5 Tips for Creating Niche Content for the Finance Industry

Creating compelling niche content can be a challenge. Due to the vast number of websites and blogs that exist online these days, producing high-quality content that targets a niche market requires skill, know-how, and dedication.

When it comes to the finance industry, many of the challenges involved in creating niche content are no different. If you’re looking for ways to create content for the finance industry, read on for a few tips. While some of these can be generically applied to other industries, they’re essential for the early stages of producing content that delivers.

Know Your Audience

Good content isn’t just about the quality of writing. It’s also about how well your articles target a specific audience and meets their needs. Producing high-quality niche content depends very much on this first tip.

Before you set about typing ideas onto the page, establish your target market, and look to resources like Forbes to help determine the niche they fall into. This requires thinking about their age, demographic, interests, social backgrounds, and, most importantly — their primary needs. Once you know who you’re writing to, it will be much easier to produce content that matters.

Write Consistently About Relevant Topics

Finance, like any industry, will have a broad set of topics. Having established your audience, narrowing down your topics will be an easier job, one that can produce great results if you do it consistently. If you’re knowledgeable in the area, coming up with topics might not be so tricky, but if you’re new to the industry, do some research ahead of time. Niche markets could include banking, investing, credit scores, credit rewards, savings, budgeting, or loans. Once you’ve decided on your topics, be sure to write regularly.

Evaluate Your Competitors

Knowing your competition can be just as valuable as knowing your audience. It is also an essential way of establishing your niche market. If you can find a gap in the market in an area that you’re passionate about, then that’s half the battle. If you’ve decided on the loan industry, for example, you may want to start exploring the likes of Cash Lady and other companies to help you differentiate your content from competitors.

Be Smart About Promotion

Having brilliant content is excellent, but without the right promotion, it will simply be left unread. This is where the knowledge of your audience is also key, as you will want to ensure your digital marketing promotions are targeting the right areas. When it comes to social media, make sure you research the best hashtags for your financial niche and ensure that you’re signed up to the most popular platforms to promote your content. You may also want to invest in paid search ads or other forms of promotion to make sure your content is being well circulated. During this process, also remember to implement a solid keyword strategy to ensure you can rank high on the Google search pages.

Analyse Results

Once you’ve initiated your promotional and digital marketing campaign, be sure to continuously analyse the results. Whether this is done through Google Analytics, Monster Insights, or a decent website plugin, evaluating how your content is being received is key to the ongoing production of relevant and successful content. You’ll want to look at everything from the bounce rate, the average time spent reading each page, as well as the demographics like age, location, etc.

Final Thoughts

Producing niche content that is not only relevant but also found, is a challenge in today’s online world. However, you can make a big success of it if you start with the above tips and remain consistent in your approach.

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Helpful Tips for Homeowners and Renters

A London property developer and investment company have added a handy new function to its website. Eastbank Studios have introduced a light-hearted blog page that they hope will provide useful interior decorating and household tips to their tenants and social media followers.

Eastbank Studios acquire, refurbishes, sells and lets homes in London to suit every budget. As well as managing higher-end properties, they are passionate about providing reasonably priced accommodation in areas that are crying out for development but also within an easy commute of the city.

“We have access to every professional advisor any investor, homeowner or renter will ever need. We have solicitors, architects, builders and interior designers and so forth but we thought it would be helpful and fun to share some friendly, informal hints and tips within our new blog page.”
Jason Arden, CEO, Eastbank Studios

He added, “As well as all the professional services we can offer, we wanted to reach out to all our associates and our tenants with some light-hearted content which we hope they will enjoy. Our in-house team will be coming up with some cool interior ideas and solutions. One of our first pieces is about how to work from home – which many people are doing right now because of the lockdown restrictions. We’ve also got a good article on how tenants can make a rented property feel more like home. Overall, if there are little suggestions we can make that helps in any small way, we’ll be happy.”

