NEXSTAND and the Turing Trust Stand and Deliver

10th August 2020- NEXSTAND EU celebrate a new partnership with the Turing Trust – 1 for 1 Tech for children in Africa.

NEXSTAND EU, London based remote working accessory company engages in a charity partnership with the Turing Trust. Helping to fund ICT education and resources for underprivileged children in Sub Saharan Africa.

Alan Turing was renowned for his work breaking the Enigma codes in WW2 and is recognised as a founder of computer science, helping to develop the earliest computers. James Turing is the great-nephew of Alan and a founder of the Turing Trust.

The Turing Trust supports education in sub-Saharan Africa by reusing computers and improving teacher training using ICT. The Trust has reused over 5,700 PCs enabling

NEXSTAND EU aims to support The Turing Trust by donating a percentage of profits as well as a further one-for-one donation whereby every remote work set sold will supply a mouse alongside a computer.

” We’re always looking for new ways to have people’s back and with this new partnership, we are delighted to be able to extend our reach to help the most disadvantaged young people in Sub- Saharan Africa. We’re passionate that they too should have access to ICT education. On a personal note, the organisation’s work is close to my heart due to my families history with Malwai, I’d love to see the people of Malawi and other sub-Saharan African countries reap the benefits of the digital age.” Samantha Eaton, CEO of NEXSTAND EU.

”With the support of fantastic, socially-minded companies such as NEXSTAND EU we will be able to realise our vision where every school had adequate IT resources to empower students with these vital skills.” James Turing

Statistics show that back pain is the second most common cause of absence from work in the UK. Every year over four million working days are lost as a result of back pain and on average an employee with back pain takes 17 days off to recover from an episode. The power of a simply raising your screen laptop to eye level is undeniable in correcting posture and reducing the risk of such episodes. Their flagship NEXSTAND K2 height adjustable and portable laptop stand helps to lift your laptop screen to eye level, you’ll be able to look straight ahead at your screen, keeping your head and neck neutral. It also encourages you to sit back in your chair so you can be fully supported.

Purchase with purpose and at the same time Improve your posture, health and productivity.

You can learn more about their company and products at

London based supplier of Ergonomic IT accessories and they’re on a mission to help stop the hunch! They help people & businesses to have a comfortable, healthy & productive desktop set up anywhere.

Name of Press Contact: Samantha Eaton
Phone: 0191 3082226

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VIRGINIC employees bravely stand up to Virgin invading their privacy and daily screenshooting their social media and Linkedin profiles

“There comes a point when you have to stand up to behavior of ruthless lawyers, because they destroy others. Bullying like this silences people but we all know this is not an acceptable practice.”

Last week Virgin ( launched a new attack on shocked VIRGINIC ( employees and threatened in Court to serve them lawsuits directly to their Linkedin profiles. Virgin then followed its threats and served its lawsuits to unrelated email addresses of those individuals it found on the internet. Virgin revealed it has been spying on VIRGINIC employees social media and private Linkedin profiles and provided the Court daily screenshots of such profiles as evidence. Thomas M Monagan from Norvell IP is the lawyer hired by Virgin in USA, together with Geoff Hussey from A.A. Thornton in UK to tear apart the business fabric of VIRGINIC and force the start up to stop selling its allergy-free organic creams.

According to Mark Russell, a former employee of VIRGINC: “The harassment Virgin lawyers have been maliciously applying for the past 2 years have adversely and financially affected many workers employed who lost their jobs because of the hardship caused by Virgin. Virgin has been trying to starve a small start up company financially to death for past 2 years and it’s a miracle VIRGINIC is still standing up straight by pure force of business strength and integrity.”

He adds: “Virgin opened multiple lawsuits in multiple countries and demanded we close, hand them our website, destroy the products and commit a business suicide. VIRGINIC heroically stood up to it.

All employees gave their 200% knowing it costs a fortune to hire lawyers in all those countries and a lot of us declared to work for reduced wage to support our mission-based company and stand up to bullying. Everyone with common sense knew Virgin’s claims were not only lacking factual merits but were in line of a long history of Virgin destroying through litigation ( many other start ups in the past including small Virgin Olive Oil producers (”

Question remains, should Virgin and its lawyers be held liable for damages they have caused including loss of jobs of VIRGINIC employees and financial hardships caused to many families?

VIRGINIC is defending its case vigorously with the limited means it has but the irony is, what wrong did they do at the first place. VIRGINIC is an honest, cruelty-free and natural-ingredients-only beauty company. The name is different from Virgin. They sell entirely different products. Their logo and branding is different.

Customers buying VIRGINIC organic face cream jars online are certainly not confused thinking they are buying from Virgin Airlines/Mobile or Virgin Galactic.

Nevertheless VIRGINIC workers who lost their jobs due to high costs of multiple international lawsuits and whose private social media profiles are daily watched and taken screenshots of, are the ones to shoulder the burden. At the event of US Court eventually ruling for VIRGINIC, will the multi-billion dollar giant Virgin be ordered to compensate those employees for loss of income and privacy invasion?

