Ionoterra Inc. On the brink of massive success

There are millions of people living on our planet who go about their daily business just like we do, but with one major difference. Albeit subconsciously, they must live with the unshakeable fear that there is the possibility that suddenly, and out of nowhere, the ground could literally disappear from underneath their feet.

May 12th, 2008, began as just another ordinary day for the citizens of Sichuan City in China. People were going about their daily business as usual. Mums and dads were making their way to work, children were travelling on the school bus dreading first period, because they had forgotten to do their homework. Grandparents were settling in on the porch with their morning cup of Chinese tea, set to reminisce about days of old and watch the world go by.

Then, suddenly and without warning, a major earthquake struck. The earthquake hit with such devastating force and ferocity that within a matter of just a few hours, 69,000 people had lost their lives, 374,176 were reported injured, 18,222 are still missing to this day (presumed dead), and a staggering 10 Million people were made homeless. And, of course, this is just one single example. Since the millennium, around half a million people have the lost their lives having been the victim of an earthquake. Just for being domiciled in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Now despite the fact that we live in an age where modern technology develops as such a rapid rate to such an extent it never ceases to astound us. And despite the fact we have amongst us brilliant scientific minds geniuses who are responsible for making remarkable things happen (we will all be taking day trips to the moon soon), none of these great minds have been to fathom an earthquake. Why, how and most importantly when, one might take place.


Ionoterra Inc. was formed back in 2017. The Israeli based company has put together a crack task-force consisting of some of the greatest scientific geniuses in the world. The team boasts six science Ph.D.’s between them and over a century of collective experience in the research and studying of seismic activity stretching to all four reaches of the globe. But far more important than the impressive on paper credentials, Ionoterra Inc. claim to have developed a unique system which having been deployed in specific regions prone to seismic activity, can predict a major seismic event, up to EIGHT HOURS before it actually takes place.

Now think about it. This would give us ample time to pack a suitcase or two, buckle up granny and the kids into the back of the SUV and get the f**k out of the doomed area before the impending earthquake struck. If these claims are true, we are looking at ground-breaking technology (an unfortunate choice of words I know) which will undoubtedly save millions of lives over the years and decades to come. A mystery finally solved that scientific governing bodies have been trying to unravel for years, spending billions of dollars in the process.

Up until now the best technology we have been able to come up with gives people just a 48 second warning, before the earthquake strikes. Not even enough time, to say “your goodbyes” one might say.

Upon learning of this possible unprecedented scientific breakthrough, so inspired were we here at Wall Street Worldwide Inc., that for the last twelve months we assigned some of our top tech analysts to shadow this company’s every move. We have been tracking and monitoring every test and prediction Ionoterra Inc. have made over the last twelve months. And we are both pleased, proud and also extremely excited to report, that this unique magical system does indeed do, exactly what is says on the tin.

There are certain areas around the world, specifically Romania, Turkey and Greece, where minor seismic activity is common place. Throughout 2019 we watched Ionoterra forecast a total of 230 minor seismic events. They made their prediction with the utilisation f their technology and sure enough, around eight hours later, that seismic event took place with a 90% accuracy rating. “Aha I hear you cry! so it’s fallible then? Well we asked that very same question to Professor Nathan Blaunstein, Chief Scientist at Ionoterra Inc. and he explained that: “The reason for the 10% miss percentage is because, fortunately enough, we have not been able to test major seismic event as catastrophic as the one that took place in Sichuan City in China back in 2008. But what we have proven beyond any doubt, in our two years of relentless and rigorous testing, is that the bigger the seismic event, the more accurate our system becomes in its forecasting of it.”

And we can confirm Nathan Blaunstein is one hundred percent correct. We have sliced and diced and analysed the data from all of the testing carried out by Ionoterra Inc. and our final conclusion is; that had Ionoterra’s system been installed in the surrounding areas of Sichuan City twelve years ago, that without doubt, those 69,000 people would still be alive today, those 374,176 people who were reported injured would have remained unharmed and those 10 million homeless people would still have their homes today.

Now all of this has brewed up quite a storm in regions and countries where earthquakes and major seismic activity is prolific. First to the table to begin intensive negotiations with Ionoterra Inc. to sign what is set to be a multi-million-dollar contract, were the United States government. With the infamous San Andreas fault running through the heart of their second largest city, namely Los Angles, the US government were first to the negotiating table. The Japanese government, the Mexican government, the Chinese government and the Indonesian government have all followed suit. And when these major contracts have been signed, sealed and delivered, we believe that they will this will take Ionoterra Inc. into stratospheric territory from a financial perspective.

