Procurement Template Released in Response to Alarming Rate of GDPR Non-compliance


Privacy & Cookies CEO addresses the limited awareness of the art of the possible, the need to embrace 3rd generation services and to help organisations hold vendors to account.

UK (LONDON) Privacy & Cookies (P&C) announces the launch of a Request for Proposal (RFP) template to assist organisations with the procurement of a Cookie Consent Management Platform (CMP) in response to the damning research that 89% of UK websites are non-compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in respect of cookies. The RFP template is free to download from the P&C website at www.rethinkingprivacy.com

Lawrence Shaw, P&C CEO, recently took part in a week-long ‘ask the expert’ Q&A session arranged for the clients of online effectiveness experts Bowen Craggs, which include some of the world’s leading global brands and 9 of the top 10 FTSE companies.

The Q&A session supported P&C’s own findings that 71% of organisations believe that they have the problem of cookie management in hand, and virtually all those interviewed were not aware of the capabilities and what to ask for when acquiring a CMP.

These conclusions were further amplified in a study by MIT, UCL and Aarhus University, which estimated that only 11.8% of the top 10,000 websites in the UK are currently compliant with GDPR, despite deploying one of the 5 leading CMP solutions (by market share) on their websites.

“As awareness grows and regulatory enforcement ramps up, organisations that value trust have to rethink privacy and focus on earning consent from their CMP service” says Shaw.

Organisations can make more informed purchasing decisions by understanding the art of the possible. Most websites have first or second generation CMPs deployed which are generally inadequate” continues Shaw, “Today’s third generation CMPs, utlilising the latest automation and machine intelligence technology, are key to earning consent and delivering GDPR compliance.”

More than 10 years of privacy experience and technology development of automated compliance software, in addition to managing one of the largest CMP global deployments, with thousands of websites across hundreds of countries, has enabled P&C to offer the RFP template.

Neelie Kroes, former Vice-President of the European Commission, commented “Whilst it’s not for me to endorse any particular tool or service, I applaud this overall development which is bringing some genuine innovation.”

Talking to our clients and partners, it became apparent that there was nothing readily available to help them evaluate CMP services and compare vendor offerings.” says Shaw, “That’s why we created the RFP template”. 

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