Free Re-flow forms to support the highways and construction sectors return to work

Our way of supporting the sector

As the Government and industry bodies launch business reopening measures, employers are now moving operatives back to site with clearer guidance on safe working practices and definitions of essential work established. There are various considerations employers must keep in mind when reopening their physical work locations, one of which is regular screening of employees to ensure they are fit to work and not posing significant risk of spreading Covid-19.

In support of the sector, as it embarks on the ‘new normal’ working practices and procedures, Re-flow is offering two free digital forms that strengthen social distancing measures, to any company in the sector. The first is for managing Covid-19 back to work screening and the other is to enable contact free waste transfer notes. These forms are accessible to all employees on their smartphones through our Apple and Android apps.

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Ensure a safe return to work for your team

Keep on top of operative’s health, by symptom checking on a daily basis, using the Covid-19 screening form via the Re-flow app, allowing the return to work process to be done remotely.

Operatives can simply complete the information on the digital form at home or on site and the completed information is instantly sent to the Management team via email, who can then use the responses to decide when an employee is safe to return to work.

This has the primary function of keeping potentially contagious operatives away from site until they are well, by allowing them to screen from home. It also brings the process online, meaning there’s no physical documentation to exchange, which could be contaminated.

Full users of Re-flow can also add Covid-19 warnings and updates on the home screen of their app as a way of communicating to whole team.

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Remove unnecessary contact

This offers a simple form on the app for waste transfer notes to be completed easily and digitally. It includes information such as details of the waste, the processes it has been through, and further information about the transfer. Companies can also include all compliance and licencing information required to have a digital paper trail for auditing purposes.

Once again, this removes the need for physical documentation that could be contaminated and any requirement for person to person contact.

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How do our forms work?

*Integrate any kind of form you need into the app.
*Our forms can pull from databases, so that wherever possible, fields are
dropdown pick lists, removing interpretation errors.
*Make forms dynamic, so users can be asked for information based on the
previous response, removing user guesswork and unnecessary data input.
*Forms work completely offline and you can save as you go.
*On submission, forms are stored until a connection is established and then
automatically go straight into the cloud, immediately available to view as pdfs
in the management dashboard.

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The Offer – How we can help you for free

*Free access to the app will be available for a period of three months, up to and
including 31st August 2020.
*We offer the same data and hosting security as our paying customers receive.
*Any company can sign for an account via our website.
*All operatives can download the app on their smartphones and login using
your company’s unique login credentials to complete and submit the forms.
*All data is yours, and forms submitted via the app are instantly forwarded to
an email recipients of your choosing.
*The app your team will use in the field, works on iOS 10+ on the iPhone and
iPad and Android: 6+ phone and tablet. It also re-sizes to any device screen
*This offer does not include access to a management dashboard – normally
accessible to paying customers.

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Bitquery formerly, unveils a set of data tools including open source data widgets support

Bitquery formerly, unveils a set of data tools including open source data widgets supported by Binance.
Expands API data support for more than 20 blockchains.

New York: Bitquery, LLC. (formerly, today unveils its new branding along with a series of new developments. This milestone is a major move for Bitquery on its mission to extend its blockchain data coverage solutions in an array of different data verticals.
This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:
The development of open-source Blockchain Data Widgets supported by Binance.

Flora Sun, Director of Binance mentioned “they proved that they had the technology to deliver sophisticated data solutions. We extended our support to them by including the team in the Binance fellowship program”.

The release of Bitquery Explorer Beta an analytical multi-blockchain Explorer based on Bitquery Widgets. You can go to Bitquery Explorer Beta by clicking here.

The announcement of Bitquery Beta program of its single point API, based on GraphQL that extends support for major blockchains. Bitquery invites blockchain developers & Financial Institutions to participate by visiting

As of today, the company supports through its unified APIs the following blockchains: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Omni Layer, Litecoin, Dash, Doge, ZCash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Tron, EOS, Binance, Tezos, Repple, Stellar, Cardano, Cosmos, Celo.

