UK-Based Startup Neuclo Technology Offers Environmentally Friendly Smartphones & Wearable Technology at Affordable Prices

Last year, the world set a record for the amount of e-waste generated worldwide, discarding 53.6 million metric tons of technological devices including phones, computers, appliances, and other gadgets. Despite its serious environmental implications, the worldwide amount of e-waste has grown by 21 percent over the last five years with no end in sight, generated in large part by increased production of inexpensive smartphones and other devices.

Enter United Kingdom-based Neuclo Technology, a startup company seeking to challenge the status quo and tackle the growing e-waste epidemic head-on. Renowned for designing innovative smartphones and wearable technology at affordable prices, Neuclo is upending the smartphone and wearable technology sector – with both the consumer and the environment in mind.

With a core mission of creating great products that the public can enjoy for years to come and also help save our environment, Neuclo has long been respected for its commitment to keeping to the highest of green standards. But the company’s products are more than just environmentally friendly. By producing devices like the Pop K2 smartphone or the Pulse2 Pro smartwatch, Neuclo provides consumers with access to state-of-the-art technology, at some of the most affordable prices in the market today.

“At a time when e-waste is growing at an alarming rate, the Neuclo team is producing incredible products that are both consumer-friendly and cutting-edge,” says Noel Kingsley, the Founder of Neuclo Technology. “We’re determined to continue to pioneer a new way towards producing environmentally friendly products, use eco-friendly components in our supply chain, and adhere to fair trade practices. Thanks to our innovative approach, everyone can know that Neuclo products are not only good for your wallet – they’re great for the planet.”

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Regular, correct cleaning of your smartphone could help prevent the spread of germs

UNITED KINGDOM; 23 March 2020 – In the wake of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, UK-based mobile accessories supplier, Mobile Lyme is reminding people to sanitize their handsets regularly to avoid coming into contact with germs at this time.

Mobile Lyme is a leading supplier of top quality, authentic smartphone accessories based in the Midlands, selling everything from cases and covers to wireless chargers.

“Smartphones and accessories are high touch items that easily collect dirt and germs. Right now, we are urging people to more vigilant with their devices and clean them regularly using the correct cleaning items so as not to damage them,” says X of Mobile Lyme.

How to clean your mobile phone:

  1. Unplug all cables and turn your phone off
  2. Remove any cases or other accessories from the phone
  3. Using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Disinfecting Wipes, gently wipe the exterior surfaces of your phone and try to avoid getting any moisture in any openings.
  4. Let your phone air dry for about 5 minutes
  5. Give your phone another wipe-down with a soft microfiber cloth
  6. Use sticky tape to remove any grime or stuck dirt in crevices
  7. Repeat this process with your phone case and other accessories – you can use more astringent cleaners on these in general, except for accessories that contain fabric/ leather

Follow the following precautions to not damage your device:

  • Do not use bleach or straight alcohol such methylated spirits which will damage the special coatings on the screen
  • Do not submerge your phone in any cleaning agents

How often should I clean my phone?

It’s a good idea to clean your phone more regularly than usual at this time. You can disinfect as often as every second day and give your phone a wipe down with a microfibre cloth every day to stay on top of germs.

“Now is also a good time to update any old accessories that may feel grimy or damaged, or to safely purchase accessories for your new phones. Mobile Lyme’s secure website offers a wide selection of accessories for all phone types including all major brands and latest models such as the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. Right now, we are offering FREE shipping with all orders so our customers can easily order new accessories from the comfort of their home with peace of mind. We take great care with every order to ensure new and regular customers are treated with equally.”

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TOME combats smartphone addiction with unique smartphone capsule and app

Rescue your family from smartphone addiction. TOME combines the best elements of physical and digital restraint, to improve mindfulness and help parents and their children break free of device distraction.

In the modern age, family time is hindered by the smartphone. It can be detrimental to mental health, personal relationships and consequently more costly to the society we live in. Reports show that 45% of parents say they feel addicted to their mobile device, up from 27% in 2016, while teens feel their parents are addicted to their mobile device.

To combat this TOME by Medietas Ltd was created as the perfect place and the only place to put your device away for up to 4 hours. What initially seems to be just a wooden box from the outside is a hideaway for your phone that rewards you the more time you leave your phone inside. Founded by Mindful Living Coach, Calvin Niles, TOME allows more mindful use of tech and rescues your family from device addiction. Its design fits perfectly in the home leaving family time the only thing that matters once TOME is active.  TOME allows you to be present in the moment by removing device distraction.

Devices can steal our focus and concentration quite easily however kids get it even worse. A recent child study found that children who spend more than two hours a day on smartphones are seven times more likely to develop ADHD – a behavioural disorder that affects one’s attentiveness, impulses and hyperactivity.

Co-founder Dr Aaron Mason, CTO recognised “device distraction has become a big issue especially for families who don’t spend enough time together, so technology like TOME is the most simple and effective way of solving this issue whilst keeping everyone happy, I know first-hand and am guilty of doing it, hence why we are working on this problem.”

With all this distraction, TOME is a symbol that represents balance, with a design that fits into any domestic or commercial environment. TOME is the perfect solution to smartphone addiction and device distraction as it’s functionality and design allows it to be a practical household item that reduces distractions. The capsule is durable and accented by sleek bamboo, diffused lighting. Inside a soft cushioned interior protects devices and most importantly it keeps your phone charged (wirelessly) so it’s ready to go when you’re ready.

TOME co-founder Calvin Niles said “As a doting father I value my time with my children enormously, but I realised that I was missing key moments in their lives due to my own device distraction. I feel we have created something special here and are really excited to be able to help bring balance back to people’s lives in this digital age.”

Companies are taking note too. Slack, the tech company that specialises in collaboration, has made protecting off-line time one of their key features as evidenced by their Do Not Disturb mode. TOME adds value in a similar way. With devices overtaking people’s daily activities regardless of age, sex, gender, career, nationality, or economic status, the symbol of TOME, that of power of intention, holds weight.

TOME can be integrated into everyday mindfulness routines and has been created for both functional and aesthetic value. Calvin further notes that “TOME was refined for quality at every stage of the design process over the last 12 months and a great deal of emphasis was placed on striking balance between the user experience and its look and feel. It is finely crafted and intuitively functional and serves as a clear place to lock away your smart devices to help achieve more quality time.”

TOME is brought to you by Medietas Ltd based in London, UK.  Medietas is a start-up company founded in 2016 to create products which bring balance to people’s lives. Its crowdfunding campaign is now live on Kickstarter to fund its first commercial production run of TOME capsules for deliveries from March 2020. The crowdfunding campaign can be viewed here

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