The Gastropubs Developing Tantalising Twists on Much-Loved Staples

A country walk is never complete without a visit to a welcoming gastropub along the way. As the perfect escape from the brisk Autumnal weather, an inviting pub fit with open fires, squashy sofas, and cosy corners is the perfect staging post to rest and refuel.

Across the UK, most gastropubs will serve much-loved pub staples that are comforting and gratifying in equal measure. However, an increasing number are experimenting with new recipes to develop tantalising twists on classic pub food. And increasingly, many are choosing white fish such as cod, haddock, and Alaska pollock as their focal ingredient.

One such gastropub is The Star Inn in England. Located in the bucolic farming-village of Hemsley on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors,  The Star Inn, with its chocolate-box looks and thatched roof, offers a menu that is robust yet skilfully balanced.

Delights on offer include smoked haddock and chicken ravioli, served with wholegrain mustard, garden leeks, and herring ‘caviar’. Another tantalising choice is The Star Inn’s Douglas fir-cured mackerel, served with poached village plums, coastal vegetables, and orchard pear sorbet. To bring out the depth of flavours in either dish, a chilled glass of white wine, such as a South African Vondeling Babiana, is recommended.

Other gastropubs attracting serious attention for their culinary creations include The Ship Inn in Fife, Scotland. Known for their rendition of Cullen skink – a traditional Scottish creamy fish soup – The Ship Inn uses smoked haddock, potatoes, leeks, and celery to create a beautifully hearty, comforting treat. Also on the menu are fish burgers, served with red cabbage sauerkraut, baby gem, tartare sauce and deliciously crispy chips. Wines and beers are carefully selected to complement the dining menu.

Others, such as The Walnut Tree Inn in Monmouthshire, Wales, offer a highly experimental menu. Shying away from classic staples, the head chef Shaun Hill has his own unique cooking style that is not limited to one cuisine but relies on excellent ingredients, seasonality, and culinary know-how.

From Kerala fish curry to mackerel with potato rasam, a visit to The Walnut Tree Inn never disappoints. Yet the dish most will travel for is Shaun Hill’s cod with a rich romesco sauce, served with octopus and gordal olives. As a milder-tasting fish, cod is particularly delicious prepared in this way, transforming this classic ingredient to rarefied heights.

To ensure these dishes hit the mark every time, high quality ingredients are essential. For this reason, gastropubs turn to only the most trusted suppliers, such as one of the industry-leaders Norebo Dedicated to supplying fish just as nature intended – with nothing taken away, and nothing added – Norebo fillet and freeze their fish at sea only hours after it has been caught to preserve the natural quality and freshness of their MSC-certified haddock, Alaska pollock, and Atlantic and Pacific cod.

Gastropubs across the country, from the easterly corners of Scotland to the southern tip of Wales, are experimenting with new and innovative recipes to change Britain’s food landscape. And increasingly, white fish is the star of the show, with the likes of smoked haddock ravioli or Cullen skink on offer to cater to everybody’s tastes.

However, if you are in the mood for old favourites, The Tuckers Arms in Dalwood, Devon will deliver pub classics like no other. Step inside, and you’ll find low-beamed ceilings, flagstone floors, and inglenook fireplaces. Pouring over the menu, each option is delectable, from cod loin with crab sauce to smoked haddock Florentine.

But by far the most popular dish on the menu is beer battered fish & chips, served with a side of mushy peas and tartare sauce. The Tuckers Arms have a talent for ensuring the fish is deliciously tender and juicy, while the batter remains so crisp, an audible crunch can be heard when taking a bite. Finished with a generous squeeze of lemon, this much-loved dish will never disappoint.

Gone are the days of second-rate pizzas, bland pies, and dry burgers. The gastropubs of today offer exquisite twists on classic staples, as well as our old favourites done exceptionally well. As lockdowns ease and frequenting the local becomes a normal feature of daily life again, it is clear expertly prepared MSC-certified fish is the perfect accompaniment for any evening.

Emailexpert Announces The Netcore Inbox Expo Global Email Conference


Email industry conference & expo bringing together email marketers, email designers, email engineers, anti-spam & business leaders to discuss the future of email.

DORSET, UK, March 2021 — Over a thousand email specialists and digital marketing professionals from around the world will come together virtually in just under two weeks at the Netcore Inbox Expo, beginning 21 March to listen to over 100 speakers from around the world. A multi day, multi track event attracting engineers and marketing experts alike in the email space with delegates from student to CEO.

