BPSOCA Music Teams Up With UK Songwriters and Artists to Release Caribbean Music for the UK market

London, England, August 21, 2020: BPSOCA Music, a new UK record label that works to elevate the Caribbean culture within the UK music industry, including Soca, Dancehall, and Reggaeton genres, this week announced they are partnering with UK producers, artists, and songwriters for upcoming releases.

BPSOCA Music recognize that street carnivals, such as Notting Hill Carnival, are the spotlight for Caribbean music and as such, they aim for their music artists to release music in time for the popular carnivals worldwide. BPSOCA Music is working hard to make a name for Caribbean culture in England today.

“For far too long, the music scene in England has been a homogenous collection of rock and pop hits that just don’t do anything for the Caribbean community,” said Gareth Sinnerine, Founder and Owner of BPSOCA Music. “Those of us here with Caribbean and African heritage deserve to have our music elevated and accessible for our communities. That’s what inspired us to partner with these musicians.”

With approximately 264,125 Caribbean-born citizens living in England and Wales, as well as 2,542 living in Scotland and 314 living in North Ireland, the Caribbean community has become increasingly influential in British society. Additionally, in a 2011 census, about 1.9 million people, or 3% of the UK population, said they identify as black/Caribbean/Afro-Caribbean.

“We are witnessing a worldwide movement that is shedding light on the need for inclusion and diversity in all aspects of society today,” said Sinnerine. “We believe that through our record label, we can make Caribbean culture a staple in the UK music industry moving forward. Caribbean music has been influencing the hits and singles we consume today for decades.”

Sinnerine also has an events company called BPSOCA Entertainment that showcases UK and International talent that will work in conjunction with BPSOCA Music.

The BPSOCA Music platform will officially launch this Friday August 20th for users everywhere. They are asking all Caribbean music producers and industry participants to contact them for continued musical development and releases.

About BPSOCA Music

BPSOCA Music is a subsidiary of Bacchanal Promotions Limited, with a focus on Caribbean artists, producers, and songwriters in the UK. The platform is on a mission to make Caribbean culture a “staple in the UK music industry moving forward”. More than just a musical engine, BPSOCA Music Limited is hoping to inspire a countrywide movement that sheds light on the important contributions of the British-Afro-Caribbean community.

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YakChat Launches World’s First Fully Integrated SMS Application for Microsoft Teams

Text from one platform, using one number, and manage contacts in one place

YakChat, the global leader in delivering integrated SMS functionality for Microsoft 365, has launched the world’s first fully integrated SMS texting application for Microsoft’s flagship UC&C platform, Microsoft Teams.

The only natively integrated SMS application for Microsoft Teams on the market today, YakChat enables users to text directly from their Microsoft Teams desktop and continue SMS conversations on the move with YakChat’s mobile app. Now, for the first time, Microsoft Teams’ users will be able to connect via SMS with their individual and group contacts in Outlook, Active Directory, and SharePoint, as well as with members of their Microsoft Teams channels to improve communication and speed business execution.

‘Microsoft Teams users have long demanded the ability to text – and for good reason,’ said David Ward, CEO of YakChat. ‘For reach, impact, speed, and universality, no other messaging medium comes close. So by harnessing the incredible power of SMS with, arguably, the most revolutionary collaboration tool out there, YakChat has made it even easier for organizations to text clients, co-workers, and partners from one platform, using one number, and to manage their contacts and conversations in just one place. And for our customers in the midst of COVID, that’s never been more important.’
Users of the service can text either by using a virtual phone number or by SMS-enabling their existing landline. YakChat has also combined forces with Direct Routing partners, such as CallTower, to unlock the full potential of Teams Voice for anyone seeking an all-in-one communication solution and phone system with full SMS integration.

About YakChat
Based in the UK, YakChat delivers the world’s only fully integrated SMS text application for Microsoft 365, to enhance and extend the communication and collaboration power of Microsoft’s UC&C platform and unleash maximum value for its users. Originally trading as Chatabox, YakChat services organizations of every type, size, and sector across the globe, and is unique in its ability to bring effortless messaging to existing business applications to keep contacts and conversations conveniently within a single platform.

