Award-winning Cambridge company to pioneer radical new Covid-19 test

Thumbs-up for DiagNodus as company receives highly competitive Innovate UK grant

DiagNodus Ltd, a Cambridge biomedical company based at Babraham Research Campus, has received a prestigious grant from Innovate UK to help it develop a radical new test for Covid-19 using anal swabs. DiagNodus expects its new test to be more accurate than the model currently in use, which is based on collecting material from the nose and throat.

Dr. Alex Loktionov, CEO and Scientific Director of DiagNodus, commented: “recent peer-reviewed studies (https://doi.org/10.1053/j.gastro.2020.03.065) have shown that the virus remains in the bowel for longer than it does elsewhere in the body. Therefore, if we develop a test that spots it in bowel material, using our already proven diagnostic approach, we can trace the disease in patients who might otherwise have tested negative, but are in fact carriers of Covid-19. This can also protect from infection medical professionals performing gastrointestinal and colorectal procedures, and I am delighted that Innovate UK will be helping us take this project forward”.

Hard at work: A DiagNodus scientist doing her bit in the battle against Covid-19

The recent funding boost is the latest in a series of positive developments for DiagNodus. Earlier this year, the company’s innovative research on detecting bowel cancer was featured in the British Journal of Cancer, one of the world’s top medical publications (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41416-020-0893-8). The company has also launched an ambitious strategic partnership with St. George’s Hospital, a leading London NHS trust, as well as strengthening its Board with a new director tasked with commercialising its products and drawing in investment. This builds on an impressive track record in recent years, which have seen the company gain two granted patents, while the European Commission has recognised the work of DiagNodus with a prestigious Seal of Excellence. DiagNodus will announce a major fundraising round in the coming weeks.

For more information on DiagNodus, please see http://www.diagnodus.com/ or follow @Diagnodus on Twitter.

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Health management company eNano Health develop a saliva test that could help the UK lift the lockdown

Biomedical science company, eNano Health, have developed their unique test swab previously been used for viral infections such as SARs and MERS, in a response to the global pandemic. Unlike the current tests that look for antibodies or antigens, the saliva swabs measure changes that are present in the immune system, up to three days before symptoms even develop.

Bringing over 10 years of experience in monitoring illnesses and contagious viruses such as SARS, their non-invasive screening procedures that will meet the huge demand for rapid, regular testing during the Coronavirus pandemic. And with the news of several pubs having to close again shortly after re-opening for two days, the importance of testing to help control the virus and prevent further lockdowns is crucial.

Executive of the subsidiary company, eNano Health Europe, Peter Chan, says: ”Using eNano’s specific experience handling previous pandemics and outbreaks for countries in the Far East, we’re able to apply their extensive knowledge and experience to the current Coronavirus pandemic here in the UK. We’re confident the saliva swab is a cost-effective solution which will modernise the way in which the UK handles many other contagious viruses, moving forward.”

eNano Investor Tweedie Brown CBE adds; “Our main focus has always been to introduce a health management system in Europe. It so happened a pandemic broke out, and so we are able to offer an experienced pair of eyes offer assistance”.

As a localised lockdown is imposed on Leicester and some pubs swiftly shut again due to outbreaks, the saliva swabs would provide an effective solution to offering widespread testing quickly and efficiently. eNano Health’s swab could help instil confidence and help people get back to working and business reopening safely. The saliva swabs offer a cost-effective and easy to use solution that is scalable to supply the national coverage needed.

The swab tests already meet ISO 13485 standard and are now awaiting FDA, MHRA and CE accreditation for launch in Europe. Once granted, the next version of the test will change colour if a virus is present in the immune system- with or without symptoms being present.

These tests will not only significantly reduce the risk of false-negative results but also helps those who may have a virus such as Coronavirus but is asymptomatic, helping prevent the potential second wave. Further development means the swab will have a pregnancy test-style colour change, sharing results in a matter of minutes.

eNano Health and eNano Health Europe are now in discussion with leading Universities in the UK to start clinical trials for further sample pools for lab trials to process swabs before an official launch of the non-invasive home test kit alongside an accompanying app.

If you’ve had previous symptoms or want to put your pub or restaurant forward to take part in our lab trials, please email us on info@enanohealtheurope.com.

eNano Health Europe is also in discussions with a pilot scheme to open up one of London’s most popular tourist spots, Chinatown, safely using their saliva test kits allowing customers to visit restaurants.
For more information about the saliva test pilot scheme, visit https://enanohealtheurope.com/coronavirus/

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Europlaz Technologies Ltd secures contract to manufacture COVID-19 Test Kits

New antibody test kits for ongoing COVID-19 testing and immunity research are now being manufactured in Essex.

Europlaz Technologies Ltd, based in Southminster in Essex, have signed a contract to exclusively manufacture a COVID-19 antibody test kits.

While the existing COVID-19 swab test currently being used by the Government and health services can detect whether a person has the virus at that moment, it cannot tell whether a person has had the virus previously and since recovered. These swab tests also take some time to generate a result.

