Free the Visualiser In Your Laptop With IPEVO’s Mirror-Cam

SUNNYVALE, California. – August 7, 2020 IPEVO, the key leader in visual communication technology has just announced the release of its newest product, Mirror-Cam.

Due to the rapid increase in remote learning, pupils and teachers alike are constantly searching for a solution to replicate their original learning environment. One of the biggest hurdles they faced was real-time interaction and feedback. Mirror-Cam exists to eliminate that inconvenience, all in an adjustable and compact design that you can take wherever you go.

Simple but intuitive, the mirror inside Mirror-Cam allows users to transform their laptop webcams to create a “visualiser effect.” By redirecting the laptop webcam’s field of view to the keyboard area, anything that happens over the keyboard also happens on the laptop screen.

Pupils are then able to utilize the overhead showcase space to take notes, create sketches, solve problems, do read alouds, and many other things, all whilst receiving live feedback. This lets pupils take the lead of their own learning while giving teachers and parents the flexibility and convenience to make the most out of the learning process.

Users may also take advantage of IPEVO’s Visualizer software to capture the optimal image. Functions ranging from simple controls such as rotating and enlarging images to taking photos, recording videos, and keystone image correction are just some of what Visualizer can offer.

The Mirror-Cam is now available in packs of 6 for £33.32 (ex VAT) and can be purchased through either IPEVO or Amazon.

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Based in Sunnyvale, California, IPEVO is an EdTech company that makes and sells versatile visual communication tools. Designed with users in mind, IPEVO offers simple, affordable software, visualisers, and communication tools to help people create, teach, learn, inspire, and collaborate effortlessly and efficiently in an interconnected world.

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Do More With IPEVO’s DO-CAM Visualiser

The key leader in visual communication technology, IPEVO, has just released the newest and most versatile addition to their lineup, the DO-CAM.

“Due to the huge shift towards remote work, it has been extremely important for us to listen and adapt to the customer’s needs.” said Royce Hong, IPEVO’s CEO. “By leading this new culture based around virtual dialogue, we believe it’s crucial for everyone to be able to do what they love and share what they do, without being confined to one location.”

With the rise of remote work and distance learning, professionals regardless of their field are now constantly searching for a solution that can help make the transition as smooth as possible. DO-CAM satisfies the need for a compact but powerful camera that is capable of both acting as a webcam and a visualiser. The ability to constantly and seamlessly switch between the two angles makes it a must have for teleworkers, regardless of their profession.

Sporting a sleek and simple design, DO-CAM’s prowess lies in its versatility and portability. With 4 interconnected sections that are all adjustable, DO-CAM is capable of a wide array of different angles. At just 335g and having the footprint of a small handheld pencil case with a USB cable that can be stored up beneath the body, DO-CAM is convenient to use, store and carry around, perfect for users who are constantly on the go.

DO-CAM’s only button is placed right next to the camera rotation handle. With just one click, the button allows the user to flip the image when switching between document sharing and face to face communication, ensuring the image is always the right-side up. Despite its compact design, DO-CAM’s 8MP Sony CMOS image sensor allows for exceptional image quality, fast focus and excellent colour reproduction.

The DO-CAM is now available for £107.50 (ex VAT) and can be purchased through either IPEVO or Amazon.

For more information about the DO-CAM, visit:

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