He adds: “There comes a point when you have to stand up to behavior of ruthless lawyers, because they destroy people and they destroy lives, just because there is a company with deep pockets willing to pay for it. Bullying like this scares and silences people but we all know this is not an acceptable practice. There needs to be accountability for false and malicious storytelling in courts and daily spying on private profiles and hiring private investigators to find out where those employees live, which is also what Virgin said in Court they did and presented those private investigators endings to Court as evidence. Virgin’s infamous and low litigation and personal harassment tactics are now a part of a public record so everything is out there to be seen and accounted for.”

A former employee who fell victim to this case, finishes by saying: “There is a human cost to this malicious bullying. VIRGINIC has continued to put on a brave face and has been boldly fighting back for the past two years, but I cannot begin to describe how painful it has been to many VIRGINIC employees. They lost their jobs, their privacy was violated. The multi-billion dollar giant attacked a small start up because they can and because lawyers had to justify their fees. All this at the direct expense of many hard working young people, their family income and the better mission-based future they have been building.”

The case progresses and it is unclear how quickly the Court might rule.

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New Survey Reveals 22.5% of Brits Admit to Having A One-Night Stand Despite Coronavirus Outbreak

London, Mar 27 – COVID-19 may have been declared a severe public health risk but the coronavirus outbreak has not deterred Brits hooking up for a night of passion with a stranger

Hookup Dating website, Shagbook, surveyed 1,000 random UK citizens, and almost a quarter of the respondents surveyed admitted to arranging a sex hook-up since the breakout of Coronavirus in the UK.

The independently commissioned survey also gave an insight into the UK’s attitude towards sex with 24.3% of people admitting to having had casual sex with someone they have just met, and 29% of married partners admitted to having a one-night stand.

Shagbook is a sex hook up dating website that enables singles and married partners to meet up for casual, no-strings-attached sex. With UK pubs closing their doors and millions opting for self-isolation, sex and dating will become a tricky issue in the coming months. Social distancing proclamations should be considered when engaging in risky behaviour.

A representative from Shagbook said “We can’t stop the UK population arranging to meet for sexual encounters, but we do urge people to be responsible and think of the well-being of others. If you show any signs of coronavirus, even if it’s only a common cold, do not put others at risk. Over the course of the coming weeks, Shagbook will include website information to ensure that this message is understood. We will also be promoting our live cams for those looking for 100% safe, sexy fun.” is a popular British sex hook up dating site. The independent survey was commissioned prior to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordering a nationwide lockdown on Monday, March 23.

Media Inquiries Only: For more details about the latest survey, or to obtain a copy of the summary or raw survey data, please email

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A stand out partnership – PR Fire

Today Bouncepad, the inventors of the tablet kiosk, and Sign In App, visitor management app creators, announced the release of a new collaboration; Sign In App Tap.  Sign In App Tap is an RFID reader that connects seamlessly to Bouncepad’s stylish enclosures and integrates to Sign In App; meaning visitors and staff can simply connect and  check-in with their existing door access cards and fobs.

Dan Harding, Managing Director at Sign In App commented, “The team is so pleased with  the release of Sign In App Tap. We have been testing concepts for a few years now and in collaboration with Bouncepad, we have finally come up with the perfect solution.”

Bouncepad is at the forefront of the enclosure industry, working with other organisations such as McDonalds to design and innovate new products and solutions. Joss Barton, Head of Operations at Bouncepad, welcomed the collaboration saying, “Sign In App has been a long-standing customer of ours. We’ve fulfilled over 1000 orders around the world for them, so when they approached us to work on a new product, we were really enthusiastic. We have lots of experience in product design with our in-house team, our ability to make prototypes through 3D printing and our experience in the mobile enclosure space. I feel we have worked together to produce a fantastic final product.”

Both companies are excited about where the collaboration will take the already successful partnership. Speaking of the opportunity, Dan said: “We have been working with Bouncepad since the beginning and we’ve never paired another enclosure with our hardware

“For some time now, our clients have been requesting that we connect their door access cards and fobs. Until we could get to a solution that was simple for our customers to work with, reading almost all of the door access technologies, we wouldn’t be happy.”

“Working with Bouncepad meant we could deliver something that looks great, whilst still making it possible for the whole solution to be set up and installed in less than 30 minutes.”

If you’d like to learn more about Sign In App or are interested in working with Bouncepad please contact them at or

About Sign In App

Sign In App is a young and dynamic software development company that is fast becoming  the go-to technology of choice in the global visitor management space.  Launched in 2015, Sign In App has maintained an impressive organic growth rate since its inception, with turnover growing by over 160 percent in 2018, and it is on track to at least double in size in 2019.

Based in a converted barn in the picturesque Northamptonshire countryside, all the technology is developed in-house, on-site, by the firm’s homegrown technical team, and all support is also handled locally, in the UK.  Customer numbers speak for themselves; in January 2018 the firm had 200 clients on its books, but it now boasts over 2,900 clients spanning the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, United States (US) and Canada. To find out more visit the company website:

About Bouncepad

Bouncepad has been the global market leader in tablet enclosures since 2011, renowned for high quality products & excellent customer service. Loved by McDonald’s, Selfridges and Tommy Hilfiger, their products are trusted by some of the biggest names in retail and hospitality. Renowned for their sleek design and robust build, Bouncepad products turn tablets into amazing business tools.

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