smart logistics machine learning infrastructure

smart logistics machine learning infrastructure

Dura Vermeer and HAL24K partnership to drive smart infrastructure

Amsterdam, December 19, 2018 – As part of its strengthened commitment to digitization and sustainability, construction company Dura Vermeer will make a strategic investment in data intelligence scale-up HAL24K.

The companies enter into a partnership to solve complex, infrastructural asset and mobility issues. Thanks to this collaboration, Dura Vermeer will gain valuable data-driven insights into the condition of assets, traffic flows and logistics, and will also be able to increase its own operational efficiency.

HAL24K provides operational and predictive intelligence to cities, countries and companies, and its SaaS-based Dimension platform enables real-time data-driven decision making in complex and multidimensional environments.

One of the first joint projects focuses on the optimization of highway maintenance by utilizing automatic image recognition. It will result in inspectors spending less time on the road as cameras can detect issues and damage to road assets earlier, improving safety and reducing costs. Thanks to data-driven traffic forecasts, the construction company is also able to provide road users with better information on roadworks.

“Data-driven decision-making models are the future, not only for asset management, but also for construction logistics and traffic flow. In fact, for all the essential components of mobility, which end users will experience in a positive way. The partnership will help drive a huge acceleration in our learning process,” says Theo Winter, member of the Executive Board of Dura Vermeer.

Jerome Mol, founder and CEO of HAL24K, added: “I am delighted to announce our partnership. It is yet more proof that HAL24K’s predictive intelligence is now ready to shape infrastructure for the benefit of all.

Dura Vermeer has been one of the most successful and leading construction companies in the Netherlands for 162 years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Working together, we will pioneer solutions which will mean critical infrastructure will be fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

“By combining our knowledge of AI and advanced data science, built on our Dimension platform, with the deep expertise of Dura Vermeer, we can make a difference; creating infrastructure that is digital, smart and sustainable.”