About Bitquery, LLC.: Bitquery is an API-first product company dedicated to power and solve blockchain data problems using the ground truth of on-chain data. Supports different data verticals like Crypto Surveillance with its unique Coinpath® technology, Arbitrage Trading on DEXs, Smart Contracts, and more. Bitquery is powering known Blockchain Projects & Service Providers, Financial Institutions, Crypto Exchanges & Developers.

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KYND cyber risk products selected by Lex Mundi to support top-performing legal firms globally

KYND cyber risk products selected by Lex Mundi to support top-performing legal firms globally.

KYND Limited, a provider of pioneering cyber risk management products, announced that Lex Mundi, the world’s leading network of independent, high-quality laws firms, is introducing KYND products as a brand-new benefit to its members to help them raise their cyber resilience.

Lex Mundi’s member firms will now have access to KYND ON; a product that continuously monitors a business’ cyber risks and immediately alerts them to new and potential vulnerabilities as they arise. This advanced and powerful, yet easy-to-understand service gives organisations the visibility and insight they need to identify their cyber risks and provides clear and simple instructions on how to mitigate them.

Andy Thomas, KYND’s CEO comments “We’re excited to partner with Lex Mundi to bring our proven, trusted cyber risk management technology to the top-performing law firms. A tidal wave of cyber threats is one of the biggest challenges facing the legal sector, but with KYND’s unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise, law organisations can effectively shore up their cyber defence in no time.”

Gordon Vala-Webb, Senior Advisor of Technology and Innovation at Lex Mundi said, “ We are pleased to partner with KYND to provide this best in class cyber risk management tool to our members.”

About KYND
Founded in March 2018 and headquartered in London with offices in Porto, KYND is a new breed of cyber company. KYND makes complex cyber risks simple to understand and manage for every organisation, regardless of size, means or industry sector.

About Lex Mundi
Lex Mundi is the world’s leading network of independent law firms delivering consistent, high-quality advice that is critical to solving complex cross-border challenges. Our carefully vetted, and continuously reviewed, top-tier member firms uphold the highest-level service standards while offering preferred access to more than 22,000+ lawyers worldwide in more than 125 jurisdictions. Supported by client-focused methods, innovative technologies, joint learning, and training, member firms collaborate across borders and industries to deliver joined-up solutions focused on real business results for clients.

Through our innovative service delivery model, clients have the ability to assemble an ideal international legal team, with the best lawyers in the jurisdictions that match their unique footprint, flexed to their most significant legal challenges.

Lex Mundi member law firms are located throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean and North America. Through our nonprofit affiliate, the Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation, our members also provide pro bono legal assistance to social entrepreneurs around the globe.

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Work management platform Kantree extends its free trial to 90 days to support remote teams during the outbreak of COVID-19

PARIS, March 27, 2020: The development team of Kantree by Digicoop has announced the extension of its 30-day free trial to 90 days, in an effort to support businesses moving to remote work during the COVID-19 epidemic.

In addition to the standard 30-day trial period, Kantree is offering an extra two months of free use, without any limitations, to all new customers who request the extension online by April 30, 2020.

“As a remote-first team, we believe that remote work is the future, but realize that it can be a challenge for companies who are new to it,” says Mr. Bouroumeau- Fuseau, co-founder of Digicoop and developer at Kantree. “Thanks to our platform, thousands of people already work remotely. We help them change work practices and provide long-term support, driven by our cooperative values. The trial extension is our gesture of solidarity towards the business community during this global crisis.”

Kantree allows teams across departments to keep track of communication, know who is working on what at all times, and easily plan upcoming projects. All this can be done 100% remotely, on any device. Kantree replaces documents and gathers information from emails, Excel and Word in one place. The flexible and easy to use platform can be used across departments (sales, marketing, finance, business development, HR, IT etc.) and is as a mix between Trello and Airtable.

With more than 12,000 users, Kantree has been trusted by major enterprise customers in Europe and beyond, such as Orange or Thales Digital Factory in France. After nearly five years in operation, the company continues to expand internationally.

About Digicoop & Kantree 

Digicoop, the company behind Kantree, was founded in France in late 2015 by a team of engineers fed up with the tools available in their former jobs. Rather than yet another cookie-cutter tool, they wanted one that would allow any other teams to get organized in their own way. Pushing their thinking further, they realized that making self-organizing businesses work required shared ownership, transparency and trust. For this reason, they decided to create one of the first employee-owned (co-op) startups.