Issued by Deborah Welsh Commercial Media
on behalf of Eastbank Studios,
141 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London E17 3Al
For more information go to

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Amazon Prime Day delayed: Shopping tips for bargain hunters

Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest retail holidays of the year, and now that the timing has shifted, your product wish list may change. However, it is always smart to go into Prime Day with an idea of what you want to buy and to do some research on items you’re interested in saving to your cart! Here are some of Bedsure’s best-selling items to help get your wishlist ready:

Sherpa Fleece Blanket
Usually Prime Day items are ideal for summer time, but this year you should prepare to buy items that will keep you warm this winter! Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and provides consecutive warmth in chilly weather. Whether you’re snuggling on your couch or bed, enjoying time with family while watching a favorite TV show, or even if you’re out camping or on a picnic, the Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket is adaptable and ideal for all types of occasions.

Weighted Blanket
After a long day of work, a cozy and restful night’s sleep is always necessary.  The Bedsure Weighted Blanket for Adults is designed for people with RLS (restless leg syndrome) and autism, along with those suffering from conditions like anxiety and insomnia. The added weight, which is evenly distributed throughout the quilted blanket, triggers the release of hormones that calm the nerves and lead to a deeper sleep. Bedsure Weighted Blanket not only keeps you warm but also gives you a truly unparalleled sleeping experience.

Waterproof Orthopedic Dog Bed
Amazon sold 400,000 pet products in 2019, so why not get your pet a comfy bed on prime day at a discounted price? The Bedsure Waterproof Orthopedic Dog Bed features a flat sleeping surface and ultra-plush velour top, making it the perfect place for pets who love to curl up and stretch out. The Orthopedic memory foam also helps relieve any existing joint pain in your pet and helps to prevent other joint problems.

Now that you have your Prime Day 2020 wishlist all set, let’s wait for Amazon to surprise us with an official Prime Day announcement! Don’t forget to mark the date on your calendar and sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime before Prime Day is announced. All of the products mentioned can be found on the Amazon Bedsure site, so stay tuned so that you can snap up the best Prime Day 2020 deals before they’re gone!
About Bedsure

Cozy up to snug, warm home linens from Bedsure. From the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep, we make sure you and your family sleep and enjoy life comfortably. That’s why we’re always dreaming up new products to help you sleep well, wake up refreshed, and get that extra bit of cozy comfort throughout your day. And because cost shouldn’t stress you out, we bring everyday value to everything from household basics to high-tech fabrics and sleep solutions. Our products are all priced for your budget, made for the way you live, and delivered directly to you with a smile.

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Meet the Steve Jobs of Divorce and His Tips on Relationships During the Lockdown

“The most difficult part of this business is the lack of repeat customers. Unless you are an A-list celebrity, or Premier League footballer, you are unlikely to go through too many divorces in your life.”

Meet Ali Carter, the Managing Director of Divorce Ltd. Ali, like most of the country at the moment, is working from home during the Covid-19 lockdown. “In March we saw an 85% drop in new business. But since then we have had a big bounce, with lots of enquiries from people who are struggling with parenting arrangements during the lockdown, or who have used the time to re-assess their lives and want to separate from their partner.

We actually took on an extra member of staff after the lockdown and have managed to keep all our mediators in business during this time, so that has been the best thing for me to come out from this horrible situation.”

In China, media reports show that separations and divorce applications surged in March when the lockdown was relaxed. Similar trends are expected in the UK and other countries.

“It’s a sad fact that when a relationship is struggling, spending more time together can make matters worse. That is why we traditionally see a boost in enquiries in January, after the Christmas break and again in September, after the summer holidays. The lockdown just magnifies existing issues, whilst concerns about jobs, money and health all add to a cocktail of stresses that put even the most amicable of relationships under pressure.”

But will the forecast economic downturn affect the divorce industry? “Yes and No”, says Ali. “The housing market does have an effect on divorce, as many people generally look to sell or buy properties during a separation. And your pension values could have reduced considerably, affecting the overall agreement. But in general, people can’t perfectly time when their relationship fails – but when it does, we help them sort out their parenting arrangements and their financial agreement as fairly, amicably and cost-effectively as possible.”