To find out more about YakChat, visit, or contact

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CITF announces new award for IT teams who excelled during coronavirus lockdown

London, 01 June 2020 – A new award “ Best IT team during Covid19” was announced today which aims to celebrate the impressive contribution of IT teams to business continuity during the coronavirus lockdown. Launched by membership organisation CITF, submissions are invited from today until 30 June and the winner will be announced at CITF’s Real IT Awards which will be held online on 17 July.

Technology departments have been one of the unsung heroes of the UK’s coronavirus lockdown. In a matter of days after the 23rd March lockdown announcement, IT teams in organisations of all sizes and across industry swung into action and provided the technology and services which allowed their colleagues to keep being productive. Thousands of businesses have managed to transition to an entirely new way of working thanks to the efforts of technology teams.

Running since 2004, the Real IT Awards are the UK’s most prestigious independent technology awards, and every year they aim to celebrate outstanding technology projects, teams, and innovations. To acknowledge that IT teams have played an invaluable role in smoothing business response to the lockdown, CITF chose to create a new award category this year to recognise IT teams that have gone ‘above and beyond’ when it comes to helping their organisations keep working in unprecedented conditions.

IT departments and business leaders are invited to submit or nominate applications via the Real IT Awards website before the 30 June deadline. CITF’s panel of peers and senior technology and business leaders will then review submissions. Judges will be looking for impressive stories supported by solid metrics that show:

• What the team did that delighted customers (internal or external)
• How the team rose to these unprecedented times and delivered solutions that helped their company to continue working seamlessly
• How they fostered extraordinary teamwork to accomplish everything they did

The final winners will receive a Real IT Awards certificate and recognition from industry peers.

Joanna Poplawska, CEO of CITF explained why the new award was created: “The fantastic work that technology teams do often goes unrecognised, and this is especially so during the coronavirus lockdown. IT teams have pulled out the stops to keep their organisations working, and so we wanted to celebrate the impressive work that they have done”.

Poplawska noted that a wide variety of submissions will be considered: “We are open to submissions from any industry or sector and are interested to hear about all kinds of response to the lockdown. Our judges are looking for examples of responses that had a measurable impact and which tell a compelling story”. She added that “we’d love to hear about creative responses to the lockdown or examples of technology departments whose work was especially impactful”.

The Real IT Awards will be happening virtually this year and will be hosted on the Real IT Awards website from 13 – 17 July from 4 pm each day. In 2020 the award’s charity partner is the NSPCC.

To contact CITF:
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7052 1894
Mobile +44 (0) 7872011386

The Cursitor Building
38 Chancery Lane

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Work management platform Kantree extends its free trial to 90 days to support remote teams during the outbreak of COVID-19

PARIS, March 27, 2020: The development team of Kantree by Digicoop has announced the extension of its 30-day free trial to 90 days, in an effort to support businesses moving to remote work during the COVID-19 epidemic.

In addition to the standard 30-day trial period, Kantree is offering an extra two months of free use, without any limitations, to all new customers who request the extension online by April 30, 2020.

“As a remote-first team, we believe that remote work is the future, but realize that it can be a challenge for companies who are new to it,” says Mr. Bouroumeau- Fuseau, co-founder of Digicoop and developer at Kantree. “Thanks to our platform, thousands of people already work remotely. We help them change work practices and provide long-term support, driven by our cooperative values. The trial extension is our gesture of solidarity towards the business community during this global crisis.”

Kantree allows teams across departments to keep track of communication, know who is working on what at all times, and easily plan upcoming projects. All this can be done 100% remotely, on any device. Kantree replaces documents and gathers information from emails, Excel and Word in one place. The flexible and easy to use platform can be used across departments (sales, marketing, finance, business development, HR, IT etc.) and is as a mix between Trello and Airtable.

With more than 12,000 users, Kantree has been trusted by major enterprise customers in Europe and beyond, such as Orange or Thales Digital Factory in France. After nearly five years in operation, the company continues to expand internationally.

About Digicoop & Kantree 

Digicoop, the company behind Kantree, was founded in France in late 2015 by a team of engineers fed up with the tools available in their former jobs. Rather than yet another cookie-cutter tool, they wanted one that would allow any other teams to get organized in their own way. Pushing their thinking further, they realized that making self-organizing businesses work required shared ownership, transparency and trust. For this reason, they decided to create one of the first employee-owned (co-op) startups.

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