Antibody tests, on the other hand, can provide near-immediate results about whether or not a person potentially has or has ever had COVID-19. As well as being very useful for key health workers in ensuring a safe return or continuation of their work, knowing generally who is or is not at risk of catching or spreading the virus will provide a much greater understanding of COVID-19 immunity. It will also assist with vaccine research and potentially the easing of some lockdown restrictions in the future.

Europlaz was selected to manufacture these test kits for several reasons,including their fast response to the initial approach, their expertise in medical device manufacturing and a demonstrable track record of engineering highly technical devices. Europlaz also had clear capacity to manufacture the kits within their facilities, having just built two additional Class 7 Clean Rooms – the industry standard for manufacturing medical devices.

Eddie O’Keeffe, Chairman of Europlaz Technologies Ltd, commented: “Thanks to our state-of-the-art resources, Europlaz will be able to physically put the components of the test kits together in approximately 20-30 seconds during the manufacturing process, potentially allowing us to manufacture millions of devices.
Eddie concludes: “We are incredibly proud to be involved in such a significant project protecting the health of our nation through the COVID-19 testing process and we look forward to seeing health services and individuals reap the benefits of antibody test kits.”

To find out more information about Europlaz visit www.europlaz.co.uk or call 01621 773792.

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Being Aware of the Personality Test That You Possess

It is extremely important that you need to be aware of your personality type is. Though by being part of a personality test you can be extra sure of what it means. In spite of this the personality test is nearly 70 % accurate. This seems to be the case with the popular type of personality test like MBTI. In spite of this 1 out of 4 people are known to get the personality test wrong. The solution is after you take the test you need to flip through the various personality types. If you get it wrong, it is likely putting diesel on to a petrol engine. In fact the wrong type of file is not going to work for you and might damage the engine of the car.

Once you are not able to get the personality type correct it would be a waste of time and you might obtain bad information about yourself. This would enable you to obtain higher success, better relationships and enhanced levels of job satisfaction.

The reasons why a personality test might not serve the exact purpose

Millions of people are known to take the personality test every day. For some they might strike a proper chord as far as a test is concerned for the first time. But for others they might need help but why? Numerous reasons are there why the personality test of an individual might not be accurate and extra steps need to be taken at your end to ensure the right type of personality.

Cultural bias, honesty and a positive effect

Experts are of the opinion that one of the main reasons why people tend to get personality tests wrong is how they answered on what they really are not, how they want to be perceived in the future.  They are known to have an image in their mind on what is right and what is wrong. For example you might have heard people say that being organized is important, because this is what they are taught; this is even what their work culture expects. Till we find out that most of us are not organized as well. But the answer to the question would be organized as this is the image they do have at the back of their mind.

You need to understand yourself well and in a proper way. Otherwise you end up fooling yourself as it is just a waste of time along with resources at your end.

Focussing too much on the indecisive aspect

A trend seen is that analytical people tend to overcomplicate and think too much about the questions in the test. As per instructions given you should answer the questions fast without wasting a lot of time on the question.

On the other side of the coin, there are personality tests that end up holding certain decisions, as they want more room for information to come in. The test is going to resist the decision making on a single type of personality. Each one of us has a single personality. You cannot have a mixture of a couple of personality types. You have to select one single type of personality as the system is not going to do anything good for you.

Confused about yourself and self – awareness

People often fail to have a clear picture about them though, on the other side of the coin, some folks have a better understanding about themselves. All of us have seen professional actors don certain roles and they might not even be aware of what they are good at. Even students go on to be part of such tests and churn out excellent results.

Confusion about the personality type terminology

The terminology that is used in personality is confusing and once you use the type it causes confusion. For example many people go on to think extrovert and think they might be introvert. Often you often go on to explain the differences based on the definition. Another important test to find out whether a person is introvert or extrovert is to find out how much amount of time a person enjoys being alone. The introverts love to be have private time whereas the extrovert loves to be in the company of people.

To figure out an introvert or extrovert personality public speaking is not a decisive aspect. To be able to stand up and talk in front of 200 people is difficult for the introverts. If you ask them to do it all of a sudden a sense of anxiety creeps in. So to find out whether a person is introvert or extrovert public speaking is not an important decision making tool.

The system of personality is complex and there are various sub varieties of it. It does take significant amount of time to understand the personality type of a person. In order to find out the personality type there are a series of tests that might help you to do so.

The core self along with the influence of age, maturity along with learned behaviour

The 4 letter personality type might stay the same from birth to death, but once you are below the age of 25 years it is easy to figure out your personality type. The reason being as one matures and rounds off they become adept in reacting to situations. You do pick up learned levels of personality and that aligns with your type of personality. More and more you mature, the superior levels of personality you tend to possess.

When you are in the process of identifying the four letter word of personality you are trying to locate your own self and even the core self. This is ideally a form of personality where all the learned behaviours come into existence. The learned behaviours emerge as a layer on your core personality. This is termed as your developed self. In addition there is an additional layer that is termed as contextual self.