It became compulsory to consider family mediation in the UK before a court application just over six years ago, but there is still a lot of confusion to the process and what it actually involves. Many people still think it is a chat to confirm the relationship is over. That would be something discussed in counselling instead. The best way to describe mediation is it replaces going to court with having an adult conversation about how to move on with your lives when separated.

Many people think they can go to a family court, get a decision based on what they feel is fair and have it made legally binding and the other party will be thrown in jail if they do not comply with the order. That is very far from the truth. A financial order takes three separate hearings to reach a final decision, will take about a year to resolve and quotes vary from £20,000 to £50,000 per person if you have a solicitor represent you. Investing a few hours of your time and a few hundred pounds at the start of the divorce process could just save you a lot of time and stress.

So why set up a family mediation and amicable divorce business? Ali was a police officer in the Metropolitan Police. He spent many years working on the Sapphire unit, helping victims of serious sexual assault. This taught him how to talk to people in distress and, more importantly, how to listen. When he had his daughter he moved to a Safer Neighbourhood Team and started getting involved in neighbour disputes. “I could see the benefit of resolving problems sensibly and by talking and working together, as opposed to just using the powers available to me under the law.

When I went through my own, difficult divorce, I thought ‘there must be a better way to sort out everything?’ I heard the Uk Government were pushing for a more amicable approach to resolving issues, so I took a qualification in mediation, retired early from the police and set up my own mediation service. My first office was a cupboard under the stairs, I bought a printer and laptop from a car boot, and for the first few months, travelled to clients’ houses as I could not afford to hire a meeting room.”

Almost 10 years later, Mediate UK, the trading name of Divorce Ltd, has fifteen branches nationally and helps clients throughout England & Wales with online mediation.

“Online mediation was something we set up in 2015 and this is how we hold all our mediation appointments at this time. It works really well and allows people to come out of the lockdown with a clear plan for their future.”

You may think it would be difficult to innovate within the divorce market, but Ali and his team have put together various new services to help people going through a divorce. “We set up fixed-fee legal packages with the mediation attached to them. This lets people budget at an expensive time, without being committed, but also means your agreement is not going to be undone by unscrupulous solicitors. We work with professionals we know and trust and who fully understand the work we put in first.

We also devised a method of mediation that we call ‘progressive mediation’. It streamlines the process, focuses on getting to agreement and is the reason we help nine out of ten clients reach agreement, when the national average is just 70%.

For the 10% who don’t reach agreement, we devised barrister reviews so you can find out what would be a likely outcome were you to go to court. Why spend in excess of £20,000 on court hearings, if an expert has already told you what is likely to happen?”

Does Ali feel bad running a business that serves people going through a divorce or separation? “I’m divorced, my parents are divorced and I have helped in over 3000 divorces. I have seen the best and worst ways to do it and I am convinced that an amicable approach, using mediation if required, is best for the couple divorcing, their children and the wider family.”

Any tips for those stuck in lockdown with a partner they don’t want to be with? Ali suggests, “Just focus on the future, put a plan in place and, where possible, work together to put it into practice. Look at where you want to be in your life in two years’ time, how you want to parent your children, what will make you happy and then just go for it. Things can and will get better. I’ve never had a client come back after a few years and say their life is worse. Done well, you can all be that much happier.”

Media Contact Details
Ali Carter, Divorce Ltd
Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Two essential tips to improve your business mindset by Alessandro Des Dorides

You may be thinking about how to start a new business and how to make it successful. In reality, this will take much time for you to take a better start. It is because you will receive a hard look at successful business owners and ask yourself how they manage to achieve all that. Take your business seriously as it matters because people who want your services also want to know what you offer.

But when it comes to a stable mindset, it is required to take hold of your dreams within a short time. When you have a proper business mindset, you want to do the work needed to get business done. Here are two essential tips from a business consultant, Alessandro Des Dorides, which can help you improve your business mindset.

