Furniture made of sand, water, pigment, with addition of stone flour.
As part of the project for the Russian market, the Omniton team has created a new unique product – a heavy dining table made of high-end concrete in three colors.

The table was designed and developed by James O’Brien and Joseph Van Der Steen, who specialize in craft production of interior objects. Completely natural and eco-friendly composition combines expertise, centuries of practice, and modern technologies in materials science and design.

In the imaginative hands of the British architects, the Omniton material has acquired a beautiful shape and color, which makes it resemble the fabric of eternal stone, lightweight composite, or even limestone.

Together with photographer Monika Dubinkaite, we decided to convey the visual aesthetics and functionality of the table through sprouted ears of corn and frozen comets of wildflowers, combining nature with elements of home and countryside life.

The table is an art object, where every line and every angle are thought out, its tactile sensations are nearing absolute, and the high-tech pigment integration is close to ideal. Color white, the main theme in the product line, embodies the idea of cleanliness, air, and versatility. The outdoor table is fully resistant to mud.

Durability, seamless shape and design details of the heavy table offer the basis for a high-quality interior or exterior setting. Corresponding to the climate of the Russian nature, the table can withstand the unpredictable weather conditions from severe frosts and incessant rain to burning sun. The table is versatile and suitable for any purpose, emphasizing the strength and power of natural materials through simple lines and shapes that remind us of eternity.

The Omniton team is confident that the production of high-end concrete is a vast unexplored field, with space for new discoveries, new knowledge, and a new style. We believe that architecture today is an innovative technology for manufacturing materials based on deep scientific research and high-quality design.

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Compact Versatile Video Cross Hair Generator

A cross hair device is used in many applications such as welding, machining centers medical industry, security and surveillance, and military. The crosshair device provides a user with a visual reference point on the video feed in real time. The overlay reference allows the individual to gauge relative position, distance and orientation relative to other objects in the video view. A cross hair device is often used for targeting purposes.

Invisual E Inc. video cross hair device comes in 3 variants. One is a BNC or RCA input / output. The other is a SVIDEO input / output. The third option is an OEM level board for those that would like to integrate into their own package or machinery. The cross hair device offered is a robust, versatile, compact easy to use, video cross hair generator. Available on the market for a wide market audience with a cost effective price tag. The video input options are NTSC or PAL format which are auto-detected by the device. The output video is in exactly the same form as the incoming video except for the superimposed cross hair generated by the device. The cross hair device supports five different cursor types: single cross-hair, double cross-hair, single vertical line, single horizontal line, and circle. Other adjustments include : position, color, line thickness, solid or dashed lines. When the adjustment is complete the settings are saved to board memory. The setting are restored when power is applied.

Cross Hair Specifications:
 Video standards supported: NTSC, PAL.
 Power requirements: 8 to 15 Volts, 80 mA
 Input/output Impedance: 75 Ohms
 Cursor types: Cross-hair, double cross-hair, single line, and circle
 Control: Rotary encoder with press switch
 Video connectors: RCA, BNC, or S-Video jacks.
 Power connector: 2.1 mm DIN, center pin positive
 ROHS: Lead free
 FCC & CE compliant.
To view these versions follow this link:
For a quote and further information on this affordable cross hair generator, please feel free to ask us a question or give us a call.
. Video Cross Hair Synonyms
• Video Line Generator
• Video Cross Hair Generator
• Video Cross Line Generator
• Video Crossline Generator
• Video Crosshair Generator
• Video Pattern Generator

About Invisual E. Inc.
Pierre Huot founded Invisual E Inc. in response to a desire to implement his vision to the market for identified needs for manufacturing. Huot’s adherence to a customer-driven development approach combined with his strategic abilities helping OEM, integrators and manufacturers deliver improvements on a key objective of managing the total cost of quality equation. The firm establishes this through the implementation of control systems, process improvement and quality management systems
Huot possesses an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Ottawa. He is the author of several published case studies and white papers.

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