Travel and Tourism industry

Travel and Tourism industry

Why Its Important To Travel More In Life

The world is a big place and traveling is certainly something that you might want to have as your goal for this year. Here are some reasons why it’s important to travel more in life and hopefully it’ll inspire you to do so.

There’s So Much Out There

It’s impossible to see every part of the world that we live on in our lifetime. And although that might be a little disheartening, it should give you all the more reason to go out and see more in your lifetime. Creating a travel bucket list is definitely something you should do and as there’s so much out there to discover, why not try and tick one place off each year at least? They don’t need to be long excursions as many locations near and around where you live could be done over a long weekend. To not have traveled extensively in your life would be a shame and something you would certainly regret as you get older. So do it all now while you still can.

You Experience Different Cultures

Not everyone lives the same way as you do, and your culture could be very different from someone else’s. When you travel, you get to experience a variety of cultures and ways of living in general. You might just find one you identify more with than you do your own. When researching places to visit, sites like can offer you an insight into what’s out there. Use the internet to discover and research different places that you might be interested in. It’s all worth discovering and who knows, it might give you a new perspective or change the way you live your own life.

It Challenges You

Not every excursion or trip is going to be wonderful. You might not like certain places that you thought you’d love, and there could be occasions where things go wrong, and it leaves a bad impression on you for the rest of your trip. Either way, you should see these as opportunities to grow, reflect and learn from any mistakes or mishaps. Challenges will be inevitable when you’re traveling and it’s important to push yourself where you can because that’s where the real memories are made. Do things that you wouldn’t normally do or push you outside of that comfort zone. It’ll be worth it!

You’ll Make Friends On A Global Scale

Always wanted to have friends across the world? Well, when you travel, you open yourself up to that becoming a reality. There are plenty of opportunities where you can travel in groups and meet people through that. However, there are plenty of ways to meet people while traveling. Some may be while you’re traveling, and meeting locals or other travelers at your hotel or at an excursion. Use these as a chance to make connections and hopefully it’ll make traveling a little cheaper for you too.

Travel is so essential to help live and long and fulfilling life, so do more of it.


New platform, AirSage Travel & Tourism, allows users to discover where visitors come from, behaviors in market, historical trends, and MORE

ATLANTA, GA, 25 September 2019 –Technology has already revolutionized the travel industry in many ways and the latest innovation comes in the form of data insights. Thanks to this information, destinations and travel industry suppliers can now take full advantage of visitors’ movement and travel data and tailor their marketing accordingly.

AirSage has been at the forefront of visitation insights and population movement data for more than a decade and now introduces AirSage Travel & Tourism.

This innovative online, self-service application allows travel destinations to complement their visitor profile surveys and traditional data collection methods with mobile location data, identifying visitor demographics, behaviors and seasonality trends for specific destination markets.

This wealth of valuable data – whether for a city, an attraction or a brand– enables users to discover who is visiting their market by generating summary reports, map views, and trends/seasonality reports. Users can see where visitors travel, where they go within the market and how long they stay, and even allows them to filter out local residents.

“Tourist destinations, and the entities who represent them face distinct challenges around accuracy and cost-efficient market research solutions,” said Brad Anderson, Chief Operating Officer. “Reliance on the input of what visitors say versus what they actually do can be a gamble when planning budgets and preparing marketing plans. AirSage offers a simple online solution for these destinations to discover who is visiting, how often, what they do when they arrive and the seasonality of that activity.”

Using AirSage, it’s possible for destination marketers to easily identify where their targeted media opportunities lie in larger feeder markets or see where brand awareness is needed.

The information and insights are based on billions of anonymous mobile device sightings the app receives daily, aggregated inside geographically defined areas in order to protect consumers’ privacy.

Compared with competitor products, AirSage offers users an affordable subscription model with highly customizable searching and optimization of data retrieval. The platform allows users to define specific markets and set a residency buffer using MSA, county, or custom shapes. These different studies can then be used to run a variation of models to break down large markets and/or study competing markets or filter out results to remove visitors who are local residents.

With AirSage, users can easily identify top feeder markets throughout the year which, when paired with historical data, helps destinations to visualize and filter trends easily and download the data set for analysis.

The platform is also able to identify entry points – such as an airport, bus station, or port of entry, to understand how visitors enter and exit the surrounding landscape and which attractions and destinations they frequent inside and out of their primary destination.

Each of the daily GPS pings received by AirSage determines visitor counts to a destination market. Used in conjunction with an intercept survey, clients are able to identify market trends at the feeder market level, down to the census tract level (neighborhood grouping), with data dating back to January 2017.

“AirSage Travel and Tourism is the leading solution platform for the Travel and Tourism industry. We will be showing new features at the upcoming Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference and the TTRA Marketing Outlook Forum in Colorado and Maryland over the next two weeks,” says Jonny Hawley, VP of Product, “In Q4, we will also be releasing features that identify personas, target media segmentation, roadway usage, and more to help users focus their marketing spend properly, gain more behavioral insights, and understand visitor movement in their destination(s).”

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Nearly two decades ago, AirSage began with patented technologies to triangulate the location of cell phones from major US wireless carriers. We put data privacy first — device information was anonymous and we aggregated the output to census level geographies or grids. In 2017 we made the move to GPS data for better accuracy while still maintaining the same strict privacy policies and improving methodology. Now in 2019, AirSage has new leadership, evolving methodologies from years of experience, and transparency to our customers, to enable them to more effectively leverage location intelligence.

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