The four-day event will cover essential email marketing and security topics, with insights from industry thought leaders, leading vendors and service providers and delivered on the Hopin platform.

Speakers include leaders from organisations like Adobe, AOL Verizon, Oracle, Mapp,, Google, LinkedIn, Philips, Venable, The DMA and Spamhaus amongst many others.

Nely Bonar the Event Promoter and Managing Director of Emailexpert said “I am so excited to bring over 100 speakers that are all leaders in their respective email specialties to provide a learning experience to over 1000 delegates at The Netcore Inbox Expo 2021”

The Netcore Inbox Expo also provides multiple virtual networking options, including pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings, small group meetings of up to four, ad-hoc one-to-one networking and networking breakouts.

In addition to virtual networking, The Netcore Inbox Expo also offers certifications across a number of essential email practices and topics. Visit Inbox Expo to learn more about the available certifications, find the one that is best for you. All certifications can be integrated into one’s LinkedIn profile.

Gold sponsors include Mapp Digital, Validity, Pure360, Redsift and emailgistics.

To find out more, or find us on Twitter @inboxexpo

Accredited press and media can contact us for Press Passes and speaker interviews.


Emailexpert UK Ltd promotes smarter use of email and enables access to the tools, information and resources necessary for businesses to make better decisions in the email marketing channel. The UK-based company was incorporated in late 2019 with the support of Founder Partner Sponsors Pepipost and SparkPost.


Netcore enables marketers to achieve higher ROI & growth through AI-Powered Customer Communication & Engagement Platform solutions. With a 20+ years legacy of delivering value for more than 5000 leading brands across the globe, Netcore’s world-class Email engagement platform & Omnichannel Personalization solutions are trusted by more than 20 Global Unicorns.

Global BPO’s DSAR Service Reduces Review Costs by More Than 50%

Global BPO Limited, a leading provider of legal and business services, is seeing unprecedented demand for its DSAR review and redaction service.  

What is DSAR?

Changes to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018 enabling individuals to obtain a copy of their personal data as well as other supplementary information from their employers, regardless of whether they remain within their employ.  Such a service request is referred to as a “Data Subject Access Request” or DSAR.

Where employees have worked for companies for many years, the amount of personal data held on that employee will be extensive.

When is DSAR Requested?

Usually a DSAR is submitted by an employee as part of a grievance, disciplinary or employment tribunal process. The information that employees may request from their employers includes:

  • Confirmation about whether any personal data is being processed about them
  • A description of the personal data, the reasons why it is being processed and whether it will be given to any other organizations or people
  • Copies of information comprising the data
  • Details of the source of the data

DSAR Infringements

In most cases, a fee may not be charged to the data subject for providing the data and the deadline for compliance is usually one month from receipt of request. The maximum fine under the GDPR is up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 million, whichever is greater, for organizations that infringe its requirements.

DSAR for UK Businesses

Since the GDPR rules were introduced in May 2018, there has been a significant increase in the number of DSARs received by UK businesses. The document review process is time-consuming, costly and onerous and as a consequence, law firms and in-house legal teams are increasingly partnering with legal service providers such as Global BPO to deliver a cost-effective and efficient solution.

About Global BPO

Global BPO works closely with clients to understand the specific requirements of each DSAR including timeframe and redaction approach. Deadlines are often challenging but by working with Global BPO’s expert legal teams, firms and in-house legal departments are able to scale up quickly without compromising on accuracy. Significant cost-savings enable law firms to respond to clients’ increasing cost-sensitivities and companies to make direct savings. With extra resources available from Global BPO on demand, law firms are also able to take on additional work for new and existing clients whilst stretched in-house legal departments are able to make better use of their time.

Managed hybrid, home and office workspace solutions are all available depending on each client’s preferred approach and all of Global BPO’s review teams work within their clients’ preferred platforms. As the world continues to move through the unchartered waters of COVID-19, clients can be confident that Global BPO’s service lines will continue uninterrupted.

Jan Scholtz, managing director at Global BPO comments: “The exponential growth in the volume of documents requiring review means that firms and in-house counsel need to adopt new techniques to review thousands and sometimes millions of documents within very tight timeframes. We partner with proprietary and non-proprietary document review software providers to deliver fully integrated support and we offer a range of options including a managed service. Global BPO’s review and redaction service combines software expertise, rigorous Quality Assurance and experienced legal teams to deliver a tailored and highly efficient DSAR service.”