It is for this reason that we at Wall Street Worldwide Inc. have Ionoterra Inc. firmly ensconced in our number one slot as the next big unicorn company of 2020. Not only is this company about to make quite literally billions of dollars in revenue through the signing of several major government contracts, their system when installed around the world, will undoubtedly go on to save millions of lives.

This is why we absolutely love Ionoterra Inc., and you should too. For further information about this amazing company and it’s unique system visit: or speak to Chief Investment Officer James Alexander, for further information.

Author: Morgan Wallis, Editor in Chief, Wall Street Worldwide Inc.

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Lockdown, opportunity and success – PR Fire


34 years-old Isabella, 35 years-old Paolo. They are a couple in life for 10 years and from a few months, they have also joined in Business. Isabella Vigna, expert in culinary art with a passion for pastry, has worked for many years in the food industry. Employed as a chef in a French chain, she found some time, thanks to the forced break caused by Covid 19 to gather her ideas. “I was tired of always eating elaborate dishes. Over the years we have lost the sense of taste, we have started to enrich the dishes more and more with animal fats, salt and industrial sauces”. These are the reasons that prompted the young chef to seek natural recipes that can restore the taste and pleasure of food, not forgetting our physical well-being. “The choice to respect the environment and our organism is for me a return to the past, to the passion handed down by my grandmother who worked the wheat harvested by my grandfather preparing healthy meals”.

A decision also made on the need for a busy world that consumes many resources. “The slow processing of the product must correspond to a more responsible consumption of resources, but it must be food delivered to consumers, easy to cook”. The goal that Isabella has set herself is to seek healthy and quick meals to cook. Objective to which she approached very quickly by offering on the market a product that recalls primitive nutrition, selling the products on her website

The first product stock was immediately sold out. “I didn’t expect so much success in the immediate term.” The choice of the product was fundamental. The operational management and implementation of the website, Isabella has delegated them to her husband Paolo Parisella, already an expert in automation and online sales.

The couple, originally from Italy, had migrated to the United Kingdom 5 years ago to expand the network of remotely managed hotels owned by Isabella’s husband.

The harmony of the couple in private life, is also bearing great fruit in working life. As I conclude the interview, Isabella is organizing the trip that will take her to Germany and Italy shortly, to visit the drink and food companies in order to perform the final analyzes on the new products that will soon enter the catalog, if they will convince the chef. Paolo is committed to managing all orders trying to consolidate the European market, while not hiding the enthusiasm of the interest of this project also from American consumers.

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Cannadips Europe a success at The National Health Fair in the Netherlands

Cannadip Europe, through its Dutch distribution partner MyCan, recently concluded 4 days of exhibition at The National Health Fair held in Utrecht, Netherlands. With an expected 45,000 visitors for the event, The National Health Fair took place at the Jaarbeurs where 100,000 sq meter of exhibition space allowed numerous brands to showcase their products and services. Various health and lifestyle authors, bloggers, and speakers were also invited to share their experiences and knowledge via presentations and workshops.

The Cannadips booth stood out with its clean and earthy design, keeping true to the original back-to-nature concept of the Humboldt, Californian based brand. Experienced staff from MyCan dedicated a total of almost 85 hours over the 4 days to actively engage booth visitors to provide all relevant product information and knowledge on the CBD infused pouches. As Cannadips CBD pouches utilizes a unique water-dispersible technology that allows water-soluble CBD to be quickly absorbed orally, it was vital staff helped consumers understand the differences compared to other formats such as CBD drops.

Samples of each flavour of the hemp-derived CBD pouches were generously given out to maximize user experience and to gather ample feedback. An impressive 53% that tried the CBD pouches bought all 3 flavours – Natural Mint, Tangy Citrus and American Spice, with Citrus being the most popular. In addition to winning over consumers who were often already conversant with CBD, MyCan was also able to open an account for Cannadips CBD pouches at, the largest online shop in the Netherlands. The event was overall a big success for MyCan and Cannadips Europe and the invaluable feedback received from both consumers and businesses will be paving the way for determining future strategies and channels in the Dutch market.

