social media marketing for hotels

social media marketing for hotels


Women’s Expo 2019 Essex | Surrey | London

An exclusive and intimate event for women who want to have meaningful conversations, build relationships and share experiences with multi-channel media coverage expected.

Are you a female business owner who wants to grow their business? Do you provide products and services for women? Are you actively looking for new clients? If so, this exclusive and intimate event has been created to connect you with women who are looking for new products and services for their personal and professional needs under one roof.

lisa chuma

‘I created Women’s Expo to help women easily find and discover new products and services for their personal and professional needs under one roof. At the same time enabling female business owners to thrive.’ Enquires to the JWP® Marketing and PR Consultancy


karen taylor

Karen lives and works in Essex, she has 3 children aged 11, 13 and 17. She runs her own holiday company, Inspire Me Travel and teaches French. Separated from her children’s father, Karen has to work her two jobs around her children and her domestic responsibilities.

But Karen has found the support of other women in the same situation has helped her and encouraged her, she realises the power of women working together.  Her favourite slogan is ‘individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean’.

The full investment per exhibitor is £200 and you will receive:

• Marketing done for you – FB campaign with your photo and links, run by the event.
• One table with chair 1,68m x 0,92m – display your products, marketing materials. Total exhibiting space: 2m x 2m. Listed on the exhibition program.


Preparation, presentation, after-event client follow-up.
Collaboration with other exhibitors. Communication and connection strategies.

Notes to Editors:
The Women’s Expo was created in Switzerland and is the only exhibition for women in Switzerland. Launched in 2013, they have had 800 female-owned businesses who exhibit, 9000 women, visit the exhibition and 1200 women attend their seminars.
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SocialAsk: the online reputation managers tackling the challenges of the hospitality industry

Depending on who you talk to, the hospitality industry is either set for a fantastic year or its worst for a while. The 2018 London Hotel Development Monitor Report said the future is rosy for hotels, with 62 hotels opening in the first half of last year and 11,600 new rooms planned by 2020. The number of visits to UK restaurants was predicted to have topped 83 million by 2018, demonstrating a continued interest in dining out.

On the other hand, the rise of home delivery services like Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats has made it possible to enjoy chef-cooked food in the comfort of our own homes.

And then there’s Brexit. According to a recent survey by Quinyx, a No-Deal or delayed Brexit could cost the industry over £18 Billion a year by 2024. Whatever the answer, it’s clear that hotels and restaurants need to up their marketing game to keep up with competition and other threats.

There’s now more pressure than ever for companies in the hospitality sector to keep up with trends and secure a sustainable spot in the market. The majority of people now check online before making a booking for a room or a table, and social media plays an important role in how companies find – and keep – customers.

Enter London based social media agency SocialAsk. Founded by marketing experts Giovanbattista Cimmino and Mattia Sangianini, the agency delivers a range of digital marketing and online reputation management services specifically designed for hotels and restaurants. From strategies to attract new patrons and increase brand awareness to building a community of loyal customers and preserving positive reputations, it’s all about helping hospitality companies not just survive but thrive.

Giovanbattista Cimmino said, “Reputation has always been important but it’s even more so today because the average customer places so much trust in online reviews and the opinions of their peers. The industry is constantly evolving, so our work is about ensuring our clients have a positive online presence and become known as the hottest option in their local area.”

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