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Camden Council to support SocialBox.Biz’s 1000 Laptop Handover

SocialBox.Biz, a London-based community interest technology venture is hosting a “laptops for the homeless and refugee initiative” aimed at hitting a 1000th laptop handover milestone this spring, this week celebrated the news that London Borough of Camden is to come on board to support the initiative.

SocialBox.Biz are aiming to collaborate with as many organisations as possible, partnering with IT departments, and IT suppliers to send a percentage of outdated or unneeded, but still useful laptops and other items on an ongoing basis. Social.Box.Biz is encouraging other councils to follow suit and consider the potential of helping the homeless, elderly, and refugee population in England today.

“We have been working for many years towards reaching our 1000th laptop goal by working in association with accommodation services, we hope to ensure that homeless people are finally able to apply to jobs, reconnect with family, in a more independent and sustainable ways.” said Peter Paduh, Founder of SocialBox.Biz. “Thanks to Camden Council, in partnership with The Stone Group one of the Council’s IT partners, our resources just grew, which means more people are going to be supported and delivered with the help they deserve in 2020.”

“We hope that this initiative will be a successful collaboration between, the Council; a Third Sector Organisation and a service provider within our supply chain and demonstrate how Social Value can be delivered to provide much needed IT resources to residents” said Steven Blantz, Category Manager

Following this council partnership, SocialBox.Biz will now have a city council handover model they can replicate with all future partnering councils.

SocialBox.Biz will also be hosting the official 1000th laptop handover this April

For more information, or to consider support and to partner with SocialBox.Biz today, please visit:

About SocialBox.Biz

SocialBox.Biz is a community interest company (CIC) improving the local community by providing innovative tech solutions.

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HealthUnlocked launches online peer support for self-isolated people

London, United Kingdom
– In the midst of the recent updates on COVID-19, HealthUnlocked has created a new online health community to provide peer support to people who will be self-isolating in the next few months. HealthUnlocked, the world’s largest social network for health, currently brings together 1.2   million people, across 300+ health conditions within 600 online communities. The Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation community will be a space for people to connect with others and find companionship during these times of uncertainty across the globe – especially for more vulnerable senior members of society who require shielding from COVID-19.

It is important that people who are in self-isolation focus on their mental and physical health,   while we focus on fighting this global pandemic together. The community will allow individuals to share their tips, advice, and experiences on how to keep healthy. By helping people tackle social isolation, we also aim to relieve the healthcare system. Our aim is that this online support will complement the condition-specific advice members get from their other communities on HealthUnlocked, as well as their physicians. The community is not there to provide updated medical advice, but to ensure the shielded get the support they need while in isolation, and to protect them from the consequences that may arise from being detached from society. The community already has over 1,000 new members – many of whom are over 65 years old. One member wrote, “If anyone needs advice about how you can cope with being at home a   lot or alone I might be able to advise about strategies etc”

HealthUnlocked are also working closely with a network of 500+ Patient Advocacy Groups to provide support to members in condition-specific communities. A significant part of that support is referring people to validated sources like the NHS and the World Health   Organisation. Jorge Armanet, CEO and Founder at HealthUnlocked said: “At HealthUnlocked we are not only in a unique position to help the healthcare system in these challenging times, but it is also our duty and great privilege to do so. Our focus will remain on what we know best,   helping people to tackle social isolation so we can relieve the healthcare system support   burden.”

   About HealthUnlocked  

● HealthUnlocked is the world’s largest online support network with 1.2 million members across the globe and growing.

● The social network allows users to join moderated online health communities where people with the same health conditions can share experiences and access trusted health information, curated by patient advocacy groups.

● HealthUnlocked provides 600 online health and wellbeing communities, across more than 250 different health conditions.

● HealthUnlocked can be accessed both on the web and as an iOS mobile application.

Leilah van der Schyff
Marketing at HealthUnlocked

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New Coronavirus COVID-19 Online Patient to Patient Support Group Launched

Coronavirus COVID-19 patients are relieving anxiety and sharing facts and strategies in a new and free online support group.

