news that those on the government’s furlough scheme are now registering as unemployed. The need for the Hela Job platform and its easy process to find work and fill job vacancies has never been higher.

According to serial entrepreneur Antypas,

‘Part of the inspiration to write the book was that with the volume of businesses I’d seen turning digital, I would notice a majority of them simply lacking the persuasion needed to close sales. From one entrepreneur to another, this book showcases my earned experience in business and work with companies to encourage and educate those out there on how to get their business started.’

Part of the team that worked with Antypas to bring Hela Job to fruition also work within his digital web agency, Jukkie Digital Agency. The London agency has been operating for over 4 years with a dedicated team of staff offering aspects of digital marketing like SEO optimisation, branding and web design to clients.

All these enterprises are just a few feathers in Ioannis Antypas’ cap. ‘The Persuasive Marketer’ is drawn from his personal experience in business, readers can be assured that the techniques, strategies and tips included have been utilised, tried and tested by Antypas.

The Persuasive Marketer will be available on Amazon as Paperback, Kindle eBook and Audible Audiobook from Tuesday 14th August. You can pre-order your copy right now at:

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Vall Banc SAU strips assets and shares, seized and frozen by Ponzi scheme victim!

A recent legal action against Dutch businessman Pieter Henderikus Langelaan, serial fraudster and resident of Andorra, which was marred by his sudden death, now involves Andorran bank, Vall Banc SAU, for stripping assets and shares, seized and frozen by an investor in one of the Ponzi schemes run by the deceased.

With no central bank in Andorra to provide banking safety, by overseeing the supply of money, the setting of interest rates, as well as regulating the banking industry, it is evident that all is not well in the Principality.

In 2015 the ‘glass stopper scam’ start-up company ‘International Quiding Sarl’ (IQ), run by Mr Langelaan, now deceased, and his company Rihold, secured €16 million from a consortium of duped investors from Andorra, for a wine and drinks glass stopper system, that never made a single product!

When assets and shares were frozen by one aggrieved investor owed €5M by Rihold, and Mr Langelaan, Vall Banc SAU in Andorra, advanced a €4 million loan on those frozen assets, which included 7,000 shares in a company that is now bankrupt? clearly with no financials, bringing the entire Andorran banking system into question!! The record of the transfer of the frozen shares and assets were recorded in the Commercial Register of Companies of Luxembourg, where Rihold and International Quidding were registered. So why did the due-diligence by Vall Banc SAU not bring this to light? Did Vall Banc SAU know that it was helping Mr Langelaan to commit serious fraud, which, before his untimely death, was being investigated in court? Perhaps now Andorra needs a central bank considering this recent behaviour by one of its institutions.

The aggrieved investor who was in the process of filing a successful criminal action against Mr Langelaan, has now filed a complaint against Vall Banc SAU (owned by JC Flowers) in the framework of the same action.

The complainant considers that Vall Banc SAU should have been aware of the financial situation regarding Langelaan and the Luxembourg companies Rihold and International Quiding. The fact Vall Banc SAU advanced a sizeable loan secured against frozen shares and assets that were seized in a court in Luxembourg, in favour of the complainant, surely this demonstrates dreadful ‘due diligence’ by one of the principal banking institutions in the Principality of Andorra.

Also, because Vall Banc SAU was already a shareholder in International Quiding, the financial consultant and intermediary in many of the operations carried out by Langelaan was and continues to be on the board of directors of the bank.

This Andorran consultant had previously signed, long before even the creation of Vall Banc SAU, a contract with Langelaan by which he undertook to “mobilize all his knowledge and experience to contribute funds to the ‘glass top’ start-up.

With Vall Banc SAU being rumoured to be ‘up for sale’ by owners, JC Flowers, will prospective buyers see the €4 million hole in the balance sheet from the loan to Mr Langelaan, which is unlikely to be recovered. And should Vall Banc SAU provide for that loss on the one hand and an economical compensation of €4 million for the loan made against frozen assets, totalling €8 million in all.

In February 2020, Andorra filed an application to become a full member of the IMF (International Monetary Fund). It is clear for this to be granted, the need for stricter due diligence in the Principality is paramount. Regulator, AFA, must clean up their act and put pressure on banks to be more diligent in their lending, otherwise, future investors will not come to Andorra, whilst now it seems that only fraudsters seem comfortable to exist in the Principality! Is the time now right for a Central Bank in Andorra?

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