MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. November 16, 2019: Hemideina, a hearing solutions company focussed on the development and commercialisation of the Hera Wireless Implant, announced today that it successfully raised a Series A investment of $4 million in their second round of equity financing.

The capital raising follows the company’s success in validating its core mechanical signal processing technology. Achieving several significant technical milestones convinced investors that Hemideina was on track with their development and commercialisation strategy.

This financing will enable Hemideina to invest in its development program to advance the Hera Wireless Implant towards pre-clinical testing, extend the company’s IP portfolio and expand the expert team who will lead the company’s commercialisation activity.

Dr. Elizabeth Williams, CEO of Hemideina said: “We are incredibly appreciative of the overwhelming response to our Series A round from both existing and new investors. The local investment community has demonstrated a strong understanding of our proposition, and its inherent value. We have made substantial progress this year and we are moving closer to realising our clinical and commercial objectives.”

Andrew Maxwell, Chairman of Hemideina, said: “This pioneering, life-changing technology with global relevance is an incredible alternative for the hearing impaired. Our solution will provide an option for families in the well-established and reimbursed market that includes children under the age of 18, and also the substantial emerging seniors market. It is a powerful story and investors can see its health benefits and economic promise. The recent level of interest from the global hearing implant clinical community and support from investors will play a crucial role in helping realise the full potential of this technology and market opportunity.”

The Company’s capital raise was managed by Henslow, an independent advisory firm that supports growing companies and their stakeholders through every phase of the business’s evolutionary life cycle.

About Hemideina

Founded in 2017 by scientists, Drs. Kate Lomas and Elizabeth Williams, with a mission to revolutionise hearing for the profoundly deaf, Hemideina takes inspiration from biological systems to deliver solutions in human hearing. Hemideina’s Hera Wireless Implant is based on the company’s proprietary signal processing technology and is set to disrupt the hearing implant market currently worth $1.8bn.

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Scaffolding Firm show support for colleague and ex-serviceman in Remembrance Sunday commemorations

Cambridge & Hertfordshire based scaffolding company, Royston Scaffolding Ltd were on hand to aid the Remembrance Sunday commemorations, with support in particular for one of their colleagues and ex-serviceman, Richard Wright, who previously served in Iraq.

Accounts Manager Jacqueline and her 6-year-old Grandson, Jesse also showed their support by raising money for the Poppy Appeal and joining in the tributes at their local Remembrance parade in Royston with which Richard was taking part in.

Richard Wright served in the army for almost ten years and was a Corporal (Section Commander) during this time he was deployed to Iraq, whilst on the roof of one of the buildings he wasn’t struck by enemy fire but was unlucky enough to be struck by lightning!

The ex-serviceman, now a Trainee Scaffolder commented: “I don’t recall much of the incident but I do remember when I was airlifted I was keen to see out of the window at the incredible view! I count my lucky stars and I try not to dwell on it too much as there are other servicemen who aren’t always so lucky.”

Partner of Royston Scaffolding Ltd, Elliott McGrath added: “We’re so grateful to have Richard on the team here. Ex-servicemen can provide so much to ours and others’ industries and Richard is an excellent example of that. Scaffolding day-in-day-out is a tough job and Richard’s teamwork and leadership skills not to mention his humour are incredible.”

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Charter Tax to support Twinkling Stars campaign

The accountancy firm, Charter Tax, which has offices in Goudhurst and London, is supporting the Twinkling Stars campaign (part of the East Kent Hospitals Charity) as its chosen charity over the coming year.

Twinkling Stars is behind the creation of a Maternal Bereavement Suite at William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, which opened in July 2018.

The Twinkling Stars Suite provides a safe haven, adjacent to the labour ward, for mothers who have lost their baby and a place where the family can spend time together to say goodbye. Calming colours and quality, soft furnishings create a comfortable setting, with a kitchenette and en-suite bathroom. The room is situated within the Maternity Department, so mothers remain close to the medical team but away from families who are celebrating the birth of a baby. Families are looked after by a designated midwife with special bereavement training.

A couple from Charter Tax were recently supported by Twinkling Stars and say: “They looked after us from the moment we got to the hospital to the moment we left. They couldn’t have done more for us and also offered support after we got home. Without this charity, we would have been on the main labour ward giving birth with all the other mums. This organisation makes such a huge difference to the emotional wellness of the people involved and we can’t praise and thank them enough.”

Dee Neligan, Fundraising & Development Officer at East Kent Hospitals Charity and Jo Olagboyega, Maternity Matron, visited the Charter Tax office recently to tell the team more about Twinkling Stars and, while there, Mark Howard, Principal at Charter Tax, presented them with a cheque to kick-start the year of fundraising.

While the suite is now in existence, the next goal is to create a separate entrance to the labour ward and to redesign one of the labour rooms to make it less clinical. Charter Tax will be raising money to support this initiative and any funds raised by the team over the next year, will be matched by the firm.

Photo supplied showing: (left to right): Jo Olagboyega, Maternity Matron; Mark Howard, Principal at Charter Tax; and Dee Neligan, Fundraising & Development Officer at East Kent Hospitals Charity

“We are delighted to have Charter Tax’s support for our Twinkling Stars campaign, as their Charity of the Year,” says Rupert Williamson, Fundraising Manager for East Kent Hospitals Charity. “We are really looking forward to working with Charter Tax for the coming year, raising vital funds for our Maternal Bereavement Suite.”

