social justice

social justice

Powerful tool for an ultimate Progressive election win!

The Progressive coloring book, created for the health benefits of coloring such as decreased stress, increased resilience and to inspire each other to vote.

Powerful tool for an ultimate Progressive election win!

A creative way to increase inner peace, grow solidarity and win.

Your Progressive organization has worked hard to grow its membership and get your members to the polls for our Progressive candidates and causes. As people face the most difficult challenges in many of our lifetimes, too often we see people giving up when we need them to show up more than ever.

Our new Progressive adult coloring book was created to help progressives and Progressive organizations inspire each other so that we can create victories at every level at the polls and in our communities.

This tool for visualizing an election win will affect more than just voter turnout. It covers all the known and unknown factors like voting machines working, overcoming fake news and voter misunderstandings, legal challenges, Trump misbehaviors, and unanticipated things. Visualizing an election win sends a powerful message to our collective subconscious that science says is a million times more powerful than our conscious minds and connects to our higher power that religions say is infinite. That is why they say, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” And very successful people from Oprah to sports and Olympic champions visualize success as well as working hard.

We live in a time of tremendous stress and anxiety where it feels like everything that a progressive person cares about in the world is under threat and our very lives feel at risk, whether we are out in the streets protesting for black lives, for our immigrant brothers and sisters or whether we are just trying to live our lives, keep food on the table and pay our rent.

We cannot afford in times such as these to give into despair and hopelessness. We cannot afford to turn against each other just when we need to turn to each other in solidarity and help each other the most.

Scrolling our feeds for the latest outrages not only depresses individuals but it depresses our vote. Voting is the way that we create Progressive power and progress in our society for social justice at every level.

We need to use whatever tools we can find to increase voter turnoutdecrease stress and anxiety and keep our people inspired and working together. This is going to be a long struggle, but it will be a struggle that we must win and we’ll win together.

The progressive adult coloring book was created to help the progressive community reduce hopelessness, stress and anxiety by engaging in an activity that has proven psychological and physical health benefits [1].

Most progressives think that we will have a peaceful life once we win at the polls and once we have legislative victories for social justice and equality. We believe in order to get to those victories we need to increase peace in each of our lives. This new progressive inspirational adult coloring book was designed to do just that.

Share this with your organization’s members today:

Progressive Coloring Book

Download your free picture of the largest progressive voter turnout in history to color. Then share your completed art online to motivate and inspire whole movements and individuals to vote for progressive candidates & causes. Go to  for your free picture. Share your finished colored picture of a historic voter turnout on twitter at #ProgressiveVision and on other social media. The free sample page you’ll receive from the Progressive Coloring Book is just one of the many inspiring pictures you can color in to stay motivated and to experience the benefits of reducing stress and anxiety in your life.

The documented health benefits of coloring include decreased heart rate, and blood pressure, and it reduces stress and anxiety. Many of our progressive friends have publicly commented about having troubles sleeping due to high anxiety levels. Coloring leads to improved sleep and greater health. It has been found to increase resilience, mindfulness, decision-making and physical and mental well-being, self-awareness, creative thinking and observational and attention skills. Coloring helps get into the flow state because much like mindfulness and creativity, flow emerges from deep concentration, focused attention, and the full engagement in the present [1].

The coloring book is filled with images of inspirational people and ideas that benefit all people. It covers racial justice, healthcare, love, solidarity, peace, education, the environment, voting, and more. This coloring book will rekindle your belief that we can make a difference and the expectation of a positive future. And that spark of hope can be enough to hold off despair and shine a light to guide us forward in life each day during these difficult times.

This book was created to give us a positive, hopeful future to focus on, energize and share with our community. It taps into the power of solidarity to strengthen a shared, positive community vision. The creator of this progressive adult coloring book writes “If as Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision the people perish,” then it follows that with a positive vision the people can thrive.”

The late great President Nelson Mandela once said, “Things are only impossible until they are not.” Your energized hopeful visions for a better world can influence people by changing our cultural narrative and sharing powerful ideas into the global collective subconscious mind on spiritual, psychic or metaphysical levels.

There have been times that new inventions or discoveries in the arts or science are documented to appear at the same time in different parts of the world. It has been referred to as the concept of multiple discovery or simultaneous invention. Those are examples of the global collective subconscious mind at work.

When enough people believe in and put their emotional and creative energies into progressive goals and values we can improve the quality of life for all of us. Together we can do this while we heal ourselves as we create real social justice for society. Feel free to try a free sample to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your happiness and make a better world.

Go to  for your free picture. Then share your finished colored picture of a historic Progressive voter turnout on twitter at #ProgressiveVision and on other social media.

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