Visit Global BPO website –

Frustration at NHS waiting lists drives people to pay for their own healthcare

Leading healthcare business intelligence company, LaingBuisson has published the first edition of its Private Healthcare: Self-Pay UK Market Study, in association with

The new report shows a buoyant and growing market for self-pay surgery and treatment, accounting for £1.1 billion of revenue for independent hospitals and clinics in 2017, up 9% on the previous year, and representing significant growth on 2013 when the self-pay market was reported to be worth £493 million.

The NHS continues to be an important provider of self-pay treatment. NHS revenues from private patients is estimated at £620 million in 2016/17, a growth of £59 million over the preceding two years. This is mainly in the larger, well-established NHS private patient units, principally in London and Manchester.

Cosmetic surgery is estimated to account for around 25% of self-pay revenue.

Key drivers for this growth include the cancellation of elective procedures owing to pressure created by non-elective admissions in the NHS. This is coupled with increasingly restrictive funding criteria for elective procedures on the NHS, especially in orthopaedics, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, gynaecology and urology. Restrictions on access to NHS funding for cancer drugs is fuelling growth in self-pay oncology. NHS England data shows that there were more than 4.1 million patients waiting for planned NHS surgery at the end of September 2018, the highest number since 2007 and an increase of 6% compared with 12 months earlier.

Independent healthcare providers are also more actively promoting their services, demonstrating that private healthcare is affordable even for those without private medical insurance. Prices for “fixed price surgery” are now published on the websites of all major private providers. In addition, in the past 18 months new types of service are being offered, including direct access to private GPs, diagnostics and consultants; these are a growing and important part of the self-pay market.

Strongest growth in opting to pay for healthcare is observed in the over 60s. Greater disposable income coupled with better information about the cost of paying privately for procedures means they are able to make informed choices about their healthcare and to choose not to have private medical insurance.

For patients seeking prompt access to private treatment, it pays to “shop around”. There are wide price variations for “fixed price surgery” across the UK:

• The price of a total knee replacement varies from £9,559 to £15,202. The average price for a hip replacement is £11,468.
• The price of cataract surgery for one eye varies from £1,650 to £3,535. The average price is £2,464.

Geographically, the central London self-pay market is strongest, and is estimated to be growing at around 25% per year. This is attributed mainly to inbound medical tourism to the capital, though there is speculation that this is softening as fewer patients from the Gulf states make the journey for treatment. There is also anecdotal evidence that UK self-pay patients are opting for treatment in the Home Counties rather than paying the premium for central London.

Report author, Liz Heath, said:

“Better marketing by independent hospitals is making people realise that they do not have to wait for treatment on the NHS nor do they need private medical insurance to access treatment, especially as many providers also offer payment plans. We expect growth to continue, not only where the alternative is a long and possibly painful wait, but also for those services that bring peace of mind, such as an earlier, more convenient GP appointment or diagnostic tests. While the NHS is still highly valued and much loved, it demonstrates that people will use information to make informed healthcare choices, especially for more affordable procedures, and ‘mix and match’ by selectively self-paying or choosing to wait for NHS funded care.”

For further information please contact:

Heidi Nicholson, Chief Operating Officer Tel: 020 7833 9123
Lucy Taylor, Business Development Manager

Notes to Editors

About LaingBuisson

LaingBuisson has been serving clients for over 30 years with market, policy and strategy insights, data and analysis across healthcare and social care. We are the chosen provider of independent sector healthcare market data to the UK Government’s Office for National Statistics and work globally with providers, commissioners, payors, manufacturers, investors, regulators and advisors. We help our clients to understand their markets, make informed decisions and deliver better outcomes through market intelligence, consulting and data solutions.

For more information, visit:

About and the accompanying GoPrivate Guide help patients to research the options for private self-pay treatment in the UK’s private hospitals. enables patients to search and compare the “fixed price surgery” packages available and to submit a request for a quotation for treatment. The GoPrivate Guide is distributed in magazine format through waiting rooms in 6,000 GP practices, covering 36 million of the population.