Notes to editors:
• Established in 2009, Charter Tax, Chartered Accountants, which has offices in London and Goudhurst, Kent, offers a first-class accounting and tax advisory service to businesses and high net worth individuals within and outside the UK.
• Charter Tax was formed by Janet Pierce (nee Paterson) and has since grown to more than 30 staff, as well as taking on another principal, Mark Howard, in 2015.
• The ethos of Charter Tax is to help its clients achieve their goals – be it private or family wealth structuring, moving into or out of the UK, successfully running their own business, achieving a corporate sale or undertaking a corporate restructuring project.
• Services are available for corporate and owner-managed businesses, private clients, international tax, VAT consultancy and family office, trusts and estates.
• The firm specialises in tax advice for non-domiciliaries living in the UK, in addition to a domestic service to support wealth and succession planning for owners of farms and estates.
• Charter Tax is licenced to carry out probate and estate administration work.

PR contact:
Angela Ward
Angela Ward Media
Tel: 07900 478613


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#Boasy, the slang term that has gone viral

“You don’t need to carry a blade to be Boasy,” is the slogan for the new London Street Clothing Brand BOASY London

(London) – April 3, 2019 – From Sean Paul and Stefflon Don to Idris Elba, Avelino and Not3s, the word of 2019 seems to be “boasy” – a term that means braggadocious, confident and boastful. Now, there’s a clothing line to back up the boasts: Boasy London.

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 14.34.31

Boasy London is an underground West London streetwear brand owned by branding genius Reece Johnson. Set out to challenge London brands like Trapstar clothing, Boasy London boasts a wide selection of streetwear, from hats and t-shirts to bodysuits and fleece jackets. Its initial collection is available for purchase at

“Boasy designers have been providing the look of UK streetwear for more than a decade by dressing musicians and actors for music videos,” says Reece Johnson. “Now, with Boasy London, people around the globe can exude that same confidence.”

Part of that confidence comes from bringing positive change to the streets where Boasy was born. The company is spearheading “PUT IT DOWN,” an anti-knife campaign targeting British youth set to launch in the early summer of 2019. The campaign offers support and rewards to teens who pledge to put down their weapons.

“You don’t need to carry a blade to be Boasy,” says Johnson. “We’re trying to teach kids that true confidence comes from being successful, not from violence and posturing.”

Reece Johnson is available to discuss the launch of Boasy London and the PUT IT DOWN campaign. To schedule an interview with Johnson, contact Erika Yuzon at

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Best Ways To Beat Your Addiction

Addiction is a growing problem across this country and across the world. The key reason for the growing addiction problem is the easy availability of drugs in society along with numerous psychological problems that cause addictive behavior. Addictive behavior is deemed toxic, chronic, and long lasting. It eats away at the fabric of life. Therefore, it must be addressed and treated as soon as possible. You might find that addictive behavior is starting to take over your life or other loved one’s life. The fact is that there are studies that suggest a few ways to gain control over the addictive behavior. Take a look at the following.


Support Groups And Friends

It’s difficult trying to go it alone and get rid of the addictive behavior. The important fact is that you need friends and support more than ever. Good friends that understand your problem and are willing to step in and help are key to overcoming the addiction. In addition, there are also addiction groups in most communities that support each other in efforts to beat the addiction. Find those groups and join them. They are a nonjudgmental and a safe haven that provides the type of support that you might require to learn more about your addiction.


Avoid Triggers

Triggers are people, places, things, or events that lead to you wanting to take drugs or drink alcohol. For example, meeting with your pals at a local hangout triggers your drug addiction or alcohol problem. Perhaps, returning to your old neighborhood triggers those addictive behaviors. Learn to recognize your stress triggers and try to take control of them before they control you. Get started by making a list of your triggers and the best way to avoid them.


Get Busy

Don’t just sit around thinking about the drug or that you need the drug. Get busy and fill your time with a lot of hobbies and special projects. Think of a lot of activities to distract you away from the addictive behavior. For example, one young man found a healthy way to beat the addiction. He decided to take up jogging. He would jog all around his neighborhood and in a local park for a few hours a day. Working out and getting stronger and healthier replaced the addictive behavior. However, some people will state that he simply replaced one addiction for another. On the surface, it is true. However, the new addiction gave him new energy and a new life.



Journaling is the practice of writing down all your feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a journal or personal diary daily. Often, writing down your feelings leads to new insights about your addictive behavior. Writing down feelings  and emotions in the journal is also a way to reduce a lot of stress and tension in your life, which leads to addictive behavior’s like drugging, drinking, smoking, shopping, and sex.


Get Involved

Another way to beat addictive behavior is to get involved with others in your community that are on a special project. For example, keep busy helping out with a community project beautifying the neighborhood, working with the elderly, or working in a soup kitchen that feeds the poor. Getting involved helping others will get you out of your own troubles and develop more confidence in yourself as an individual that is appreciated for their unique contribution to the world.