Cannadips CBD pouches are derived from broad spectrum hemp, THC-free, vegan and made with all-natural ingredients. By using a specially developed dried emulsion technology and incorporating it into “flakes,” these CBD pouches are fast-acting and can be enjoyed discreetly via its in-mouth pouch format. Each can of Cannadips CBD comes with 15 pouches, and each pouch with 10mg of CBD. Cannadips Europe is operated by SpectrumLeaf Limited and is also available online in selected regions via its online shop at

SpectrumLeaf is a company dedicated to selecting and sourcing premium CBD products according to customer’s collective needs. One of the first products the company has introduced is Cannadips – a pouch-in-mouth CBD product that is all natural, discreet and fast acting, made through a proprietary process that preserves the valuable terpene and flavonoid compounds.

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Success in medical travel recognised by IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2019

Success in medical travel recognised by IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2019

The very best in the medical travel sector are celebrating following the announcement of the winners in the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2019.

The awards celebrate innovation and excellence in the medical travel, medical tourism and health tourism industry. Unlike other awards in the sector, the IMTJ awards are judged by an independent panel of medical travel experts, chaired by IMTJ Editor in Chief, Keith Pollard.

The awards were presented on 2 December at a high-profile reception in Berlin, Germany during the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit which brought together leading healthcare providers and medical tourism experts from around the world. The Awards were generously sponsored by Medical Korea.

The 2019 winners are:

Best quality initiative: Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara
Excellence in customer service: Clemenceau Medical Center in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International
Best marketing initiative: China Medical University Hospital
Best medical travel web site: Korea Health Industry Development Institute
Medical travel agency of the year: Right Choice Home & Away
Best use of technology in medical tourism: Dental Holiday by Smile Clinic
International cosmetic surgery clinic of the year: Bagatin Clinic
International dental clinic of the year: FMS Dental Hospitals
International fertility clinic of the year: TMC Fertility
International cancer centre of the year: Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital – Chennai
International eye clinic of the year: Hangil Eye Hospital
International hair clinic of the year: Advanced Hair Clinics
Specialist international patient centre: China Medical University Hospital
International hospital of the Year: Centro Médico Teknon, Grupo Quirónsalud
Sanjiv Malik Lifetime Achievement: Dr Prathap C. Reddy
Health and medical tourism: Cluster of the year: Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council
Health and medical tourism: Destination of the year: Korea Health Industry Development Institute

Editor in Chief of IMTJ, Keith Pollard says:

“The IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2019 demonstrated the progress that is being made in the medical travel, medical tourism and health tourism industry. The standard of entries was outstanding and highlighted how providers are raising their game and demonstrating their innovation, excellence, and best practices. Combining an exceptional customer experience with the best possible medical outcomes is never easy, but our Award winners demonstrate what is possible. I’m looking forward to a bumper entry for next year’s IMTJ awards, and I encourage other hospitals, clinics and medical travel providers to raise their game to match or even better this year’s winners.”

For all media enquiries, including images of the ceremony, contacts for winners and interviews with Keith Pollard, please contact Sarah Ward:

About IMTJ

The International Medical Travel Journal provides insight into the medical travel and medical tourism sector. IMTJ was established in 2007 in response to the increasing interest in medical travel and medical tourism. It embraces many of the themes that challenge healthcare providers across the world – insurance, accreditation, marketing and promotion, quality, patient safety, levels of care and experience in treating international patients.

IMTJ is independent of the associations and special interest groups that have come aboard the medical tourism bandwagon. Our aim is to create a central focus for information, resources and opinion on medical travel for those involved in the industry, anywhere in the world.

The internationalisation of healthcare through health tourism is at the heart of IMTJ. Patients are becoming healthcare consumers and in many countries, patient choice is being extended to surgery and treatment provided by international hospitals and clinics. By sharing expertise, knowledge, and views about the health travel industry, IMTJ helps to ensure that patient expectations are met, and that the industry maintains a high reputation.

The International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) is owned and managed by LaingBuisson. The company also operates a consumer facing portal for medical tourism – Treatment Abroad.

Media Contact Details
Sarah Ward, IMTJ

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The university dropouts that made millions

Fragrance Direct have picked out some of our favourite business bosses who racked up their millions by dropping out of university.

Ralph Lauren is worth £5.4 billion

Kim Kardashian £274 million

Toni Ko – £204 million

Gwyneth Paltrow £47 million

Florence Graham £29 million

Necole Cumberlander £3.5 million

Terry De Gunzburg £1.9 million

Sonia Kashuk £866,000