For more information, visit:

About Liz Heath

Liz has an extensive background in healthcare marketing research, market planning and marketing communications. She has worked at a senior level throughout the independent and public healthcare sectors for many years. Having spent 13 years with General Healthcare Group, Liz was also Marketing Director for their Acute Partnership Division – private hospitals and facilities across the UK developed and run together with the NHS. She has worked with clients in the UK and overseas through her consultancy work and has held influential roles including Chair of the Institute of Marketing (CIM) Healthcare Market Interest Group and of the National CIM Market Interest Group Board.

About Private Healthcare: Self-Pay UK Market Study, 1st edition

LaingBuisson’s Private Healthcare: Self-Pay UK Market Study looks at the growing demand for private healthcare paid for directly by individuals and not covered by private medical insurance or the NHS. It looks at the drivers for the growth in this market and the opportunities that exist for further growth. The study also breaks activity down into insured and non-insured healthcare, and services provided by insured and non-insured healthcare, and services provided by independent and NHS facilities. In addition, the report covers ways in which the marketplace has made itself more open to patients – looking at major provider schemes and financing plans now available. The report concludes with a comprehensive analysis of prices for over 180 of the country’s most popular operations, procedures and tests.


Music star Reece J hopes Theresa-inspired single May catch on

thhhhhBRITISH urban music star Reece J is set to release his catchy dance single inspired by the Prime Minister’s awkward moves.

The songwriter debuts his new record ‘Dance Theresa’ to the public on iTunes, Google Play and other platforms, on October 1.

Since the UK ban of drill music – whose lyrics often describe gang warfare or threats against named groups – the songwriter, while not involved in these groups himself, found he was no longer able to produce this type of genre for others.

In May, YouTube took down around 30 music videos following a request from the Met Police.

But since seeing Theresa May’s awkward embrace of African music on her recent state visit, Reece J was inspired to take a fresh approach.

He said: “I’m trying to take the positive out of the drill situation. I don’t want the British youth to give up on making music. They should embrace their talents in a new way – like Theresa. She can’t dance but she just went up there and did her own thing. Music should be about having a good time.”

As he sings the lyrics, “I love the way you dance Theresa…Theresa… May”, the PM can be seen giving it everything she’s got in the new video.

Since Reece posted it on the on Instagram, he’s had almost 45,000 views and expects to reach the million mark by next week.
Reece J, who hails from West London, was a resident DJ and host at a number of well-known London nightclubs. A former member of Official HTZ, he regularly attends the Grammy awards ceremony held in America.

Reece is a  close friend of Ali Tennant, a British songwriter who has worked with One Direction, JLS, Emeli Sande, Jessie J and David Guetta, he’s also worked behind the scenes with Lady Leshurr.

Follow Reece J at:
Official Website:

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Reece J , Reece J

London, United Kingdom

UK Property/Real Estate and the Luxury Sector – featuring The Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort


Elegance, luxury brands and the property market…? Unlikely bed partners…? Or so we thought….

As we have all no doubt noticed, the UK luxury property market itself is dominated by a handful of the usual suspects company-wise in new builds e.g. Millgate, Octagon, Antler, Newcourt, Vanderbilt, etc. Occasional privately held developments dot the landscape. Older luxury properties are readily available for purchase via one of the established luxury estate agents, e.g. Savills, Fine & Country, Sothebys, Knight Frank, etc.

Indeed, sometimes we hear about luxury brands vying for position over the latest Regent Street lease available. And then we often see stories in the press about how much wealthy Chinese investors love to acquire luxury UK property (whatever its source), whilst feeding their insatiable desire for luxury brands in general…whether it be from Cartier, Louis Vuitton through to Lamborghini.

But when was the last time we actually saw luxury brands actually getting involved with property development itself directly? Aside from private villas by Sofitel, Hilton and some other hotel chains, it has happened in the past, although the terms ‘blue moon’ and ‘month of Sundays’ spring to mind….

How very strange then that the UK’s current most notable current exception comes not from Regent Street in London – but Hatfield, just outside Doncaster in Yorkshire, UK in the form of the Tyram Lakes Eco Hotel, Spa & Resort.

Rothgen Capital UK announced its latest funding round for The Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort a couple of months ago, and is already making significant progress. As an area, Doncaster has been attracting new attention from global media sources, and there appears to be little slowing of this trend.