  1. Believe in yourself that you will succeed:

The reason behind the success of most people is self-belief that they can make it done. Believe in yourself is a compelling thing that some people don’t have. However, even if you don’t believe in yourself, you can still prepare yourself to become a believer in your capabilities. Whenever you start believing in yourself that you can be successful, you will complete each challenge that comes in your life. Oprah Winfrey quote is worth it here, “It is the belief in our bodies, minds and spirits that enables us to keep looking for new ventures.”

For instance, if you face a problem, don’t give up at that time. Serve all your abilities and keep on trying until you succeed. It will change the way you thought. Then, for the next time when you run into a similar scenario, you will have a belief in your abilities, and you will solve the dilemma. Moreover, when things seem sturdy, don’t lose hope. Some of the most difficult challenges out there will force you to think that it’s the time to give up but don’t despair.

  1. Know your process:

Are you crystal clear about your “process” for making decisions, managing business, staying engaged and assuring everyone in your circle of power is on board? It calls for you to get noticeable on the process of business which operates for you. You do not have to follow anyone process else. You have the power of deciding within your mind.

This whole process-led mindset can provide winning ways and marks along your journey. Try to know the process by which you will get succeed. Cutaway those areas which are not beneficial, including people. It is vital as Nikhz Jomraj quoted, “Cut off from people who get on your nerves.”

Final Words:

Remember, these two tips are just the basics for improving your business mindset. Apart from these, focus on your excuses, continue learning from your mistakes and identify your process for success.

Alessandro Des Dorides is an honest personality and business consultant with good experience. He said that your mind is a powerful machine. Give it good food every day, and look at your life-changing for the better.

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Top tips for business – PR Fire

Becoming a successful businessman is not a simple deed. Sacrifice, hard work, and a consistent determination to achieve fame are required.

Starting your Business:

If you have thought about opening your own business, you might have begun to look for tips. There are several tips for starting a new business out there, choosing which ones to follow can be a bit confusing.

As a seasoned consultant, Arshiya Jahanpour can tell you that there is no perfect formula for starting a business. He learned that the best business tip usually forces you to think in a new way. So, the list of tips compiled here is for starting your own business that you might not have heard.

Excuses can make far your goal:

A lot of people dream of becoming businessmen, but they never do. They are overwhelmed with excuses and worries of failing. You can obtain several cases for not starting a business from money to time to responsibilities

Let you face it; being a boss of yours is scary. In many cases, with little insight into the chances of success, new business owners have a lot to lose. Having fear about the risks of business ownership is though usual.

But, excuses only take you far away from attaining your goals. If you want to start a business for the first time, you need to address the reasons for you cannot start a business and get rid of these reasons. Find out a better solution to the issue rather than let it take hold of you in return.

Become a solution:

Instead of starting with your idea with what to sell, think about what it will solve in consequences. It is much simple to gain a regular customer base when your business can fix an issue. Your startup can fill a hole in a specific market or niche.

The base is on why you are starting your own business. Knowing your motives will assist you in creating a brand and help you market your company. Understand what issues your target customers face and how you can solve them.

Keep earning while you build idea:

If you want to start any business, do not quit your day job yet. A process is launching a successful startup. Organize your business into steps and progressively move from employee to businessman.

Initially, it will drive you some time to earn a regular income as a new business owner.  Grasp your nine-to-five and operate on the business during off-hours so you can make money during those severe, first steps. Once you have a substantial inflow of cash from your company, you can grab business ownership full time.

Final Words:

The tips mentioned above should be followed strictly to become a successful businessman. These tips are the basics of business because not having these in mind can ruin all your efforts. So, before going to start a business, you should talk to a consultant.

According to Richard Branson:

  • “All Business chances are like buses, and there’s always another one coming.” So, don’t depend on just a single one.

Similarly, according to Albert Schweitzer:

  • “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success”. So, be happy in the business that you have chosen.

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