Malecare, the USA based patient advocacy nonprofit, announced a new, free coronavirus COVID-19 online support group at People diagnosed with COVID-19 and the worried well are welcome to join. Everyone from around the world can register for free and post and reply.

As lockdowns and quarantines grip people throughout the world, the Coronavirus Support Group will provide a safe and helpful place for people to share their stories, worries, and useful hints. The online group is monitored by experienced health care social workers to reduce rumor-mongering and fake news.

Malecare currently manages global patient support communities that serve over 57,000 people. Malecare is donating its time and tech resources, pro bono.

Good information and emotional support are essential inputs for protecting ourselves and each other during the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Malecare’s director, Darryl Mitteldorf.
“I’ve only been on the Coronavirus support group for a few days, but I feel calmer already,” said Daniel, a man from France who tested positive and is home-quarantined.

The Coronavirus Support Group is in English, but everyone can post in their native language.

“You can’t tell people to self-quarantine for 14 days and then leave them alone to suffer from fear. The online Coronavirus Support Group will be helpful to all and lifesaving to some,” said Mr. Mitteldorf.

About Malecare
Malecare is one of America’s leading cancer patient nonprofit advocacy organization.

Malecare is known for its pioneering work with online support communities and pioneering psycho-social support modalities for underserved populations. Learn more about Malecare at

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Malecare moving online to deliver safe support in the context of COVID-19

London, United Kingdom, March 2020 – Given the latest updates of the Coronavirus disease, people are being advised by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States to be prepared for disruptions to daily life, in order to contain the further spread of the virus within communities.

Extra measures are being taken in all areas of business during this time; people are encouraged to limit travel where possible, to avoid large and crowded spaces, and massive events are being cancelled or postponed to later in the year. The main advice for people to prevent infection is to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly.

In the wake of Coronavirus, Malecare, a US-based patient advocacy organization who run multiple cancer support groups for men across the country, have decided to put all their support groups on hiatus and instead refer people to connect on their online peer-support communities on HealthUnlocked.

HealthUnlocked, the world’s largest social network for health, currently brings together 1.2 million people, across 300+ health conditions within 600 online communities. The communities are moderated by health experts such as Malecare, to provide people with a safe and trusted space to talk about their health challenges. Within the HealthUnlocked network, people can ask questions about their health, get recommendations for self-care and find peer-support online 24/7.

In the last few months, Malecare’s HealthUnlocked communities saw 5,654 new discussions prompting 93,685 replies. These conversations span across advanced prostate cancer to erectile dysfunction. Within these HealthUnlocked communities, people are still getting the support they need, without the risk of getting infected with Coronavirus, because the support groups can be accessed online, from the comfort of your home.

Darryl Mitteldorf, Director of Malecare said: “Dynamic and caring peer to peer support is a significant cancer care input.  Malecare’s brilliant online prostate cancer, male breast cancer, and anxiety support communities will help everyone live longer and happier lives during the Coronavirus worldwide crisis.”

Pepa Gonzalez, Director of Communities and Safety at HealthUnlocked said: “Our mission is to empower people to better manage their health, so we feel prepared to help our members and partners like Malecare navigate through the challenges brought on by Covid-19.”

About HealthUnlocked

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New Automated Service Desk uses AI to efficiently resolve IT support issues will improve self-service resolution by up to 75% and reduce Service Agent call handle time by over 200% using AI powered automation.

SYDNEY, Aus.; 20 February 2019 – A new intelligent Automated Service Desk program, released this week, could help mid-size enterprise resolve their employees’ IT support issues instantly, automatically and affordably! After 24 months of intensive development, is now the first and only fully integrated intelligent service management platform on the market today with AI at its core.

Co-founders, Dion Williams and Chris Jones have over 50 years’ experience in helping customers implement and optimise service desk and related technologies and utilized this knowledge to develop They say the platform can help customers improve self-service resolution by up to 75%, while reducing Service Agent call handle time by over 200% using AI powered automation.

