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Lamar Brown is a local Brum artist. Known for Music Producing and Engineering. He goes by the name Rvmal Beats. After years of dedication and anticipation, Rvmal Beats releases his first set of highly anticipated Ep’s, DO IT FOR ME ONLY.

Rvmal Beats is more than pleased with the new instrumental Ep’s he has created and can not wait to unveil unto the world, the masterful pieces he has composed. Inspired by current events captured within his life. After experiencing a brief moment of putting out music which did not go to plan, Rvmal Beats hopes his next releases will land him into the charts.  With his career on the rise, this star hopes to appear on compilations by Ministry of Sound and productions of the BBC Radio, where he shows off his talents to the UK mainstream.  In addition to radio, Rvmal hopes to get his work licensed and used in films. He released his debut EP entitled “ DO IT FOR ME ONLY “ which delves into RnB and Trapsoul sounds. He described how “he always been a musical person” having been “in music debates and clubs whilst growing up” and “listening to music from a young age”. Rvmal Beats has gone on to collaborate with Brum based Hip-Hop artists and producers. And will be releasing 3 more Ep’s.

To listen to Rvmal’s music, go visit this link to his Spotify, to witness a truly talented musician of his generation. You can also follow him on his social media platforms at @Rvmalbeats

Contact details / Website, press kit & social links
Please contact barzeybeats@gmail.com for interviews, guest list, and further info.
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GhostDraft Unveils the Next Wave of Insurance Communications

Insurers can now create, manage, and deliver two-way, highly interactive communications.

TORONTO, June 23, 2020 – GhostDraft, an industry leader in customer communications management (CCM), today announced the launch of LiveDocs. LiveDocs is a modern, highly interactive, and secure document format using web-based technology. It offers a new way for insurance carriers to transform complex and static communications into useful, easy to understand, and engaging experiences.

“As the world is changing in profound ways, so is customer expectations,” said Larsen Lockwood-Hall, CEO of GhostDraft. “The way we live, work, buy, consume, and interact has changed for good. Customers are demanding personalized, two-way, data-driven, responsive, and interactive communications. That’s why we are bringing you GhostDraft LiveDocs, empowering you to seamlessly collaborate with your team to create, manage, deliver, and track rich HTML5-based communications.”

Features of LiveDocs include:
• Interactive forms
• Interactive graphs and charts
• AI-driven voice query
• Live calculators
• Personalized video
• Chatbot integration
• Omnichannel delivery
• Encrypted, unchangeable format
• Advanced authentication
• Integration to payment gateway
• Search, sort and filter
• Export to excel, save to PDF, or print

By creating one template that adapts to any device upon delivery, GhostDraft LiveDocs provides insurers an intuitive way to develop clear, compelling communications that:
• Deliver an enriched customer experience
• Reduce print, postage, call center, and support costs
• Reduce average days-to-pay
• Create a competitive advantage
• Strengthen, expand and acquire customer relationships

LiveDocs is useful for:
• Quotes
• Customer onboarding
• Billing statements and invoices
• Marketing communications
• Policy documents and renewals
• First notice of loss
• Claims communication
• General correspondence
• Life insurance annual statement
• Agent onboarding and commission statements
• Shareholder investment statements

LiveDocs is available now and includes a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model. For more information on LiveDocs, visit GhostDraft LiveDocs or view a sample insurance billing LiveDoc.

About GhostDraft
Meet your customers’ changing needs with the leading digital engagement technology for top insurers. Our advanced customer communication and document automation solutions integrate into your business to create better experiences, greater efficiency, and more agility across any platform. For more information, visit www.ghostdraft.com, email info@ghostdraft.com, or call 855-776-2016.

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Author Angelika Schulze unveils “The Power of Your Past & The True Calling of Your Soul”

Stockholm, Sweden – Our past lives have often left jagged scars upon our mind, body, and soul. They have robbed us of having the ability to accept ourselves and be able to receive love from another.

‘The Power of Your Past & The True Calling of Your Soul’ allows a person to rebuild their shattered self-confidence and learn how to love themselves. The in-depth guidance and positive methods used in this book have the substance to heal your inner being.

Suzie Housley, Midwest Book Review, completed a recent book review. She states: “Angelika Schulze has masterfully crafted a book that has the power to change your life. With the use of beautiful illustrations and in-depth advice, you can feel yourself evolving into a better person as you complete each exercise. The words she uses are ones that penetrate deep into your soul and holds a lasting memory.”

