Business Continuity – Stay in Business After COVID-19

Companies that need to stay in business after COVID-19 can now learn how through online training at

Businesses close down every year due to fire, flood, technology failure and other causes such as COVID-19. According to professional studies, most of these companies never re-open their doors.

So what can be done to prevent such business shut downs? Business Continuity Management is the solution.

A new online BCM training and certification website has just been launched by the Institute for Business Continuity Training to help these companies stay in business – no matter what!

Nine individual courses, ranging from “Fast Track your BCMS” to full personal professional certification program are now available – at a fraction of the in-person course cost.

“For example, our new Diploma in Business Continuity & Resiliency Management fully integrates the revised international BCM standard, ISO 22301,” notes Jack Alexander, Executive Director of IBCT. “This means it is applicable to any size or type of business.”

This new online course utilizes instructor-led lectures, case study exercises, online feedback and discussion, and presents 30 individual lessons of a half-hour each. For those interested in obtaining professional certification in Business Continuity Management, it is available at no extra charge.

“The entire course is geared to showing you how to develop an effective business continuity plan to safeguard your business, step-by-step,” Mr. Alexander adds.

The course is completely self-paced, which means that you can work as quickly or slowly as you need. And the program is recognized by the National Institute for Business Continuity Management, which means course participants can receive a professional certification.

This online training course supplements the classroom workshops provided by IBCT internationally throughout the year. “If you cannot attend one of our courses in-person,” adds Mr. Alexander, “the online course is the next best thing.”

More information and a free sample lesson can be found online at

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