“While it takes on average three minutes to resolve a call using current service desk tools, uses natural language understanding (NLU) to understand the intent of the issue and takes actions to resolve it at machine speed, thereby reducing the handle time to less than a minute,” explains Dion Williams.

Traditional Service Desk tools have increased in complexity over the years while failing to focus on the purpose of the service desk – resolving employee issues faster and with less disruption to their day job. With the increased complexity of features and functions bundled into the traditional service tools, the license costs have continued to increase on the basis of more functionality equals more value, even if customers are not using the new features.

Whilst there are other large-scale service desk solutions out there with the option to enhance the solution with a plug in AI capability, this does not help alleviate costs of ongoing and increasing licence fees, amounting to 10-15% annually, and requires skilled people to resolve and service.

“Our solution reduces the cost and skills required,” says Williams, “As an example, a company of 3.500 employees can expect to on average 10,000 calls per month to the Service Desk, the rough cost of which is $15 per call making the cost $150,000 per month. Using this cost is reduced by 40% saving the company $720,000 annually.” has adopted a unique approach, using AI to deliver value to the business.

“Our approach of Observe -> Learn -> Augment -> Automate allows us to remove the complexity of AI, while enabling the intelligent platform to learn from your best Agents and Augment the rest of your Agents. With AI at the core, goes beyond basic call routing predictions to Observe and Learn how issues are being resolved and then is able to Automate a resolution in machine time.” is now the truly Smart way to run an enterprise’s Service Desk, helping to reduce operational costs while improving employees’ service experience.

For further information or PR enquiries, please contact:

Dion Williams
Sydney, Australia
+61 400 185 477

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The Smart way to run your enterprise Service Desk.

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Varo 300 released: improved SAP eform capability and powerful support for Fiori App migration.

LONDON – 08 February 2020 – SAP partner Arch announced today the latest release of their Varo solution.

About Arch
Arch is a market-leading provider of SAP usability software, and has been delivering solutions to enhance the SAP user experience since 1996.

Arch specialises in delivering SAP Fiori and HTML solutions to provide our customers with the best SAP UX.
Find out more about our current Roadmap:

About Varo
Varo is a multi-channel SAP e-forms system built using 100% SAP technology and SAP Certified for S/4 HANA. It enables process automation, drive significant cost efficiencies and deliver better data quality.

Varo provides the framework for the development and management of custom form-based processes, using HTML forms as the default user interface. Varo also supports PDF forms and Excel forms, enabling multi-channel and off-line processes as well as SAP Fiori based front-ends using the Arch Stelo Add-On which extends Varo allowing existing user to leverage SAP’s new UX.

About Varo 300
Varo 300 includes over 50 updates and enhancements including:
• The Varo Form Manager portal is now the recommend portal for end-users. Based on the SAP UI5 framework it provides a rich user experience as a standalone portal or when integrated with the SAP Enterprise Portal.

• With over a decade in productive use and millions of forms processes seamlessly with SAP Varo has been comprehensively optimized and this has continued in the latest release with a number of performance improvements including:

o Changes to static table buffering settings that will further loweroverhead and database queries.
o The removal of unnecessary ADS renders for PDF forms in the Wizard at design time and in the Forms Posting Engine backend during posting of data to the target SAP environment.
o Significant improvements to various reports that affect end-user performance in the Portal Inbox as well as backend maintenance done via batch job.

• New features and integration with Arch’s Stelo Fiori Solution Accelerator to improve the development and maintenance process of Fiori apps.
• Technical enhancements included a range of improvements to log reporting for runtime reporting, spooling and posting.
• Find the full Varo 300 release notes on our support wiki:

Head of Innovation Mohammed Jafferali, Head of Innovation at Arch commented: “Varo 300 is a heavily used, industrial strength e-forms capability for all SAP customers and we are always looking to enhance its functionality, even though it is a mature offering. This new release reinforces my belief that evolving customer needs will still drive innovation in Varo and I look forward to seeing it continue to develop in the coming years”.

Varo 300 is available to clients and new customers immediately.
Contact Arch
Henry Blythe
p:+44 (0)20 8987 0440

Find out more
Our products: https://www.arch-global/products/
Our roadmap:
Varo, FLM and Stelo are trademarks of Arch.

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