Angelika Schulze has dealt with her own personal traumas, and this allows her to help you find your self-love. She offers training and meditation in the area of holistic self-care. Her positive words of inspiration will penetrate deep within your heart.

She’s the creator of the Happy Reward Kid´s Chart, which she created to use with her own two young children, ages five and nine. As a parent, she wanted to raise kids who were happy and had good self-esteem.


‘The Power of Your Past & The True Calling of Your Soul’ is published by Angelika Schulze and can be purchased in both print and electronic format at Amazon and other leading publishers.

To learn more about Angelika Schulze visit her website: https://www.liwago.net/

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Bitquery formerly bloxy.info, unveils a set of data tools including open source data widgets support

Bitquery formerly bloxy.info, unveils a set of data tools including open source data widgets supported by Binance.
Expands API data support for more than 20 blockchains.

New York: Bitquery, LLC. (formerly bloxy.info), today unveils its new branding along with a series of new developments. This milestone is a major move for Bitquery on its mission to extend its blockchain data coverage solutions in an array of different data verticals.
This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:
The development of open-source Blockchain Data Widgets supported by Binance.

Flora Sun, Director of Binance mentioned “they proved that they had the technology to deliver sophisticated data solutions. We extended our support to them by including the team in the Binance fellowship program”.

The release of Bitquery Explorer Beta an analytical multi-blockchain Explorer based on Bitquery Widgets. You can go to Bitquery Explorer Beta by clicking here.

The announcement of Bitquery Beta program of its single point API, based on GraphQL that extends support for major blockchains. Bitquery invites blockchain developers & Financial Institutions to participate by visiting bitquery.io/labs/graphql.

As of today, the company supports through its unified APIs the following blockchains: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Omni Layer, Litecoin, Dash, Doge, ZCash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Tron, EOS, Binance, Tezos, Repple, Stellar, Cardano, Cosmos, Celo.

About Bitquery, LLC.: Bitquery is an API-first product company dedicated to power and solve blockchain data problems using the ground truth of on-chain data. Supports different data verticals like Crypto Surveillance with its unique Coinpath® technology, Arbitrage Trading on DEXs, Smart Contracts, and more. Bitquery is powering known Blockchain Projects & Service Providers, Financial Institutions, Crypto Exchanges & Developers.

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Clinithink Unveils New Brand, Website and Product Suite for 2020

Clinithink, a leading manufacturer of award winning AI solutions for Healthcare and Life Science, has unveiled their much anticipated new brand, website and product suite today.

The newly redesigned logo represents the company’s first brand refresh since being founded in 2009 and, whilst it remains strikingly simple and brilliantly bold, the logo also includes new features that cleverly reflect the company’s dynamic CLiX technology.

Three orange dots pay homage to the previous logo, a flowing connection between ‘t’ and ‘h’ represent the flow of data that CLiX enables, and an orange baseline accent grounds the logo for added strength and gravitas.

The logo concept also sits neatly with Clinithink’s pledge to ‘join the dots’ within every clinical story to inform healthcare’s biggest decisions. And, beyond the logo itself, unique and vibrant imagery, clean architectural design, and a range of bespoke icons, fonts and colourways are all launched today on the company’s website and social media platforms.

“We are so excited about the launch of our new logo, branding strategy and website” said Nicola Grace, SVP Marketing for Clinithink. “We have been working hard to modernise and refresh the look and feel of our company, in line with the dynamic approach we take to the continuous innovation of our technology, and we really wanted one to speak for the other”.

With the renamed product suite too, Clinithink are more accurately reflecting their position as a forward thinking company that offers leading edge approaches to delivering deeper, faster and more accurate data insights – insights that are saving time, money and lives for their users. CLiX is the AI technology at the core of all Clinithink’s five solutions:

CLiX accelerate – AI for patient matching and identification
CLiX focus – AI for phenotyping & rare disease diagnosis
CLiX revenue – AI for healthcare claims management
CLiX unlock – AI for healthcare data analytics
CLiX vision – AI for patient data insights

Chris Tackaberry, CEO of Clinithink, explains: “This new brand launch brings to an end a year of strategic repositioning for us. With a variety of new use cases for our Clinical Natural Language Processing solution we have been able to reach new global markets, new audiences and new partners, and we are delighted that we now have a superb brand style that can really work alongside our best in class solutions. The timing for rebrand seems just perfect.”

For further information about any of the Clinithink products or services, for a closer look at the new brand, or for any other press or PR enquiries, please contact:
Clinithink, New Kings Beam House, 22 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD, UK
Tel UK: +44 (0) 292 125 0190
Tel US: +1 978 296 5275

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