Doncaster is, of course, known for its immense horse racing heritage, but also for its attractive geography as a centre point in the UK, as recently acknowledged by Asda, Amazon, IKEA, Tesco, Lidl, BMW et al. These brand entities are all utilising the convenient geographical location for their large distribution centres, plus Doncaster’s obvious proximity to significant transport and travel networks – this including Doncaster Sheffield (formerly Robin Hood) airport. Other newsworthy items include the recent announcement by the nearby Yorkshire Wildlife Park that it will start its £50m expansion soon, making it potentially a top UK tourist destination.

The luxury sector appears to have noted that location is everything. All of these factors have now become instrumental in making the proposition attractive enough for significant luxury brands to become involved with the Tyram Lakes Eco Hotel, Spa & Resort. A rarity indeed….

The centrepiece of the resort is the planned boutique hotel designed by Den Architecture with help from Baca Architects, who are specialists in luxury, eco-friendly and amphibious projects. The hotel has an otherworldly specification, and will offer 104 bedrooms, conference facilities, a fine dining restaurant, lakeside views, an indoor pool, leisure club, spa, gymnasium, and a top drawer wedding and party venue.

…And then come the luxury lodges ….some of them floating!

There are two types of eco-lodges at the site. Just over 100 of them are scheduled to be floating structures, and a further 200 will be nestled in the sizeable woodlands. In various sizes, these provide clients with private hideaways with natural spaces all around, and include rooftop gardens, decking areas with sunken spa baths, and interiors to match.

The scale and ambitious nature of the plans will ensure the resort is one the most luxurious, fun and relaxing holiday destinations in Europe. This green development will be as sustainable as it’s currently possible to build, and be exemplary case study for other developers,” says Baca Associate, Andrew Scrace.

Surprising then that ARMANI should get involved? Hmmm…well, not really…..
The floating lodges in particular have been attracting a lot of media attention of late, and ARMANI have decided to capture these for its own using its ARMANI ROCA brand for bathrooms which encapsulates ergonomic yet luxurious thinking into attractive design. When adding this to their famous ARMANI CASA brand for other aspects of the interior design (such as bedroom décor), one tends to end up with a thing of beauty indeed. It can be that luxury has been truly exemplified by the fixtures and fittings featured in the designs here.
Surprising then that BOLON of Sweden should show up? Hmmm…again, not really…..

Top-of-the-range luxury lodges should really have top-of-the-range flooring. With cutting edge projects globally, BOLON quality shines though blending feel with durability in highly intelligent manufacturing. Even Missoni seem to think so too…..

So, what about Chesneys of London? Surely not…? Well, actually…yes. Best known for their luxury fireplaces, wood burning stoves and gas appliances, Chesneys are tasked with keeping visitors snug and warm when necessary. Seeing Tyram Lakes as a great way to further showcase their abilities in ever eco-friendlier times, Chesneys have also chosen to join the throng.

And why then would Cosentino be involved?

A frequent participant at Milan Design Week, Cosentino are held in high regard in the wonderful world of amazing surfaces within the interior design space. Many of these are extremely high-tech with extraordinary properties which make them the ideal fit for the Tyram Lakes luxury lodges.

Surprising then that…..ok, ok. Enough.

Suffice to say that others of note include: Hansgrohe, Dekton, Egger, SilentGliss, Sunbury, and Rachel McLane, all renowned in the luxury space…..

In keeping with the Property/Real Estate and the Luxury Sector theme, let’s not forget the Wyndham Hotel Group – the largest in the world, involved through Hoseasons whom they own, and who are handling the rental side of the business.

Ok, ok. Really, enough now.

In other news, Natural England are also partnered with Tyram, who have a sizeable park neighbouring the Lakes, and who also have given complimentary access for Tyram Lakes visitors, enabling yet more acres for hiking, trails, and exploration. It is because of this and other factors that the Wyndham Hotel Group (via its well-known brand Hoseasons), believe that Tyram can become a flagship park to sit within the Hoseasons Portfolio. The latter have provided projected rental incomes and occupancy levels to back this up showing strong returns, thus providing evidential balance sheet background for those wishing to invest. Various financial vehicles are available too, professionally designed and implemented by the Accounting Worx Group.

So, to summarise, it is indeed a rarity to see so many top luxury brands involved with luxury property projects, and they continue to arrive as the months go by.

Perhaps a significant trend for the future…?

For more information about the Tyram Lakes Resort & Spa, please visit

For information on Investor Relations, please go here >

For press information, or to arrange and interview with Tyram Lakes, please contact Sierra Kilo PR, James Harrington on , 0203 290 6001 or via

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